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Ed Sheeran & Justin Bieber - I Don't Care [Official Video]
Ed Sheeran
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  • Jan Oliver Roosioks
    Jan Oliver Roosioks


  • LyricalKids ツ
    LyricalKids ツ

    Ed Sheehan has no friends so he has to photo shop himself into it LOL

  • Stephanie Henley
    Stephanie Henley

    These filthy rich artists don’t even have the decency to make good music anymore, they put this crap out, making a mockery of their fans. 4mins of my life I won’t get back. 😾

  • Dogs Are cute
    Dogs Are cute

    I always wanted to see Ed Sheeran in a panda suit and Justin beiber as an ice cream

  • Frenchie Gacha
    Frenchie Gacha

    Don't tell me what that Dino was doing

  • IG Videos
    IG Videos

    Editor: How many effects should be there in the video? Justin & Ed: YES!

  • Mill nah
    Mill nah

    everybody is just talking about the video but can we talk about how bad and mainstream the song is? it is such a boring song

  • Gaming Pilze
    Gaming Pilze

    This so is very boring, the Jonas Blue Remix is much better than the original...

  • Mental Spoon
    Mental Spoon

    Im pretty sure acid is present during the editing

  • Beleiber Forever
    Beleiber Forever

    Today is one month since the release of this song and still this song has only 116 M views. It deserves a lot more cause it's awesome.

  • Nadire Demirbas
    Nadire Demirbas


  • Erwin Gunawan
    Erwin Gunawan


  • Miguel Pereira
    Miguel Pereira

    Vídeo more meme forever

  • Iván Fuertes Trallero
    Iván Fuertes Trallero

    Follow me in instagram fuertess.ivan Thank you

  • Amit Garg
    Amit Garg

    Ariana grande : my god is a woman has great effects Ed and justin :look at this !!!! Ariana : *dead* 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • miriam blas
    miriam blas

    ¿Qué acabo de ver? XD

  • Matrix Dude
    Matrix Dude

    I replayed it 27 times now ...


    Nobody: Solitario cards: 1:17

  • Wargreymon Andi
    Wargreymon Andi

    I love this song so much maybee the best song of 2019

  • Amir Zolfaghari
    Amir Zolfaghari


  • Lenzzay TV
    Lenzzay TV

    Who's here after watching Katy Perry - Never Really Over

  • Mobile Legends Highlights
    Mobile Legends Highlights

    can u subscribe to my channel i have a lyrics then request more lyrics and i will make it

  • Dyter Tv
    Dyter Tv

    Follow me and active a cloche please 😋🔔

  • Dyter Tv
    Dyter Tv

    Parfect 😋 Follow me please and active a cloche 🔔


    No la para de escuchar mi hija!

  • Ryan Mehrin
    Ryan Mehrin

    Hi I'm ryan check out my cover on I don't care _Ed Sheeran _Justin Bieber👇

  • Farrukh Eraliev
    Farrukh Eraliev

    Justin bieber good voice

  • Ryan wei
    Ryan wei


  • XxMrKingxX YT
    XxMrKingxX YT

    Justin bieber tries old town road dance 😂 2:58

  • Gacha Jaz
    Gacha Jaz

    Ed is on point but Justin WHAT ARE U DOING

  • MeMEOWW Cat
    MeMEOWW Cat

    How much you don't care about the edit of the music video Ed Sheeran: yes

  • Januari 31
    Januari 31

    Justin ❤❤❤

  • Muffin

    When no one remembered to edit the group video project

  • Sayak Pramanik
    Sayak Pramanik

    Record a acoustic version of it with jb

  • Banana Man
    Banana Man

    This Video is Soooooooooooooo weird

  • Carl John Cobing
    Carl John Cobing


  • Miya Miya
    Miya Miya

    Love i don't care bravo Justin 😍 tu progresses

  • Raven Crow
    Raven Crow

    Cool video Editor XD

  • Paps Moto
    Paps Moto

    Those effects is the problem ,😐

  • Jordy robbe
    Jordy robbe

    Ed : i want at least 5 kind of effects in the clip Editor: hold my beer

  • m


  • Thekolors Forever
    Thekolors Forever


  • Melnis

    When ur editor has nothing to do but put complete random stuffs

  • DawnWatch

    Exact same snare from little shits new song... jesus the low effort is staggering....

  • Santosh Singh
    Santosh Singh

    Funny editing... Hahahhaha...otherwise awesome... Keep it up

  • Dymd

    Also check out our REMIX if this song! ;) (available on our channel!)

  • Slavic

    Canzone mortale

  • Marco Antonio Bual
    Marco Antonio Bual

    The all seing eye the pyramid the stars the tunderstorms too much eyeballs. You don't care that ur illuminati?

