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DREAM THEATER - Fall Into The Light (OFFICIAL ANIMATION VIDEO). Taken from the album "Distance Over Time", out Febuary 22nd, 2019. Order now:

  • Tyler Vitale
    Tyler Vitale

    They Still Got it

  • tervasnapsi1

    heard dream theater live last week! on sweden rock festival 2019 and solo 4:00 got right through my soul :')

  • Jonathan Nutma
    Jonathan Nutma

    well, my drum teacher said i should listen to dream theater... im glad i listened

    • Raw Material
      Raw Material

      welcome to the family

  • Wookiefalsetto _69
    Wookiefalsetto _69

    Listening to any of DT's discography is like being on an adventure in a different dimension. One of my alltime favorite bands and I will see them live next week \m/

  • StockBoy

    Can someone introduce me to more songs after listening to this one for the first time? Sincerely, a metal head

  • Mahmut Ulusoy
    Mahmut Ulusoy

    3:15 speed up x2 see how minor scale becomes major scale

  • Croazz B
    Croazz B

    Im about 10 seconds in. This is my first DT song

  • Abhiram S
    Abhiram S

    Addicted! Love from India ❤️

  • Agustín Arias
    Agustín Arias

    Wow! Sounds like all of their songs since 10 years ago...

  • Tidemann Xperience
    Tidemann Xperience

    Great song!!🤘🏻🔥🔥

  • Guilherme Ricardo
    Guilherme Ricardo

    Ótima música!

  • Matthew Ginn
    Matthew Ginn

    The clean tone starting at 3:15 gives me the chills...sounds even better live...imo

  • kitsos Tanelorn
    kitsos Tanelorn

    Lately it feels quite boring when Rudess is soloing. 🤨

    • progmetalfan42

      in terms of songwriting talent, he is undoubtedly the weakest link of DT. his solo work is terrible. i can't deny that he is incredibly talented on keyboard, but Petrucci and Myung are far better songwriters. so much more feeling and power from their parts.


    John Petrucci is genius

  • EelMobeel76

    My question is: what does Dream Theater think of the band, Anacrusis?

  • Puder McGavin
    Puder McGavin

    I was told years ago to listen to them well before you tube or streaming sites but daaam

  • Croco Archery
    Croco Archery

    Keren, epic, layak jadi yang terbaik

  • L. House
    L. House

    Tecladozinho insuportável

  • L. House
    L. House

    Metalica cover

  • Ash Paladium
    Ash Paladium

    Nothing will ever top "Images and Words". That was their masterpiece. Every song on that album was great. "Learning to Live" and "Surrounded" are amazing. They don't add the Flamenco guitar in their music anymore. I really liked it. Dream Theater has a insanely great drummer that makes Portnoy look average. Petrucci is always great as is Myung on Bass. The main part of DT I don't like anymore is their vocalist Labrie. His voice is annoying and they have reached a point where every song sounds the same. Long drawn out songs. I loved early DT but now it's just repetetive. Last album I enjoyed was "Six Degrees", double album. When Kevin Moore left the band they seemed to have lost more than just his keyboard. Hope they find it again.

  • StockBoy

    Someone needs to make a music video of this with end game in the background, with everyone coming out of Dr.Stranges portal at 3:03

  • Daz

    Landed here randomly. Never really listened to any Dream Theatre. I will now! This is fantastic. 😍

    • Nick Digirolamo
      Nick Digirolamo

      Daz welcome bröther

  • Kermit The Frog
    Kermit The Frog

    3:10 how it feels when you’re falling inside of a dream

  • Krishnadas p menon
    Krishnadas p menon check this

  • Kabra Geo
    Kabra Geo

    Kevin Moore we miss you ❤️

  • Troy Bassist
    Troy Bassist

    Vocals on this are fantastic

  • Shalong Gagenspofz
    Shalong Gagenspofz

    Definitely a dream theatre. Space that is. Only can exist through the I Magi Nation/CGI/Screen. Funny poeple actually think space is real. LMAO If it was then you would nt have a job? Right. Love the tunes just not the propaganda. Regards

  • elpistolas44

    The intro is like a movie's intro

  • E-Hero Stratos
    E-Hero Stratos

    I always get a radio friendly Megadeth vibe from the opening

  • Mike Paul Yancovich
    Mike Paul Yancovich

    The unforgiven


    Interlúdio parecido com Metallica....

    • Ederson Leao
      Ederson Leao

      Régis Tadeu falou isso tbm

  • Pato Tartara Shanahan
    Pato Tartara Shanahan

    Escuchando el tema de Led Zeppelin - Whole Lotta Love me sonaban los primeros acordes parecidos a otra canción y me di cuenta que este tema comienza los primeros acordes de una forma muuuuuy similar.

