Doctor Reacts to Middle Ground: Pro-Vaccine vs Anti-Vaccine
Doctor Mike
Many of you have messaged me on IG, Twitter, and FB asking me to respond to this new video between Pro-Vaccine and Anti-Vaccine arguments. This is a hotly debated topic so lets please be respectful in the comments!
Jubilee Media has an excellent series called Middle Ground where they have folks with opposing beliefs on controversial topics sit beside one another to discuss their views. I have long been a fan of this type of moderated content and applaud Jubilee for setting this up.
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  • JoEllen Kay
    JoEllen Kay

    anti vaxxers are the reason i’m going to become a doctor

  • Alex Riley
    Alex Riley

    Lol I would not as a sane person disagree with doctors because i’ll only sound ignorant and stupid.

  • Rebecca Tucker
    Rebecca Tucker

    Anti Vac parents should be done for child neglect and tbh endangerment to the public. Just because of your bad experience you think it's okay to then expose hundreds of other children/people to illness? Talk about selfish. And let's not forget people with compromised immune systems, infants, the elderly, all rely on the rest of the population to be healthy. Some people die during routine operations from various complications such as being allergic to the anesthesia, should we then stop all operations forever just because a few people died over the number of people who are saved by these treatments? If these people really cared that much about the safety, they'd be advocating for harsher penalties to negligent doctors, promote the safety of patients, create a national standard for patient care, etc etc. Not tell people to rub magic piss juice on their face to cure their lymphoma.

  • Sally

    Choice is of utmost importance. If there is a risk it should never be enforced. Slaves don't understand this basic right and never will.

  • Martyna Liszkiewicz
    Martyna Liszkiewicz

    A video about benzodiazepines/antidepressants!!!

  • SuperJohn12354

    if your an anti vax person reading this go read Roald Dahl's letter, he's author that wrote a lot of children's books you will read to your child, just read the letter about his daughter that died the year before the missiles vaccine was available .

  • Random Duder
    Random Duder

    Well you know what they say.... Everything has drawbacks

  • crisxiii

    What's up with all the stupidity going on around these days? Flatearthers and antivax people. Vacation is a good thing.

  • Jewfro Newfro
    Jewfro Newfro

    The Arthritis woman is a bit ridiculous. I was diagnosed with Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis at the age of 14. To have the argument of "you are too young to have arthritis" is dumb. There are actually conferences put on by the Juvalile Arthritis foundation where there are absolute herds of kids from few month olds to 18 year olds that all gather in major cities twice a year were we all learn about how we got our arthritis and make friends. I can't stand people who use that argument because I feel it insults the all the other kids and I that actually have arthritis because I feel it's just a big middle finger. At least for my form of arthritis nobody knows how it forms or in what stage of life it forms at but to blame a vaccine for any type of arthritis is ridiculous if you are basing it off the fact that you are "too young". I know this isn't the point of the video but I just couldn't help but comment about such an annoying topic for me.

  • Tara Hosseini
    Tara Hosseini

    Please react to "doctor stranger"! Its on netflix or Viki with english subtitles!

  • Luka Štemberger
    Luka Štemberger

    Isn't it better to let people decide whether to vaccinate themselves when they're 18, since the Earth is unsustainably overpopulated?

  • Jayde W
    Jayde W

    When I was younger I almost choked on some food. I’ve choked multiple times on different types of food, so obviously I decided to investigate and read a few articles. Apparently there have been others with the same experience with food as well and some mommy blogs say that the dangers of food outweigh the “benefits” they may have. Because of that experience I now see the dangers of consuming food. So subsequently I don’t give my child any food what so ever because there’s always that chance of choking and it just doesn’t seem worth it. Our family likes to choose the more natural route, we photosynthesize. Please respect our decision. #AntiFooders

  • Psymonks

    The Middle Ground video is sooooooooo dumb.

  • Justin White
    Justin White

    I do not vaxx anymore but I WILL vaxx my kids if I have any... Some people's immune systems are better than others' but kids are small and their immune system isn't as great.

