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Falling In Reverse - "Drugs"
Epitaph Records
"Drugs" by Falling In Reverse
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Kill yourself is what they said to me
I’m already dead Just differently
They say god is real, I disagree.
Cause if that were true, then we’d all be free (yeah)
Running from somethin that’s killin me dealin
With such an uncomfortable feelin beginning to feel the hostility from my ability of slowly becomin the villain
I just wanna thank all my fans especially
Without you is the death of me
I don’t consider myself a celebrity
But I’ll be doin this shit till I'm 70
This is my destiny
This is the best of me
It’s an incredible feeling to
Grow letting it go I’m letting you know
We are killin ourselves on the low
Everybody wants some
Everybody gets none from me
Cause Everybody’s on drugs
It’s hard to believe
The American dream
Is a killing machine
We’re all falling in love
With a new disease
And if it’s killing you
Then it’s murdering me
It’s all getting so
We’re having so much fun
Staring down a loaded gun
And you don’t see that it’s killing you
Cause everybody’s on drugs

Save yourself is what I’m telling you,
Cause nobody else, really has a clue
Into your veins, like heroin.
Accept the pain
Just to feel again
Everybody wants some
Everybody gets none from me

Cause Everybody’s on drugs
It’s hard to believe
The American dream
Is a killing machine
We’re all falling in love
With a new disease
And if it’s killing you
Then it’s murdering me
It’s all getting so
We’re having so much fun
Staring down a loaded gun
And you don’t see that it’s killing you
Cause everybody’s on drugs

Everybody is dead from the
Neck up
Tryin to keep their heads up
Searchin for a way out
This is a dying nation
So complacent
Our spirits need awakened
What are we waiting for
Die mother fucker, die motherfucker die!
Everybody’s on drugs
The American dream is a killing machine
Everybody’s on drugs
And it’s killing you.
It’s so fucking,
We’re having so much fun staring
Down a loaded gun
And you don’t see that it’s killing you
Cause Everybody’s on drugs
#fallinginreverse #drugs #epitaph

  • Tyler Bugica
    Tyler Bugica

    *Sees ronnie* This song is ok *Sees Corie* Extreme *Orgasm*

  • Stephany Feliciano
    Stephany Feliciano

    This video is awesome but not the song everybody on drugs are we serious? Maybe in his world

  • Stephany Feliciano
    Stephany Feliciano

    Lmao 😂

  • Timothy Hill
    Timothy Hill

    Why the fuck isn't this on my city's local rock station?

  • Army Dewantara
    Army Dewantara

    Always repeat this song 😈

  • Army Dewantara
    Army Dewantara

    Always repeat this song 😈

  • Ascetic One
    Ascetic One

    This some white boy hot topic Emo anti depressent pillpopping garbage.

  • xXVincent13Xx

    So in the stages you got 1. Emo Then after that they changed to 2. Rock Then they switched to a kind of 3.punk pop style Then they dolphin dived into 4. Rap Then they smashed it all together whats next *opens door*

  • xXVincent13Xx

    The look his mom has when she says drugs looks like a snapchat filter

  • Erik Knudsen
    Erik Knudsen

    I really don't appreciate how people have asked Ronnie to kill himself when they might as well look in the mirror and make the same request to themselves.

  • Mag Mats
    Mag Mats

    Why does it remind of Sleepwalking by BMTH?

  • maki maki
    maki maki

    Raiden 1:55

  • maki maki
    maki maki


  • Nate P
    Nate P

    This music video, this song, and the lyrics are absolute garbage. Yeah let’s promote suicide and drugs and encourage the younger youth/generation that god is not real and to kill themselves. This was by far the dumbest song and the most horrible video I have ever seen in my life

  • Jenny&theblacktshirts

    "You've got to be fucking kidding me!" THAT GOT ME!!!!!

  • Robert Witt
    Robert Witt

    Why is there over 7,000 haters on this video

  • Matt B
    Matt B

    Disliked first Time now hit repeat👌


    Is there going to ba a part 2


    Real Rockstar shyt ya feel me #turbo

  • Agatka Valíčková
    Agatka Valíčková

    Love it❤️

  • Михаил Соловьев
    Михаил Соловьев


  • Михаил Соловьев
    Михаил Соловьев


  • Nitin Chatterjee
    Nitin Chatterjee

    Amazing, mind blowing ☠️

  • too many ships and i don't know how to sail
    too many ships and i don't know how to sail

    R Ronnie u good fam?

  • Francois Smit
    Francois Smit

    He looks better with the blond and black hair. Almost looks like Pagan Min from Far cry 4.

