Dr Phil guy thinks he is BATMAN
Dr Phil guy thinks he is batman, IS IT REAL?
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  • AussieMacca 12345
    AussieMacca 12345

    Dr phils video : 3 mins Pewds video : 18 mins 🤔

  • Menna -mo
    Menna -mo

    Maybe she could just deal with it and become catwoman and they get married and bring to the world little robinhoods and save our world 😂😂😂 I have great imagination😂😂

  • Uwais Jooman
    Uwais Jooman

    Goose Wayne = Bruce Wayne? Illuminati Confirmed

  • Nordic Gamer
    Nordic Gamer

    Someone should tell him that marvel is better than DC just for the reaction

  • humudu

    fake as hell ppl like this cant have such nice girlfriends

  • Ky Monic
    Ky Monic


  • Goat55

    I see yo like McDonalds

  • Nicole Tesla
    Nicole Tesla

    He could've chosen to be giorno giovanna but he chose to be batman? SEND HIM TO THE RANCH

  • Garrett Moore
    Garrett Moore

    I’ve never seen him and Batman in the same room

  • acpurdy

    never go full batman

  • C midnight
    C midnight

    Served in the military but has lost all his fights?

  • MrFreeman Man
    MrFreeman Man

    Didn't that guy helped in the t-series war?

  • Sjoerd Siemes
    Sjoerd Siemes

    I really think half of these people on dr. phil are faking it to become famous

  • Fire Bender
    Fire Bender

    Yo.. goose Wayne subscribe to you And joined the battle.

  • Your_Bike_Is_Mine

    I don't know why youtube recommended this to me but I'm glad it did.

  • Jordi Filali
    Jordi Filali

    how did goose wayne get a babe like that

  • Logan Irwin
    Logan Irwin

    just subbed

  • It's SpideyIThink
    It's SpideyIThink

    tseries gay

  • Sean

    He forgot the eyeliner. Would’ve really hit.

  • My name is Diana !!!!
    My name is Diana !!!!

    If u want subs make collabs and like do challenges 👍

  • Eric Thiele
    Eric Thiele

    1st PewDiePie video I've watched and my last. Very annoying.

  • Jasdeep Saini
    Jasdeep Saini

    He looks like racoon so that he is looking like "Rocket" from Marvel.....

  • nicobonik

    OwO whats this a dr phil video NOT about a teenager?!?!?!


    T series Is the best

  • WWE Official
    WWE Official

    *can I get 10 subs from strangers for no reason*

  • Jays adventures
    Jays adventures

    I always wonder if Dr Phil is real or not but I remember a girl I used to hang with at school was on dr Phil and it was actually real and pewdiepie even reacted to her. She’s the one that smoked the weed w her mom and her gramma told on her

  • Siriusfan

    I googled crotch and it dragged me into porn ...

  • Robert Hunt
    Robert Hunt

    More than 2 adds = dislike

  • Big Lass
    Big Lass

    I just got pewdiepies game as an add lmao

  • Hmongyaj1980

    He’s probably jealous of *BEN AFFLACK* ...

  • The Egg
    The Egg

    Who else thinks that Tseries is gonna pass Pewdiepie at some point!

  • Houston Sawyer
    Houston Sawyer

    goose wan was supposed to fight Gucci barry 😂😂

  • Angelene Yambao
    Angelene Yambao

    Send him to the ranch

  • Mark Darkautumn
    Mark Darkautumn

    Переводил название в Гугле?

  • Floweritzell S
    Floweritzell S

    Ronaldo the dog approves so he’s good 👍🏼

  • Mint

    HE is fatman.

  • Don Val
    Don Val

    how did pewds even notice the blurred crotch?

  • Redder

    Batman is dissapointed brad, get better in editing brad 1!

  • nightshade draws
    nightshade draws

    Goose *GAY* ne

  • Kate Green
    Kate Green

    I wouldn't actually mind being known as Mrs. Batman 😂😂

  • hmh

    My name is geovanny guess I'm batman

  • Killer Q
    Killer Q

    Dr. Phil better chill with his sexy ass

  • Vivares 76
    Vivares 76

    Brane bakes backman's brack

  • swiths00

    Fun fact: His name means “big penis” in somali the way you pronounce it not spell

  • Blaise Parenteau
    Blaise Parenteau

    Goose Wayne!? XD

  • Kym Lysaght
    Kym Lysaght

    Something clearly happen at war

  • Khalid Mohmmed
    Khalid Mohmmed

    I'm wondering what he will wear in halloween 🤔

  • Nick Fury
    Nick Fury

    15:50 it looks like she was trying to hold back her laugh/smile... They're probably troll...

  • Christian Young
    Christian Young

    She’s definitely the crazy one

  • Mike Jameson
    Mike Jameson

    ШакДоналдс Nobody...?

