Ford 460 Engine Build On A Budget Part 1 - Horsepower Season 13, Episode 4
On this episode of Horsepower, the team sets out to build a classic Ford 460 Big Block on a rock bottom budget. The Ford 460 engine build starts out with a junkyard 385 series engine, which was Ford's final big block V8 engine design. Because these engines were sold from model year 1968 to 1996/7, these engines are plentiful and fairly cheap. The Horsepower team picked up theirs for only $200.
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    • davey Crocket
      davey Crocket

      michael walker it needs naws

    • Md Badal Miah
      Md Badal Miah

      Thank you sir 🇧🇩🤝

    • Louis Edwards
      Louis Edwards

      Powerglide W/Lockup?

    • Aint1S

      I used to get religious on Sundays when the power block was on television and then it disappeared on Dish Network. I'm glad you guys kept it going, but it's there any way to buy every episode?!

  • The Coronet Shop
    The Coronet Shop

    Why a 383 c'mon keep it Ford since it's a classic mustang

  • respect my privacy
    respect my privacy

    Nothing like putting Chinese freeze plugs in my American engine.

  • ghunt81

    Always thought 460's were the forgotten big blocks. I believe Hot Rod did a build years ago where they milled the heads to bump compression, mild porting on the heads, timing swap to get rid of the built-in advance put on the truck engines, aftermarket intake and headers and made 500 hp.

  • Rob1972 Akins
    Rob1972 Akins

    I don't know much about engines what purpose of the freeze plug

    • Dave VanDenHoek
      Dave VanDenHoek

      Following, but I think it is for if the engine actually freezes, the plugs blow out before the block cracks. More of a safety measure to ensure that your block isn't destroyed. I think??

  • thomas froberg
    thomas froberg

    Being an FE guru I’ll tell you all rt now that comment of 454 Cu in Max is a lie! The huge FE 427 can be stroked to 482 the 390 csnn go to 445cu inches! So this Hotrod tv isn’t as smart as they think

  • Guy in Colorado, Greetings!
    Guy in Colorado, Greetings!

    Complete non-mechanic here... now that you have me all excited (I want that pretty engine!!!) about this rebuild on the 460 (I have one in my 1996 F250), where in the world could I find someone (you maybe? I am serious, I have $$$) to do the job (and maybe even totally restore my old truck, I love it, it's sitting at 180k miles now.)? But let's get serious. The engine is a dog in terms of torque, it's embarrassing when everyone passes me going up a grade (think Colorado) pulling my horse trailer and the mileage is the shits at 10 mph with a load and only 15 mph without a load (even driving like I have an egg under the accelerator). Which gets me to the key question... is the 460 really only for race cars or should us average users get excited about your video. In other words, why did you even undertake this video?

  • mr7wi

    Man I miss this show

  • Ken Heisner
    Ken Heisner

    You should never touch the bearings with your bare hands the oil from your skin doesn’t mesh well with engine oil

  • Red Banks Classics
    Red Banks Classics


  • Wayne Miller
    Wayne Miller

    Good for only six thousand RPM when the rev limiters are usually around 7,500 or eight grand

    • Kenneth Hedden
      Kenneth Hedden

      Unless you spend more money than they have allready spent that most guys that do this just can't let go. 1500 hundred,they are jokin right? Silver spoon lil boys.

  • Wayne Miller
    Wayne Miller

    That front and rear engine plate is stupid

  • Wayne Miller
    Wayne Miller

    You guys must be amateurs that's not a motor that's an engine if you don't understand the difference look it up I suggest you do

  • Blake Norman
    Blake Norman

    Got a 2011 mustang gt 5.0, can a fit a 460 in it

  • Top Gear & Grand Tour
    Top Gear & Grand Tour

    I love these videos!

  • bghank Hernandez
    bghank Hernandez

    Cool I remember you guys👍 I remember changing a 460 out of my uncle's truck 😀 heavy mofo ..

  • dieselyeti

    Now get some alum heads that flow and see what it'll really do..

  • Django Apple
    Django Apple

    Learned my lesson on freeze plugs. Go with brass. First thing I noticed on those plugs was "China". 🤣

  • Cana box
    Cana box

    After 79 with points? I call bullshit. Just another sponcer

  • Ruben Cortez
    Ruben Cortez

    I gotta show this to my Brother Daniel ...!!!

