Flying to China in 1st Class!
Life of Tom
Hey everyone! thanks for tuning in! sorry for no vlog yesterday but as you’ll find out in this vlog, China has UA-my and dropbox banned! So we had to figure out a work around!
And tadddaaaa! We managed it, hence you’re watching this video!
We’re hoping to have the vlogs continue as normal from now on! so see you guys tomorrow for the next daily vlog! ;)
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Thank you so much for watching, I hope you enjoyed the video!
‎(PS: I love your face)

  • Tashmina

    Epic vlog! You are one of the only UA-myrs that I enjoy watching as you are genuine and enjoy life how it should be! Thanks for being epic!

    • ItsYoBoy ECHO
      ItsYoBoy ECHO

      MemeLordMax dont you mean fangirl?

    • MemeLordMax

      Fan boy

    • AMZゝAgent

      Truest thing

  • Jack liu
    Jack liu

    You know at $1000 price for a $20000 ticket is about what a pilot and his immediate family would pay for a ticket even when it's not discounted

  • James Cuthbert
    James Cuthbert

    That’s bc it’s the biggest plane in the world

  • Amarthya Shankar
    Amarthya Shankar

    put my headphones in my headphones logic

  • Freya

    14:09 - stan rocketman XD

  • alcoholic kid
    alcoholic kid

    never subscribing cuz he talked trash for Battleship

  • Abhiyan Bhandari
    Abhiyan Bhandari

    22:34 omg I was so shook it was gonna spill again 😭

  • Abhiyan Bhandari
    Abhiyan Bhandari

    "that's not nice" "that's nice" "that's nice" "THAT"S INCREDIBLEEEE" 😂😂

  • Asad Ellahi
    Asad Ellahi

    Are u liquid 72 hours??

  • Millie Southern
    Millie Southern

    Does he live in worsley ?

  • James Tan
    James Tan

    i am chinese!!!!!!

  • Joshua Douglas
    Joshua Douglas


  • Sherrie Behrends
    Sherrie Behrends

    U make me lol 💋 ty 😎

  • Happy Aviation 12
    Happy Aviation 12

    It’s business class

  • Grace He
    Grace He

    It’s 3pm and I haven’t had breakfast or lunch....

  • James Moon
    James Moon

    Where do you find the energy wow.

  • 123fe2

    Is that your GF? 😪😪😪😪 my heart is broken, I wanted you for myself

  • 123fe2

    11:20 you’ve been on the A380 before tho......😂😂😂😂 you showered in it remember

  • Daniel Larcombe
    Daniel Larcombe

    She's ugly😂😂

  • Josh SVTV
    Josh SVTV

    Its business class😂


    Ehm....this is Air France Business mate...

  • Criss Cross
    Criss Cross

    Ginger bread a disgusting.

  • MrFaktenFaktenFakten

    Something about his behavior is making me so aggressive

  • Tiffany Lynn
    Tiffany Lynn

    Js all crabs are blue until cooked

  • Sammy River
    Sammy River

    I was in that same lounge eating the same KFC chicken burger as you at the same time. I didn’t know if it was really you but it was and I’m shitting myself cuz I didn’t go say hi.

    • RomzyAF1 101
      RomzyAF1 101

      U mf liar y didn't u say hello

    • Criss Cross
      Criss Cross


  • Ronin Samurai
    Ronin Samurai


  • Hallo Hallo
    Hallo Hallo

    I think you mixed up business class with 1rst class

  • Elyasboi 3
    Elyasboi 3


  • Jonathan Boucher
    Jonathan Boucher

    Ho do you get those 1st and business class flight for that cheap?

  • Brandon B
    Brandon B

    I just want some of that crab

  • SPARTA Nazid
    SPARTA Nazid

    1st class 😓

  • Dr. Duck feet
    Dr. Duck feet

    Cancer pods

  • FifaboiJames 102
    FifaboiJames 102

    He is surely drunk

  • Johnathon Chan
    Johnathon Chan

    哈哈挺有趣的vlog!已经订阅了!from Guangzhou China!

    • Johnathon Chan
      Johnathon Chan

      Sean M my pleasure!hehe

    • Sean M
      Sean M

      Johnathon Chan 你好!(from Kentucky, USA)

  • Ya boi skinny Penis
    Ya boi skinny Penis


  • Rights And Liberty
    Rights And Liberty

    Wow, can't even take a shit over there, and here we Aussies are thinking Australia went down the drain years ago without any privacy

  • goonber

    That's literally why water resistance is such a must have feature for modern phones 90% of people aren't going to be going swimming with their phones but it's for the peace of mind that if an accident was to happen, it would be fine

    • goonber

      Yes we don't want a repeat of a jet blast up your arse 🤣🤣


    I’m 1 mins into whatching the guy and I already love this guy

    • The Ironman
      The Ironman

      LMP DOG you used guy twice in the same short sentence. Just saying.

