Every Single Marvel Post-Credits Scene before May 2016 - High Quality
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From Iron Man to Ant-Man. Every single post-credits scene in the Marvel Cinematic Universe from Phase One and Two, right here in high quality.
Post-credits scenes, after-credits scenes, stingers, tags, credit cookies or coda - whatever you call them, they've been as regular for the movies in the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) as Christmas falling in December.
Through Phase One and Phase Two Marvel has bestowed us with 17 often foreshadowing scenes ranging from a bunch of shawarma eating Avengers to a Falcon who "might know someone" (Ant-man, hint hint). Enjoy the MCU after-credits scenes right here in their highest quality.

  • Violet Wolf
    Violet Wolf

    17 was captain America: civil war

  • WolvesBane

    0:14 *gets flashbacks of goose the cat*

  • Nilesh Mishra
    Nilesh Mishra

    The journey was started by tony stark after 10 years the journey is ended by iron man

  • Samim Akhter
    Samim Akhter

    #RDJ i love you 3000🌹♥️♥️♥️❤️❤️

  • Ak edits
    Ak edits


  • T0ny

    Men: *refuse to turn gay* James Charles: 12:46

  • PLeasureLark Holbrook
    PLeasureLark Holbrook

    Where's Deadpool

  • Efrem Tommasi
    Efrem Tommasi

    Jon Favreau started them all

  • Yemima Hutapea
    Yemima Hutapea

    I still don’t understand The Avengers 2012’s post credit scene 😭 can anyone explain it to me?

    • marvel fan
      marvel fan

      I think it shows that they are not made for team (avenger) and shows coming of civil war.

  • Yemima Hutapea
    Yemima Hutapea

    How should I watch all these marvel movies in order?

  • Patrick393

    The last one was a scene from the winter soldier

  • Vaske FTW
    Vaske FTW

    all standalone films its just nick fury making the avengers

  • MildeAmasoj

    Thanos in the first Avengers movie was the Thanos of the comics. Never realized that

  • Marisa Tamayo
    Marisa Tamayo

    here after endgame :(

  • its jeeennny
    its jeeennny

    Groot dancing is one of the best thing ever. 💕

  • Vikram Sohal
    Vikram Sohal

    It's the weirdest thing to see Thanos have a regular sized human hand in that 2012 Avengers end credits

  • Snooler Fadly
    Snooler Fadly

    Why kiss? This is public and i mind avengers is formulasi? So, not kiss

  • Snooler Fadly
    Snooler Fadly

    Avengers ^_^

  • Kaye Fajardo
    Kaye Fajardo

    Are these movies in order?

  • Jeevan Jyoti
    Jeevan Jyoti

    And all credit goes to stan lee

  • Geeta Tikoo
    Geeta Tikoo

    12:16 *"Lyka!! Is that you???"* (First animal in space)



  • charlos barlos
    charlos barlos

    i really did just see a damn spoiler for endgame because i’m too broke to see it right now i’m: mad

  • Aetheri

    I must say, that Shawarma must be pretty good if not even a word is being said.

  • 是邪恶的习近平

    Thanks for putting this together

  • Ian Santos
    Ian Santos

    Thanos be using some whitening soap

  • Mind over Matter
    Mind over Matter

    Age of ultron post credits gave me chills

  • Janet Aldrich
    Janet Aldrich

    What is that green stuff the general's drinking?

  • Roopali Vijayakar
    Roopali Vijayakar

    Man I would like to see a movie on Tony stark's life in heaven and messing around with all the gods😂

  • Arlindo Melo
    Arlindo Melo

    4:58 only true comics fans would understand this line.

  • Courtney Gibson Jr
    Courtney Gibson Jr

    The one with thanos in Avengers Age Of Ultron is my favorite. @&$# gets real

  • Zac Redfield
    Zac Redfield

    End game, no post credit scene

  • okkabro

    R.I.P Tony Stark You were my childhood hero.

  • Chasing Ghost
    Chasing Ghost

    There was an idea..

