Everything You Missed In The 'Avengers: Endgame' Trailer
After months of waiting, Marvel has finally released the first full trailer for “Avengers: Endgame”
The sequel will continue with Tony Stark/Iron Man (played by Robert Downey Jr.), Steve Rodgers/Captain America (Chris Evans), and more of the heroes trying to undo the devastating effects of the Thanos (Josh Brolin) snap in the last movie.
The new trailer gives us exciting clues about “Endgame.” Things from how Black Widow’s (Scarlet Johansson) hair changes, to the new space suits the team wears. We also get confirmation that Tony Stark and Nebula somehow meet up with many of the surviving Avengers. After the post-credit scene in “Captain Marvel” we see more from when she meets the group. This time she encounters Thor (Chris Hemsworth) who approves of the new addition to the team.
The trailer could be hinting at time travel, which is a highly speculated theory super fans have been throwing around for months. The trailer also features several flashbacks from other MCU movies that have led to “Endgame” including “Captain America: The First Avenger,” “Captain America: The Winter Soldier,” and more.
“Avengers: Endgame” will hit theaters April 26, 2019.
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Everything You Missed In The 'Avengers: Endgame' Trailer

  • danrod2002

    You forgot Thor has a hammer again

  • Amy Lyman
    Amy Lyman

    My 9 year old son thinks some or all of the answers lie in the Quantum Realm. I hope he is right because it would make his day.

  • LeviZxZ _playz
    LeviZxZ _playz

    Wait hold up nebula is on earth but iron man isn’t

  • LeviZxZ _playz
    LeviZxZ _playz

    Wait hold up nebula is on earth but iron man isn’t

  • Wayne Adams
    Wayne Adams

    Sooo what is war machine going to do after he sees himself in the past...

  • Aiman Taha
    Aiman Taha

    4:03 why does tony doesn’t wear his armor suit


    Did anyone notice that who was the guy with the avengers in the scenario when black widow, stark and nebula were moving towrds the exit. It was at the end and he was right behind natasha

  • Daniel Anderson
    Daniel Anderson

    I can't find any channels digging into the hidden identities of the last two figures of the Quantum Runway lineup. I feel like this is either groundbreaking or Marvel screwing with us again. I so badly want to trust these trailers... Thoughts on the identities?

  • T Slap
    T Slap

    If doctor strange had pointed the stone at thanos gauntlet while they were fighting then that fight would have been over..

  • Peter Morgan
    Peter Morgan

    And lemme point out the fact, all the real OG AVENGERS such as the 2012 ones are not dead

  • Peter Morgan
    Peter Morgan

    I think when Thanos is stopped, they reverse time with time stone. Peter was on field trip in infinity war, Spider-Man far from home is him and class going on a field trip, and Mysterio shows up there. BOOM!! They must reverse time. That is my theory. And pay close attention to Peters clothes in the far from home are the same as the ones he wore in infinity when he is on the school bus. You all piece it together. Like and reply to me if you agree. Then I can really come up with a better theory(s).

  • Darrel Bastida
    Darrel Bastida

    How Ant-man survive in quantum? I'm curious

  • John Hates Refs
    John Hates Refs

    Thor’s hammer

  • Anush Shetty
    Anush Shetty

    4:11 That's Gamora in the back...huh!! How did ya'll miss that?

    • John Hates Refs
      John Hates Refs

      That’s from a previous movie


    In the end of trailer there was roadie also

  • Arul Jothi
    Arul Jothi

    Where is the Hulk????

  • Rocky Lopez
    Rocky Lopez

    How did ant man escape from the quantum realm?

  • Monica SINGH
    Monica SINGH

    Where is bruce banner. HULK smash

  • Toastie

    So excited yet sad this is the last one

  • pikachusdivorcelawyer

    i like how insider actually makes it so the videos about things we actually missed and not just repeating what happened in the trailer

  • Blueberry King
    Blueberry King

    Spider man was in the background!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Chris Ruiz
    Chris Ruiz

    Who else clicked on this video thinking it was the actual trailer


    Where is Dr. Strange?

  • Kamz Official
    Kamz Official


  • Astrel Vevo
    Astrel Vevo

    Not space suits, shrink suits

  • omaralaaoa Plays
    omaralaaoa Plays

    Can this comment get 1000 likes?


    The Thor got his first hammer back that destroyed by his sister (You can see that in Thor ' and Captain marvel standing time )

    • Uli Rogosch
      Uli Rogosch

      I think you are wrong. You can see the wooden (g)root handle and it's much larger overall. It's stormbreaker

  • MgaComikero’s Vlogs
    MgaComikero’s Vlogs

    4:29 u doid not sa rhodes

  • Tolis Karap. Plan B
    Tolis Karap. Plan B

    Why am I so hyped lol... Let me sleep!!!!!

