Doing An Easter Egg Hunt For My Dogs
Here's iJustine's video with her dog Matty and sister Jenna
And also today is Julien's birthday!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY WONDERFUL JULIEN MY BEST FRIEND I LOVE YOU!!! That's all hope you liked this and I'm actually planning on doing it again for Easter Sunday because the dogs had so much fun. Definitely worth doing with your dogs or your cat idk your life maybe your cat is into it they're into all kinds of shit. Alright see you next week bye.
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  • a name
    a name

    6:55 is exactly like that vine where the cat pulls the plug through the hole

  • Bree Harsha
    Bree Harsha

    Can we Please get an update on the swimming video?

  • Jasmine Kaminski
    Jasmine Kaminski

    i need more peachy time, shes beautiful and i love her

  • Mike Jacklin
    Mike Jacklin


  • Sophie M.
    Sophie M.

    when peach jumped on the island i lost it

  • Socially Undead
    Socially Undead

    They're both the Easter Bunny? Haha! Cute! *Now fight to the death.*

  • Justina Jane
    Justina Jane

    It comes from the pagan goddess Ostara and her holiday about rebirth hence the eggs like new spring birds. Also bunnies bc they rep fertility.....Christianity just stole it for the Jesus story tho it maybe correlated w his ‘’death’’ timing. Idk.. Marbles is so cute love you lil buddy been watching since the beginning!

  • M Greenwood
    M Greenwood

    They're not even my dogs and I'm beyond entertained. Also, be careful with "spineless" cacti as they usually have glochids, which are very small hair-like structures that can pierce skin and are hard to see/get out.

  • Brooklynn Bowlan
    Brooklynn Bowlan

    I have that same carpet.

  • Alexis Grayble
    Alexis Grayble

    Am I the only one crying at 13:39-13:44 😂😂😂

  • Alexandra R.
    Alexandra R.

    Does anyone else see Mango standing in the background like a statue at 0:46 - 0:48?

  • Kailey Bach
    Kailey Bach

    At 0:47 peach sits in front of the fire like perfectly and I don’t know why but I died laugh at it

  • Gracie Ann
    Gracie Ann


  • Megan Campos
    Megan Campos

    16:16 Kermit sounded like a flute

  • laurenelizabethsmiles

    Aww they did so good! :)

  • Cheshire Cat
    Cheshire Cat

    Jenna pretending to be the Easter billby for marbles is true parenting

  • Sarah T
    Sarah T

    Hi I googled the “Easter Bilbly” and the first result on images is terrifying

  • vj seg
    vj seg

    Marble is so funny

  • E Wood
    E Wood

    Speaking of eggs Jenna. You should consider freezing some of your eggs. If you’re 32 and not ready for a baby at least you’ll have good, youngish eggs when you’re ready!! ❤️

  • E Wood
    E Wood

    I’m 50 without kids and 3 dogs. I’m so doing this next Easter.

  • Anoud Fahad
    Anoud Fahad

    Kermit in the background at 0:46 😂😂😂

  • ewan donnachie
    ewan donnachie

    Julian scared the fuck out of me I literally said Jesus

  • Amélie J
    Amélie J

    Peach is actually an apex predator

  • Nora S
    Nora S

    10:19 nice crocs jenna

  • Denver Davis
    Denver Davis

    When did marble come back from the dead? This is the most alive I’ve seen him

  • Lexi Berry
    Lexi Berry

    Julien walking around in that costume hiding the eggs looks like its straight out of some horror movie....

  • 3ndless

    What dog breeds are all of your dogs

    • Jordan Wells
      Jordan Wells

      3ndless peach and cermit are italian greyhounds and marble is a chihuahua!

  • David Taylor
    David Taylor

    You've officially gone insane

  • Heron Is Still a Pigeon
    Heron Is Still a Pigeon

    Marbles has been revived for one day and one day only, only to be stifled by blades of grass.

  • steve bartz
    steve bartz

    Well, since you put this out for all to see, let me go against the patronizing current of the other comments and just say that you people are absolutely retarded.

  • Aniloj Aliesh Nasilarap
    Aniloj Aliesh Nasilarap

    "Although you are very cute, but that was sooooo much." No... Jenna... You are.

  • samfinnorchard


  • Abitofadecline

    Marble actually looked like he was having such a good time, it made me really happy. Very wholesome.

  • Mia Moments
    Mia Moments

    Please make a video where you read weird Wikipedia pages and comment on it

  • Random Af
    Random Af

    No in Australia there is no Easter bilby 😂

  • Jenwei Tan
    Jenwei Tan

    We got tilapia as a pest over there, many are consider pest in Australia...