  • Trojan Lamb
    Trojan Lamb

    The easiest way to spread a weaponised pathogen is through forced vaccines.

  • Crystal Thompson
    Crystal Thompson

    The chances of the child getting sick because of the vaccine reminds me of when females have their babies. They make females sign a paper that says when they inject the medicine that helps them with pain, the hospital is essentially not responsible if the female ends up paralyzed. It rarely happens I think, but females take that risk when they take the medicine because the risk is lower than the minimalizing a woman's pain during labor. I hope that makes sense lol

  • Nanette Chiverella
    Nanette Chiverella

    Dr, have you since done any research yourself? Understandably you may not have much time. Would you be willing and able to watch some videos and or movies? - The Truth About Vaccines - Silent Epidemic : The Untold story of Vaccines - Vaccination - The Silent Epidemic - The Greater Good - Shots In The Dark - Vaccination The Hidden Truth - Vaccine Nation - Vaccination - The Truth About Vaccines - Lethal Injection - Bought - Deadly Immunity - Autism - Made in the USA - Beyond Treason - Trace Amounts - Vaxxed: From Cover-up to Catastrophe - Why We Don't Vaccinate - Autism Yesterday - Denmark Documentary on HPV Vaccine - Man Made Epidemic - 50 Cents A Dose - Direct Orders - Dtap - Vaccine Roulette

  • Isha Aguilera
    Isha Aguilera

    I wish I could punch the stupid out of anti vaxers

  • Ese Callum
    Ese Callum

    The majority of 'anti-vaxxers' are just parents who were all in favour of vaccination until a jab killed or maimed their children. They are just trying to warn other parents of the risks (that are not disclosed) encourage them to read the vaccine package insert (that you are not given) and then make an informed decision. Unlike vaccine manufacturers, there's no money to be made and it's done simply to save parents the pain that the parents of vaccine injured children endure every day. I speak as a once pro Vax parent with 3 vaccine injured children and one healthy unvaccinated child. Vaccine makers make billions in profit, GPs get cash bonuses for giving jabs. It's all about greed and nothing about health. We are facing a health crisis for our children , cancers ALL, rising at scary rates and yet all you are scared of is measles.

  • Jessica Innes
    Jessica Innes

    Vaccines are free here in Australia, most kids get them and the worst I’ve seen is someone faint cause they were scared of needles

  • Tay T
    Tay T

    Anti vaccinating ppl r just ignorant 😌

  • PaperPlanesParadise

    Did vaccine corp bribe you into this?

  • Lostcrayon99


  • QuestionDeca

    Reminds me of the anti-abortionists that purposefully brought disgusting images to a farmer’s market when you talked about the people yelling outside doctor’s offices.

  • Khaji Null
    Khaji Null

    The problem with vaccines is that you can’t play sports if you don’t have one. You can’t go to a public school if you don’t have one it’s becoming a requirement. I’ve only had 3 vaccines in my life from when I was a baby and why I will never because also all of my friends that have gotten one for let’s say flu got the flu after

  • Jake Universe
    Jake Universe

    mother tells veteran doctor she knows more about medicine and than him

  • Robert Simmons
    Robert Simmons

    This is one of the reasons I don't trust the government is that they constantly lie and you have to sue them to eventually get the truth

  • Wendy Beacall
    Wendy Beacall

    in the 1940's my father had diptheria and he was in an isolation ward with 40 odd other boys for six weeks. Each night he heard boys die. He heard them cough to death. All they could do is lie there and try not to die. Whooping cough deaths here in Australia went from over 100 per 100,000 population in 1960, down to ZERO and it stayed at ZERO until the 80's In the 70's a kid I went to school with a kid who caught measles and died, another kid caught mumps and became sterile. Take the bloody vaccines. I have had a bad reaction to a triple antigen in the 90's but every one I have had since then have been fine. IF you have a bad reaction, tell your dr straight away. Some vaccines can be blended in more than one way. My triple antigen cannot be made from horse serum but by cow.

