Everything You Missed In The 'Avengers: Endgame' Trailer
After months of waiting, Marvel has finally released the first full trailer for “Avengers: Endgame”
The sequel will continue with Tony Stark/Iron Man (played by Robert Downey Jr.), Steve Rodgers/Captain America (Chris Evans), and more of the heroes trying to undo the devastating effects of the Thanos (Josh Brolin) snap in the last movie.
The new trailer gives us exciting clues about “Endgame.” Things from how Black Widow’s (Scarlet Johansson) hair changes, to the new space suits the team wears. We also get confirmation that Tony Stark and Nebula somehow meet up with many of the surviving Avengers. After the post-credit scene in “Captain Marvel” we see more from when she meets the group. This time she encounters Thor (Chris Hemsworth) who approves of the new addition to the team.
The trailer could be hinting at time travel, which is a highly speculated theory super fans have been throwing around for months. The trailer also features several flashbacks from other MCU movies that have led to “Endgame” including “Captain America: The First Avenger,” “Captain America: The Winter Soldier,” and more.
“Avengers: Endgame” will hit theaters April 26, 2019.
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Everything You Missed In The 'Avengers: Endgame' Trailer

  • Justin Y.
    Justin Y.


  • Justin Y.
    Justin Y.

    i be goowup i be a avengers

  • Justin Y.
    Justin Y.


  • yazmin soto
    yazmin soto

    The thumbnail and title: everything u missed on endgame Title: arrow pointing at hair Me: so basically the hair of that dude can kill Thanos ur saying or something?

  • Mighty Eagle
    Mighty Eagle

    You probably know how tony and nebula got back WARNING captain marvel carried them

  • Asahi Kirigaya
    Asahi Kirigaya

    Things you missed in Endgame. *_Thumbnail is Black Widow's hair._*

  • Eleven

    "A few months since the snap". EHHHHH NOT SO SURE BOUT THAT


    total vfx garbage Film !

  • Nico de Angelo Son of hades
    Nico de Angelo Son of hades

    Avengers endgame is really good but sad when iron man 👨 dies

  • Jonathan Cineus
    Jonathan Cineus

    Lots of lies in End Game trailers...

  • One Massive Mistake
    One Massive Mistake

    RIP iron man

  • Rebel Scout
    Rebel Scout

    When everything you said is wrong.

    • Eleven

      1) this is a prediction of what may happen, retard. this is before endgame came out. I'd like to see ur mental brain predict anything that happens in the next marvel movie 2) half of the things he said were true 3) the trailers barely revealed anything

  • number1fansince

    I like looking at old trailers and see what ppl got right and what they didn't

  • number1fansince

    They do time travel and everything works smoothly

  • number1fansince

    No thor and captain marvel dont have a mission thor is fat in the suit and CM only comes in the end to fight thanos

  • Mateo Serna Londoño
    Mateo Serna Londoño

    When is this movie coming on Digital?

  • Sharon Hollingworth
    Sharon Hollingworth

    I just seen this movie 2day

  • Shu Kurenia
    Shu Kurenia

    Who else saw Howard the duck

  • Marga Quark
    Marga Quark

    I'm glad I saw this video after the movie and also no trailer before....😅

  • Angelic_ Editzs
    Angelic_ Editzs

    Who’s that blond boy in the back of everyone at the funeral

    • plot-mickey

      I'm asking the exact question 🙋

    • Ashley W
      Ashley W

      Tiana Marie It’s the boy from Iron Man 3

  • toon ninja
    toon ninja

    Wait is Hawkeye married with kids what is he doing holding hands with black widow oh wait nvm

  • Alero Emenike
    Alero Emenike

    They shouldve killed baby thanos

  • Everything Is Here
    Everything Is Here

    RIP Stanley. 😔

  • Aram _
    Aram _

    Cant believe he was so accurate with cap

    • Hobo Milk
      Hobo Milk

      i know right?

  • Arturo Robles
    Arturo Robles

    *SPOILER ALERT* DO NOT READ IF YOU DON'T WANT TO KNOW. Unless you want to? Hehehe... YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED! Time travel is in it, Ironman dies, Black widow sacrifices herself to get the souldstone and Captain America returns all the soulstones in their rightful time lines and decided to stay behind in his era to grow old with his love interest. No special scenes after the end credits. You're welcome.

    • Arturo Robles
      Arturo Robles

      Oh Bruce Banner becomes an intelligent sane Hulk. Lol

    • Arturo Robles
      Arturo Robles


  • Gabriella Christy
    Gabriella Christy

    I already watched the endgame and maybe I have to watch the marvel movie from the very beginning

  • Parmeet Kaur
    Parmeet Kaur

    Thor hammer is back..😍😍

  • Mohammed Zaid
    Mohammed Zaid

    Bro! They meet in the starting of the movie.