    • Alexandra LeCain
      Alexandra LeCain

      Us too if we don't meet the first place I still w. Julie ikooooooiygytttyyhuuyyyuuuuu to the Snapchat but it doesn't

  • raymund laww
    raymund laww

    captain big hole destroy this movie

  • Merrimour The Red
    Merrimour The Red

    Thor lied ... no one likes Cpt Marvel

  • XBlist

    where is the hulk?

  • Kyle Bartholomew
    Kyle Bartholomew

    We missing x men

  • Naveeda Malik
    Naveeda Malik

    4:29 thors hammer is back

  • Nico Viola
    Nico Viola

    if you finished the Percy Jackson series, doesn't hawkeye's daughter remind you of Zoe, Bianca, or any other hunters?

    • Peter Morgan
      Peter Morgan

      Tru dat

  • Marvin Bigcas
    Marvin Bigcas

    xmen used time travel, and now avengers used time travel, then they gonna mixed up in the future,

  • Jingxuan Qiu
    Jingxuan Qiu

    3:38 savage

  • Sumit Sethi
    Sumit Sethi

    THOR should have stabbed THANOS in the head not the chest

  • Pavan Kumar
    Pavan Kumar

    you missed rocket racoon

  • KitAna Diamond
    KitAna Diamond


    • Angel Rivas
      Angel Rivas

      Its NOT a clip from the trailer, it is a clip from another moviee

  • Not Cloaked Star
    Not Cloaked Star

    Rocket poor rocket

  • Help me reach 1,000 subs plz I beg
    Help me reach 1,000 subs plz I beg

    This is thanos 👱🏻‍♂️ 👔 👖 👟 Sub to my channel to throw 1 punch at him

  • dato zaqareishvili
    dato zaqareishvili

    O yea yea o yea yea o yea yea o yea yea o yea yea o yea yea o yea yea o yea yea o yea yea o yea yea

  • Joost van Gaalen
    Joost van Gaalen

    Plot Twist: The Avengers recruit Chuck Norris and lets him beat the crap out of Thanos

  • The Jack of Realms
    The Jack of Realms

    those arent space suits. they are quantum suits. plot twist, they release Annihilus in the process, decide to keep thanos alive to help.

  • Corvinaboss 1678
    Corvinaboss 1678

    4:12 Why is groot on his shoulder

  • Bhad Bear
    Bhad Bear

    Basically they jump before the battle and make a small change. To stop the snap

  • Abood4ever ツ
    Abood4ever ツ

    *plotwist* I didn’t miss anything

  • Bala Nageshwari
    Bala Nageshwari

    At last in the trailer the broken rocks reform "endgame" all the things happen in infinity war will undo

  • - - seels - -
    - - seels - -

    If you pause at the moment hawkeye claps his hands with her daughter you can zoom and see his daughters hand starts to disintigrate if you look closely so for my theory hawkye returned to get revenge to Thanos after making her family dissepear

  • seung woo wang
    seung woo wang

    영어를 몰라 슬픈 1인..

  • sHoOkEtH MaK
    sHoOkEtH MaK

    Whereas wanda?????

  • the real gamer 1234 the real gamer1234
    the real gamer 1234 the real gamer1234

    The ghost should be there

  • Xander Robertson
    Xander Robertson

    are we going to ignore that in the newest trailer you see bruce banner/hulk in one single shot you he isn't with the avengers in the final shot either (not the one with captain marvel) so where is he?

  • Mike Scorza
    Mike Scorza

    Most folks think the part where they are all walking together in those white suits, Stark an Nebula are edited in?.. I don't see it, I doubt it? What do you think? I mean to me, it explains they got off the space craft


    I wish the avengers meet captain marvel

  • Wilna Joy Ta-aca
    Wilna Joy Ta-aca

    Who’s the guy behind black widow?

  • Brendan C
    Brendan C

    They don't look like space suits 3:55 they look more like the same suit as Antman uses.

  • Zugzug Zugzugson
    Zugzug Zugzugson

    "they weren't in the spacesuit scene" yeah well duh, dude sometimes i really feel like people forget that Thor is not only a hero, he happens to literally be a GOD... also he can survive in space, as seen in infinity war when he hits the Guardians' spacecraft "windshield"... he took the full brunt of a SUN - IN SPACE - AND LIVED. Marvel can breathe in space because uhh something something Mary Sue.

    • rogue wave
      rogue wave

      They are likely quantum realm suits and not space suits.

  • noob saibot
    noob saibot

    Everything we missed in the trailer is everything we saw.

