Doctor Reacts to Middle Ground: Pro-Vaccine vs Anti-Vaccine
Doctor Mike
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Many of you have messaged me on IG, Twitter, and FB asking me to respond to this new video between Pro-Vaccine and Anti-Vaccine arguments. This is a hotly debated topic so lets please be respectful in the comments!
Jubilee Media has an excellent series called Middle Ground where they have folks with opposing beliefs on controversial topics sit beside one another to discuss their views. I have long been a fan of this type of moderated content and applaud Jubilee for setting this up.
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  • ghostpeyton

    When an anti vaxx questions a doctor Antivaxxer: chuckles, I'm in danger

  • Jessie Colt Goines
    Jessie Colt Goines

    "wE study them before we released into the public so we do know they're safe" I would be willing to bet that you never studied vaccines yourself and that all you learned in medical school about vaccines is how and when to administer said vaccines.

  • Jessie Colt Goines
    Jessie Colt Goines

    The likelihood that a child will contract measles is extremely rare and even then only one in 10,000 children with measles dies. The MMR vaccination however claims the wife of WAY more children than the measles itself. Considering the fact that none of the diseases we have a vaccine to protect against is deadly I can't fathom any reason whatsoever why anyone would choose to vaccinate their child.

  • Jennie Sim
    Jennie Sim

    You say that vaccines are expensive however in the country I live in (England) healthcare is free so vaccines being too expensive to buy isn’t an issue pro-vaccineBTW

  • doggo

    Anti vax logic: I would rather let my daughter die than let her throw up from the vaccine

  • Marksman_ Airsoft
    Marksman_ Airsoft

    Dr mikes mind : there wrong reeeee Also dr mike : now let me calmly explain to you why your a idiot Again dr mike ( what he actually said): see what you said there is not quite correct my good sir

  • Snarkles

    You mean that there was a video made between normal people and child abusers?

  • Doug Arenberg
    Doug Arenberg

    How is it that nobody in this video is pointing out the fact that “Bob Sears”is an author of a book that generates enormous financial gain for himself by promoting (among other more reasonable child-care ideas) that parents should be able to pick & choose their own arbitrary, unvalidated and customized vaccine schedules including omitting necessary protections (putting their kids and everyone else around them at risk). These conversations are infuriating. If your child had a broken femur, do you let the parents tell you how to treat it or prevent complications from the fracture?

  • Ivan Bnv
    Ivan Bnv

    I get your point of view, but if we were not using vaccines, we'd create herd immunity, and cull out the rest through natural selection... (sorry but natural selection works through Death, and she is our friend in this matter) but by using vaccines, we create natural selection for the poisons that come with the vaccines!.. This might be good for the individual, but is bad for the herd, since the poisons vary and will change in time and thus we are doing nothing!... Just devolving!... Also the risk of complications is far too greate... it's like russian roulette with your sanity and children's lives!.. I'm not saying we should not use the tool vaccination for thing that are not curable!.. Just not killing and damaging children ourselves instead of the diseases!... Cause nowadays it looks like the probability is the same!... Just not getting the herd immunity!... So they die invane!.. And that's a terrible waste!... Today they make the children inject every single possible vaccine often without certified quality and many at the time!... We might as well play real russian roulette with them!.. p.s. the weak shall wither and die! And they should!... Unless you value the life solely of your child, not others and not your great great great sons and daughters!... I see that you are not in politics, but make such statements!... You sound like 'war is good for peace and there's no money in it'!..

  • Divine Light
    Divine Light

  • Mettt 123
    Mettt 123

    The video should be called: “ reacting to professional doctor who studied medicine with years of training VS soccer mom with 15 minute of internet research”

  • LovelyComplex14

    Imagine if people treated peanut butter like they treat vaccines. My child is allergic and a had a bad reaction so peanut butter must be bad and unsafe for everyone. Lol

  • Alex H
    Alex H

    Yes stories hit home with people but a smart person will realize that individual stories don’t hold weight on a large scale, and specialists will go to stats because they’re smart and it’s what people should listen to

  • Jeff Ringer
    Jeff Ringer

    Time for a joke. What should all anti vaxxers be required to do? Read more

  • David S
    David S

    Anti-vaxxers are not isolated because we assume they are unintelligent , uneducated, or irrational.. They do it because they do not want their loved ones exposed or put at risk to things that anti-vaxxers are...

