Electric Mouse Trap/Best Trap Homemade Work With Battery 12V Easy saving a Mice/Mouse Reject
Mouse Reject
Electric Mouse Trap/Best Trap Homemade Work With Battery 12V Easy saving a Mice/Mouse Reject
How to make a Mouse Trap homemade?

  • Xx-_[Àngelic DeviL]_-xX
    Xx-_[Àngelic DeviL]_-xX

    It woke up.

  • Rhafa ehl
    Rhafa ehl

    Music. ???????

  • Rhafa ehl
    Rhafa ehl

    Music ??????

  • Rhafa ehl
    Rhafa ehl

    MUSIC NAME ?????!!!!

  • impactajuvenile

    Well done! Your meal that is... lol 😂

  • Optimus Crime
    Optimus Crime

    Just watched a video before with another trap now my recommended is filled with dead mice


    5:46 Proof smoking is deadly

  • Klaudia 9589
    Klaudia 9589

    one mouse? Wow :/

  • David Gomez
    David Gomez

    A 45K ratas no les gustó esto

  • Liedson Vitor Pereira
    Liedson Vitor Pereira


  • tin man
    tin man

    how long does the battery last when trap is energized?

  • Dynamo Gaming
    Dynamo Gaming

    Nothing Is Better Than Seeing A Mouse Die So Pleasing 😊

  • Squeeze Watson
    Squeeze Watson

    Notice u hear chicken these ppl not stupid it’s clear to me what’s goin on. They are catching this mouse and eating them feeding to u as general tso chicken wake up ppl

    • Darka

      +Squeeze Watson U hear chickens because it's probably a farm, this is where a lot of these pests are breeding and spreading disease. And you should really try chinese food, it's very good

    • Squeeze Watson
      Squeeze Watson

      And using rice to catch them I swear I would never eat from Chinese ppl

  • kawiiu jf
    kawiiu jf

    Human are horrible.

  • Frank

    What kind of children's toy is that can kill a mouse? I'm guessing that toy is not came from the EU, or US.

  • NaEser Que
    NaEser Que

    Very bad you have given so much pain to mouse


    Fencing not required as none of the mouse are able to cross

  • Roland Mitchell
    Roland Mitchell

    When the Rat is Zapped Dead watch 5:5 Very closely and you can see that there is Smoke departing from the Rat

    • xNeurotic here
      xNeurotic here

      WoW AcTuAlLy?

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    Diego wuasjkhaztb

    7:11 wiiiii 😂😂😂😂

  • Diego wuasjkhaztb
    Diego wuasjkhaztb

    Klos sadicos que ven este video 😂😂 (me incluyo)

  • Truth prevails
    Truth prevails

    The show kicks off at 5:37.

  • Amelie Wolf
    Amelie Wolf

    Die armen ratten ! Nur weil sie bisschen stinken und dreck machen heißt das nicht dass man sie auf so eine brutale art und weise umbringen kann! Tierquäler! Sie haben so wie alle anderen geschöpfe das recht auf ein leben!

  • Patrick Corcoran
    Patrick Corcoran

    Mouse with no tail? 4:00


      He was in the last video, mouse glue trap best mouse trap.

  • OrdelTheReaper Gaming
    OrdelTheReaper Gaming

    6:08 Barbeque rat anyone?

  • OrdelTheReaper Gaming
    OrdelTheReaper Gaming

    Seems the rats knew something was up why they were so hesitant

    • Christopher D
      Christopher D

      OrdelTheReaper Gaming they probably smell our odor on objects. It also sounds like theirs people near by so the rats are being sneaky.

  • wet baguette
    wet baguette

    You're a fucking pshyco their are kids screaming in the background as you murder animals (I respect you)

  • Smoke Ninja
    Smoke Ninja

    More stuff like this on UA-my. FUCK PETA!!

  • M.rasit Yuksel
    M.rasit Yuksel

    You will die too

  • M.rasit Yuksel
    M.rasit Yuksel

    god will not forgive you

  • Justin Heggs
    Justin Heggs

    Great design great video lots of dead rats thats the whole point of the video. You have accomplished a great video and great product full circle.

