FaZe House: Rock, Paper, Scissors, Slap!
FaZe Clan
Quick break from CoD: People getting slapped in the face!
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  • Im Magiic
    Im Magiic

    Apex slaps rain the same way I slap my girl when we fucking lol

  • j i
    j i

    lol this was funnier than when i farted next to my crush and she stared at me and i pooped my pants cause i got scared lol XD

  • pffo

    Who else slapped themselves while watching?

  • Waira GC
    Waira GC

    Thanks mito you slapped the 2 annoying ppl ever

  • AB Trujillo
    AB Trujillo

    Look at adapt head in the side at 5:48 there is a pacman

  • Juar Krasniqi
    Juar Krasniqi

    moms would win this easily with the slaps

  • Landon Patton
    Landon Patton

    Is apex gay

  • InFa Carters
    InFa Carters

    Adapt on some crack in this vid

  • Avery Xx
    Avery Xx

    Holy shit the camera man is cute,his eyes thooo~😆😏

  • Jeremiah Griffin
    Jeremiah Griffin

    Apex was ready to kick Rain from FaZe after that slap

  • Alex L
    Alex L

    And this is what pimp's do to there ho's if they don't listen 2:18

  • Juan Encarnacion
    Juan Encarnacion

    Why does apex look like he does this for a living

  • xOmarioXx


  • Lollipopbo kevin
    Lollipopbo kevin

    Apex is tooooo short

  • Anthony Garcia
    Anthony Garcia

    The dog be like tf is going on here

  • Justme Yram
    Justme Yram


  • Syn the Weabo
    Syn the Weabo


  • MyPEPEberry Big
    MyPEPEberry Big

    Adapt the type of nigga that acts like he hit someone hard when he hit them like a bitch

  • Melissa Davis
    Melissa Davis

    bro nordons a fucking legend

  • Tyro -
    Tyro -

    Apex is short

  • Luis Galindo
    Luis Galindo

    berry watched all

  • Pineapple


  • georgiana florea
    georgiana florea

    Are you romenian

  • IsaBella Bella1101
    IsaBella Bella1101

    The first time Apex slapped Mito,Mito just had this look like so disrespectful. Lol 😂😂😂😂

  • •LemonieKk•

    9:39 Rain| yo man wtf are you doing dont touch my man Lmfao I'm sorry I had to 🤣

    • Bad Gurl
      Bad Gurl

      •LemonieKk• omg yess

  • Siyyam Sarfraz
    Siyyam Sarfraz

    I was mad at miko for slapping everybody hard but the slap miko got at 7:20 uhhhh it feels so good...

  • Leon Aliu
    Leon Aliu

    0:48 What friends are rly like!(alex)

  • Hanix Playz
    Hanix Playz

    Where was faze scissors at bro geese


    What are these slaps bruh kids can do harder lol

    • MachiWarrior

      XXGAM ERXX you do know a slap can knock someone out right

  • Caleb McLeod
    Caleb McLeod

    whes blaze

  • The1_n_ On1y_a1ex
    The1_n_ On1y_a1ex

    6:30 is the funniest

  • Timothy Clark
    Timothy Clark

    pussy slaps a beat my dick harder than that

  • Arian scoot
    Arian scoot

    SUb to me

  • Chanravy Rom
    Chanravy Rom

    Rain & Apex are sucha couple

  • Wet Shot
    Wet Shot

    apex and the camera man definitely had some beef after this video

  • Roman Rattu
    Roman Rattu

    Lol my real name is Roman 😂😂

  • Avyay

    The guys should have low key knelt down for Apel

  • King Koala
    King Koala

    7:26 my head hurt from that slap...

  • Excurcion Castillo
    Excurcion Castillo

    Apex fucked him up after the cameras went off

  • Dronef04

    I’m more interested in that dog just watching the whole thing in the background

  • Dalton Willoughby
    Dalton Willoughby

    Alex lost weight

  • anti anthrax
    anti anthrax

    9:30 LMAOO

  • Andrija Milosevic
    Andrija Milosevic

    I would love to beat the shit out of this Mito honestly.

  • Lil iMTihaj
    Lil iMTihaj

    I watch this video at least once everyday 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Aelyx Targaryen
    Aelyx Targaryen

    Imagine playing this will Vassilly Kamensky

  • Khalid Hamdan
    Khalid Hamdan

    That's a raw slap by rain

  • Husqvarna Inc
    Husqvarna Inc

    whats thje song fore the outro? like I know the song but whats the remix called?

  • Gaming with Kratos
    Gaming with Kratos

    Part 2 plz

  • James Grace
    James Grace

    If mito got slapped one more time he probably would have cried

  • Libyan Gamer
    Libyan Gamer

    Your lucky u don’t have a full Arab born in the Middle East

  • Ephram E
    Ephram E

    If I was apex after that last one I would’ve rushed his ass immediately

  • FiveTime Gaming
    FiveTime Gaming

    apex is so short

  • phoevo

    good vidrio

  • MB10 Gaming/Vlogs
    MB10 Gaming/Vlogs

    The last slap towards Apex Knocked an inch out of him!

  • ZiY

    Apex low key is the nicest guy in faze

  • Hamza faisal
    Hamza faisal

    Mito is the biggest bitch on the fucking planet

  • WhyNotFoltz

    2:29 My boi faze rain looks like the alien from aliens vs Predators when the little mouth comes out from the big mouth

  • blvEd BIo
    blvEd BIo

    Apex is gay lololol

  • Cory Leeming
    Cory Leeming

    Bro get nick mercs in there and everyone will die 😂

    • Josh Johnson
      Josh Johnson

      Holy shit shut tf up

    • SrimsxnH3ll

      I just noticed LMFAO

    • Cory Leeming
      Cory Leeming

      Morshed Mohamed oh shit 😂

    • Morshed Mohamed
      Morshed Mohamed

      My man this was in 2017

  • AKHAA & TJ
    AKHAA & TJ

    They didn't inv Banks on purpose for this video. Haha

  • the bruh
    the bruh

    Did I just watch child abuse when rain hit apex

  • Simon J Marshmallow
    Simon J Marshmallow

    Haha. So fake. We all know apex couldnt reach rain’s face

  • SteaLthzZz LuL
    SteaLthzZz LuL

    If Logan Paul was here...

  • Anthony E
    Anthony E

    you is that dog in the back fake?

  • King of football Gavra
    King of football Gavra

    Teeqp is my favorite clan member

  • Gaming Axe11
    Gaming Axe11

    Hey apex isn’t the shortest faze member any more it’s high sky now

  • adrian carrillo
    adrian carrillo

    I know he got fired

  • Yosef le gamer
    Yosef le gamer

    The last one thoooo 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂


    Faze cizzorz will always lose

  • U N I B E A T S
    U N I B E A T S

    Jeez faze rain is one weird looking guy ahahah