  • Andiror

    Im no doctor, but I know a bit about evolution. I think this debate is more about letting people decide for themselves to get filtered by natural selection.

    • Vary Olla
      Vary Olla

      Evolution has nothing to do with vaccination science = so perhaps you should leave it to medical professionals. No human infant born is born with the capacity to resist infectious diseases = nada. If evolution was involved in the process than that would not be the case and things like measles etc. would progressively pose less a risk to humanity over time as more and more people were born with resistance to them = something we do not see. When you are born your immune system is a blank slate as it were. Humans lack the capacity to pass on acquired immunity to their offspring I'm afraid. That means that with each new generation = the system resets itself. Accordingly all we can do is to vaccinate children and try to limit the impact of infectious diseases which exist in nature and thus in human populations so as to prevent unnecessary death and suffering. Have a nice day.

  • Holly Dunn
    Holly Dunn

    Vaccinations are Protecting those who can’t vaccinate......what if you shed on them?

  • Rachael Youtsey
    Rachael Youtsey

    The problem is that people think there are only two sides: those who believe in vaccinations and those who don’t. What these parents keep saying is that these vaccines are not fool proof and they are not always safe, especially for a certain population of individuals but yet doctors are forcing a one sized fits all schedule laid out by the CDC . They’re not saying NO one should be vaccinated they’re advocating that it should be a choice. The pediatric doctor that is “anti vaccine” he gets lumped in to that category because he believes in a delayed schedule and only vaccinated for diseases with which a child is at risk - bc risk differs person to person. For example a newborn baby born to a mother who had tested negative for Hep b is not at risk for contracting Hep b given that the child is not schedule active nor a drug user. However a child without Hep B but all other vaccinations is considered “unvaccinated” and the parent automatically labeled “antivax” see the problem??

  • Holly Dunn
    Holly Dunn

    Studied vaccinations for safety... show me a double blind placebo of unvaccinated vs vaccinations...

  • benzorabidbilly

    Almost sounds like: went to college, got some vaxs, subsequently began developing signs of arthritis couldn't figure out who to sue other than vax manufacturers.

  • Thomas Ray
    Thomas Ray

    This shouldn't be an issue. It should just be a personal choice.

  • Milo Dog
    Milo Dog

    Guys I had a bad dream. I’m not sleeping anymore because I got a bad dream. I don’t care about what good sleeping can do I don’t want another nightmare

  • Milo Dog
    Milo Dog

    Anti vaxxers. A few people get something wrong. Millions of people stop getting measles and stuff. Anti vaxxers: ThEy GoT SiCk, No vaCcInes

  • Milo Dog
    Milo Dog

    Like they say vaccines cause autism because the kid was vaccinated then got autism but autism doesn’t appear when you are just born.

  • Bob Kay
    Bob Kay

    Middle ground: VACCINATE YOUR KIDS.

  • Dermotius

    2K anti Vax dislike this video

  • adzwer adz
    adzwer adz

    I got vaccineted for measals and I will not have to die of measals

  • i love straight marridge
    i love straight marridge

    Actually the likelyhood of you having a severe reaction to a vaccine is one in a million

  • Huxley13

    bbbbuut wat about autism?

