Foods You Are Eating WRONG !
Foods You Are Eating WRONG !
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Hello Citizens of Azzyland.... I'm Azzy and welcome to another amazing reaction video! Today we are reacting to Foods You Are Eating WRONG !


  • Nic Mora
    Nic Mora

    All Food should be perfect anyway then a life hack hmmm it has food hmmmmm... I in chocolate mmmmm

  • Maxxie Maria
    Maxxie Maria

    Also for ice cream heat the spoon under hot water and it is so easy

  • Allison Sierra
    Allison Sierra

    My cousin's do that with there cupcakes 😀😀😀😄but one of my cousin is ulergic to frosting and it is sad😢😢😢

  • Nicole's World
    Nicole's World

    The eyes of the pinaple are not that easy to peel

  • Emma

    My dad does the straw thing

  • Gacha Cousins
    Gacha Cousins

    Azzy:"Everybody likes the frosting on top, nobody likes the bottom Me:So I'm a nobody to you Azzy?? :(. And I hate frosting (Edit:Can I Get Five Likes?)

  • Rachael Elkins
    Rachael Elkins

    I honestly don't like cupcakes, I prefer chocolate chip or banana muffins 😅

  • Avery Mann
    Avery Mann

    i hate my snapy

  • Avery Mann
    Avery Mann

    i'm brokin imack a snapy noese in my orm

  • Pastel_Raven Lor
    Pastel_Raven Lor

    I tried sticking a straw into the strawberry to make the green part come out but I missed the green part 😑

  • Korey J
    Korey J

    The one were u put the taco in a lettuce leaf its actually called taco salad even though there a different kind of toca salad this is also taco salad

  • ìtslìlsèrna Flores
    ìtslìlsèrna Flores

    My friend did that it was my friends (sabastin) b-day and he gave us all cupcakes my friend grabs it and put the hole thing in her mouth😅😅 later on 2 more kids did it and one of them almost chocked😬😶😐

  • Valentina Almendariz
    Valentina Almendariz

    I believe it was the elbow, Azzy, I believe you.

  • Blitz Botz
    Blitz Botz

    With ice cream you need a spoon and hot water put the spoon in the hot water for a couple seconds then it just slices through boom chef comment

  • Addison Ziegler
    Addison Ziegler

    5:58 or just wet a spoon

  • Lucie Thompson
    Lucie Thompson

    I eat the stem on strawberrys

  • Toni Besnier
    Toni Besnier

    Or you could just stick like two little kids from McDonald's or any fast food place and fill up with ketchup!

  • Zoila M
    Zoila M


  • Amanda Yoder
    Amanda Yoder

    Most of the timeI don't eat the icing

  • lunartik

    i like soggy pizza

  • Samantha Dolly
    Samantha Dolly

    I do the same I just like put it all in my mouth but when I do not have like a small cupcake I’ll eat a big piece and bye big piece

  • Louise Cannon
    Louise Cannon

    Yes I would I HATE spongebob

  • Tan Nguyen
    Tan Nguyen

    LOL I already know the Jews trick

  • Anna Jones
    Anna Jones

    not trying to hate but if you use a straw for a strawberry you lose the juicy middle

  • Edgar Morales, Macias
    Edgar Morales, Macias

    Where do you live.

  • Edgar Morales, Macias
    Edgar Morales, Macias

    Azzyland I love all of your video.

  • Jenny Luc
    Jenny Luc

    Nah the banana doesn't work it is mushy to mushy

  • leah powell
    leah powell

    the egg ring thing with the bell peppers y dont u use an egg ring

  • ItzStacy

    0:08 Gives you bad luck?

  • Lindsey Marrow
    Lindsey Marrow

    I'm the other way with cupcakes I only eat the cake part I don't like frosting

  • Kim Bellah
    Kim Bellah

    Your your videos so much

  • Aiden Cunningham
    Aiden Cunningham

    So I would not want to eat SpongeBob's house because I will cry

  • Rozzy32 overeasy
    Rozzy32 overeasy


  • Hayley Rodgers
    Hayley Rodgers

    FYI... There is no wrong way to eat food...