  • Michelle haddaway
    Michelle haddaway

    Artist like Ronnie who are able to be very versatile is the true meaning of ARTISTS! I grew up on 80's and 90's rock and rap so I can true appreciate Ronnie's skills he can do it all with no effort that's something special, these dumb as jits today have no clue what musical skills are "You bitches always pissed 'cause I am constantly changing" Hell yes Ronnie (Falling in reverse) keep doing you 👏 mad props from your fans the know what good music is.

  • Aida Aida
    Aida Aida

    I can definitely say that God is real because I always live free in my homeland Armenia.

  • -MADJR-

    I got goosebumps haha awesome!

  • ItsXero

    i prefer their older stuff ngl this just feels like any xxxtentacion song with more edm

  • michelinman 8592
    michelinman 8592

    UA-my's algorithm brought me here. My mind is blown, but I liked what I saw. I need more of this in my life!

  • Ezekiel Blue
    Ezekiel Blue


  • Metal birch Metal itch
    Metal birch Metal itch

    I bet this band sounds like shit live or really good bc everything is programmed and processed haha what ever happened to just raw music and heavy shit oh well

  • Metal birch Metal itch
    Metal birch Metal itch

    It’s a shame where music as a whole has came smfh dam idk who this band is even but wow this is bad fuck this fag shit

  • Eduardo Rodriguez
    Eduardo Rodriguez

    Yo they used to be pure horse shit back in the day, i thought they couldn't get worst, guess i was wrong ..

  • Ghostswarrior33

    I didn't expect corey taylor to be on this song at all

  • xKodama 08
    xKodama 08

    To drogado e chapado só de ver esse clipe...( i am druged just for watch this...), but goob job! The music is my new vicious...

  • Coxy Vids
    Coxy Vids

    Holy shit man does anyone play this really loud and head bang and get so much energy from this song? Amazing art. Well done

  • Katelyn Bingaman
    Katelyn Bingaman

    Revisit this song all the time and the vocals still just blow me away

  • Taylorcon YT
    Taylorcon YT

    NOT WILLOW TOO!!!!!!!!

  • Austin Wiebe
    Austin Wiebe

    Shout out to the lefty bassist, lefties are underrepresented in the music world

  • LSD_ 7777777
    LSD_ 7777777

    This is just awesome.

  • Kian Sararana
    Kian Sararana

    Corey was here?!

  • Nathan Shaver
    Nathan Shaver

    Gay as fuck.

    • Logan Hayden
      Logan Hayden

      Then why are you watching them you fucking pussy bitch and commenting on their video

  • Aaron Davis
    Aaron Davis

    This is my daughter's favorite band,my first time hearing them,im teaching my daughter well when it comes to music

  • deadripper2070

    Selling Corey Taylor’s part replays 3:00 👇


    Shit , Corey , it's really you?

  • Hunter Chapman
    Hunter Chapman

    this song is abysmally awful. fuck.

  • Kay Florence
    Kay Florence

    Oh. 13 yr old me just came back and is LIVING.

  • TheKillhim11

    Came for Corey Taylor not this gay ass band

    • Logan Hayden
      Logan Hayden

      Fuck off their comment section then you stupid bitch

  • Violet Oranthi
    Violet Oranthi

    bitch I'm going to punch u in the nose where's my food I'm a fat bitch

  • Violet Oranthi
    Violet Oranthi

    I'm going to stab radke

    • Logan Hayden
      Logan Hayden

      Bitch I'll stab you first stay tf away from ronnie

  • Luis Che Pérez
    Luis Che Pérez

    Odio que esta banda se haya convertido en esto

  • parallax2vml

    Damn this shits gay lol


    I like the song, but lots of occult symbolism here.

  • Dylan Boyd
    Dylan Boyd

    Does anyone else feel like this is guitar hero with infinite star power?

  • Sierra Ross
    Sierra Ross

    He’s looking really good!!!!

  • Holy Cock
    Holy Cock

    Oh My God😲

  • Schnaffte

    Corey is killing it, love this guy

  • The undead girl
    The undead girl

    Cc playing the drums and Corey Taylor killing Ronnie. This is the best video in the entire music industry

  • Philip Thompson
    Philip Thompson

    "They say God is real, I disagree 'Cause if that were true, then we'd all be free" Mr Radke, you will find your freedom in Jesus Christ. Until then we are all enslaved to our sin.

    • Logan Hayden
      Logan Hayden

      Fuck off Christian, you wont find shit in jesus christ

    • exodus K
      exodus K

      He sold his soul along with his bandmates a long time ago so they've went through all the rituals and now the same demons who possess them convince them that God isn't real and wont save them. It's a sad state of affairs but this is 99.9% of everyone in the music industry, scratch that, the entertainment industry and all industries in general.

