Flying to China in 1st Class!
Life of Tom
Hey everyone! thanks for tuning in! sorry for no vlog yesterday but as you’ll find out in this vlog, China has UA-my and dropbox banned! So we had to figure out a work around!
And tadddaaaa! We managed it, hence you’re watching this video!
We’re hoping to have the vlogs continue as normal from now on! so see you guys tomorrow for the next daily vlog! ;)
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Thank you so much for watching, I hope you enjoyed the video!
‎(PS: I love your face)

  • Tashmina

    Epic vlog! You are one of the only UA-myrs that I enjoy watching as you are genuine and enjoy life how it should be! Thanks for being epic!

    • ツAGENTツ

      Truest thing

  • layerdballoon

    Bro tom you should have asked lydia to film stuff when she was there kinda like back and forth kinda thing

  • Charlie Molda
    Charlie Molda

    How and where do you manage to get flights so cheap?

  • RTM_Plays _
    RTM_Plays _

    11:33 The French staff said “Bonjour” and you ignored him .-.

  • Felix Jung
    Felix Jung

    stop click baiting this is business class!!

  • Andrew Woltz
    Andrew Woltz

    Didn’t u get exposed????

    • Kdstods123 Midnight blue
      Kdstods123 Midnight blue

      Andrew Woltz ha

  • Jarrellidk

    The video had like 7 yellow tick marks for ads but not one ad played even though I watched the whole thing all the way through (on iPhone), weird lol.


    Anyone remember MATT DAMON

  • Tom Morrison
    Tom Morrison

    The shot measurers on the bottles are called optics Tom so pretty close actually!

  • Unknown

    imagine being on a flight and you just hear the guy in front of you talking to himself

  • Harvey McConville
    Harvey McConville

    The amount of times tom looks bald throughout this vlog 😂😂

  • Virus Remixs
    Virus Remixs

    Who remembers syndicate vs optic 😢😢

  • Lewis hudson
    Lewis hudson

    Writing a book, you’re drunk. Go home 🤣

  • layerdballoon

    I think i read a test and iphones were not as water proof as they say but maybe it was before that shit

  • Ryan Hunter
    Ryan Hunter

    8:58 lmao

  • Ralfs

    29:22 u only in it for the money

    • SuperHodge08

      The man is a video game god, be glad he posts anything

    • AnteikusPanda

      Some people find it fun to vlog

  • Justin Chung
    Justin Chung

    thats business class dont clickbait

  • No Namer
    No Namer

    Am I the only one that decide to do aicd tonight 😂😂😂

  • Jaycob Pettit
    Jaycob Pettit

    I miss thos minecraft days but great vlog

  • Oh yeah yeah
    Oh yeah yeah

    Your sister is so sweet

  • Hexoid

    This man is just shining a flashlight on everyone while they sleep


    You dweeb eating butter😂😂😂

  • 7Lesty

    Learn your shapes, Tom. It's called a rectangle.

  • Oakley Jones
    Oakley Jones

    The person who spilt the water probably got fired 😂

    • cole simmons
      cole simmons

      definitely not at all this sort of stuff happens all the time... Except on certain airline such as air Canada were if you fly enough you get different levels of member cards and Elite members can genuinely get them fired with very little effort.

    • Kooj212

      dude, not cool

  • andrew vega
    andrew vega

    Can someone explain why he said Instagram and UA-my are ban??

    • Howard

      those websites are blocked in China

  • Archie Watts
    Archie Watts

    Tom you’re the best

  • JoeDoesVlogs

    Got to love the beauty of an A380, but 747 is better 😏

  • Jake Tolbert
    Jake Tolbert

    How do you make a flight fun to watch lol

  • Jake Hicks
    Jake Hicks

    I don't understand why u only have 2.6 million u are an absolute beast

  • Ayaan Siddiqui
    Ayaan Siddiqui

    26:20 what the f happens to the screen then with all the purple static

  • Vxnzm

    love the way you tried not to offend anyone "that is the french menu, that is the English menu and that is....yes"

  • woozy mike
    woozy mike

    where did the airpods come from ??

