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DREAM THEATER - Fall Into The Light (OFFICIAL ANIMATION VIDEO). Taken from the album "Distance Over Time", out Febuary 22nd, 2019. Order now:

  • SavageVlogs101

    Gets good at 5:10

  • Liam Smyth
    Liam Smyth

    5:18 - The battle theme that plays when you get a megaboss encounter and your party is horribly underleveled for the area.

  • Irsyad Dipa
    Irsyad Dipa


  • Mel V
    Mel V

    I swear the beginning sounds like megadeth

  • Nizar Zaq Cheetah
    Nizar Zaq Cheetah

    Manteb Tok Pokoke..!! 🤘

  • Zeek M
    Zeek M

    I like dream theater. I take nothing they do at face value. For example in this video the mountains represent the fallen nephilim. Others will be able to decode what I post using numerology. I type this fourth line to represent the unseen spiritual in accordance with ancient Judean code method. ( non strict this time )

  • Maximus Meridius
    Maximus Meridius

    Can’t wait to hear this live on Friday at the Wiltern!!!!

  • La sIrène
    La sIrène


  • DRW1107

    This masterpiece is only part 4 of the Learning to Live, Trial of Tears, Breaking All Illusions epic John is creating - no words can, nor need to describe it!

  • Fahad Javaid
    Fahad Javaid

    Almost every track on this album grown on you if you listen a couple of times

  • Evandro Teixeira
    Evandro Teixeira

    The best music from Master Of Puppets ever!!! Maybe take place from Orion or somewhere in a Megadeth's counterattack at the time but so melodic for that. But, cool for a Dream Theater too. I think that is beautifull and who could be original after so long without repeating themselves anyway? Guys... DT always had several influences and Metropolis Pt.I is a hybrid album from at least 3 or 4 different bands. So... very goof song!!!!

  • CMBurns18

    Best song in the album along with At Wit's End

  • Stefan Georgiev Andonov
    Stefan Georgiev Andonov

    James LaBrie sounds good... but always the same

  • Do Bap
    Do Bap

    “There is nothing sacred” -John Myung

  • Ty Shakur
    Ty Shakur

    If a fedora could make music, it would sound exactly like Dream Theater

  • Bot Lag
    Bot Lag

    The beginning reminds me of metallica's Kill 'em All but slower

  • Deltazar Manci
    Deltazar Manci

    it's like if Metallica tries to do a prog metal song

  • Russell Ford
    Russell Ford

    Excellent! 3:18 onward is very "Street Spirit" by Radiohead though. Same key incidentally. ;-)

  • Robert K
    Robert K

    Mangini out

  • Blue Moon
    Blue Moon

    Really loving that solo part from 3:17 ;)

  • kairay1000

    Masterful album. Start to finish. Every fn song

    • Oh


  • Austin Blount
    Austin Blount

    Wtf why am I just getting into this awesome band? They really have a different composition style than most bands these days. The only band who even compares is Tool in my opinion

  • Spoofle

    ça déchire sa race bordel ... pardon ... mais j'aime bien.

  • 신도엽

    Guitar solo sounds like master of puppets

  • Leonardo S.
    Leonardo S.

    Time and space like roses whose petals drops and fade

  • Jimmy Page 1971
    Jimmy Page 1971

    Black dog at the first seconds?

  • Nicklaus Brain
    Nicklaus Brain

    The riffs are amazingly sweet!

  • Amirul Elmi
    Amirul Elmi

    That solo, i was crying

  • Gianni Degrassi
    Gianni Degrassi

    Freddie LaBrie

  • Oleg Music
    Oleg Music

    Written on the water, memories dissipate Eyes begin to open, darkness drifts away Time and space like roses, whose petals drop and fade And fall into the light as it dreams of yesterday Too much love is not enough for us I was once too blind to see There is nothing sacred, only heaven knows So turn towards the self and look into your soul Too much love is not enough for us I was once too blind to see Too much hope will never be enough It's become so clear to me Too much love is not enough for us I was once too blind to see Too much hope will never be enough The truth is clear to me

  • megazeko

    If you remove the vocals, it will sound like any contemporary heavy band.

    • meshuggah man
      meshuggah man

      megazeko name one..

  • Francesca Carotenuto
    Francesca Carotenuto

    Amazing 😍

  • Bany Norma
    Bany Norma

    i love it

  • Geri Amora Putra
    Geri Amora Putra

    omg i love petrucci solo's from this song

  • malik aditya
    malik aditya


  • Sulthan Mansyur
    Sulthan Mansyur

    that intro riff gives me the megadeth vibes, idk why

    • Sulthan Mansyur
      Sulthan Mansyur

      +Nigel MacQuillan true..

    • Nigel MacQuillan
      Nigel MacQuillan


  • Manu Gallardo Drummer
    Manu Gallardo Drummer

    La parte central e instrumental del tema, siendo conscientes de que no han descubierto nada nuevo, es una auténtica delicia. Hacía tiempo que Petrucci no me emocionaba con un fragmento musical tan bonito.