    Rock Guy was playing fortnite

  • nanCi3 B1rD
    nanCi3 B1rD

    your review is non sense go to cinema

  • AJ Vijayakumaran
    AJ Vijayakumaran

    Didnt you guys that thors hammer should be different like the one he got in infinity war, but he have his old one. You can see it when thor and captain marvel stands together

  • Leanne Maestas
    Leanne Maestas

    About spider man

  • Sun Maid Sally
    Sun Maid Sally

    Y’all can blame Wanda for this shit

  • Sun Maid Sally
    Sun Maid Sally

    They might steal the time stone and ask for help by a wizard

  • NotMapex

    *WHO DIES*

  • SPC MoMo
    SPC MoMo

    Where is bruce banner

  • Easy J
    Easy J

    Got my tickets

  • Dr. Jaya Krishnan
    Dr. Jaya Krishnan

    hey don't you think insider man that Thor did to captain Marvel is the same thing he did to Loki in Thor Ragnarok

  • Mikel MTA
    Mikel MTA

    Omg very good

  • Melissa Krim
    Melissa Krim

    Avengers Endgame is an amazing movie, watched the leaked version this morning. Full HD available, just google av3ng3rs 3ndg4m4.

  • Melissa Krim
    Melissa Krim

    I just viewed Avengers Endgame for free. Google av3ng3rs 3ndg4m4 to download it.

  • Liesey&Mei Plays
    Liesey&Mei Plays

    Lol the ad for this vid was an Endgame Trailer

  • andrisha

    Avengers Endgame is an amazing movie, watched the leaked version today. Google av3ng3rs 3ndg4m4 if you wish to watch it online.

  • Анастасія Боженко
    Анастасія Боженко

    I just viewed Avengers Endgame for free. Search for av3ng3rs 3ndg4m4 on Google to find it. Can't link sorry.

  • ASMR With Rhea
    ASMR With Rhea

    4:47 u see 6 and one of them is a small creature which is definitely rocket 3:56 seven are named and none of them are rocket???

    • ASMR With Rhea
      ASMR With Rhea

      @Ryan Gonzalez and specifically at3:56 as i mentioned he does not show up

    • ASMR With Rhea
      ASMR With Rhea

      the vid doesnt mention him

    • ASMR With Rhea
      ASMR With Rhea

      @Ryan Gonzalez yes he shows up, but i said that he is not named

    • Ryan Gonzalez
      Ryan Gonzalez

      ASMR With Rhea you haven’t seen the trailers... Rocket literally shows up there... I’m done.

  • Prem Lata
    Prem Lata

    where is Bruce banners???

  • Vin Vinvin
    Vin Vinvin

    Who knew hairs give a ton of hints.

  • TTVSwift

    On 3:05 you see scot standing in front of the avengers building but if you look in the right corner you see its a archive file from 1983 does this mean ant man already traveled in time ?

  • TTVSwift

    On 3:43 you see the quin jet fly to tokyo. Thats because black widow is in it to go to hawkeye.

    • ASMR With Rhea
      ASMR With Rhea

      maybe she was looking for dormammu or something related to doctor strange but instead found hawkeye

  • TTVSwift

    In the part of the trailer before thor says "I like this one" you hear , if you turn up your sound , captain marvel say "I have telepathy " .

  • imapoolee

    4:10 am I missing something. baby groot didn't die?

  • Gérard Lacroix
    Gérard Lacroix

    Well, to be fair... Thor and Danvers don't need spacesuit to begin with...

  • Vishnu Dhadwe
    Vishnu Dhadwe

    Is thanos using his suit as a scarecrow🤔

  • P Rajiv
    P Rajiv

    Hulk is missing

  • KL8N2K5 Gaming
    KL8N2K5 Gaming

    ☻ This is bob. He is old now. Copy and paste him so he can take over youtube again. /▌\ /\ I

  • Zul white
    Zul white

    I think the black widow should make breast surgery

  • avengergirl24


  • BIG TV
    BIG TV


  • Neelam Singh
    Neelam Singh

    where is hulk

  • Griff the Detonator
    Griff the Detonator

    Assuming Stark and Nebula are closer to Thanos' homeworld and 'running on fumes' in the Benatar...who saves them?? I'm going with The Sovereign from GOTG2( Warlock anyone?). Lastly, Ant-Man was sucked into a time vortex (hence his return), and he isnt in the present day like it's implied....ok I'm done.


    Tony stark got back into earth with the GOTG's ship,and he. And nebula meets the rest of the avengers at a stadium which was shown in the trailers where they get out and it also shows tony meeting pepper Potts at a place looking like the stadium..

  • lee vawn hoaf leevawnhoaf
    lee vawn hoaf leevawnhoaf

    I 4

  • lee vawn hoaf leevawnhoaf
    lee vawn hoaf leevawnhoaf

  • Teejay Nami
    Teejay Nami

    All you just did is narrate the trailer

  • Teejay Nami
    Teejay Nami

    All you just did is narrate the trailer

  • 莫梓奇


  • NASA’s Little Gamer
    NASA’s Little Gamer

    Ben Nigh the science guy.