    • dlozza2000

      He literally says it

  • ITs NUKE3110
    ITs NUKE3110

    I disagree with you about the meg cause it was a good film

  • Ben Calvert
    Ben Calvert

    Herby is a weed dealer in my local area😂😂😂

  • David Grenham
    David Grenham

    How does he get those flights for so cheap? Do you just book in a long time in advance?

  • Oscar Brown
    Oscar Brown

    yo come to nanjing fam

  • Techmullet

    i saw this vlog was 42 minutes long, and thought holy shit.... now im sitting here thinking, ITS ALREADY OVER?!

  • ScottFpmg

    Tom makes these vlogs so fun to watch, show me your ways! (づ。 ◕‿‿◕。) づ

  • RL10

    Don't get me wrong, Tom, I'm a fan of you and love the vlogs, but how come you always write "1st class" in the title when you "only" fly business?

  • DrNaiZ

    You will love Shanghai, Great city lived there for 13 years :).


    did anybody see the guy in the background on the flight

  • ZeRo

    I was at the airport the same time as you just flying to hongkong wtf

  • Garren Brown
    Garren Brown

    Where is adrift

  • JS BMX
    JS BMX


  • Ivernite

    Your the only youtube that i can watch for a long time

  • Benjaminmcmuffin

    Man I miss watching Tom :(

  • Alex_Hains


  • Ethan Roberts
    Ethan Roberts

    Ffs Tom why have I gotta come across this video at 1am with school tomorrow:/

  • Wasim K
    Wasim K

    $700 is apparently cheap

    • Dan Twiglet
      Dan Twiglet

      £700 not $700

    • tristan salisbury
      tristan salisbury

      if you look at it the was he is, he is saying compared to other business class flights, this one for $700 is cheap,

    • Klydzz

      yeah with people who have airpods

  • JA Y
    JA Y

    What in the actual fuck happened to going to Australia?

  • Theodor_

    BTS is not Chinese tho, Mr Tom :P But credit to you for trying :P

  • Jameswheily

    tom that is the biggest plane uve ever been on cos it is the biggest passenger plane 😂😂

  • Matt Deegan
    Matt Deegan

    2:53 I was just thinking to myself how if i had 2 hours in an airport all alone i would be straight onto old school Runescape

  • CryoManiac

    "I would love to film outside but it's Dark" YOU'RE ON A PLANE THERE IS NO OUTSIDE! lol

    • Nae Nae Time
      Nae Nae Time

      CryoManiac outside of the plane, as in the view and sky etc

  • Bobby Maris
    Bobby Maris

    My mans like the biggest aircraft I’ve been on yet his emirates flight review was on the exact same plane 😂😂 only av geeks notice this

  • Jamie Bowron
    Jamie Bowron

    Tom forgot what rectangle was lmao

    • Luke Davison
      Luke Davison

      Jamie Bowron toon army

  • Librarian-Ninja

    20:40 "shit" - Tom's classic word when everything totally goes fine xD

    • itx_Peter 17
      itx_Peter 17

      He thought it was chocolate so he unwrapped it so he thought it was cheese and it was butter. I fucking started crying when he said shit with face 😂😂😂😂

  • HG.merlin

    Lmao the whole airplane seat thing at 16:10 was so funny ahahhah 😂😂

  • ZER0 -X-
    ZER0 -X-

    “Jumped by the potato man” 😂😂😂

  • InterrexOfficial

    The holder the spirts are in, are called optics

  • Intergalactic Gamer
    Intergalactic Gamer

    Mandarin, Hong Kong speaks Cantonese 😂

  • Intergalactic Gamer
    Intergalactic Gamer

    Oh dear God, another UA-my book😂 jk Tom, loved the vlog as always.

  • Kade Barkhan
    Kade Barkhan


    • Elsalvadoran

      What how is that clickbait?

  • Keelan Keylow
    Keelan Keylow

    I may not watch every vlog. But when I know I need to catch up and there's too much watch I always start 5 days before the most recent video. To get a week full anyway.

  • Zach Eason
    Zach Eason

    This is what he’s doing when not uploading adrift

  • TacticalS

    Venom was so under rated

  • Cronicboi 420
    Cronicboi 420

    Anyone who's seen Tokyo drift knows the outsider thing lol

  • matt coffin
    matt coffin

    tom!!!!!!! come back to new zealand and visit my grandads pub lol

  • Ad4m Pl4ys
    Ad4m Pl4ys

    The Girl in Red In Shanghai He Was With Is FIT AF

  • Jules Roberts
    Jules Roberts

    come hong kong!!!