  • tecno works
    tecno works

    Brutal theme

  • i_Rock O
    i_Rock O

    wow ! thats music!!!

  • Quester91

    This album is very good, i love it.

  • Damián Diego Lahorca
    Damián Diego Lahorca

    My God, that ending!

  • George papadosifos Georgiou
    George papadosifos Georgiou

    this is good..... ,,this is fuckin good

  • beatsdddx

    Its a big bold smack of energy right to your face! Dream Theater's imagination is on fire.

  • Vad Daud
    Vad Daud

    3:18 best part for me 😢👌👍

  • Pablo Inserra
    Pablo Inserra

    3:18 to 5:10... TEARS

  • Nicholas Bochenek
    Nicholas Bochenek

    I think this might end up being my favourite Dream Theater album, not sure I have only heard three songs so far, but wowwww this is a musical journey already

  • jose daniel vives
    jose daniel vives

    Antes de decir que no te gusta escuchala varias veces

  • Nature Boy
    Nature Boy

    Master of Puppets!!!

  • Jeremy Flinders
    Jeremy Flinders

    Came out on my birthday!!! NICE!!!

  • Lavalambtron

    The final part is beautiful, like a metal requiem. 3:15 - 5:15

    • SavageVlogs101

      5:10-7:10 is the best

    • DJ Jaylex
      DJ Jaylex

      That's not the final part though?

  • Anders Blomster
    Anders Blomster

    "I luv it!"


    Pretty cool song and video . im much more into Judas Priest and Metal Church but this is different and that's one of the reasons I like it . Didn't much care for paralized but this tune is great visually as well as a great listening experience . the music and video compliment each other and in my opinion that's got to be very difficult to achieve . ty for posting and rock on .

  • Kerrie Jones
    Kerrie Jones

    Seen them live awesome

  • nswhorse

    I like this song more each time I hear it.

  • Masioski Myncia
    Masioski Myncia

    03:10...for my wife.

  • Cesr Flir
    Cesr Flir

    Shaun track?

  • flip flap
    flip flap

    Great song and loving the ritme of the guitars

  • Carlos Arriagada
    Carlos Arriagada

    Mike mandingo ..jaja..

  • Mark Marvan
    Mark Marvan

    I like this album. It's different, but great. Better than the previous one.

    • Mark Marvan
      Mark Marvan

      +Mattias Svensson I agree.

    • Mattias Svensson
      Mattias Svensson

      A lot better. The previous album was their worst album.

  • Denis T
    Denis T

    The Unforgiven 4 solo starts at 3:18. Can't wait to hear it

  • Allen Parker
    Allen Parker

    That outro is so killer!!!

  • Jackson Teller
    Jackson Teller

    That bass tone is better than my ex gf's boobs!

  • Paolo Rocchi
    Paolo Rocchi

    The intro reminds me of "Signify II" intro by Porcupine Tree... Bad song and bad album I'd say, maybe the worst by DT. I think they should take a few years stop to prepare something worth their name

    • meshuggah man
      meshuggah man

      +Paolo Rocchi lol.. now you just see the similarities between the song and PT.. how about your stupid comment "bad song and bad album i'd say" or typical mp fanboys "they should take a few years stop".. fuck off idiot.. you dont know what youre talking about.. just listen to PT and STFU..

    • Paolo Rocchi
      Paolo Rocchi

      meshuggah man I had just noticed the similarities between this song and the Porcupine Tree song and the only thing you can say is “poser stfu” 😂😂 ridiculous. Tipycal of metal fanatic, closed minded people who can’t make a single constructive speech. Go back to your 8 strings super-forever angry music, “meshuggah man” 😂😂 I’m 23, stfu (as you say) I don’t want to lose other time with you, bye bye

    • meshuggah man
      meshuggah man

      +Paolo Rocchi yeah right, got caught being a poser and suddenly "i listened to it when i was 16".. how old are you now? 17?... look ive been listening to porcupine tree since i was 3.. Gavin didnt even know rudiments.. lol.. STFU poser..

    • Paolo Rocchi
      Paolo Rocchi

      meshuggah man I was joking with dj0nt , I know very well what djent is and it is the most boring thing ever. I listened to it when I was 16

    • meshuggah man
      meshuggah man

      Paolo Rocchi whats djont?.. i thought that was a typo first.. and then you wrote it again.. clearly you dont even know what djent is.. just listen to your porcupine tree and stfu idiot..

  • Maciel Tigre
    Maciel Tigre

    Gostei, bem relaxante esse som

  • GentleCamel

    For those who complaint about Mangini...Octavarium, Systematic Chaos, Train of Thought meant a decline in their musical quality (composition, soul, feeling...) But when they released A Dramatic turn Of Events for me was like a Rebith of DT faith... Although I also think The Astonishing was really mediocre. Distance Over Time is one of the best in the last years! BTW Mangini kicks Portnoy´s ass, even though Portnoy is among high class drummers out there

  • jackson clarke
    jackson clarke

    The intro sounds like metallica

  • phyre

    I don't always listen to dream theater but when I do, my neighbors do too

    • Ace Ventura
      Ace Ventura


    • David Nitzberg
      David Nitzberg

      lmao........i would be your neighbor!!!!!