  • Megan Slater
    Megan Slater

    Not a bad song. Awkward some moments . But none the less a lot of meaning and thought put behind the video itsself and not a bad band. On the real everyone has hardships. You can't blame a parent not being there for oing drugs. Even kids with over active parents are on drugs and find something to complain about and someone to blame it on. Yeah I get high. I like to and I will always probably. And yeah I been thru shit. Find me someone who hasn't. But I think about everyone has tried drinking or getting high and everyone is dispostioned differently sooo some keep doing it some can quit and I do not condone alester Crowley but I think he wasn't far off with The whole Thelma thing. Just saying when the mom came in I felt annoyed. Own it up and brace yourself. If sociedty embraced everyone's indeviduality and decisions ppl wouldn't feel the need to blame each other. Wrd all be happy.

  • Rumbore

    At 3:00 if you watch the scene close enough, its actually Ronnie using the chainsaw to kill a blond Ronnie (I'm guessing a symbol of drug addiction)

  • Metal !
    Metal !

    Corey Taylor makes every song awesome

  • Vaporplaid

    he's finding the balance.

  • Demyx1x

    I bet this music video would be awesome on drugs lol

  • gingers_2016

    Tbh only here for Corey 🤦🏻‍♀️😅

  • Paeten Wolfe
    Paeten Wolfe

    Why is Ronnie not an actor yet

  • Kendall Ashton
    Kendall Ashton

    Let’s get that #KendallAshton poppin

  • Luke Crompton
    Luke Crompton

    Too many chorus'... by the end I'm already sick of hearing it.

  • Nathan Arrington
    Nathan Arrington

    Fans "this song is pretty good" Corey Taylor: "Let me drop a bomb" Fans: *a tear of gods drops*

  • Gardening love And Light
    Gardening love And Light

    I really miss Jacky Vincent those were the good old days when Ronnie really got down.

  • Rexmu

    Hey, Coming Home was a stunning masterpiece. I hope and wish that you guys keep sounding like that! I think it’s your perfect niche

  • Rexmu

    Damn that quality - holy shit! It looks 4K and it’s not even 4K

  • Machine Gun Bobby
    Machine Gun Bobby

    Stealing BMTH shadow Moses video editing

  • Spenser Hughes
    Spenser Hughes

    Excellent fucking job 👏Corey Taylor's part was my favorite.

  • Tavo Vargas
    Tavo Vargas


  • Aljhon Cerezo
    Aljhon Cerezo


  • Bradley Gibson
    Bradley Gibson

    3:01 is what slipknot fans came for

  • kingspadeklick813

    I haven’t listened to this band in years but I’m oddly pleased with this


    How could someone dislike this god like song

  • Dominik Tamez
    Dominik Tamez

    CC and Corey Taylor make this so much better than it already was

  • Bhutt Boi Faart
    Bhutt Boi Faart


  • bella love
    bella love

    what the fuck happened to you

  • High On Beanz
    High On Beanz

    This kind of reminds me of raining blood. Yes it’s a joke.

  • Rebecca Moreno
    Rebecca Moreno

    did anybody notice the screamo scream in autotune? Because i did and it freaked my cat out.

  • Eco Castro
    Eco Castro

    Damn. Ronnie looked so good now after Escape the fate era.

  • Bryce Oberg
    Bryce Oberg

    This is Gay ass juice

  • Jaime Esteban Olivos Daza
    Jaime Esteban Olivos Daza

    Que bien ver a Corey Taylor en un estilo antiguo... agresivo y con poder...

  • Kali Paquette
    Kali Paquette

    I change my mind I just hit 3:06 hello plot twist I’m in love

  • Kali Paquette
    Kali Paquette

    I like it but at the same time I don’t? Idkkkkk


    Honestly i love his music and its crazy how much he is mixing genres at this point, guess he got sick of the constant screaming and rock

  • Jelly Rotten
    Jelly Rotten

    I respect this

  • DesStartedTheRiot

    Am I the only one rolling a blunt while watching this? Lol

  • Miranda Joss
    Miranda Joss

    the part with Corey 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩

  • Monster Matt
    Monster Matt

    Corey Taylor in this is great 😂

  • Teddy Bear
    Teddy Bear

    Love this new song its amazing

  • Chettri Bivek
    Chettri Bivek

    Now it's our time to be

  • Marcixchu Marcixchu
    Marcixchu Marcixchu

    RONNIE OMG. This music video all of this is pure art. This is beyond insaine.

  • J .R
    J .R

    He's a mumble rapper now?

  • Donat Donut
    Donat Donut

    5:50 everytime i caught my girlfriend cheating on me