Embarrassing Hairstyles (GAME)
Good Mythical MORE
The Mythical Team exposes their past with these embarrassing hairstyles! GMMore #1509
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  • Frank Costello
    Frank Costello

    5:16 Link's response to that was so sincere. Way to show some heart Linkypooh😉

  • Keith Mossey
    Keith Mossey

    Rhett looks like randy from the hair gel episode way back

  • Sophia  Kelly
    Sophia Kelly

    It looks like Rhett had Link's old hairstyle!

  • Nigel Cooper
    Nigel Cooper

    Drink it in, boys and girls. A rare sighting of the real Jen! 6:13

  • Johnnie Farkas
    Johnnie Farkas

    Jen doesn't have fun anymore...

  • pokelover02

    So sad that Alex left :(

  • Mycah Graham
    Mycah Graham

    rhett: ITS>>>>ITS SO HAARD!!!

  • HackerKitty 12
    HackerKitty 12

    Tell Alex to change his hair back to what it used to be!!!!!!!

  • Amamkoncahuanquichu

    Fish bladders IS glue! That's isinglass!

  • That’s Not Mayo
    That’s Not Mayo

    Yo Alex I used the same gel. Hahaa love it in a embarrassing way.

  • Frankie H
    Frankie H

    we need more of Bethany !! shes a babe !!! dam !!

  • soccerchamp0511

    I'm really hoping Paisley actually did a performance art piece with his hair. That would be totally rad!

  • Xavier Washington
    Xavier Washington

    Jenny was soooooooooooo adorable, adorable baby pic

  • Ray Castillo
    Ray Castillo

    Bethany... 😳😳

  • Briana Lamb
    Briana Lamb

    "Oh man, I smiled and my forehead crackled"

  • Arnav Nadkarni
    Arnav Nadkarni

    *Petition to start GOOD MYTHICAL MORE MORE!!*

  • Monica Erickson
    Monica Erickson

    I'm confused!!! Where is the cereal episode from this morning?!? Its gone!!! Like I cant find it anywhere!!

    • -CLM17-

      Yeah, what happened?

  • here2watch08

    "This is a crayon" "This is adhesive" "OMG I DON'T KNOW IF THIS WILL COME OUT?!" Ya think?

  • Nick Hall
    Nick Hall

    Omg Bethany😻

  • Isabel  Christie
    Isabel Christie


  • magicoA

    This show is making all of the people who make it vegetarian 🤣

  • Kate Hackerson
    Kate Hackerson

    As a synchronized swimmer who has to put Knox gelatin in her hair I’ll tell you that everything will come out with enough hot showers and the right soap.

  • Red Ruby
    Red Ruby

    Embarrassing hairstyles.... *Rm left the chat*

  • Kary J.
    Kary J.

    Those earlobes gave away Alex

  • Blueberryymuffin

    I miss Lizzie 😞

  • Heather Billy42
    Heather Billy42

    7:02 “Definitely thinking about what I’m going to eat later.” - Jen. ME! 😄

  • symbiote Spider-Man gamer spidey champions
    symbiote Spider-Man gamer spidey champions

    Bring back ninja

  • karl mcgowan
    karl mcgowan

    I would have thought you would have tried the white of an egg.

  • Momo Freeman
    Momo Freeman

    jen’s voice reminds me a little of vanya from the umbrella academy (or i guess, by extension, ellen page?)

  • Melbell

    Rhett's "whoops" at 10:07 is my favorite part of this video

  • Gwendalyn Waggoner
    Gwendalyn Waggoner

    Alex looks kinda like ed Sheeran in this video...

  • sup me
    sup me

    Look better before

  • ariel davis
    ariel davis

    I want to see you guys take that crayon out of his hair

  • Mcleanization

    Paisley and Alex look alike

  • BeUnotATVrobot

    Round and round she goes and it lands on brainwashed TV robots

  • MR. Beast
    MR. Beast

    link for the first one

  • KikiVergnes

    The screen bugged right?

  • Laura Norda
    Laura Norda

    I love how Josh isn't just 'Josh', he's always 'Mythical Chef Josh' :)

  • Edgar Goicochea
    Edgar Goicochea

    Bethany is a baaaabbeeeee! 😍

  • John cruz
    John cruz

    i feel like bethany doesn’t get their sense of humor lol

  • BoOniEDoTsShOw

    Rhett missed his calling as a ventriloquist because when he speaks, it's like he's mouthing his own words.

  • Nick Barillari
    Nick Barillari

    Did anyone else see the camera freakout for a sec after link touched the pomade it must be some powerful stuff

  • Sam Wimbush
    Sam Wimbush

    2:40 give it a whiff. Alexs face is priceless he’s like “you want me to whiff what?”

  • Johannah Jensen
    Johannah Jensen

    I so wish they would have washed the fish bladder out of their hair before this........ and also would like an update on the crayon hair gel 😂

  • Kathleen Graves
    Kathleen Graves

    What are fish bladders used for

  • Kathleen Graves
    Kathleen Graves

    I can smell your hair from here!!! 😱😝😫🤢🤮

  • Helen Macklin
    Helen Macklin

    Will Paisley be joining Josh in the shaven head fundraising, because that's the only way that wax will come out.

  • Declan Veitch
    Declan Veitch

    I do hope that they got the crayon out his hair ok

  • Maser209

    There's no way that crayon wax got out of his hair! Bet he just had to shave his head!

