FaZe Clan - Lie Detector Test Challenge
FaZe Clan
FaZe Clan put on the spot, with a lie detector.
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  • Harry Acton
    Harry Acton

    this shit is BS

  • Bluuツ

    Why they laughing Jarvis got mad hoes😂

  • 10k Subs with no vids
    10k Subs with no vids

    8:57 why does the bolt sound like a hunting rifle the audio doesn’t line up lmao

  • Tavion Samuels
    Tavion Samuels

    Since 2012 2013

  • Tavion Samuels
    Tavion Samuels

    I am og faze con fan I restart my tablet a d phone add yu back



  • Sahel Leon king Bro
    Sahel Leon king Bro

    Jarvis I'm a god at fortnite Kay that's insane bro

  • RaZor BreAk
    RaZor BreAk

    Nah bro Jarvis doesn’t use aim bot he was just nervous that it might be a lie 7:47

  • Cho Yuen Feng
    Cho Yuen Feng

    Everybody else: wassup duds I’m here with de.... Kay: bR0 dA1S 1nSaiN! H01Y!

  • Aayan Ali
    Aayan Ali

    Oh no

  • O Xy
    O Xy

    Jarvis in the background

  • Wetzel 99
    Wetzel 99

    Jarvis uses aim bot unsubscribe to him because he hacks maybe he uses sub bot to

    • AJA

      Fuck you

  • Busty Fortnite
    Busty Fortnite

    Jarvis eats. FaZe Kay: tHatS iNsaNe bro!!!

  • CarlosGaming 123
    CarlosGaming 123

    Faze mew is a god at trick shots

  • CrystalKnight 85
    CrystalKnight 85

    Sway > jarvis

  • Ghoul Plays
    Ghoul Plays

    Your crush will kiss you, like and subscribe to activate

  • 1 1
    1 1

    What about H1GHSKY1

  • LightningGaming

    Stop swearing you would be much better

  • Justjoseph 101
    Justjoseph 101

    I died at 8:53 when everyone screams and then it cuts

  • Noah Manthei
    Noah Manthei

    Clip isn’t real that a hunting rifle shot not a bolt

  • sinister 077debt
    sinister 077debt

    The lie detector is a fucken snitch😣

  • Kai Nichol
    Kai Nichol

    Shagging too many birds 🤣🤣🤣

  • Ni Nja
    Ni Nja

    Why did you kick highsky

  • Owen Westall
    Owen Westall

    Jarvis : reloads gun Kay : holy Jarvis ur insane

  • Sh4d0w Bot
    Sh4d0w Bot


  • Cookie Gg
    Cookie Gg


  • Lalamder

    jarvis you psycho

  • Danielle Mead
    Danielle Mead

    How baked is Alex

  • dale aquino
    dale aquino

    hE sAiD It wAs a gReeN sTIcK

  • Cool Music
    Cool Music

    You guys should do a lie detector test on H1ghsky and see how old he is

  • Goat Boy
    Goat Boy

    4:27 lmao

  • HBK_ Tman
    HBK_ Tman

    “This is going to be everywhere” 4.4 million views 🤣🤦🏽‍♂️

  • Jaycen2009kidstv


  • Sloan X Gaming
    Sloan X Gaming

    Faze Kay had the most truths and least lies so he won

  • Ttv yt Deathdude
    Ttv yt Deathdude

    Jarvis: readys up Kay:Jarvis ur insane

  • iEnVy ZinoYT
    iEnVy ZinoYT

    Lmao look at Blaze’s face - 3:39

  • JS GongZ
    JS GongZ

    13:26 LOL FaZe Jarvis

  • Tanmay Dagar
    Tanmay Dagar

    10:57,when you're crush ask you out

  • Pug nation rules America
    Pug nation rules America

    I would trade my sister

  • TTV. GucciGoober
    TTV. GucciGoober

    Orba he had a bolt but that sounded like I hunting rifle

  • Mj Pearce
    Mj Pearce

    Does anyone else realize that the detector detects a lie if you are tense or nervous

  • Unknown stRyfe
    Unknown stRyfe

    Family isnt worth a billion fuckin dollars

    • Unknown stRyfe
      Unknown stRyfe

      Not at all

  • Ishy Ali
    Ishy Ali

    Blaze: I'm might have stollen from you fraziuer Kay: Bro that's insane!!!!!!

  • DimDask On Fortnite
    DimDask On Fortnite

    At the time where teeqo talked about if adapt sucks.... I think apex sucks so much he’s worse than me

  • Random Gaming
    Random Gaming

    i feel teeqo was being exposed of his private things . Bro that is shit . EVER LOST UR VIRGINITY TO A GOPHER HOLE ? WTF WHY DO U WANT TO EXPOSE THAT

  • mohid shahzad
    mohid shahzad

    Your insaneeee!!!!!!

  • _W3223L_

    Would you knock the fuck out of orba for 1000000 dollar Alex: I do it for 100 bucks

  • OGC_ Enrique
    OGC_ Enrique

    Kay always wins that’s awesome dude

  • Antin Moen
    Antin Moen

    I died at 4:26😂

  • RaGe_ 4l13N
    RaGe_ 4l13N

    Alex said he doesn’t hate anyone from FaZe but he said he’d beat the shit out of Orba for even 100 bucks

  • Dylan Reeses
    Dylan Reeses

    Faze tfues better than Jarvis. Oh wait...........

  • Gary Kerr
    Gary Kerr

    By kjbjbh,k man

  • VNM-Impaile YT
    VNM-Impaile YT

    6:30 faze adapts creepy look

  • VNM-Impaile YT
    VNM-Impaile YT

    Faze blaze says I love u guys but everybody’s on there phone

  • Fat Fool
    Fat Fool

    Well Faze Teeqo is da new smellfunny

  • Max UG
    Max UG

    Is no one gonna notice how serious the lie detector guy is

  • Alek Maj Erjavec
    Alek Maj Erjavec

    6:33 - 6:39 *HOES MAD*

  • Alexis Gomez
    Alexis Gomez

    His fucken accent is hurting my ears

  • Wakil Hamidi
    Wakil Hamidi

    Jarvis:*Breaths* Kay:YOUR INSANE

  • Rylan Wells
    Rylan Wells


  • Delirme12333_Roblox


  • Zoreid

    5:16 LUL

  • Sinister vis
    Sinister vis

    Where's rain where's apex wtf this isnt faze anymore idfk what I'm watching

  • Evan Grove
    Evan Grove

    4:48 If this is true then why is Frazier in FaZe clan?

  • Mason 42
    Mason 42

    Please sub to me

  • Waira GC
    Waira GC

    13:28 that was mad funny LMAO

  • Hyper_Jabb

    OmG FaZe ThAtS CrAzY

  • ꧁Ᏼ҉Ꮛ҉Ꮚ҉Ꮪ҉Ꮠ҉꧂

    13:28 omg i was dying lol 😆😆😆😆

  • Justin Buttfucker
    Justin Buttfucker

    Bro Kay’s little brother is so fucking ugly. Fucking ugly ass ugly ass bro

  • GabrielGaming

    13:28 look at dis dude