  • Omi Dalvi
    Omi Dalvi

    After watching this, *Mickey mouse* becoming *Pikachu*

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    catherine _


  • Роман Потоцкий
    Роман Потоцкий


  • House Mice Trap
    House Mice Trap

    wonderful! Srart 2:14

  • Mike Lysic
    Mike Lysic

    These eletric mouse traps made from electric fly swatters are great. Brilliant! But in all the videos I've seen people use rice or grain for bait. It seems to me that you'd get 100% better results using peanut butter as bait. And I just love how this victim just sizzles and smokes!!! LOL!!!

  • Fox 779264
    Fox 779264

    And that how you roast a rat

  • Fox 779264
    Fox 779264

    Rip rat

  • Mr._Imperfection

    Kill those rat bastards.

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    parvalde galvena

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  • jewdogg27

    Smoked meat anyone

  • ZombieKiller _847
    ZombieKiller _847

    A 45k personas no les gusta matar ratones alv :v

  • markylon

    How do you stop it from killing Cats or other stray pets

  • Jaymes elliot
    Jaymes elliot

    catch *and* cook

  • Slaughter Pro
    Slaughter Pro

    The gay hatters make me love this video even more keep up the good video's !

  • videosucesos

    Lo ideal sería un sistema en el que a los animales se les evite el sufrimiento. Hasta para matar una cucaracha hay que procurar no atormentar al animal.

    • Onecatonegame

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  • Spackopfand LP
    Spackopfand LP

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    ahmadzain ahmad


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    Ryu N

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  • 정윤혁

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  • salvador mota
    salvador mota

    Saw mouse edition


    Não é boa essa pois SÓ pega um, sem matar é melhor, tipo gaiola, vai entrando um em um, sem matar!

  • osmi kan
    osmi kan

    elektric is very expensive in turkey, show different way

    • jim halcom
      jim halcom

      google does not allow it, but simply drown them in water

  • Morgen Zada
    Morgen Zada

    That's actually very humane.

    • jim halcom
      jim halcom

      and alot safer them poisons

  • carlos ignacio orellana cuadra
    carlos ignacio orellana cuadra

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    Budimir Bijelic

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  • el guardián del pilar 21
    el guardián del pilar 21

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  • Ishmeel Huggins
    Ishmeel Huggins

    *Animal cruelly has entered the chat*

    • jim halcom
      jim halcom

      third world country has nothing better to do then pull the wings off bugs and torture innicent creatures

  • Yannick Michaud
    Yannick Michaud

    4:09 The rat doesn't have a tail...

    • jim halcom
      jim halcom

      it was chopped off by a live traps door earlier

  • Sebastian Kopilov
    Sebastian Kopilov

    Tío esto no es para matar si no para puto torturar si después de varios segundo se ve como aún tiene micro movimientos

  • Axel Pouly
    Axel Pouly


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    isack santos

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    isack santos

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    isack santos



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    • jim halcom
      jim halcom

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  • Nurea Oumer
    Nurea Oumer

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  • muhamad waiz
    muhamad waiz

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    • jim halcom
      jim halcom

      god gave us mice and other animals as food for the poor and hungry. He is not just killing them he is feeding his family just as you would slaughter your goats, chickens cattle and anyone else that may be an infidel

  • noname

    Just a question. If we left this overnight and mouse trapped, does this burn the rats?

    • noname

      +jim halcom so we should not leave it overnight right

    • jim halcom
      jim halcom

      yes most definately then the wall socket, then his home, then the whole god damn satanic village of sick mother fuckers

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    Joel Bulger

    It was smoking at frist 🍗😁

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    Brēëzy Dærlïng

    So helpful😂

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    David Klöden

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    paola cjapi

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    Rich Man

    This is one of the worst ways to kill animals! Humans must treat animals very well. We must find better ways to solve the issues they make for us.

    • jim halcom
      jim halcom

      heck they dont even electrocut people any more its too cruel

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    Daniel Goh

    only 1 caught?..... hmmmmmmmm

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    Turkish Panda

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    Desmin Monitizu

    One was missing a tail

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    Karloz Gonzalez

    This is great if you want to smell cooked rat hair

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    -_Zendor_- Yt

    For Some reason its age-restricted...

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    Argenis Torres


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    teteu Murari

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    Simpson Luke

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    william molina

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  • M n ML Music and Mobile Legends
    M n ML Music and Mobile Legends

    5:30 thank me later

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    Manoj Pegu

    good flaming

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    R.I.P Random mouse :/

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    Szymcio 243

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    Sutoren Jayt

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    Cyl Company

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    Enrique Morales

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    Marcus Snarcus

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    • jim halcom
      jim halcom

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    Majeedah ainee

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