  • Rheanna Schmidt
    Rheanna Schmidt

    Thank you for this video. I'm frustrated with how a country who proclaims to be #1 is so anti-science.

  • Septlaxer Gaming
    Septlaxer Gaming

    The middle ground IS vaccinating - if you dont vaccinate your child may die, if you vaccinate your kid may get autism - death is WAY worse than autism. They act ass though Autism is the end of the world. This is precisely why I cannot understand the logic of people who go against vaccinations - it's preposterous for people to assume that autism is worse than death - plenty of people are high functioning and a large portion of the population fall somewhere on the spectrum, so to say that a risk of that is worse than death itself shows how little regard these people have for their own child's wellbeing.

  • David Woodley
    David Woodley

    "Bob" in the video, is actually named Doctor Robert Sears, and is on a 35 month probation for his anti-vaccine stance because he conducted gross-negligence by not giving a 7 year old the vaccines who should of had vaccines, who went on to be "patient zero" of a measles outbreak "resulted in 839 exposed persons, 11 additional cases (all in unvaccinated children), and the hospitalisation of an infant too young to be vaccinated....[with] a net public-sector cost of $10,376 per case.... 48 children too young to be vaccinated were quarantined, at an average family cost of $775 per child". "Bob" is a moron and deserves to be in jail.

  • Hefty Guy
    Hefty Guy

    You should be Vaccinated no questions asked, no debate, we and others shouldnt be put at risk so you can feel good and tell your kids if they live past the age of 10 that you protested something.

  • Squall4Rinoa

    "YOU" don't look at individual vaccines, that is not YOUR job, your job is to inform the patient, note down when reactions happen and to listen to your patient. The people who's job it is to look at the vaccines are failing to do the work thoroughly or ommitting data to fit their desired results, and also standing in the way of programs to improve the safety of vaccines such as requiring genetic screenings before hand. The blanket program is hurting people, and most people aren't even developing immunities (based on Titre levels) from the vaccines for the notion of Herd immunity to even work. "Weighing them" is the same as "Downplaying". Intentional omission was a fact with the MMR Vax. Falsified data is a current issue with the Gardasil vax. And The industry misleads the impact of vaccination when compared against historical graphs that demonstrate cases were near 0 well before the vax came in. A measles-like infecton is measles. having the vaccination does not change the fact it is measles. Having the vaccination doesn't prevent aquiring the infection or spreading that infection, when vaccination works it reduces the duration and potential severity, BUT YOU ARE STILL INFECTIOUS. And don't send your recently vaccinated children to school or take them to a GP clinic, you'll likely cause an outbreak and might kill some womans unborn child.

  • RadiusZero

    Anyone who keeps insisting that because vaccines carry the POTENTIAL for side-effects we should not have them, should also opt out of taking over-the-counter medicine, committing to surgery, flying, driving, and pretty much every thing else in life since all of those things carries a risk. Yet, in all those scenarios, the benefits outweigh the risks. It's also not like doctors are treating each case the same way. First thing doctors ask when you need to be prescribed anything is whether you suffer from allergies or harmful side-effects from certain medications or vaccines.

  • Brittany Herring
    Brittany Herring

    You’re on point. Wow. !!!!!

  • FAZE Morninstah
    FAZE Morninstah

    I'm not anti vaccine, but I don't think parents who don't should be ridiculed like murderers or forced to. Because in first world countries such as Australia, America and England. There are rarely times compared to the rest of the world, where someone's life is saved purely because they were vaccinated.

  • Cafe Caram
    Cafe Caram

    i dont understand how this discussion in a so called first world country like the USA is even a thing? Here in Germany the thought about not to vaccine yourself and your children is a NO GO! we live so close together and affect each other so fast that the risk is to great in this day and age to not vaccine.