  • Dank Boi
    Dank Boi

    me:Did justin bieber and ed sheeran just twerk Justin Bieber & ED:I don't care

  • Queen Alyssa
    Queen Alyssa

    me when i get a green screen

  • Ry Loaft
    Ry Loaft

    Hater: why the music video is Soo weird... Ew Ed/JB: *cause i don't care*

  • jezdolly

    Producer/Director: How much intentionally bad early 2000’s amateur CGI and animation would you like Ed? Ed: YES!!!

  • Azahra Malik
    Azahra Malik

    So addictive 😭😭😭 Why this damn so good

  • Ant_TonyLOL KID
    Ant_TonyLOL KID

    Tried so hard to make it a meme 😭😭 Shoudda put some desynced audios in man...

  • Peely Fals
    Peely Fals

    2019 june Please help me subscribe to my channel:) Thanks you everyone:)

  • girl who does slime
    girl who does slime

    Ed :how many special effects are you going to put in Director:Yes

  • PhillyG

    I’d let Ed Sheehan smash with that cowboy suit on, but only if he’s wearing that

  • Abhijeet Anand
    Abhijeet Anand

    0% sexuality 0% alchohal 0% expensive cars 100% dancing mood 100% talent from two great singers Hit like 👍 if you agree .

  • Moviemator Studios
    Moviemator Studios


  • Moviemator Studios
    Moviemator Studios

    Have they really put so much effort in this? IT LOOKS BA- Good.

  • אינגה קרוז
    אינגה קרוז

    JB so ugly with the tattoos. Too much tattoos.

  • Pranay Kumar
    Pranay Kumar

    LSD effect.!

  • Alicia Styles
    Alicia Styles

    i think its good

  • Ultra Instict
    Ultra Instict

    Editor: what level of graphics you want Ed and Justin: We dont care Editor: Ok then

  • Julia Sonnenschein
    Julia Sonnenschein

    Nobody: Justin Bieber : "Okay I'll take my shirt off."

  • RandomJani

    Editor: How many effects do you want? Ed Sheeran: yes

  • Dua Fatima
    Dua Fatima

    Song is lit but the video is shit tbh

  • suhaila yusoff
    suhaila yusoff

  • Saara Pandey
    Saara Pandey

    The video distracted me so much I had to rewatch it just to understand the song🙄

  • Beauty xXx XxX
    Beauty xXx XxX

    Editor: how much effects do you want? Ed: *yes*

  • Nor Azwa
    Nor Azwa

    Justin looks attractive with short hair

  • po pi
    po pi


  • sljunkara lol
    sljunkara lol

    it's not my birthday my dog didn't die but give me a like cos I didn't lie

  • MrASemik

    Great song but not that video

  • The spell with no name
    The spell with no name

    Nobody: Literally nobody: Me:This song was once used for brainwashing

  • Anshu Rahi Anshu Rahi
    Anshu Rahi Anshu Rahi

    I love Ed Sheeran and Justin

  • Yaaska !!! Cade
    Yaaska !!! Cade

    Title = I DON'T CARE☺ Editor = Hmm I DON'T CARE😂 JB&ED

  • Aiman Hakim
    Aiman Hakim

    Nice song

  • naomi cambel
    naomi cambel

    first time I think JB is attractive

  • Taegon Gim
    Taegon Gim


  • Eduardo Irigaray
    Eduardo Irigaray

    Minuto 2:43, Justin Bieber corriendo por Pamplona 😂😂

  • Dielgo Luxor
    Dielgo Luxor

    Humans in 2060: "I want to know graphics they use in 1990." "Hmm, good. Now I want to know the 2019." "Umm.. what????"

  • Edgex

    well i just watched this umm maybe 150 times oops

  • Saurabh Ghosh
    Saurabh Ghosh

    *H O M E M A D E*

  • sd 1234
    sd 1234

    Ed sheeran, Taylor swift....they came together.! 2019 rockkzzz. Thanku😀😄

  • Dilip Baruah
    Dilip Baruah

    My Mom - Study what will happen in your future Me- I don't care 😉


    Wow cool post, thanks for sharing ❤

  • the xray 81
    the xray 81

    Is drug

  • Joseph Ronda
    Joseph Ronda

    Green screen

  • Leticia Dias
    Leticia Dias

    Alguém do UBNE aqui?

  • computer genuis
    computer genuis

    Editor: What should the title of this video be? Ed Sheeran: 1:00

  • Daniel Jakes
    Daniel Jakes

    This music video gives me anxiety.

  • computer genuis
    computer genuis

    Is that Taylor Swift at 2:15?

  • dfkkd fjjzjd
    dfkkd fjjzjd


  • Tristan/GG

    Avengers At A 100$ budget

  • Quacky

    I just the ed sheeran ad

  • Majka Grębowicz
    Majka Grębowicz


  • Quacky

    When their green screen arrives

  • Ivona Juren
    Ivona Juren

    LOL XD

  • Aisyah Imut
    Aisyah Imut