  • DjHazel

    I love you Felix

  • Nupa Meyers
    Nupa Meyers

    I spent half the video trying to read your hoodie

  • Zamiur

    PewDiePie's headphones are broken, he said p e r s o n a

  • Nick Fury
    Nick Fury

    10:14 Exposed!

  • Fuxing 666
    Fuxing 666


  • Choua Vue
    Choua Vue

    Goose has gone insane, honestly.The pressure to be the man he set for himself has gotten to him. And to avoid being a disgrace he has used Batman persona as a shield to every failure that tagged to him.

  • Taki Tazwar
    Taki Tazwar

    Why I don’t have 4k resolution in your video?!?!?

  • Warfare Commenting
    Warfare Commenting

    I'm white or black man

  • Kayleah Madsen
    Kayleah Madsen

    I got an ad

  • Sam Carey
    Sam Carey

    Send him to the ranch

  • Nazi Doge
    Nazi Doge

    If he's Batman I'm *_pizza time_* :}

  • indie rose
    indie rose

    what if them going on dr phil was just a ploy to try and get money to pay for their wedding ... HMMMMMMMMMMMM 🤔

  • Lil Juvenile
    Lil Juvenile

    You better sub to pewdiepie now do it

  • AreYouInTheStory

    Did his parents died ?

  • Mehreen Hasan
    Mehreen Hasan

    He's physically trained to be Batman!!! Pha pha pra pra (Boxing Sounds)

  • BlakeBigfoot

    That moment when Pewdiepie doesn't know the word "persona"... This is why I subscribed to T-Series.

  • Brother Joshua
    Brother Joshua

    Goose Wayne vs Chi Batman Who would win 😁😂

  • Zoe Frew
    Zoe Frew

    Good for him

  • Vladimir Putin
    Vladimir Putin

    All black people should be on dr. Phil cause they obviously are white people trying to be bat man

  • Josh Schipaanboord
    Josh Schipaanboord

    Like for t gay

  • The wretched Souls
    The wretched Souls

    she's cute af though !

  • YoungBoaSam

    Dr Phil btw

  • YoungBoaSam

    He cute

  • Brooke Vining
    Brooke Vining

    imagine if you just got done robbing a gas station and you walk out and there’s just a guy with a batman mask standing there

  • leo huang
    leo huang

    Pewdiepie made a 3 min video of an goose Wayne into 18 min of content.

  • Esai Castaneda
    Esai Castaneda

    Barber:what hair cut do you want:dr.phil:a fresh cut:barber:I think I fucked Up!

  • Virind Mey
    Virind Mey


  • Brooke Vining
    Brooke Vining

    he should make a vlog channel

  • maritimetimes

    wtf is that girl doing with him. this is a scam

  • StickInTheMuds

    “Batshit” crazy

  • Ashley Miller
    Ashley Miller

    They said he could become anything, so he became his own Batman.... And a possible mental patient

  • Raphael Linardi
    Raphael Linardi


  • Panchis Arellano
    Panchis Arellano

    Hi pp

  • Ted Leblanc
    Ted Leblanc

    I just realized that this guy was the guy who fought Joker305 in New York

  • Ty Tratar
    Ty Tratar

    It’s pathetic what people will do for their 15 minutes of fame!

  • Proxima Playz
    Proxima Playz

    Phil Time **clap** **clap**

  • KenzoTDM YT
    KenzoTDM YT


  • Keith Foster
    Keith Foster

    Mentally ill definitely needs to be medicated

  • Kelly Rodgers
    Kelly Rodgers

    He's doing it for fame, there's no way he is serious....

  • Rajat Prakash Music
    Rajat Prakash Music

    Because I am batman!

  • Adam Tube
    Adam Tube

    Lol I got some weird ad where some little girl was dressed up as a superhero

  • Alex Colegate
    Alex Colegate

    She's cute, I'll fill his spot.

  • Just A GaMe ER
    Just A GaMe ER

    The reason when he shows the video theBackground is red and black because he doesn’t want to get copyrighted by the way use code TFUE

  • ——estrella angelika——
    ——estrella angelika——

    Why hasn’t t Dr.Phil noticed you 🥴👋

  • ThatLazyLizard

    Damn I gotta step up my fursona

  • Daisy Cancer
    Daisy Cancer

    Hi I'm Daisy

  • Irwin Chu
    Irwin Chu

    Does the guy know that batmans power is being rich like tony stark

  • Corina H
    Corina H

    He is so much more entertaining than you!

  • Modern Gamer
    Modern Gamer

    You PewDiePie you lose you Sweden you lose

  • Marcelliani Chou
    Marcelliani Chou

    I genuinely concern toward his fiance. But this is so funny, I'm sorry.