Everything Wrong With a Cheap Craigslist Tesla
Rich Rebuilds
My buddy and I are going to checkout the cheapest Tesla on Craigslist, it’s cheap. I mean dirt cheap. So what’s wrong with it? Is it worth buying? It’s a 2012 S85.

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  • Abdullah Al Mahmod
    Abdullah Al Mahmod

    Thank you Rich for mentioning my problem . I think it will help people before buying Tesla . make sure if there is a service center in your country

    • shivausgmail

      @Daily Driven Commander European cars are overpriced and overrated crap!

    • thecharliepanther

      @Ed Cochran how long have you lived in Bangladesh?

    • Danny B
      Danny B

      Well Abdullah, you knew that there was no service in Bangladesh and you still bought a Tesla.The heart wants what it wants.

    • Keith Joseph Burgos
      Keith Joseph Burgos

      Just ask richrebuilds for help to fix your car, or if you need parts and just donate some cash to build his electrified garage so more people that need help can get it. No thanks to Tesla.

    • Charlie K
      Charlie K

      Hmm... How can anyone buy a car that is not serviced in his country?

  • mytuber81

    So the insurance costs for owning a Tesla are through the roof is what you’re saying? I was seriously thinking about buying one until I saw this video.

  • James iPad
    James iPad

    These man sums up why I passed on buying a Tesla, the upkeep cost is stupid. I’ll stick with my Toyota, you can find parts anywhere, cheap

  • Don Won
    Don Won

    i could fix it for 10 bucks

  • Chuck Berrington
    Chuck Berrington

    Really good video. It's great that you've built an underground business fixing Teslas and really becoming the tip of the spear in 3rd Party Tesla Mechanic movement. I was curious if the infamous Elon has seen you material or contacted you? From a data perspective I know a lot of future Tesla owners are watching your videos and the other Tesla propaganda out there. I would be curious if you could do a video taking about the Tesla community online, I think there's a certain cult-like aspect to it and I believe a lot of Tesla UA-myrs approach these cars as "trend and easily accessible" while ignore serious issues and cost. The fact that they all have "Tesla Recommendation Codes" and are awarded free Teslas from them does make me seriously question the validity. To be honest, I'm right on the cusp of purchasing one new (Model 3, 39k) and these honest video paint a clearer picture. Thanks.

  • RichieT5

    The insurance quotes are just stupid.

  • RICKS WORLD dereaux
    RICKS WORLD dereaux

    Its a easy 2000$ fix, IFGET THE PARTS.. The BILLSTEINSHOCK is German👍that aloybar.. Where you get it. 🤔

  • Atoool K
    Atoool K

    Tesla sounds like Apple, watching your channel has put me off Tesla

    • hannah anderson
      hannah anderson

      I was just thinking the same thing, just go to Louis Rossman's channel, he fixes apples poor workmanship for a living and it's a pain in the ass. Tesla sounds just like Apple, bad for the consumer.

  • Chocolate dragon
    Chocolate dragon

    It's going to be awfully hard to train tech to repair these types of vehicles. The mom and pop auto repair shop isn't going to have the cash to pay for training let alone the equipment....

  • Maria Montoya
    Maria Montoya

    buy a Tesla and a regular car.

  • Lewis Barker
    Lewis Barker

    Tesla are like the apple of cars with their insane repair costs

  • Dr. Doom
    Dr. Doom

    So now Apple fanboys have went to Tesla. I see. Tesla is just like Apple. haha. Stupid

  • Dr. Doom
    Dr. Doom

    Android pics, so they were actually clear.

  • Nathaniel Epps
    Nathaniel Epps

    Thank you for your video. I'm happy and yet sad. Happy because I'm learning more and more regarding Tesla, sad because I planned on purchasing a pre-owned Tesla as soon as I got back from deployment. I think I've changed my mind. Staying with my reliable and great Buick.

  • Keith Phillips
    Keith Phillips

    I’m new here....I don’t really get the purpose of this video, I thought he was going to scoop up this car as a great deal, and possibly flip it, or minimally repair and present his finish work.

  • FilteredInc

    I hate it when other people watch me work on stuff!

  • FilteredInc

    Thanks for the all the in-depth commentary! I couldn't stop watching it was so interesting!


    Did that owner REALLY ask you why you think it’s not driving straight 😂?!?

  • Zycie jest Piekne Bajlandoo
    Zycie jest Piekne Bajlandoo

    Tesla is pices of shit its not even car lol where is the gearbox this is for people who can't drive

  • CooCoo

    My state (Ohio) has only 1 service center that I know of.