  • Aqqalooraq Rasmussen
    Aqqalooraq Rasmussen

    runelite :D recently i started playing again ;P

  • VanillaSalt

    38:35 look at all that smog down rite poisonous

  • Jesse

    23:30 i lost my shit lmaoo 28:05 also 36:04 minecraft *uogh* this vlog is hilarious

  • Jesse

    Toms plane reviews > Casey neistats plane reviews

  • JZ VR
    JZ VR

    Great vlog, China is awesome.

  • Jlittlelife

    great plane travel vlog, i am the same as you, why sleep on a plane when you paid to enjoy the whole experience

  • Oli Sharm
    Oli Sharm

    1:51 “gimme a cuddle” *walks off*

  • Wavy

    36:04 😂😂😂😂

  • chloe Paul vlogs
    chloe Paul vlogs

    Ummmm it's all one vlog yo

  • Brendan Byers
    Brendan Byers

    At 31:39 tom looks bald asf

  • Finster H2708
    Finster H2708

    Manchester Airport boi 😂

  • Max

    You’re in business but it ok

  • Alex 250202
    Alex 250202

    He says thinks the biggest plane I've been on in my life, its the biggest plane in the world

    • minifridgegaming uk
      minifridgegaming uk

      Well, the biggest passenger aircraft in the world

    • chris hayes
      chris hayes

      Yeah but it's also unfortunately the biggest financial loss for Airbus. I am really sad because I love flying with the A380!

  • Stoopid Head
    Stoopid Head

    Pause on 25:34 and tell me when you notice

    • George Reeve
      George Reeve

      He looks like callux

    • Real Slater
      Real Slater

      Stoopid Head no one sees it

    • Stoopid Head
      Stoopid Head

      His face looks like it’s sideways and forwards at the same time

    • Ar Mainuddin
      Ar Mainuddin

      what is it?


      I don’t see it

  • TheCastellozHero

    Does Tom`s gf live in Shanghai?

    • chloe Paul vlogs
      chloe Paul vlogs

      No she is on holiday

    • ahmed mangera
      ahmed mangera

      +OF and French I think

    • OF

      TheCastellozHero no but she’s half Chinese I believe

  • James hood
    James hood

    Fave youtuber

  • Big Boy Bueno
    Big Boy Bueno

    You are so humble, is why your one of my fav

  • Turtle Face
    Turtle Face

    Gaijin means outsider or white man in Japanese

    • chris hayes
      chris hayes

      No my turtle...doesn't matter your skin colour.....Gajin mean foreigner...that's it, final point.

  • Oliver

    These travel vlogs are class mate!

  • Zaph gaming
    Zaph gaming

    Wait so did he mean to put two vlogs in one orrr did he mess up BIG TIME. lol, Either way I loved it

  • Josh Tracey
    Josh Tracey

    Sub 2 pewdiepie

  • Metal Psycho Army
    Metal Psycho Army


  • kartik singh
    kartik singh

    Damn i thought he was pewdiepie

  • I am Toxic
    I am Toxic

    Andy Robertson’s brother

  • mikex

    mans got fake airpods

  • Aaron Davidson
    Aaron Davidson

    4:46 my home city the second one down btw


    The best cerial ever chocolate shreddies!

  • dayik

    u're not a true businessmen, i would've asked her for a service xddddddd

    • dayik

      +naikie 123 yes and it's common for rich millionaires billionaires and more to do that kind of things

    • naikie 123
      naikie 123

      +dayik WOW! you are so funny!

    • dayik

      if she spilled water on the phone, i'd spill something else on her 👀

  • IveAlwaysWantedToHaveAReallyLongYoutubeName

    I dont know why but I love videos like this and A 42 min one 🤤

  • XD Hill Wulls
    XD Hill Wulls

    Hahahahahahahah ur so funny

  • Jimmy Zhang
    Jimmy Zhang

    36:00 is classic China

  • Arnar Hrafn
    Arnar Hrafn

    Imagine being in a flight and hear some dude whispering to him self in the background

    • Adam Barton
      Adam Barton


  • Joshua Stone
    Joshua Stone

    The gingerbread man idea made my heart breakkk omg

  • thelittlespanker

    why do you have fake airpods brhu

    • Aimee Mcintyre
      Aimee Mcintyre

      There not fake lol bruh

    • TheRealPomade !
      TheRealPomade !