  • Russell Flynn
    Russell Flynn

    mega as per.. Bring on download 2019

  • Deles Kercoybudi
    Deles Kercoybudi

    Jhon we ❤❤👏👏👏👍

  • Muscle Tone
    Muscle Tone

    For anyone whom dislikes the "way that DT are going" remember this: We are on UA-my, and i can guarantee that whatever great era of DT you prefer, you can find it here and listen to it hours on end. We have the liberties associated with being able to go back to what part of their history worked and repeat it until satisfied, but the band themselves have much less of these liberties. If _they_ stay there, they will falter just as other Metal and Rock Groups have.

  • Dance Kiwi Dance
    Dance Kiwi Dance

    Those Riffs are so sick

  • ripowell65 ripowell65
    ripowell65 ripowell65

    What's the deal with this video? It's like someone said "Just give us anything. Anything at all. Doesn't have to be fancy or have any deep meaning. Just something we can throw out there to push the tune." I love the band and all but WTF is this?

  • Konrad

    Way too much compression on the drums?

  • JL Sagely
    JL Sagely


  • EmperorOfSand

    Papa Bless!

  • Shamic Entertainment
    Shamic Entertainment

    Why can't the singer just singer lower pitch? High pitch singing is so grating.

  • The Nonsense Buffer
    The Nonsense Buffer

    I haven't listened to Gay Porn Movie Theater for a while...It's gonna be a while longer, I'd rather listen to Return To Forever, King Crimson and that Nickelodeonback lover, Devin Townsend...

    • Shamic Entertainment
      Shamic Entertainment

      hahaha. i'm not a massive DT fan but what's so bad with this song?

  • James Bogucheski
    James Bogucheski

    I like to imagine the notes are saying things as well as the lyrics.

  • Bruce Bolduc
    Bruce Bolduc

    I love Metallica, I mean dream theatre

  • Remon

    I dunno man, im not feeling it, i just think this is really bland.

  • tuniorr


  • Lacey Rodgers
    Lacey Rodgers


    • Lacey Rodgers
      Lacey Rodgers

      and animusic and you've probably heard of the song Burning House by Cam

  • Mohamed Frahat
    Mohamed Frahat

    Song like a lot song good (sorry not for good my english)

  • amin luther
    amin luther

    Dream Theater is a joke without Portnoy

  • Alessio Puglisi Music
    Alessio Puglisi Music

  • - Nabarmendu -
    - Nabarmendu -

    what a piano !!! my goodness XD 5:24

  • - Nabarmendu -
    - Nabarmendu -

    I have just fallen in love with this 4:01

  • Dhrubo aust
    Dhrubo aust

    Solo with emotions

  • Adelin Reedus
    Adelin Reedus

    I am always crying at their songs... to... to.. good, man... i just cant...

  • Marco Gambino
    Marco Gambino

    Fantastic, but I still miss Mike Portnoy

  • Curtis Crane
    Curtis Crane

    these guys have been my favorite band for a long time......all their stuff is starting to sound pretty regurgitated i'm sorry to say.

  • Noam Y. Gherson
    Noam Y. Gherson

    Thank you Mr. Petrucci for throwing us, avarage guitarists, a bone every once in a while

  • B Sandstorm
    B Sandstorm

    Skyrim belongs to the Nords!

  • D R
    D R

    Wow, awesome work. Love the techniques too.

  • MrBittlej

    Even better after a few listens.

  • U Cheko
    U Cheko


  • Aurora Jensen
    Aurora Jensen

    I am a 13 year old girl from norway!❤️ i love ur music😍 i have been on maby 5 conserts with u guys and its not the last!❤️

  • Jacob's Travels
    Jacob's Travels

    HOLY SHIT 0:00-0:51

  • Adit Khati
    Adit Khati

    I always live in the world of Dream Theater\m/

  • Rafkat Artcell
    Rafkat Artcell

    This song should not end...❤

  • Rafkat Artcell
    Rafkat Artcell

    Can Anybody give me the lyric?

  • Ron Friedman
    Ron Friedman

    israel waiting for u

  • Lance Le
    Lance Le

    That outtro is sick! 6:45

  • Edmund Sackbauer
    Edmund Sackbauer

    Blind Guardian and Dream Theater are the bands that always bring back fonds memories. Summer evenings sitting in the garden with friends drinking a few beers and listening to those bands. I do not expect anything new or innovative and I am just glad to get more stuff from the guys. Thanks for the music.