  • Wayne Miller
    Wayne Miller

    1800 for one wow

  • Wayne Miller
    Wayne Miller

    well it might not alleviate all the problems if that was broken when he took it on the highway he likely then something else

  • Wayne Miller
    Wayne Miller

    Wow he took that on the highway dude he could have died

    • Ryan Shannon
      Ryan Shannon

      "It pulls to the left real hard during acceleration. See! Now, let's take it on the highway!", said nobody with any clue, ever. If I was looking at that car and the owner did that, I'd take the wheel and ask what the f*cks wrong with him.

  • Wayne Miller
    Wayne Miller

    It shouldn't move it all unless it's going up and down

  • Wayne Miller
    Wayne Miller

    That's an easy as fix hell my buddy can weld aluminum amazing

  • Yourfriend Vic
    Yourfriend Vic

    Used Tesla? No thank you

  • David Robles
    David Robles

    so...DID HE BUY IT???

  • dick fitzwelliner
    dick fitzwelliner

    Guy selling the car: why isnt it driving straight, what's going on with it? ME:because that piece of suspension that is right in front of your face is sheared, just like how you talked about it earlier Some people are just too stupid

  • Trigger Troll
    Trigger Troll

    That’s is a weak link for a heavy car with electric torque . Tesla service is the weak link for the company. I wouldn’t buy a used one without warranty unless Rich came with it👍

    • Ryan Shannon
      Ryan Shannon

      For real. If I had a Rich with a Chris and Chad I'd feel a lot better about buying one. His mom would have to be front of house manager, though.

  • DJPhysics

    This is insane my dad got hit in the back of his car super soft onluy bumper repairs needed so we bouth a bum0er for 80 bucks and the car was totalld and we got 4 thousend bucks

  • LulGucco Shyst
    LulGucco Shyst

    Just put it an a lift and see under the car

  • EramsorGR

    Cinema cins are watching in the background

  • BigMig

    Man.. Knowledge is power.. Great video.

  • Davis Jasmin
    Davis Jasmin


  • FutureNow EV’s and Solar Power
    FutureNow EV’s and Solar Power

    Always have Tesla look over a Tesla before buying. Or a trusted mechanic that's familiar with Tesla

  • Hotobu

    At this point I think your videos have earned enough revenue to buy a new Tesla.

  • Henry G.Volta
    Henry G.Volta

    Super risky move!


    Bro what the range your car

  • Joshua Michail
    Joshua Michail

    I can't see why Tesla should pose any problem once you've bought it. After all, you would legally have the title in your name, every court in the world would consider you the lawful owner of it and thus Tesla would be order to consider you the rightful owner too, if they really ever would complain. Of course, if I know confidently that I'm in the right I would have no problem threatening litigation if it were necessary. I'd try being polite first, though. I also doubt that Tesla would not treat whomever holds the title as the legit owner.

  • J B
    J B

    Tesla needs to make their cars repairable by any mechanic before they’ll go mainstream.

  • sirvictor ward
    sirvictor ward

    Bro u lowkey a ass just take the damn car nd fix it damn

  • 1777bond

    Apple, is that you?

  • tactikl

    As long as car tittle is not change to salvage the cars will not be taken off system. Even if it’s really bad, as long as there is no salvage title.

  • tactikl

    Suspension does not stay up because the ride height sensor is giving wrong reading due to broken control arm.

  • Zoltán Kozma
    Zoltán Kozma

    BUY IT! fix it, sell it on.

  • Remus Key
    Remus Key

    It’s not like he works a full time job as well! Haha

  • Gusli Kokle
    Gusli Kokle

    Worthless high tech gadget. This kind of stuff is just another nail in Tesla's coffin.

  • webmillions

    Rent one on Turo 🤘🏻🇺🇸

    • SeaJayB

      Found Doug's fake account

  • Justin Chapman
    Justin Chapman

    Its obviously a bushing or a wheel bearing I doubt that link even being broke would allow for that much side to side play

    • Chris Padgett
      Chris Padgett

      Uh... "That link" is connected to the hub that holds the bearing. Nice try though lol

  • Tore Lund
    Tore Lund

    How old is Rich? He has a grown up daughter and jokes about his time is almost up but in this video, he has a shaved head and suddently looks 25? Likewise with his mum. Is she early 60' or 80'? this family ages very subtle, or are they really time travellers from a future where Teslas are of historical importance and he has been sent back to restore selected model years to preserve them for a future museum?

  • Wasser glätte
    Wasser glätte

    Der ganze Wagen muß vermessen werden.