  • pearcake

    If I’m building a house, I’ll hire a construction engineer. If I need a legal opinion and protection, I hire a lawyer. And when looking for medical advice, I trust the doctors that know way more than I do. Antivax is just stupid!

  • Gail P
    Gail P

    I once saw a tweet that some people don't prefer having vaccination because their body have allergic reaction to the vaccine

  • Ivan Tafolla
    Ivan Tafolla

    I wanna cough in there face

  • Emma W.
    Emma W.

    I have not one, but two autoimmune diseases. Hashimotos and crohns. I am one of the people that's protected from herd immunity. I get vaccinated but even with vaccines I can become very sick. I know the vaccines helped because I refused the pneumonia vaccine because I thought vaccines were harming me, but every winter, like clockwork, I got it and nearly died more than once. That was the worst I had ever been.. After the worst case I'd ever had when I was 18 and actually coded, I got the vaccine. I got pneumonia the following year but my symptoms stayed minor. I didn't go to the hospital once. I got better within two weeks. I can confidently say vaccines saved my life.

  • Wolfie Walfimations
    Wolfie Walfimations

    Karen, takes the kids, decides to not vaccinate them

  • Valdemire Kreshnov
    Valdemire Kreshnov

    Nobody wants to be, or wants their child to be that 10% that the Vaccine harms. Edit: Just out of curiosity, if a patient had a severe side effect and suffered a permanent disability due to a Vaccine; What would you say to them?

  • Kiara Sky
    Kiara Sky

    what a well-spoken and educated doctor! i’m glad i avoided watching the actual jubilee video and stumbled across this reaction instead. his stance on the matter is clear, but he’s able to find vices and virtues in both arguments instead of pointing his finger at the opposing side. i wish more people could be like this. thank you for this! god bless.

  • Owen Yin
    Owen Yin

    I'd just like to point out to all these dumbass anti vaxxers...Vaccinations depend on one of the mechanisms your body naturally uses to defend yourself. And many of the things these parents are complaining about are correlated, which DOES NOT mean they are necessarily causing each other, or that they are related at all. It's like the video games and violence thing; Do violent video games cause violence, or do violent people just like violent video games? Not enough data or research to really definitively tell, but it looks like the latter. That these people cherrypick, what, a hundred cases of CORRELATION-not-CAUSATION to prove they're right out of, what, tens of millions? Hundreds of millions? Low billions, even? Successful and mostly successful cases, and that this ALLOWS some of the deadliest diseases we CAN DEFEND AGAINST and ERADICATE to persist is disgusting to me. And these people claim to be educated. Maybe so. But more medically knowledgeable than the doctor who trained for around a decade to be able to help people and advise them on their health? That's like not trusting engineers to build a building, so you're going to *do it yourself* even though you don't have an *ounce* of engineering experience.

  • Kylie Mcnichols
    Kylie Mcnichols

    *HIGHLY IMPORTANT PLEASE READ* Yes this is random, but I feel that it is important for a lot of people. I may not know your name, and I do not know who you are or what you do, but I just wanted to put it out there that your an amazing human being and and deserve the world. You could be wondering: "Me, a wonderful human? no." Well, your wrong. Everyone on earth has a purpose, and yours might be to entertain the world, or to raise a beautiful family, or to provide to your community, or something else. Just know that you have a reason to be here so disregard all mistakes you have made no matter how large they are, because a mistake is just that. A MISTAKE, or ACCIDENT; something that you regret or something that was not done on purpose. As long as you can realize that it was a mistake, your fine. God put you here because he wants you here. All pain, depression and anxiety is temporary. Trust me, as a teenager battling depression, I get it. I know how you feel. Although it might feel like none of it ever ends, I promise, pain is TEMPORARY. There have been moments in my life when I questioned why I am here and why I just don't die. I have realized that there is a purpose to life and we all should be here. Remember always to stay true to yourself and shine on. My snap is kylie_mcn if anyone wants to vent to me or just need a person to talk to. The suicide hotline in America is 1-800-273-8255. If you don't live in the US, then you can google your countries number.💙💙 ~ Kylie

  • Calla Grace
    Calla Grace

    i was honestly just looking at his face the whole time.