  • TSR-Animations

    Personally, I'm not anti vaccine. (I update the vaccines I already have, whenever I need to do that) But there are at least 2 I have skipped. The Flu shot and the HPV shot. The flu shot, since you can get natural immunity to any of the strains that goes around (but that's if you survive the strain and similar strains, and it's somewhat optional). The HPV one I'm hessitant, because I'm not fully educated about the pros and cons of getting it. (It's not the same situation as the flu one, they're two different types of viruses)

    • Vary Olla
      Vary Olla

      Your rationalizations are wrong I'm afraid - as well as dangerous. Influenza kills so-called "healthy" people every year. You also as it happens get the exact same immunity from vaccination as you do from catching the illness = you just reduce the chances of getting killed in the process. An antibody is an antibody is an antibody. So vaccines help your body develop the exact same antibodies as occurs "naturally" as those antibodies contain the same protein code sequence. So your odds are much better being vaccinated than not as most people who die from infectious diseases = unvaccinated. By the way. The virus that causes HPV also causes cervical cancer. Accordingly we vaccinate against it to prevent those susceptible females from catching HPV and later going on to develop cervical cancer. Have a nice day.

  • ulquiorra

    Why is this a discussion

  • Honeydukes 2007
    Honeydukes 2007

    Doctor: I just finished saving loads of peoples lives. Anti-Vaccine Activist: Your killing my children! Doctor: ???

  • Danny 777777
    Danny 777777

    Pro vaxxer logic My government is so ridiculously trustworthy i will do anything they persuade me to do because im very easily encouraged and i am so gullible!! I dont care what ANYONE besides the trustworthy god-like media has to say about it. Forget the fact its being overly repeated and forced onto us. Of COURSE they want to make sure were safe and healthy because THEY CARE ABOUT US SO FREAKINNG MUCH. i mean God bless Bill Gates he loves us more than his own children, he lets us take the vaccine and doesn't give to his children because he wants to make sure there enough to go around!!! Lol america wake the fuck up. your government happily explodes and demolishes buildings with your own people inside and you think they give a shit enough to cure you from measles 😂😂😂🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ How about use all that money for a cure for cancer 😄😄

  • Ana Constantinescu
    Ana Constantinescu

    I really disagree with the anti vaxx

  • Ana Constantinescu
    Ana Constantinescu

    In every case , I think that's better to vaccinate because there are way more chances that the vaccine work

  • Anish Parajuli
    Anish Parajuli

    One of my biggest issues with anti-vax people is when they use the excuse that I had that disease and I survived, my father survived small pox doesn't mean it is a disease that could be ignored. As a student of medical microbiology, we learn how much vaccinations save lives, the number of kids who die or suffer permanent damage due to measles is staggering and people ignoring it is something that furiates me.

  • Jinki S
    Jinki S

    1. Tell the anti-vax people that water is most beneficial drunk every 10 days. Your natural body is used to being dehydrated because in ancient times people weren't always able to have access to water. 2. Watch them die 3. ??? 4. PROFIT

  • lemon yellow
    lemon yellow

    I never had chicken pox

  • Emily Grace
    Emily Grace

    If i get sick so some little kid with a weaker immune system doesn’t get measles then why wouldn’t i do it?

  • Matthew Cheung
    Matthew Cheung

    I agree doc. We should be compassionate towards anti vaxxers, just like when we are interacting with retarded people

  • Sarah canel
    Sarah canel

    Herd immunity!!!!

  • day dream
    day dream

    I honestly love the mom with the daughters of 10 and 13 because she vaccinated herself!

  • kuronekouhai

    Its funny when they all would take aspirin or cold medicine when they are ill. Do they know that all medicine have adverse effect if taken wrongly? Lol

  • mindyourown business
    mindyourown business

    The woman whose kid can't be vaccine should be even MORE so PRO vaccine. You literally multiply her chance of contracting deadly diseases because you tell others who can be vaccinated not to vaccinate. THIS IS A STUPID STANCE. Anti vaccine scared of medicine, never visit a physician again.

  • _Apo4x

    But then, isn't vaccination gambling ?

  • Gaming With Abd
    Gaming With Abd

    These people Stoopid

  • JabTrill

    Antivaxers: It’s a cost/benefit analysis and we’re really bad at cost/benefit analyses

  • Terry Jackson
    Terry Jackson

    I would love to know exactly what kind of reactions her kids had. None of them ever seem to say so and cannot or will not say whether it might have been something that the child was already harbouring. Was it something as simple as pain at the site? Was it fits? What was it?