  • SuitCoat Guy
    SuitCoat Guy

    AH, an Average Dream Theater Song that sounds okay.

  • Htc 626
    Htc 626

    Bless these guys... and Im not religious....all the same....

  • Htc 626
    Htc 626

    Dream Theatre and Fates Warning....2 bands that changed my life.....

  • Candy Graff
    Candy Graff

    ... Dear UA-my U must to have the option in this video : REPEAT UNTIL I DIE... 🖤🖤🖤

  • Scotty Bishop
    Scotty Bishop

    I love this!

  • Preflex!

    John Petrucci is a a busy guy. He ain't got time to make sure the videos don't suck. Nice to hear him only giving Rudess a few seconds of wiggle-room. Next, he should sabotage Rudess' pneumatic keyboard stand to lock it into a fixed position. Then, he will be properly cornered. "Do you like paychecks?" "yes" "Then get out of my waaaaaaaaaaaay."

    • Preflex!

      Short Version: Jordan Rudess makes DT suck. They should have shitcanned him after the ragtime bit on Met2.

  • Kira Gallows
    Kira Gallows

    I don't always post comments about my neighbors listening to music with me, but when I do it's always dream theatre

  • Prog MetalDeity
    Prog MetalDeity

    I approve.

  • Kevin Tingzon
    Kevin Tingzon

    kinda weird that the instruments are a fast metal tempo but then the vocals are mellow.

    • zamkowicz

      That's the best combination for me. Wish bands did it more often

  • Matt Brooks
    Matt Brooks

    They're clearly talented, but it sounds like the 80s got sober and practiced their instruments but stayed a hair band. Keep it.

  • Max Ukulele
    Max Ukulele

    Finally after 10 years I can listen D T

  • VinnieBoomBoom

    I listened to this after listening to Devin Townsend's new tune. Thats quite a bit to take in. I must take a nap now!

  • Jagjeff66

    I can’t pinpoint it but the whole album doesn’t feel mixed right.Like there is not enough bottom end kick you in the seat of the pants crunch like DT albums in the past.Its ok but something could be better.

  • ChoroON

    Ty John

  • ChoroON

    My favorite band ever

  • Lewd Raphy
    Lewd Raphy

    one word EPIC!

  • Tom Traygis/Starcina Band
    Tom Traygis/Starcina Band

    Thank God their R people on the earth that reach this technical Mastery & survive to do it again & again! Its a amazing acheivement! Thank U DT blowing off my doors! There is Hope for Prog Rock & it depends on the listener / audience.

  • METAL Metal
    METAL Metal

    This song goes well with 🍫 chip ice cream.

  • SavageVlogs101

    Gets good at 5:10

  • Liam Smyth
    Liam Smyth

    5:18 - The battle theme that plays when you get a megaboss encounter and your party is horribly underleveled for the area.

  • Irsyad Dipa
    Irsyad Dipa


  • Mel V
    Mel V

    I swear the beginning sounds like megadeth

  • Nizar Zaq Cheetah
    Nizar Zaq Cheetah

    Manteb Tok Pokoke..!! 🤘

  • Zeek M
    Zeek M

    I like dream theater. I take nothing they do at face value. For example in this video the mountains represent the fallen nephilim. Others will be able to decode what I post using numerology. I type this fourth line to represent the unseen spiritual in accordance with ancient Judean code method. ( non strict this time )

  • Maximus Meridius
    Maximus Meridius

    Can’t wait to hear this live on Friday at the Wiltern!!!!

  • La sIrène
    La sIrène


  • Fahad Javaid
    Fahad Javaid

    Almost every track on this album grown on you if you listen a couple of times

  • Evandro Teixeira
    Evandro Teixeira

    The best music from Master Of Puppets ever!!! Maybe take place from Orion or somewhere in a Megadeth's counterattack at the time but so melodic for that. But, cool for a Dream Theater too. I think that is beautifull and who could be original after so long without repeating themselves anyway? Guys... DT always had several influences and Metropolis Pt.I is a hybrid album from at least 3 or 4 different bands. So... very goof song!!!!

  • CMBurns18

    Best song in the album along with At Wit's End

  • Stefan Georgiev Andonov
    Stefan Georgiev Andonov

    James LaBrie sounds good... but always the same

    • Green Void
      Green Void

      La Brie has never been typical front man by intention.The vocalist is the 5-th instrument who more like balances the major performance of the group rather than beeng compulsive.This has been always the concept of DT.

  • JAKK X
    JAKK X

    *=^_^= \m/*