  • _jeff _
    _jeff _

    weird leftists wanna use logic for vaccinating children but not killing children aka aboriton

  • TheCodFather

    I grew up never getting vaccinated, and have not even had as much as a cold since i was 4. I had my first flu shot last year. The more i learn, the more i am okay with them(im pre-med). I would say i lean more towards vaccines, but i would NEVER support making vaccines mandatory. I totally agree with the compassion part towards Anti-vaxxers. I was a part of that life for almost my entire life, so i understand where they are coming from, even if they are wrong. I am not in favor of forcing anything. Just like people wanting to bad vaping. Yes it can cause problems, but just put the information out there, and educate people. If they ignore it, then that is their right.

  • SquishySquid

    Who also thinks she has a wig on 😂

  • James Roache
    James Roache

    Sorry for bringing this up, but the vaccine and antivax thing is Very similar to the 1950's and the black/white thing

  • chris berg
    chris berg

    I don’t see how you can sit across from doctors and argue about what they spent years in school learning

  • VoodooAngels

    The only problem I have with the anti-vaccine movement is that we allow them to mingle with vaccinated people. If we were to have an anti-vax register that they have to sign up for and compel/force them to live in their own neighbourhoods, the problem would solve itself in a generation. It seems wildly unfair that they get to benefit from herd immunity while refusing to contribute to it.

  • Mang0 Məmes
    Mang0 Məmes

    Tonight on CNN news international. 19 children die from measels due to one soccer mom who refused to prevent her child from getting cancer and other deadly diseases. For all of you who are wondering she is a soccer mom and her son who is not dead yet has three sstsnof essential oils per day and takes all natural veagan food in his biodegradable lunch pain to his private school.

  • Kyu Choi
    Kyu Choi

    In the meantime there is measles outbreak in Washington State among un-vaccinated children...

  • Bill Johns
    Bill Johns

    So pharma companies are giving children free vaccines?.......I think he'll find that the government is paying for them, profit is always being made.

  • MY BFF
    MY BFF

    happy youtube?

  • Brove Cheesecake2
    Brove Cheesecake2

    If you are eligible to get a vaccine do so unless told otherwise by professional

  • OhMyAg0ny

    Years of scientific advancement to reach a point that: "because it happen TO MY CHILD it shouldn't be given to children. Fuck society and the people who can't get vaccinated". Less than 100 years ago children were dying of conditions that are now prevented/almost eradicated due to vaccination. Parents back then would have given anything to not let their children die. Now, we come to this point. This is absolutely insane. The problem is that pro-vaccine people give and understand their concerns, and multiple studies have been made that prove that vaccines are not as deadly as they think they are. Yet they won't listen to it. It became a: my child my choice situation. So that child that lost all their limbs due to a preventable disease? Was it his choice to live like this? This is absolutely crazy...

  • Dee Dee
    Dee Dee

    Funny how those that get vaccinated are always sick with the weakest immune system! If vaccines do their job, why aren’t the elderly allowed to get vaccines? They can die if they get vaccinated and it damages their immune system.. contradicting is it not? Build your immune system naturally.. the pharmaceutical companies are out to make money, not to save you 🤦🏽‍♀️ Not even doctors know what ingredients are in vaccines, they aren’t taught that shit. So if doctors don’t even know, how the fuck are you suppose to know? People want to back this shit up with no knowledge either. If you and your kid are vaccinated and you believe in that system, why are you so scared of people/children that aren’t vaccinated? It’s the vaccinated people that are getting everyone else sick, not the other way around. So over this shit, if someone is anti vax and you’re not, fuck off... it doesn’t affect you because your vaccinated and it “supposedly” works, so shut the fuck up and go on with your day.