  • Bradley Dunagan
    Bradley Dunagan

    ITS an Engine, not a MOTOR!!

  • Zippy TheChicken
    Zippy TheChicken

    hey its those guys...

  • PK075 BROCK
    PK075 BROCK

    Best show on TV and love watching it on UA-my From Melbourne AUSTRALIA 👍👍👍👍🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺

  • Steve Hicks
    Steve Hicks

    orielly auto parts made in china😨😏 not good. carb intake and heddars could have bought used. always uze brass freeze plugs. no exceptions.

  • Paint Wizard
    Paint Wizard

  • هشام الحارثي Hesham Alharthi
    هشام الحارثي Hesham Alharthi

    شغل نظيييف clean work

  • Kanti123

    most of us also don't have the amount of tool you have :D

  • Ez5 MunYAN
    Ez5 MunYAN

    I'm just wondering I have a 2002 Ford Mustang 4.6 single overhead cam it has a performance tune two and a half inch exhaust what's loadmaster 40s 78 in throttle body and I also has a upper pulley gear system on the crank... I was thinking about adding a set of stage 2 cams to it ...or would it be better better to find out o for. 04 Cobra engine and restore that engine and put it in a 2002 Mustang and by the way the transmission has been rebuilt with all steel gears in it and a new clutch... just like to say thanks for your time and your video was very nice I really liked it I hope you continue to make more videos like this one..mike.

    • Oldbmwr100rs

      Subframe connectors, better lower control arms and some improvements in suspension are a better investment on those cars, and cost less overall then redoing the engine. As it is My '04 GT felt as it it was steering from the rear as much as front until i did a few of the things i described. Power is more fun with better control.

  • radiofun232

    Re-using is good, and also for our environment. Keep the earth green, keep re-using and repairing.

  • andres vazquez
    andres vazquez

    oil specs for a 460

  • Andres Vazquez
    Andres Vazquez

    What rocket arm do you use For this motor ,

  • Gerald nulisch jr
    Gerald nulisch jr

    can you put a 460 into a 2005 crown vic

  • Tim Schutte
    Tim Schutte

    , buddy of mine has a 1970s Ford motorhome with a low mileage 460. runs like NEW !!!!!!! He only wants $2,000 bucks for it. mmm pull out drive train, buy something lightweight, like say, mustang lx, transplant I'm thinking. !!!! with numbers like these guys got, car that lightweight, pretty fast car. definitely a tourqe monster for sure. boy I'd like a set of kossi P-38 heads !!!!!!!

  • Rob M
    Rob M

    You guys are expert master mechanics and know exactly what you are doing, and you have all the tools. For the average Joe, this same build would have costed $7,500+ because they would be paying someone labor to do this.

  • John Daroza
    John Daroza

    Should’ve put 850 CFM carburetor on it !

  • D saint
    D saint

    I have a 460 out of a camper i want to build it for something but not sure if its worth it

    • D saint
      D saint

      I know they are getting hard to get your hands on one

    • William Henry Pratt
      William Henry Pratt

      Yes. It is definitely worth it!

  • William Proper
    William Proper

    OH Man you are using Chinese parts? FAIL!!!!

  • Tommy Damron
    Tommy Damron

    WTF 79 with points?? & I thought you were building a B A big block the distributors on the wrong end??🤔 must be Fer a boat!!! LOL

  • tyler hurd
    tyler hurd

    Really nice build. Spending a few bucks on a better oil pump probably wouldn’t of hurt.

  • Michael Barry
    Michael Barry

    11:22 Why would a '79 or newer have points, unless some Gomer didn't like the stock Duraspark setup and "retrofitted" it with something several years older?

  • Casey Gates
    Casey Gates

    OMG! You could literally see the air forcing its way through the metal fittings on the intake! Wow

  • Albert Gaspar
    Albert Gaspar

    Had Ford put out the Lima series earlier so it could have had more SCJ heads floating around, it could have competed with the Rat in the 1970's for the affordable answer to the Hemi. It can go way over 500 cid with a stroker kit, and it has the canted valves thanks to much of GM's engineers running to Ford back in the day. But its hilarious how many compare it to an LS "with a turbo". Put a turbo from a 7.3 or whatever, and let's compare. Then there's longevity--if you're constantly running to the junkyard to pull out old LS with questionable mileage, you're kidding yourself its cheap. Do it once, do it right.