  • Terry Jackson
    Terry Jackson

    Too young to have arthritis? Really?


    has anyone seen the fight against 2 protestors by the chemist I said to my mother that they should of put the labels "anti vax mom" and "vax mom" on them both and upload it to youtube..

  • Sax3r28

    Look mom, NO LIMBS!

  • bluethenewb

    actual doctos are trying to be humane and inspiring and google moms are trying to be sUpeR iNteLLecTuALs

  • Lena Theraya
    Lena Theraya

    Would've been nice for you (or the original video!) to mention that the anti-vax "doctor" (Robert/Bob Sears) is actually on probation due to gross negligence of one of his patients - the case first opened in 2016. He's done a bunch of questionable stuff but to anti-vaxxers he's the "professional" validation that they've been seeking which sucks. I hope he loses his licence like Andrew Wakefield did.

    • Vary Olla
      Vary Olla

      The US healthcare system is not corrupt - although if one only gets their information from media sources when tend to emphasis bad behaviors such impressions are understandable. One must remember however that the US is a large country with a population of more than 330 million people living in 50 States = some as large as other countries. So considering the overall numbers of providers the fact that a small number are involved in dubious practices is not surprising. We are talking about people after all and as such you will always find some motivated by greed or ideology = it's human nature I'm afraid. Most doctors however act responsibly. Have a nice day.

    • Lena Theraya
      Lena Theraya

      +Vary Olla I understand where you're coming from however my comment was from the perspective of someone who doesn't live in the US and doesn't have such a corrupt health care system, hence why I didn't mention any of that. It's a shame that the US is having so many difficulties left right and centre within their health care system which often makes it difficult for patients to trust their GPs - however my comment was based on the fact that Bob Sears is influencing people in my country where health care is free, vaccines are mandatory and there is a higher value of transparency and a more stringent code of conduct :)

    • Vary Olla
      Vary Olla

      "Dr. Bob" = is not much different from those disreputable doctors who run "pill mills". Accordingly where as pill mills represent doctors chasing $$$$ - providers like Dr. Bob represent practitioners who put their personal ideology before the science = typically to cater to those "niche market" such as anti-vaccination parents represent. I agree he needs to lose his license while the broader AMA frankly needs to crack down and clean itself up to push these fringe practitioners out of the system. Let them become homeopaths or other such pseudo-scientific nonsense.

  • lmplr95

    My mum is one of those people that gets a reaction from vaccines, in fact she has a medical certification that prevents her from getting any shots, and yet she was convinced that I should get all my vaccines. I guess it depends on the kind of input or education you have on the matter.

  • Umar Trass
    Umar Trass

    Doctor mike, on April 15 2019 i had a enlargement of my lymph node on the left side, then under tongue it feels like extra piece is on the floor of mouth and I feel like I have cancer, but I went to the DOC for the lymph node but forgot to mention the extra skin, please like so he can see.

  • Christine Paolini
    Christine Paolini

    I'd like to just correct all of you on one point;. Someone who's anti-vax is actually usually ex-vax.. specifically, they were very pro-vax and dutifully vaccinated their child, often times even after the injuries appeared, because doctors and hospitals kept telling them it wasn't the vaccine that caused the child to regress, to no longer speak, to have seizures etc. Some even keep on vaccinating a subsequent child because they still believed. Before any of you make any further very uninformed remarks, take a look at and watch at least 6 videos of parents describing what happened to their child. It's heartbreaking and informing. Next, take a look at the CDC website and search for the ingredients lists of the various vaccines and read up on what they are. It's shocking. And lastly, while on this site, look at the VAERS reports (vaccine adverse events reporting system) to check out the thousands of reported injuries and what thesr are specifically. It includes death. One more thing: currently, Autism stats are 1 in 39, based on children that are 12 years old, so that's 12 year old data. And btw, the US Vaccine Injury Fund has paid out over 4 Billion.

    • eeeaten

      vaxxed is propaganda from snake oil salesmen. vaccines don't cause autism. the vaccine fund has paid out 4b, sure. that's over thirty years. compare that to the 4b _per year_ that _just measles_ used to cost the us (as well as 450 dead kids and tens of thousands of hospitalisations)

  • JonnyWedel

    Where is his "vaccine video" that he talks about at the end?