  • Zissou Moonshot
    Zissou Moonshot

    I wonder how many people feel this points up a design flaw in the Tesla subframe

  • QuietStormX

    Tesla is still a Star-Up and not sold in every State or Country... As with Well Known Auto Manufacturers with several local Dealers with Parts & Service for You.. Like with GM, VW, BMW, Ford etc.. I hate the Styling of their Rides..

  • Brotang Youst
    Brotang Youst

    Ahh just weld the link up, wack a new shock in just in case, bit of a hammer and filler and shes good to go.

  • Andrew Peterson
    Andrew Peterson

    That mothership joke 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  • Go Mezant
    Go Mezant

    Uh, isn't driving a highly mechanically deficient car on the road? Having said that, you're a genius!

  • Mr Ae
    Mr Ae

    Tesla is digging their grave people are not going to wait 3-4 months to fix a car that’s a joke and not allowing people to fix their own cars doesn’t sit well with a lot of people no one and I mean no one likes buy a product and then being told what they can n can not do with it I payed for it’s mine THATS it-- if you let me have the car for no money to use I will respect and use it the way you want but that’s not the cast -- so stop being the kid on the play ground who holds the ball and says “ it’s my ball my rules” we all know what happens after that -- that kid sits alone on the side while the or the kids find a better game to play so bye bye tesla you can have your ball -- I believe in the technology and feel it is the future but tesla business model is wrong for the market place it’s a car not a computer what worked for Microsoft and apple is not going to work in the automotive industry it’s the real back bone of the worlds economy nothing moves with out it and too many people rely on it so if tesla thinks they are going to try to have there cake and eat it too will have a rude awakening

  • juan jose aranda
    juan jose aranda

    Dude said yeah! Like 100+ times!

  • juan jose aranda
    juan jose aranda

    Seller must have had a shit load of coffee cus he WAS..... ya yeah! Yeah ya ya ...... Yeah yeah yeah yeah rich strut needs replacing. He was yeah ya ya....!

  • Mario Garcia
    Mario Garcia

    Tesla should reach out to these guys that are starting to work on them, certified them, give them a grant to start a service shop. What could they lose?

  • Cash is King trucking
    Cash is King trucking

    I would love to own a Tesla, however I can't see me buying one until Tesla gets realistic with 3rd party repairs rules

  • Michael Graham
    Michael Graham

    Should ask r those steel toes !

  • MattyH73

    Amazing strength......takes off wheel nuts with his fingers !

  • Jay SupmemeS
    Jay SupmemeS

    The pretentious bastards at Tesla think they have invented the wheelie. Maybe it's the wheelie, wheelie coolest car we have seen but we hsve seen "electric" and "car" enough to have teenagers teaching fundamentals of both on youtube. They did something new, but they did it with old ideas by presenting them in an unfamiliar way. Sure, the first iteration of any so-called invention made the creator an "Alien" to men of opinions looking on in a critically comfortable non-creative viewpoint. Once it is completed and released to the Industrious Minds that brought it to be, only an ass would take for granted that doing it first means doing it better and doing it faster. Their financing division isn't inventing GAAP, either. If the customers of Tesla were less enthusiastic fan boys, the company would have to assimilate into the familiar functionality and essential purposes the other car manufacturers do. If you stop coming, maybe they will ask you to help them build it. If you keep running to their field without demanding either a place to play or substance to consume- they don't have to give a damn about how much their dream means to you because they are still charging you for the gift of your energy. Reclaim your abilities from your creator are greater than "rights" or "wrongs" permissible by the creators they employ who are just like you, not like your creator. Not Gods, Men.

  • Bruiser613

    Awesome vid good buy 🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦👋

  • autohmae

    Holy S***, on the high way ? WTF are they insane.

  • k m
    k m

    Android phones have better cameras tho..smh

  • dahveed284

    So, who bought it? Did Uncle Rich follow through and send you the shock and link?

  • 123

    Why air suspension in a tesla? It just waste battery power when filling up.

  • czarli

    Love the channel, I can only say from the insurance estimate side, they have to bring back vehicle to pre existing condition to factory spec for any law suits that might be brought up of vehicle not repaired properly ( color might be slightly different and from 10 feet it wouldn’t look right) than there up to standards with in tolerances and shops need to pay for education on how to repair, and also if someone hit your vehicle and you are the claimant wouldn’t you like to get cashed out $17k and fix it for 3-4? Or get it totaled get cashed out sell your old one and make some $$$ Many moving parts in the insurance game equaling to one and zeros on the balance sheet.