  • lauren sterling
    lauren sterling

    Amazing vlog!! I would 100000% love for you to write a book

  • Fake Account
    Fake Account

    What a vid Life of Tom u are the one yourruber I love that is different I really hope I get to meet you at some point

  • red devil
    red devil

    Are u and Lydia together again?

  • joel vines
    joel vines

    Bet there's one person awake and thinking WTF is he talking about 25:37

  • Blaineeey

    Probably the funniest vlog ive seen. Best youtuber since 2k10

  • Ken Ahrns
    Ken Ahrns

    Killing it!

  • Williamgrahamx

    Oi m8 what about throw back Thursday when u play dayz

  • Daniel Jackson
    Daniel Jackson

    never seen manchester airpor so low people

  • ECML Trains
    ECML Trains

    You remember the British Airways plane LEE. Well LEE is twice the size of the one you went on

    • 13endix1

      +ECML Trains and A380 is an A380 .. no difference between the carriers..

    • ECML Trains
      ECML Trains

      British airways are a slight bit bigger

    • Matthew Moore
      Matthew Moore

      they're the same plane mate

  • Atomicx snipeZz
    Atomicx snipeZz

    I'm going China in the summer😅😅😅😅

  • Adam Butterworth
    Adam Butterworth

    I thought you binned her off to spend more time playing Fortnite?

  • abdul abouchamat
    abdul abouchamat

    Can you show us how to get cheap flights?


    You were talking so loudly on the flight when everyone was asleep.

    • Regan Breeze
      Regan Breeze

      REAAX good

  • Daniel Zhen
    Daniel Zhen

    Please come to Fuqing it's a few hours away from Shanghai but I would love to see you.

  • S_napple

    so tom you basically writing a biography

    • Paddy Grace
      Paddy Grace



    I love how u act normal on ur voids and dont shout to make a scene you just do your everyday life

  • M.j.R

    He like Ginneuss 🍀🇮🇪🍀💪 Gman Ton

  • James parsons
    James parsons

    What's the new watch, can I have your old one

  • algirdas kontrimas
    algirdas kontrimas

    His the most childish person everywhere he goes and his always happy :)

  • Martin Ekberg
    Martin Ekberg

    At 40:44 did you say "kallt"?

    • Boom_Bim

      +Kieran kaldt also means cold in norway, it was either norwegian swedish or german

  • daniel roberts
    daniel roberts

    The Spirits are on optics thats what they’re called haha

  • Chongos

    Shout out to all my highland folk who spotted Inverness at 2:39 !

  • Dd gg
    Dd gg

    I love the flying vlogs

  • TheIcemangoo

    29:30. Tom just casually pissing off every vegan lmao

    • Ethan Martin
      Ethan Martin


  • Jack Duncan
    Jack Duncan

    The jamesons bottle is connecting to an optic tom :) love the vlog

  • Sazeri D.
    Sazeri D.

    I can't imagine how loud he's being on that plane with everyone sleeping. Man I'd yell at him

  • luke Neylon
    luke Neylon

    Haven’t watched for while is he back with Lydia or are they still on friendly terms

    • Matt Butler
      Matt Butler

      yeah +luke Neylon

    • luke Neylon
      luke Neylon

      Really ?

    • Mackenzie Bolton
      Mackenzie Bolton

      luke Neylon he’s back with her

  • Chane Kb
    Chane Kb

    Used to have to get an a380 from frankfurt to johannesburg and man it was awesome! Got a full middle aisle to myself (it's four seats) almost every time and watched movies all night long

  • Kieran Easden
    Kieran Easden

    gotta do a video on how to find cheap fligths

  • Tazzie Devil04
    Tazzie Devil04

    Tom just so u know paris-CDG means Paris- Charles de Gaulle........ The plane you flew on was an Airbus A380. Also the A380 is the largest passenger plane in the world. from the avgeek that always sits in the corner

    • JoshCanHearYou

      He was like “ this is the biggest plane ive ever been on” even thouhg hes been on the ba a380