    • Bryan Riley
      Bryan Riley

      I can't find any sources about elderly people not receiving vaccines. A quick google search netted me this list of vaccination ingredients Vaccines are not one hundred percent effective at stopping disease, so staying away from people who are carriers is a good idea, even though the symptoms will be milder. Also, there are people who can't get vaccines because their immune system is too weak, or they are allergic. I know of some cases where people transmit disease through vaccines, but they are few and far between. Not vaccinating runs the risk of sickening people who are unable to get them. This is not just for me or you, but for all. I sincerely hope you have a nice day. Please reply if you have any questions.

  • Lucephos

    I was really hoping Mike would say something about how "Doctor" Bob Sears is currently being disciplined for his bullshit by the medical board.

  • Bianca Pearson
    Bianca Pearson

    so well said‼️

  • WhiteKoneko

    Vaccines actually saved my life when I was very little, just a baby. I ended up catching whooping cough and my parents told me I was extremely sick, crying and coughing. Years later when I was in elementry school in late 90s - early 2000s there was an epidemic that landed many kids in the hospital(myself included). Again I made it through cause my body's immune system had been prepared and my doctor's help got me better. So, YES I vaccinate myself keeping up to date with any shot I need. Jump forward to the present and I'm gonna to be a mother hopefully soon. My kid WILL be breast feed, bottle fed, and yes VACCINATED!!

  • Midnite St0rm
    Midnite St0rm

    I think the issue is vaccines work TOO well. They sound way too good to be true, which is why anti-vaxxers get skeptical

  • olivia byrne
    olivia byrne

    That girl with the bangs makes me want to punch myself in the face

  • Shlok Homs
    Shlok Homs

    Its so sad to see diseases that were eradicated coming back because of people that do not think of the bigger picture. Lets be honest guys humanity had its peak from 1990-2012 and since its spiralling downwards

  • Yumna Amir
    Yumna Amir

    After the recent measles outbreak... kids that were not vaccinated are going against their parent's views and taking action to be vaccinated

  • JDChurch118

    They really only had 1 pro vaccine on the show, so not really fair ambushing them with 3 undereducated anti-vaccivaccinasupporters.

  • Emily Draper
    Emily Draper


  • Ashleyapples

    I think there are some powerful alternative medicine out there that can be powerful to stop some of these deadly diseases. I'm not sure why vaccine should always be the way.

  • Galactic Tuna
    Galactic Tuna

    I had to do a satirical essay on a problem in modern society for my English 11 class, I did the anti-vaxxers.

  • Cloudy Eight
    Cloudy Eight

    Great video!

  • Swaggy CheeseDog
    Swaggy CheeseDog

    I was vaccinated for chicken pox, but I got chicken pox. I don’t believe in vaccines

  • Comrade Vadim
    Comrade Vadim

    Bro, if your sick, just be healthy. Dont get the big deal here?

  • jm

    the issue with anti-vaxxers is that their field of view is so small and they zero in the tiniest error as evidence

  • Isabella Alvarez
    Isabella Alvarez


  • Anaisa Johnston-LaGrone
    Anaisa Johnston-LaGrone

    Please react to this video of a man talking about how the sun/tanning beds DON'T CAUSE CANCER. It seriously just makes me cringe.відео-5yYN_fXhoCg.html

  • Airoh Walker
    Airoh Walker

    When I was little I had severe seizures as a reaction to the MMR vaccine and I haven’t been vaccinated since. I am strongly pro-vaccine. I may not be vaccinated, but it is because of that I have relied on herd immunity. It’s children who have had experiences like I did that should be the reason to try getting kids vaccinated not the reason to avoid them.

  • rachelelizabeth05

    What makes me mad is that I have asthma so the flu can be especially deadly. When people dont get vaccinated, im more likely to get the flu. it angers me

  • Erin Winfield
    Erin Winfield

    He should have just been in the show oh my gooddd

  • Freskida Rrushi
    Freskida Rrushi

    this doctor is very very handsome.... but ok back to the issue..