  • Viren Pawar
    Viren Pawar

    What is Hulk / Dr. Banner up to.. he just has one glimpse in the entire trailer series.. nor he's seen in the new space suit. I place my bet that Dr. Banner or Hulk has a super solid role to play.

  • baylenreadsbooks

    y'all... it takes *years* to grow your hair that long not a few months smh that's the only way of figuring out the timeline use it right

  • NsC pLaYS
    NsC pLaYS

    There Is Only One Way To Defeat THANOS: By sending Antman into his butt and expanding😂🤣

  • DripVile

    4:33 the blue blood that was in captain marvel when she turned into captain marvel

  • Hilmar Rogelio Villareal
    Hilmar Rogelio Villareal

    What did Bruce said where they will go? Because he said "...We should go to ???"

    • Hilmar Rogelio Villareal
      Hilmar Rogelio Villareal

      Is it Shorthand? If its shorthand where is iy?

  • Joseph Omoha
    Joseph Omoha

    I think this is the only movie i wanna see in 2019, others would be complementary

  • mark hipona
    mark hipona

    i think captain marvel is shown in the beginning of endgame because i remember when nick fury try to contact captain marvel it's enough to understand why the hair of black widow is changed in middle part and another thing there is a scene where the avenger is wearing a suit, maybe it's because they're planning to go to quantum realm which is the rooftop where the ant man group is disappeared because of the snap. Finally captain america is using the shield,and thanos gauntlet maybe the gauntlet is completely destroyed but the stones is in there so thanos is using now a weapon..

  • dookdawg214

    Time travel is the biggest duh of all possible theories. Not only does Thanos have the ring to do it, but Dr. Strange has turned back time too. So yeah, that's pretty much what's bound to happen

  • GrindRC_AR

    i have a nother trailer on youtube but not my account

  • Syahir Alias
    Syahir Alias

    You missed nebula at the right side of the screen right after thor said "i like this one", when the camera pans out.

  • Austyn Hopkins
    Austyn Hopkins

    thor wants captain marvel in the bed

  • L.J

    Click bait:D

  • Rajeshwari Tewari
    Rajeshwari Tewari

    I still love Peggy...

  • Juliet Capulet
    Juliet Capulet

    3:43 the location is in Tokyo Odaiba Rainbow Bridge (you could see the Tokyo tower on the further left) so it's probably Natasha or some Avengers looking for Hawkeye (who is clearly in Japan base from the trailer)

  • passioninmyeyes555


  • farmer with shotgun
    farmer with shotgun

    3:17 the small chance is thanos asshole

  • Syed Haris
    Syed Haris

    You missed the hammer. Thor got his hammer back.

  • tuner zane
    tuner zane

    This movie should be more than 3 hours...

  • Kean Tully-Mclelland
    Kean Tully-Mclelland

    IF the time travel theory is true. My guess is that Thor and Captain Marvel as well as Hulk are to try and hold back Thanos as he will presumably somehow find out about this plan and try to stop it. this makes sense as they are the strongest in terms of pure power and strength.

  • Anil Kumar
    Anil Kumar

    About dr strange

  • Rishav Sultania Agrawal
    Rishav Sultania Agrawal

    I hope Loki will play part in End game big fan of Loki...Without him movie is like body without soul..

  • Gabriel Borjas Garcia
    Gabriel Borjas Garcia

    3:38 lol that's true

  • Mr. Mark
    Mr. Mark

    3:28 Black Widow didn't need to rack the slide when reloading, she would have just manually ejected a round.... just sayin'

  • DenStørsteTrollEver

    Why so many trailers. We all know that Ant Man Will crawl up in thanos Butt and kill him

  • Rex Dela Cruz
    Rex Dela Cruz

    Where is venom?

    • Mr. Green
      Mr. Green

      Venom is one of the characters in Sony Pictures, not Marvel Studio.

  • Bostonite1985

    Here is the spoiler....The Avengers get more powerful thanks to Tesseract The 'Cosmic Cube' that has Captain Marvel managed to save. Anyone who has been the new Captain Marvel movie would know what I am talking (or typing) about.

  • Adinda Sal4hud1n
    Adinda Sal4hud1n

    Haii..indonesia..subscribe yaa

  • Unstoppable Duck
    Unstoppable Duck

    Those "spacesuits" aren't spacesuits they're quantum suits

  • 곰미니

  • Verum Semita
    Verum Semita

    why bradley cooper and vin diesel seem to be overlooked on this avengers team. they too should be in cast guestings ang other promotional appearances

  • Messenger Spy Tv
    Messenger Spy Tv

    No avenger will die in endgame.

  • Madhu kumar
    Madhu kumar

    How ant man comes out from quantum realm

    • Griff the Detonator
      Griff the Detonator

      Time vortex, he's in a different period

  • Aniket Adsul
    Aniket Adsul

    Hi ... I want to show you some things that you did not in end game .... One post is there in that every heroes r there but one hero is not they mention that is Loki ... That it msg me on what app 9867785908