      UltragamerVX7 ?? Short term..

    • UltragamerVX7

      Does being jealous get in the way of your spelling?

    • Potterr03

      U just jelly

    • Karl

      Bruh they are real

  • Double Up
    Double Up

    I loved this 42 minute travel!!!!!!

  • Noah Melnyk
    Noah Melnyk

    i love these kind of vids so much especially yours because u make them funny

  • RD bikes
    RD bikes

    My mum gets to the airport 4 hours early

    • RD bikes
      RD bikes

      Like what is the point

    • SerK Tags
      SerK Tags

      RD bikes same it’s terrible

  • BladesBoyGaming !!!
    BladesBoyGaming !!!

    That is the airbus a380 you flew on the largest passenger plane in the world

  • OliTGB

    Please can you record a way back to England video and show take off

    • ben flanagan
      ben flanagan

      +Ethan Martin home*

    • Ethan Martin
      Ethan Martin

      This was posted on the 8th he's already hoem

  • abbys Alun is so cute
    abbys Alun is so cute

    I was on the same flight

    • abbys Alun is so cute
      abbys Alun is so cute

      I'm not but I was just in econamy

    • Matt Hayes
      Matt Hayes

      Lol y u lying

  • Reuben O’Donnell
    Reuben O’Donnell

    You absolutely make my day, Tom 👍😊

  • The Unorthodox Pilot
    The Unorthodox Pilot

    You went to the same KFC as me when i flew to Paris cdg!

  • Unused account 133224235
    Unused account 133224235

    How was bohemian rhapsody Tom?

  • Jacob Watts
    Jacob Watts

    Anyone remember is old minecraft videos

  • Hacker neo
    Hacker neo

    its called shanghainese its a legit language

  • Blim Blop
    Blim Blop

    And we'll keep on fighting till the end!!!

    • Adam Barton
      Adam Barton

      Blim Blop oh yeah yeah

  • Random Clips
    Random Clips

    You look like laser beam

    • Daniel Briggs
      Daniel Briggs


    • Your mum is Cancer
      Your mum is Cancer

      Peyton Ellis no laser beam looks like him

  • Havoc_ Gamer
    Havoc_ Gamer

    24:54 you also get water spilled on ur phone 😂😂

  • Its ya boii
    Its ya boii

    22:00 the woman hahaha

  • progameratlife 9
    progameratlife 9

    10:21 that plane is an airbus a380

  • BoneyBoy

    Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeet vlog!

  • Ryan Barnett
    Ryan Barnett

    I was in that same airport, same mall, and that SAME POTATO GUY was in the SAME SPOT as he was in the video 🤣🤣🤣 tom next time you go to Shanghai, try the street candy vendors, its so amazing and they are entertaining as well if your a foreigner that can speak chinese!

  • Arsen Vancevich
    Arsen Vancevich

    Still doing videos my guy! I use to be a big fan of you in my early ages. 😂You should’ve seen my face when I saw you doing well!Im glad mi dude!

  • Eoin O'Reilly
    Eoin O'Reilly

    why are these so easy to watch🤣

  • Kyle Jonas
    Kyle Jonas

    You were on the A380 when you flew Emirates

  • EnVy

    Go to jump360 next.

  • EnVy


  • Abigail Barclay
    Abigail Barclay

    I have never been on a plan before is it fun or is it scary going on one

    • James Davies
      James Davies

      been on about 50 plane trips in my 16 year life (yeah, i'm lucky) and i personally love them, looking down at the landscape and all the sights is great fun

    • Ghanim Alfadli
      Ghanim Alfadli

      Can be a bit of both

    • dsmith5533

      I personally think it’s a ton of fun. Take off and landing feel a bit scary, but the actual flight is pretty relaxing imo.

    • Jamie

      Abigail Barclay I have been on a plane too much times and I’m SIICKK of it😫

  • Kye Charlwood
    Kye Charlwood

    Are you from Bradford

    • Thomas Willcocks
      Thomas Willcocks

      why go to Manchester Airport is he lives in bradford? go to Leeds-Bradford

    • Apple Smasher
      Apple Smasher


    • Kye Charlwood
      Kye Charlwood


  • Nick Cottrell
    Nick Cottrell

    Bro Ive playing RuneScape off my phone

  • Aviator. egcc
    Aviator. egcc

    You was on a A380 lmao

  • LEWIS2003

    Is that Manchester airport

    • LEWIS2003

      Never mind he just said