  • ABFC Canada
    ABFC Canada

    I think who they have on the show tells alot. On the anti vax side they have a "doctor" that is no longer allowed to really call himself one and be legit and 2 people with no actual education on the matter just what they have in there lives and what they think is caused by vaccines but prbly in reality isnt then on the other "side" (side in quotes because there rlly is no debate there is being healthy and knowing whats real and idiocy) they have doctors who have years of education and experience in the field and have experienced the real life consequences of anti vaxxers in there proffesion and know whats real.

  • Nicholas Obviouslyfakelastnamebecauseprivacy
    Nicholas Obviouslyfakelastnamebecauseprivacy

    my hands hurt because of arthritis, but thanks to polio, I cant feel my hands anymore!

  • trippalita

    Please review Cells At Work. Its an anime about the human body and I think you'd like it. Also I want to see your reaction and opinions

  • lil brazen
    lil brazen

    Imagine living to the age of 20 while being unvaccinated might as well be god himself

  • luvdisneyworld

    Was everyone else turned on when he got fired up at the end talking about how vaccines protect kids? No? Just me? Okay... lmao

  • Pro Vaxer
    Pro Vaxer

    Your kind . it's very clear that the anti vaxer in the middle is lying. Note how her story changes and how she disrespectfully murmurs and carries on over the other people.

  • Aleah King
    Aleah King

    So curious what was going though his head every time he almost paused

  • Stranger Than You
    Stranger Than You

    When I was twelve, I had a reaction to two different vaccines. I had bruise in the areas that had been injected and I remember them hurting pretty badly. We talked to the doctor the next day and she said, "You were probably just moving around too much" or something along those lines. We trusted her, and I tried really hard not to move the next time that I had to get my vaccines. I've never had that reaction after trying to be more still. If my family had become anti-vaxx because of my bruises, then they would have put my life at more risk for me being a gittery kid.

  • Mason Harmatiuk
    Mason Harmatiuk

    So the moral of the story is, have seizures from a vaccine, or live in an iron lung from polio.

  • Victor Slabb
    Victor Slabb

    Do a video in regards to routine male infant circumcision.

  • Mr, Shakkerr
    Mr, Shakkerr

    I'm actually glad that we have these people who are ANTI-VACCINE. Without their opposition - some people would think that a FLU vaccine could prevent the COMMON COLD.

  • Mason Harmatiuk
    Mason Harmatiuk

    Penn and Teller did a great skit on this topic, if you want to search it up

  • Leopoldo3

    Anti-vaxers are often the most retarded people in this world they are willing to risk others lives because their kid got a reaction to some vaccine once so emotional and so stupid.

  • savirazaria

    ok youtube I'll watch it

  • Nicole Basil
    Nicole Basil

    You should watch Law and Orders "Granting Immunity" episode. Brings to light what happens when someone does not vaccinate their child and in turn convinces others to do the same.

  • Primrose Jhonson
    Primrose Jhonson

    this is cringe

  • Internal Clorox
    Internal Clorox

    More people are going to die from diseases than from failed vaccinations. Please Vaccinate yourself and your loved ones if you can. Vaccines are a privilege. Be grateful that you have the choice to avoid catching harmful diseases.

  • A Guy And His PC
    A Guy And His PC

    Hundreds of millions of humans dying of disease for hundreds of thousands of years and now people turn away life saving vaccines so they can think they are a freethinker and know something scientists don't. The human ego is strong

  • craig 45
    craig 45

    Anti vaxxer logic Anti- vaxxer: "We shouldn't feed our kids. When my daughter was little she choked on a piece of bread and because of that I don't want her eating anymore." Doctor: "Yes, but eating prevents starving." Anti-Vaxxer: "Sure, but its not smart to ingnore all of the risks food has on children." Doctor: "Yes, you do have a small risk of choking everytime you eat, but not being anorexic is a bigger reward." Anti-Vaxxer: "I don't care, I know my child best, it should be optional whether you feed your kid or not." Doctor:😧