  • The young Basshead
    The young Basshead

    No rod bolt boots... 😖

  • John Rambo
    John Rambo

    $30 for complete factory duraspark 2 ignition setup from an early 80's f250.... delivers more power than any hei I've ever used

  • Q Tig
    Q Tig

    "AB" means 14th revision of casting, -A thru -Z then -AA then -AB

  • Q Tig
    Q Tig

    Dumba$$ pulls 460 head by putting crowbar into a cooling passage (wrong) and then drops it on floor. Nice way to crack it, bend a stem, Sheesh. You'd think they would have edited that part out.

  • Ron's Easy Fix
    Ron's Easy Fix

    Back in the day I built a 429 and loved this motor for the street.

  • Mark F
    Mark F

    Oh oh O’Riely autoparts

  • Jroc Pierce
    Jroc Pierce

    I have a 460 in my 78's for sale

  • T A
    T A

    Wasnt this guy on horse power TV years ago?

  • Brico dépannage
    Brico dépannage 👍👍👍🇫🇷🇫🇷👏👏

  • Janith Dasunpriya
    Janith Dasunpriya

    i can't even find a V8 engine in my country :(

  • John Fitzgerald
    John Fitzgerald

    Still wasnt over 500hp

  • Xe Cưng
    Xe Cưng

    Hello Subscribe xe cưng

  • Muscle Man62
    Muscle Man62

    I had a 1972 Lincoln with a 460 in it for 30 years nice car still is needs a little work but the motor has only 67,000 miles always took good care of it the car is still in the family same miles on it yet car in a building been there for years .

  • easy Fix
    easy Fix

    Clean Catalytic converter in bmw 750

  • Dhanushka Sandaruwan
    Dhanushka Sandaruwan


  • vigilante351

    $2300 buck rebuild...thats cheap as. Couldnt do that here in Australia. :(

    • Zippy TheChicken
      Zippy TheChicken

      hard to understand why... all the parts com from china... well idk maybe not all heh

    • Rich

      I’ve got a 460 in my truck. It’s a good motor, reliable.

    • harry potter
      harry potter

      Not here in U.K. either, but an interesting build none the less, and I have one sitting in the back of my shop waiting, been there years, I think it just moved up the list.

  • Turd Ferg
    Turd Ferg

    These are only low budget builds if you have all the tools and knowledge, otherwise it's not cheap at all.

  • James Poteat
    James Poteat

    Nothing says “quality” like Chinese freeze plugs.

  • Jensen Interceptor
    Jensen Interceptor

    Those heads are extremely heavy I know from experience, a pair of them weigh about as much as a glacier... if at all possible i'd try to get a nice pair of aluminum ones

  • Stefan Bentsen
    Stefan Bentsen

    When your done with it, can i please have it for my Lincoln 😂

    • Jensen Interceptor
      Jensen Interceptor

      Absolutely can

  • Amadeus von Beaverhausen
    Amadeus von Beaverhausen

    Super interesting stuff. I wonder if it would be possible to install a hot rodded 460 into an early-90s LX notchback.

  • Carmen Alexander
    Carmen Alexander

    One thing I always when installing pistons. I always use rubber hose on the rod bolts. That reduces the chance of damaging the crank.

  • مشهور المالكي
    مشهور المالكي


  • Tim Schmidt
    Tim Schmidt

    My parents 1972 Mercury Colony Park station wagon had a 429 ci 385 series Ford engine. The HP ratings were 320 with a four-barrel carb with a single exhaust; 360 HP with a four-barrel carb with dual exhaust. The compression ratio was 10.5:1 and it pinged like crazy once octane levels were reduced in the late 1970s. The engine had lots of power potential!

  • שילת שילתי
    שילת שילתי

    אתה עובד קשה עם השיפשוף של מכסה השסתומים.ניקוי חול יצא חדש

  • Rolando Treviño
    Rolando Treviño


  • Peter Metaxas
    Peter Metaxas

    Tip: re-tap and blow out any of the holes for head bolts and any other threaded holes before you machine and paint. Good idea to put block and heads in a rotational parts cleaner that uses heated chemical degreaser before machining. Then blow it out and re-tap again before assembly. That way any dirt doesn't get anywhere it shouldn't. Cleanness is critical!

  • David Kent
    David Kent

    On a budget?? What kind of budget???