  • Modicum_Lumen

    In Australia we don’t really say Easter billby... most parts in Australia we don’t really have rats so we really don’t find them as pests..

  • Bazil Goldberg
    Bazil Goldberg


  • Sara Gould
    Sara Gould

    This is the most wholesome thing I’ve ever watched

  • Demetria Van Helsing
    Demetria Van Helsing

    1:00 Peach sitting directly in the middle of the fireplace and staring into my soul has so much energy

  • šuηƒレøωërśêεdš

    yes the easter bilby is a thing here. but i like bunnies so, australia has to get their game on.

  • Hello Moto
    Hello Moto

    Peach is so smart 😮

  • Anabelle Cabato
    Anabelle Cabato

    Marbles is like Dora

  • Kimberly Waldron
    Kimberly Waldron

    Anyone else notice how with each dog their intelligence level grows lol

  • JAy Dub
    JAy Dub

    I love the organ music in the background. Sooo cute. Y’all are the cutest parents.

  • Malaysha Morgan
    Malaysha Morgan

    Marbles: Borderline Kermit: Average Peach: Gifted

  • Michael Ratliff
    Michael Ratliff

    Uhh, and another Human "Flying over the CooCoo's nest....Good Grief...DOGS ARE ANIMALS, NOT CHILDREN

  • Daniela Navarro
    Daniela Navarro

    They look so funny when they're on the hunt, Italian greyhounds are a living meme

  • Hagashager

    To answer your question on the Easter Bunny, the Rabbit is a symbol of Fertility. The modern Christian holiday of Easter is an evolution of the Celtic fertility festival, of which a Rabbit was one of that festival's main symbols. After the fall of the Western Roman Empire the Church in Rome effectively made pagan holidays Christian as a way to ease tension between Christians and Celtic Pagans. The end result is that a lot of Christian holidays have seemingly arbitrary components that have nothing to do with the Christian faith. Another good example is Krampus being a pre-Christian mythological monster that was then converted into a symbol of Satan that trails St. Nicolas.

  • Andie Wilson
    Andie Wilson

    The Easter bilby gets a KNOIFE and MURDERS ChILDREN

  • Baylee Beltrame
    Baylee Beltrame

    No Australians still call him the Easter bunny from my experience

  • Molly Hall
    Molly Hall

    I cant wait to see this with Bunny next year

  • Thieves Tools
    Thieves Tools

    Kermit is me in high school. Peach is me in middle school

  • Cooper Allgood
    Cooper Allgood

    I'm really curious here does marble have a smooth brain

  • This Is Me Can’t u see It’s a CZ
    This Is Me Can’t u see It’s a CZ

    Your dogs need to take you to a mental health doctor.YOU IDIOT

  • samantha racioppi
    samantha racioppi

    hey I'm from Australia THAT IS NOT TRUE we only see wild bunnies as pests and we still have an easter bunny

  • Derrick Zupf
    Derrick Zupf

    your stupid dogs again?! your. channel. now. sucks.

  • lucy ossi
    lucy ossi

    i love how they both wear crocs and they match their outfit. julien- dark easter bilby that murders children jenna- nice happy cute easter bunny

  • goobychoopa

    Jenna hands down has the funniest comments and content. She could eat a potato peel and I’d be entertained. Kermit eating out of an egg is the only asmr ill listen to

  • Chimz Are Quakin
    Chimz Are Quakin

    this is kinda latr but you can say Peach has mastered the egg challenge by carrying the eggs and not breaking them yet

  • Gemma Hart
    Gemma Hart

    yes this is true australia

  • Zoey H_grove
    Zoey H_grove

    she had to specify "dog height" to him because he would fuck around and put it way too high then laugh cuz they cant reach it lmaoooo

  • Moustache Maniac
    Moustache Maniac

    No, us australians still have bunnies 😂😂

  • Charity •
    Charity •

    2:31 Peach is like "okay mommy go ahead and murder"

  • Kelsey Girl
    Kelsey Girl

    I love Marbles. He is so damn cute. Lil og.

  • Ur Mom
    Ur Mom

    Noice crocs!


    Die forever

  • galaxy gal
    galaxy gal

    marble, who has no teeth, *still* drools less than kermit

  • blorgin1

    Useless little dogs with no survival instincts like marble make me a little angry for some reason

  • Ethan

    Maybe Juliet will get a horror movie edit this time

  • joong ki
    joong ki

    peach and marbles are like worlds apart you cant even tell they are from the same species

  • Cardi Bee
    Cardi Bee

    Bunny was around at this time huh?! HUH?!