    • Jason Barbush
      Jason Barbush

      i plug in the headphones to be considerate. i got kicked out of my previous apartment for this cause and i've been here almost 22 years staying cautions. maybe i ought to let it fly.

    • fulesmackofule

      Guys, please, something new...

    • There's nothing to see here
      There's nothing to see here


  • Pedro Paixão
    Pedro Paixão

    Gods! I love these guys.

  • Claudia Cugini
    Claudia Cugini

    I just wanna say that this song and the whole album makes me happy. It feels like they went back to their roots. I love how proggy it souds.

  • Daniel Daverio
    Daniel Daverio


  • Adrián Ciel
    Adrián Ciel

    the most week thing is all sampled kick drum and after critisism half sampled snare...i dont know why they dont liked the natrual sounding drums on A Dramatic Turn of Events all they needed to do is to turn the snare drum 30% on, on that record. And they started to use cheep sounding sampling on the last two ghost notes, no grooving on the snare...i dont understand...listen to the sound on a new Evergrey-The Atlantic...they use sampling but only 30% to get punch and the ghost notes and grooving is still there... heres our cheep sounding band that has more real sound of drums than this ...and yes MIKE MANGINI is a beast on the drums, but the polished sound is killing the record...where are the times of Awake...

    • meshuggah man
      meshuggah man

      Adrián Ciel nobody cares gayboi.. listen the song its free and stfu..

  • Matt R
    Matt R

    I had the privilege of seeing John Petrucci last night at small show at Sweetwater Sound. They had his complete rig set up from the recording of this album, every piece of it. He told some funny stories and did a Q&A but the fun part was him breaking down exactly how he came up with the some of the songs for the new album. Piece by piece he showed and described the entire process. It was a total gearhead show. Not only is he an unparalleled musician but he is an extremely nice guy as well.

  • Jesse Ling
    Jesse Ling

    Totally inspired by the Stargazer riff lol

  • tanvir bappy
    tanvir bappy

    guitar solo.....!!!!!!!!! JOhn petrucciiiiiii!!!!! masterpiece!!!

  • Justin Wilder
    Justin Wilder

    It’s like tool and rush had ha child

  • Darin Warren
    Darin Warren

    Mangini seems to have finally gelled with DT. MP had forever to develop into the drummer we all loved. Mangini had to instantly step into those huge shoes. It's been enough years that he's is finally really fitting into them.

  • David Fernandez
    David Fernandez

    Wow.. this is.. bad

  • Chaotic Harmony
    Chaotic Harmony

    great song ¡¡¡

  • Saptarenyu

    I miss the old BMTH :(

    • meshuggah man
      meshuggah man

      Saptarenyu how about drbsa?.. or cjtnb?.. those are good..

  • rinuchi

    What a kickass song!

  • Major Seven
    Major Seven

    Dweeb Theatre = Shite

  • Twer Monaju
    Twer Monaju

    De um album da era Portnoy .ou foi remasterizada ?

  • w.j. R.
    w.j. R.

    This is so good to take in. Love it, beginning to end. And my, what an end!

  • StevieDCH


  • Numero Uno
    Numero Uno

    Like An

  • Stoned Prophet
    Stoned Prophet

    Fantastic song.

  • Steve J
    Steve J

    From 4:37 to 5:05 does anyone else hear guitar tones very similar to Chris DeGarmo (Queensryche)? Sounds absolutely amazing, but that section reminds me of his sound.

  • Mr. Nibiru
    Mr. Nibiru

    Great outro

  • Fragments Show
    Fragments Show

    "Too much love is not enough for us." Well, I seriously hope that in the near future we become loving virtual gods, indeed. We must.

  • Alex20

    I love the instrumental, but I think they should look for a new singer urgently. Labrie your moment is over, now you look like a cat copulating.

  • Fekete Tükör
    Fekete Tükör

    FINALLY!!! This is "my" Dream Theater that I loved so much a decade ago. Where have you been guys for so long? :-D This album is mindblowing, it will keep me busy in 2019 I'm sure... ;-)

  • Clyde Skywalker
    Clyde Skywalker

    i wish LaBrie can sing live like he sing in records ....

  • Frigorifero


  • David Richards
    David Richards

    I'm pretty sure JP used this video for a live performance during the G3 2018 tour. But I cannot remember what song, anyone know?

  • Parkway Driver
    Parkway Driver

    Fucking beautiful.

  • mediatect

    The entire album rocks! Well done DT. Looking forward to the show...

  • E. Gamboa
    E. Gamboa

    3:17 Pueblo Blanco- Joan Manuel Serrat

  • Frederick Davison
    Frederick Davison

    I'll have to give this album a couple listens. Their last couple left a bad taste in my mouth, but this sounds like A fusion of the best things from their old albums

  • Salad

    The riff at 0:33 is amazing!

  • Aşkın Çimen
    Aşkın Çimen

    i still listening to scenes from a memory...