  • Mark C
    Mark C

    Doctor Mike, calling you an extremely intelligent human being would be an understatement

  • Danilo Mesquita
    Danilo Mesquita

    Being an antivaxx kid is like playing in ultra hardcore mode, if someone sneezes on you then you get hit killed

  • Azlaya Dawn
    Azlaya Dawn

    I choked on a nickel and temporarily died as a toddler... Guess I'm anti money! Oh wait... I need that to live in my society...

  • Lulzerino

    Would you rather....... Be safe of the horrible diseases from the past and have a slim chance of getting side effects OR Let your child suffer from unnecessary diseases that could be avoided. Polio, measles, rubella, tetanus or Fever, chicken pox, (maybe) allergies, cough

  • Igneel Dragneel
    Igneel Dragneel

    Anti Vaccine people is stupid ass fuck. Doctor known what best for you and your just ignore what ever they say.

  • autumn buchanan
    autumn buchanan

    Ill have your kids lol And we can go get them vaccinated together 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

    • autumn buchanan
      autumn buchanan


    • Pete Wentz
      Pete Wentz

      autumn buchanan ooh yeah baby I wanna have your kids and fully vaccinate them 😍😍😍

    • Pete Wentz
      Pete Wentz

      autumn buchanan my kind of flirting

  • lizzieieieieie

    this is literally my favorite channel omg i’m learning while taking a break from homework!!!

  • crf450r bullet david
    crf450r bullet david

    Is there any studies on herd immunity?

    • crf450r bullet david
      crf450r bullet david

      Sure send it on over. Thanks!

    • Fliyo MB
      Fliyo MB

      op you want a link?

  • Vayda Smith
    Vayda Smith

    There was this lady who was arguing on Instagram, and said, "Only three of my six kids died, it's not bad to be against vaccines." Three out of six children are dead, YOUR children. Wtf lady

  • SailFB

    I feel like the anti vaccine doctor was the only doctor they could find that was remotely on their side

  • Pacific Diary
    Pacific Diary

    Oh shut up Doctor Mike you're just hot.

  • ReaperLegion

    Maybe the goverment should stop making these diseases and releasing them to the public... im Not vaccinated, never sick, Stop being little bitches and man the fuck up... forced vaccinations pfff i rather be crucified... cant wait for this world to go to shit

    • Erick-Emil Szelitzky
      Erick-Emil Szelitzky

      +ReaperLegion :)

    • ReaperLegion

      +Erick-Emil Szelitzky No tin foil hat... humorizing a subject does not make it not true... cognitive dissonance plays a big roll in your intellectual mind... An idiot of sorts people like you hold near to your heart... The only response i get is "Ask A Doctor" Yeah because thats an argument... The doctors are taught and are told whats within the injection... I wonder if they were also taught about human fetuses within some vaccinations... and testing on 3-4month old humans... Shaking my head in disbelief... Puts no effort into challenging his own arguments, fails to research rather have faith in what someone says

    • Erick-Emil Szelitzky
      Erick-Emil Szelitzky

      Nice tinfoil hat u got there bud.

  • ti0039a340

    i will answer the question with a question Do car seatbelts save the majority of people involved in a car accident "YES" or "NO" if your answer is "NO" it just means you're stupid if "YES" then the same should be true for vaccines (if only to save the majority of children the pain of diseases)

  • Lel Devyl
    Lel Devyl

    Oh i wonder why people live longer than 200 years ago... yeah it's def not vaccines (and medical stuff improving)

  • AnonymousHater

    *Anti-Vaxx logic:* There is a 1 in 69420 chance that my precious child could trip and fall in the road when walking on a sidewalk so let's protest to ban sidewalks and just walk in the middle of the road. I mean yeah my kid could get hit by a car but that will just make him immune to cars in the future.