  • Jee Young
    Jee Young

    Roses are red Time travel is real Waiting for captain universe to make a reveal

  • Mr Mack tv
    Mr Mack tv

    One question , will there be any post credit scene in this movie??

  • Spy Groot
    Spy Groot

    Its ReWiNd TiMe EvErYBoDy

  • • lil skittlezzz •
    • lil skittlezzz •

    my birthday is april 26th btw

  • • lil skittlezzz •
    • lil skittlezzz •

    Bro you just pointed at scarletts hair

  • Tylerownu 51
    Tylerownu 51

    When Thor is summoning his hammer by captain marvel he’s probably checking to see if she’s Loki because remember he did this to Loki in raganarok when loki tried to act like his dad? Maybe idk and also the Russo brothers said in he official trailer that something is not suppose to happened like how in infinity war we saw hulk running and fighting in wakakand but never happen so maybe tony stark and nebula never come back?

  • HeatedBlanket7722



    thor hammer

  • Bahja Ali
    Bahja Ali

    and what about loki.........

  • I like YouTube
    I like YouTube

    Amy Pond to the rescue!

  • zancrow skydawn
    zancrow skydawn

    what if actually, what they meant by to START OVER is to go back in time and to never form Avengers from the first place because maybe it was the sole cause that lead them to what they're facing currently. And therefore, it's going to be the very last time they're going to fight together as Avengers and hence also the last movie for Avengers aye?

  • Muhammed Nouman
    Muhammed Nouman

    You may need to pay me😂 Thor has got his hammer back!💯 You missed it

  • VeganBanana

    thanos kills captain marvel, hulk and thor in the first attempt. In the second attempt time travel and quatum solution


    so answer: time travel? heck they should create another idea how to defeat thanos, its unfair to him. hope he gets his time machine too so that we will be in a constant loop. thanks marvel.

  • EthanCruise

    The Flerken is the key!

  • Txm

    3:55 *they are quantum realm suits*

  • Abner Cestari
    Abner Cestari

    O M G ! I loved the fx of camera searching the focus!

  • __TheWitchConstance __
    __TheWitchConstance __

    It takes more than a few months for hair to get to that length.

  • thatasiangurl01

    Hair grows a lot slower.. definitely not a few months

  • Llama Llikeit
    Llama Llikeit

    U missed in the end of the trailer wich is thor doesnt pulls his axe but his hammer

    • dinukebab jung
      dinukebab jung

      Llama Llikeit it is the storm breaker .you can even see him leaning on it if you see closely

  • TheLouir

    Does no one notice thor’s hammer? It’s not an axe anymore.. its a hammer. Why is that?

  • Mini Mantis
    Mini Mantis

    waiting for antman to act forcable sodomy on thanos butthole

  • jazamora2006

    how come nobody is mentioning the obvious, I mean, Thor's weapon.....look. Thor calling the Mjolnir and not the stormbreaker. that means thats Thor and black widow from the past. and carol danvers timetraveled there and fury inttoduced them.

    • dinukebab jung
      dinukebab jung

      jazamora2006 No.this scene was more clear in the captain marvel midcredits scene

  • TgTc //TheGoldenTrashCan
    TgTc //TheGoldenTrashCan

    idk why but i have a feeling that thor and/or captain marvel dont survive endgame........................

  • Mark Alderson
    Mark Alderson

    They're quantum realm suits not space suits

  • Lana Radi
    Lana Radi

    If i can figure out how to download this movie early and illegally, i will do it

  • Mohammed Subhan
    Mohammed Subhan

    You miss thor's hammer at the end when he was with captain marvel

  • Al Ordonez
    Al Ordonez

    Thors hammer


    Currently thanos is a farmer and is using his war suit as a scarecrow....

  • Miraj Uddin
    Miraj Uddin


  • not cancelled
    not cancelled

    lol i wish my hair grew that much in "at least a few months"

  • BlazePlayz YT
    BlazePlayz YT

    Yah, everything I missed is everything in the trailer.

  • Roshan Babu
    Roshan Babu

    Lol where are these people coming from. Stop tryna guess what will happen and jus wait for endgame

  • Azrul Anuar
    Azrul Anuar

    Don't read more if you don't want spoiler . . . . Thanos is a villain in endgame. 😙

  • virjesh mishra
    virjesh mishra

    Just FYI neither thor or capt. marvel need space suit

  • Max Jerome
    Max Jerome

    Tim travel shenanigans

  • Lowkey lame
    Lowkey lame

    Where is my girl Gamora like she gotta come back alive right?!?

  • Jack Sparrow
    Jack Sparrow

    Plot twist: We find out why the rum is gone.


    We can see two times nebula One is with Scott and another one back of Tony. See carefully and let me know

  • JShortForJay

    Looks like Hawkeye and Widow meet up in the Guardians ship as well