  • Yandere Osana
    Yandere Osana

    the video on iron man 2, that is from the Thor 2011...right?

  • Darkworld 1006
    Darkworld 1006

    "It is not wise to keep 2 Infinity Stones so close together" Loki: Hold my beer

  • sr50cent

    5:38 Captain America hiding his beard.

  • Marcin Żochowski
    Marcin Żochowski

    5:16 the best lmao year 2012

  • Adam OMG
    Adam OMG


  • Myst_ xShadowx
    Myst_ xShadowx

    11:36 when a fortnite default gets his first win

  • Rohit Rocker
    Rohit Rocker

    They are the biggest part of our hearts♥️ Cheers to all these great people Somehow they taught us so much Love you all 3000 Like if u agree ♥️

  • Allu Kat
    Allu Kat

    I never knew these movies were that connected and that thanos was teased that far back. I also never saw the after credits scene

  • Marcus productions 01
    Marcus productions 01

    2008: I am iron man 2019: I am iron man

  • Jarkievia Moulder
    Jarkievia Moulder

    Nick fury always popping up somewhere😂😂😂

  • 羅亞

    Science brothers💕

  • KanIHabe DaPusiBaws
    KanIHabe DaPusiBaws

    So during Avengers they were actually planning to make Thanos like the Comic version where he was obssesed with death and not really a sympathetic character good thing they actually changed him and made him one of greatest villain in cinematic history

  • TheThomasFan 95
    TheThomasFan 95

    5:04 Minion: to challenge them is to court death Thanos: OH YEAH IM GONNA BE A DAD

  • Isla Geldenhuys
    Isla Geldenhuys

    Number 5 is wrong

  • Gabe Pena
    Gabe Pena

    Isn’t it amazing how Marvel uses Past lines and quotes that no one really acknowledges or identifies , in order to mold and shape future films’ dialogue and story with spectacular foreshadowing ???

  • LAG Eazy Studios
    LAG Eazy Studios


  • Arnav Jain
    Arnav Jain

    11:52 why does groot stop dancing even when no one is watching him?

  • Ray Prince
    Ray Prince

    Only nerds like me care about this stuff. Nuff said!

  • Gaming King
    Gaming King

    Only nick fury

  • Dom Boy
    Dom Boy

    I always thought the collector was Brad Pitt

  • Ricado Santos
    Ricado Santos

    looking back, kinda weird that they introduced Thanos by having him smile at the concept of "Courting death", but then never introduced that aspect of his character in the movies

  • Mohammed Naseer
    Mohammed Naseer

    “Mr Stark your apart of a bigger universe you just don’t know it yet”

  • Quiet Storm Kel
    Quiet Storm Kel

    10 caught me off guard 😂😂😂😂😂😂


    me: mom I need money for Endgame by April 26! mom: did you do your chores? also me: 12:46

  • Lon Don
    Lon Don

    The avengers (7) Hawkeye and widow sharing a chair Thor stuffing his face Steve sleeping Stark and Banner being relatively normal 🤣😂😂🤣🤣😂🤣🤣🤣

  • Angelo Baylon
    Angelo Baylon

    Every ending foreshadows the next one......

  • Dan Rae
    Dan Rae

    “To challenge them... Is to court death”

  • salanghago guwonbad-eun By God
    salanghago guwonbad-eun By God

    Nick Fury as the Post-Credits Scene King Ps. When u realized there's no more post credits scenes after End Game but stay seated until the last second of the movie

  • EternalFlamePMC

    Not really high quality at some point but still ok.

  • Sebastian Timajo
    Sebastian Timajo

    No post credit 0n Endgame

  • Lionheart23

    I spent my entire teenage life watching these guys. Just so sad to see them go away. We miss you so much Stark.