  • Playtime Gaming
    Playtime Gaming

    I’ll do the Azzy way

  • Lily Sawers
    Lily Sawers

    Um azzy that's a mandarin not an orange lol like if you also realized

  • Soppy Chip
    Soppy Chip

    Pineappple.. 76 hours later -opens pineapple- owww! It pinched me

  • Jadiel Reyes
    Jadiel Reyes

    I do the Azzy way

  • nounou gamer
    nounou gamer

    I already knew the banana hack and it WORKS!!

  • Owen

    Or you can just drink it out of hole in instead of using a straw

  • Xx Gacha Pack xX
    Xx Gacha Pack xX

    I really wanted to try those mini oranges cuz they look SO good but I cant cuz of my dumb allergy 😢😢

  • Galii u
    Galii u

    Im so hungery now!

  • Lovely Ashley
    Lovely Ashley

    Roses are red Azzyland full of azzys If you love azzy Then make this azzy | \ /

    • Addison Ziegler
      Addison Ziegler

      What I’m dying of laughter

  • jaesrene jaes
    jaesrene jaes

    I do enjoy the video !!!!!!!!🙂🙂🙂

  • Leonora Savkovic
    Leonora Savkovic

    I dont like the pepole Who hate azzy cause she makes awsome videos

  • Rebecca Apthorpe
    Rebecca Apthorpe

    I’m elegic to pineapple but yet I love it :(

  • Chris Kim
    Chris Kim

    WHEN you said ice cream in solid Me:I feel u buddy, that's y I never get ice cream from a box

  • Isobella Montagliani
    Isobella Montagliani

    The best way to eat a cupcake is to flip it upside down and eat from top to bottom so the icing is last It refreshes you if the cupcakes dry

  • the chanel of the sykes
    the chanel of the sykes


  • Joe Martin
    Joe Martin

    no ? if it is the top bun not botim

  • Marco Figueroa
    Marco Figueroa

    But Thor can lift mjolnir like its a feather

  • Yosvany Perez
    Yosvany Perez

    I already did that with the cupcake

  • Sura Ibrahim
    Sura Ibrahim

    Love you

  • Loaf and Owl Soph and Liv
    Loaf and Owl Soph and Liv

    My friend said she hated Azzy so I said everybody hates you AND EVERYONE LOVES AZZYLAND😃👌

  • Cassie Stackhouse
    Cassie Stackhouse

    What happened to your ear??

  • Lara Dobby
    Lara Dobby

    l love $&&&&**$£"!!

  • Asmaa Hegazy
    Asmaa Hegazy

    You said when you eat a chicken wing but there is always meats not bones haha llol

  • Pegah Ghiabi
    Pegah Ghiabi

    U look like my piano teacher XD

  • Olivia Frawley
    Olivia Frawley

    😢 ok, that's a little hurtful I like the batter better then frosting and I eat the green part off strawberries. Now your telling me don't?!

  • Marissa Hollars
    Marissa Hollars

    I hate 🍕🤮

  • Abby Holod
    Abby Holod

    Aha!!!! I always have ate my burger upside down

  • Maria Lucilia Gomes
    Maria Lucilia Gomes

    Pizza dont hate me but I love it cold dont hate me please

  • xkitty cat22
    xkitty cat22

    i eat it like that, it works the banana i mean

  • Killer of the deep
    Killer of the deep

    U made this on meh mums b-day

  • Paul Rodgers
    Paul Rodgers

    100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 0000000 0 000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 00000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 00000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 got ya

  • Brooke And Kadence Vlogs
    Brooke And Kadence Vlogs

    Really because I hate the icing and love the bottom

  • Ellie Tracey
    Ellie Tracey

    I know all the hacks that you shown

  • Ellie Tracey
    Ellie Tracey

    I allreddy know the strobrrry hack

  • julius leonardini
    julius leonardini


  • Ferid K
    Ferid K

    I bleave that that noise was your elbow