  • Keegan Claassen
    Keegan Claassen

    Honestly the Marbles run is accurate for young kids in their first few hunts. Kermit is about the 5-7 range. Peach is the 8-10 range.

  • Claudia Stone
    Claudia Stone

    the Easter bilby XD. Hmm I don't recall an Easter Bilby coming to my house

  • L A
    L A

    Kermit the phioenix

  • Macy Manning
    Macy Manning

    This is me with my cats.

  • Amazing Alice
    Amazing Alice

    How and why did 2.3k people dislike this video, I always just imagined that Jenna was a Queen and everyone loves her ❤️

  • TOOTHLESS da boss
    TOOTHLESS da boss

    On,y some parts of Australia think bunnies are pest, I wang one but they are illegal :(

  • The Scrypher
    The Scrypher

    Okay, I can help bring light to the questions asked. First, Rabbits and Eggs symbolize fertility. Easter, the name, was created to overshadow the pegan holiday that celebrated Ezter (Queen of Fertility). Catholic Church created certain holidays, so they can pull attention from old pegan holidays. Have you ever heard of St. Patrick's Day? St. Patrick was responisble for introducing Christianity to Ireland.

  • Jennifer Vidal
    Jennifer Vidal

    13:42 letting ur cermats Crai will not halp dem graw

  • Sarina Salcedo
    Sarina Salcedo


  • Aria Sky
    Aria Sky

    1:00 find the Kermit!

  • Nils Nyman
    Nils Nyman

    Could only tolerate a couple minutes of the girl speaking through her nose. Ugh

  • Maartje Goede
    Maartje Goede

    I find a lot of thinks funny... But i rarely laugh out load. I laughed out load several timessz. I'm home alone but i donnnt CARE.

  • Ryan Wagner
    Ryan Wagner

    13:42... when the teacher moves you to the back of the class and you just watch all your friends have fun

  • CSG

    Marble is somehow both a toddler and a senile old man.

  • Rana Keküllüoğlu
    Rana Keküllüoğlu

    I can't concentrate in the video because peach I suppose just went to the perfect place to be in the video, right behind jenna in front of the fireplace. Lololol 😂😂

  • AHR

    seabiscuit is a braindead.

  • KickNames TakeAss
    KickNames TakeAss

    aight to clarify what the easter bilby is, we dont usually se bunnies/rabbits as pests, we just have a species called the Bilby which is like a Bunny, but has a longer snout, eats insects like spiders, crickets and berries if they can manage to find them, they are EXTREMELY endangered (there are less than 400 left..) in Australia, some families tell their children of the ordinary, "Easter bunny" and buy their children a chocolate bunny every year but in order to spread awarness of the endangered bilby, they brought out a chocolate bilby that if you but the chocolate bilby a part of the money is given to the "save the bilby fund" which helps the fund breed these precious little animals so that hopefully they can bring the numbers back up. personally i prefer the Easter bilbies because i know the money goes to saving an animal, but now because cadbury decided to not sell them anymore, the other companies decided to bump up the price because they're more rare now. so now theyre sold for 12 freaking $ EACH and only 60 cents of that goes to the bilby fund (which is pretty sad tbh) anyway thats the explanation of the easter bilby

  • Bianca Hatfield
    Bianca Hatfield

    Easter Bilby 😂😂😂 I'm from Oz, 36 and I still believe in the Easter bunny 👯‍♀️

  • Emma King
    Emma King

    Yes the Easter Bilby is a thing in Australia lol

    • Emma King
      Emma King

      And no he does not murder children. Just clarifying

  • Caitlin Ramsay
    Caitlin Ramsay

    Easter Bilby 100% !!

  • Tess M
    Tess M

    We do have an Easter bilby and rabbits are pests.. but the bilby doesn’t get the same love as the rabbit It was changed to try and teach kids that rabbits are pests and bilbys are native ✌🏼

  • Bexora Walcer
    Bexora Walcer

    😍 please do this every year! 💜

  • Amiee's WebSCam
    Amiee's WebSCam

    whos palace is this

  • Suzanna Stejke
    Suzanna Stejke

    Im fucking crying at marbles😂😂😂😂😂😂😂Cute baby

  • Larax Lx
    Larax Lx

    There is nothing I enjoy more in my life than watching videos of Jenna's dogs, they are all so precious.

  • Polly White
    Polly White

    Owww i can't wait for Bunny to play this next year 🐰🥚

  • LilDewwie

    I'm cry laughing at the: Jenna: "It's like taking candy from a baby!" Julian: "She made him look like a fooool." 😂😂😂

  • Bee Maddox
    Bee Maddox

    Peach fuckin LEVITATED