  • Galaxy Playz
    Galaxy Playz

    6:29 I feel bad for bruce banner

  • Sumanth k
    Sumanth k

    And the saddest part is endgame doesn't have post credit scenes...😔😢😢😦

  • Sumanth k
    Sumanth k

    How many here after endgame.?😍love them 3000

  • CoolsterHD - High Graphic
    CoolsterHD - High Graphic

    6:50 This Is Why They Want To Let Thanos Win

  • CoolsterHD - High Graphic
    CoolsterHD - High Graphic

    Iron Man 2 Post Credit Scene Is About Thor

  • jonathan vargas
    jonathan vargas

    Thanos had human hands back then.

  • TheTokuin

    wait what? what's going on in that last one? when is that scene happening in the mcu timeline? I would think that is right before civil war but their conversation suggests its after. And what is it they are actually talking about doing in this scene? I have so many questions lol

  • SuperStupidVideos83

    Litteraly every end credit scene except the guardians of the galaxy has a meaning G R 0 0 T B E L I K E

  • KewlLade_chicken ?
    KewlLade_chicken ?

    We got click baited where is fantastic 4? Where is x men? You said every single

  • Marsalis Hall
    Marsalis Hall

    I never understood who that person was with thanos at the end of the avengurs movie

  • Meglo

    2019 anyone?


    2016-2019 After Credits????

    • I Didn’t Know She Was 14
      I Didn’t Know She Was 14

      look at the date...

  • Sameeh Shafi
    Sameeh Shafi

    I just realized how much the captain America punching bag scene sounds like the start of punch out for Wii. 4:00

  • José Baby
    José Baby

    Part of the journey is the end. I just thankful that i'm lucky enough to be a part of this, and letting this to be a part of me 😢 tony stark has a heart and we all do too

  • slyfox 21
    slyfox 21

    I thought the incredible Hulk's origin is different from the avengers hulk

  • NAINN r
    NAINN r


  • Chippie Official
    Chippie Official

    Howard the duck in guardians of the Galaxy

  • Animation Master
    Animation Master

    I though the thumbnail was thanos is eating pizza with avengers

    • Chippie Official
      Chippie Official


  • Sean Huamani
    Sean Huamani

    They messed up, in age of Ultron end credit gauntlet is on left hand then in end game it's on the right

  • Mr Niz
    Mr Niz

    Anyone realize the end scene of Captain America First avenger is wrong. The one they used is actually a beginning scene from Avengers 1. CA’s end scene was him waking up in a bed in modern New York City before Fury stops him.

  • John Kenneth Borico
    John Kenneth Borico

    Btw what happen to thors gf or fiance or what you call her.

  • Smart Broly
    Smart Broly

    Just realized I didn't stay for the Thor the dark world scenes

  • S 6 V 9 N
    S 6 V 9 N

    Wait so if Nick went to Tony first doesn't that make him the first Avenger?

  • archeyangel1

    Thanos appears in the first Avengers, who knew the freaking havoc he would truly cause so many years later.

  • DripGxd_Cam

    Wow so they actually got the shawarma

  • TheKilla1777

    The hulk had stark in 2008? There was a hulk? I thought marvel studios didn’t have that how was Robert in it someone explain please

  • Issac Street
    Issac Street

    0:10 I actually cried

  • On Jah
    On Jah

    I love G.O.T.G. Ending😭

  • rαν

    Only true DC AND MARVEL comics fans knows who is the real captain marvel

  • Charlie ND
    Charlie ND

    I love how Howard the Duck is cannon in the MCU

  • Zenron

    Thanos should’ve listened to his adviser

  • Falcon Youtube
    Falcon Youtube

    I really like the way that how each movie is connected to each other marvel is really awesome meanwhile dc just make movies without good acting no good vfx nothing good that can beat stan lee's marvel

  • Dario .M
    Dario .M

    Prediction:guardians of the galaxy vol3 will come out

  • James Bolger
    James Bolger

    Omg I missed the thanos cut scenes

  • shane francis
    shane francis

    No, Mr. Collector. It was not safe whatsoever.

  • Tyler Klemmer
    Tyler Klemmer

    17 is civil war lol 😂