  • Trish Lena
    Trish Lena

    This is for Jen: I made a comment years ago on another vid, probably a Thursday mail gmmore, and I said “So over Jen.” And she responded saying “me too.”... I’m sorry.. I felt bad about posting that. I was an ass for posting that and I definitely am not over Jen! Forgive me :)

  • Anthony Pantoja
    Anthony Pantoja

    Is Bethany the reason Alex is Vegetarian! I'd go vegetarian for her any day lol jk

  • Trish Lena
    Trish Lena

    Miss you Alex!

  • Poppie Searchfield
    Poppie Searchfield

    "Will It Come Out"

  • Giles S
    Giles S

    I was sure one of the crew members had a twin, I just didn’t remember it was Bethany

  • Hello Quest
    Hello Quest

    10:02 "It's so hard!" "It's hard as a CRAYON!" 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Casper

    okay, i need to know. is alex wearing a dirty nil shirt? because if so, he just became my favorite crew member.

  • Janee' Harris
    Janee' Harris

    I'm so glad Alex's natural hair colour and curls are back. Maybe the blonde left when Mike did.......

  • Mrs. Pica Deluxe
    Mrs. Pica Deluxe

    Omg Jen was so adorable lol

  • Levi White
    Levi White

    Fish bladder. Reel-y awful. Lol.

  • Riley Simplican
    Riley Simplican

    Jen is back from maternity leave lmao

  • newboy scary boy
    newboy scary boy

    Mike should have been on this more

  • Rosinante27

    *Give it a whiff*

  • newboy scary boy
    newboy scary boy

    If you bring sad mike back or mythical crew i will eat 2 loafs of bread

    • newboy scary boy
      newboy scary boy

      Bread taste test

    • newboy scary boy
      newboy scary boy


  • Icalasari

    Around 1:14 there are odd static boxes appearing in random spots on the screen

  • VALENTINEproductions

    Damn Bethany 😍😍😍😍😍

  • Kyurhee Kim
    Kyurhee Kim

    *Lowkey crushing on Paisley...* lol seriously though, He seems like a really cool guy!

  • Three Little Pigs
    Three Little Pigs

    Bethany is gorgeous!

  • Rose93Wolf

    Guys if you like underground artists go listen to my friend jaime derochie on spotify, he's new to the music business go stream his music!

  • #1minecrafter !
    #1minecrafter !

    I love Tenacious D

  • Hannah Crum
    Hannah Crum

    I love the What you talking about?!

  • amber_the_first

    So we are definitely going to need a follow-up to find out if he got the crayon out of his hair!!

  • ProgressWorld

    "That's my twin brother. I didn't have a boyfriend when I was two" 😂😂

  • Nicholas Gregory
    Nicholas Gregory

    6:53 The first time I heard it I thought Rhett started saying "That f*ckin" lmao

  • melissamcculloh

    I love Link making everyone sniff him!! 😅😅

  • benjamin kerzee
    benjamin kerzee

    Baby Jen looked like a 40 Year old woman you would see at Walmart 😂

  • Panda X
    Panda X

    7:30 I was 100% sure that was Josh 😂

  • koya koala
    koya koala

    I wanna see him try to write with his crayon hair!

  • megan danbrook
    megan danbrook

    That face censoring is the scariest thing I've ever seen

  • Caleb Smith
    Caleb Smith

    Sweet, bethany has a twin I do to!

  • nolan corliss
    nolan corliss

    I gotta see how you got the crayon out of his hair!

  • A Spates
    A Spates

    I loved what the wheel landed on

  • A Av
    A Av


  • Haley LaFerriere
    Haley LaFerriere

    why does rhetts hair make him look like andrew lowe

  • Messing With The Squatch
    Messing With The Squatch

    Jen’s baby pic - awww

  • falconejo

    I said it before Bethany is a SMOKE SHOW

  • Casperthaghost #grindhard
    Casperthaghost #grindhard

    & why isn't Bethany on here more...👀 bow...hello...

  • Sidney Gronau
    Sidney Gronau

    Effin awesome

  • Daphne Loose
    Daphne Loose

    did the crayon wash out of Paisley's hair?? we mythical beasts want to know!! LOL.

  • planetrob555

    Burger reference!

  • Jorge Alarcon
    Jorge Alarcon

    oh Bethany

  • Cash Daily
    Cash Daily

    Bethany is a babe js.

  • Ari C
    Ari C

    So jealous that he got to go to a weezer and tenacious d concert. That sounds so great

  • Patty VanTine
    Patty VanTine

    Can we get an update next week how all everyone's hair turned out??

  • Ella C
    Ella C

    I don’t know how but I just realized Alex’s hair is back to normal now and not bleached

  • Levi MacMurray
    Levi MacMurray

    I need an update on everyone’s hair....

  • Lori Austin
    Lori Austin

    Jen is the cutest baby I've ever seen!! And I have 2 kids! 😂

  • SUBSCRIBE Just for fun
    SUBSCRIBE Just for fun

    But how do you get out melted crayons from your hair

  • Lotus Nevermore
    Lotus Nevermore

    LTAT this week better have a behind the scenes of trying to get the crayon gel out.

  • Balala

    Please can we have more paisley??

  • Brandi Munguia
    Brandi Munguia

    Even though this was prerecorded, I would have love to see how hard it was for everyone to get their respective “gel” out of their hair on LTAT.