    • Vary Olla
      Vary Olla

      Anti-vaccine "logic" - "I am against vaccines because I believe that _au naturel_ is superior to modern allopathic medicine." Never mind that in the time before vaccines: 1 - millions of people used to die worldwide from infectious diseases. 2 - that the average life expectancy was much lower. 3 - that people took baths and ate 100% organic food regularly = and still died like flies. 4 - that many of the things we vaccinate against are spread via airborne particles. Accordingly taking a bath or taking out your garbage regularly will not matter one whit as you can still be infected by simply being in the same room as someone ill or touching a doorknob after them. Yup = lots and lots of supposed logic - that of course overlooks the actual facts.

  • Facts over Feelings
    Facts over Feelings

    I mean I am pretty confused. I have no strong opinions about this as such. But I have never been vaccinated. And I am doing great for 24 years now. Much better than most people around me. May be its something else, I dont know...

    • Vary Olla
      Vary Olla

      I'm afraid = you'll get older. Accordingly people as they age see their immune functioning decrease as a result of that aging - there is simply no way to avoid it. Meanwhile unvaccinated adults who go on to catch the things we vaccinate children against tend to fare worse. So right now you have been protected by the herd immunity of others who were vaccinated and who accordingly reduce your chances for exposure. Unfortunately the more people who refuse to vaccinate = the greater the likelihood of you eventually being exposed to something. Just something to keep in mind. Have a nice day.

  • Kat Arena
    Kat Arena

    Those two ladies who did their research be like. I think I will trust blogs than the majority of doctors who went to med school and did their research for more than 10 years.

  • Lea Murphy
    Lea Murphy

    I personally am allergic to the tetanus vaccine and got shingles at 16 without ever having chicken pox. I was told by my doctors I got introduced to the virus and got shingles because of the vaccine. I am vaccinated and my children would be if I had any. My dogs are vaccinated. My husband is. And my whole family is. The only vaccine I am not up to date on is tetanus because I had such a severe reaction. I also have several autoimmune disorders and still choose vaccines.

  • Riah Tunes
    Riah Tunes

    I'd identify myself as anti-vax. Not because I'm against vaccinations (I've had plenty) but because I fundamentally disagree with the idea that the government should be able to force anyone to sacrifice for the "greater good". Instead, people should do so of their own accord. I encourage vaccinations, just not compelled ones. Also, some vaccinations are only needed if you make certain life choices. If I make good choices, why take the risk? LOVE your show by the way!

    • Riah Tunes
      Riah Tunes

      +Fliyo MB Could you explain what you mean?

    • Fliyo MB
      Fliyo MB

      Who says you can keep up said choices?

  • Jack Newton
    Jack Newton

    That’s just BIG PHARMA talking through him!!!

    • anthony itzie
      anthony itzie

      Jack Newton......Big Pharma would make billions more on treatment for the diseases they prevented. Think before you tweet.

  • Random Ryn
    Random Ryn

    Everytime they said vaccine, It felt like I was getting my flu shot.

  • Jason smith
    Jason smith

    Ancedotes > data Lolololol

  • Alex Tomaszewski
    Alex Tomaszewski

    I have a hard time believing these moms about their 'reactions' to vaccines (or their kids reactions). Like how do they know it's 100% linked? I'm not saying reactions cant happen, but I'm struggling to believe them.

  • Scott Gordon
    Scott Gordon


  • Vlad

    Natural selection.

  • Lnisme 02
    Lnisme 02

    Just a Dr... Well that came from 10+ years of medical school + being a practitioner for god knows how long. So I wouldn't throw that around

  • t henderson
    t henderson

    All of these things are like not getting vaccinated. Yep, a few are going to have a bad reaction. Nope, vaccinations do not cause autism. If you have an infant under 1 year old, if you have cancer, are old or have reduced immune system, STAY HOME! Do not go outside, those who are not vaccinated can kill you. The rights of those few outweigh the rights of the millions I described above.

  • t henderson
    t henderson

    Space walk without a space suit? Swim in shark infested waters? Go play on the freeway? Play golf in a thunderstorm? Lay down on an ant hill, covered in syrup? Hold hands with Ted Bundy? Testify against Hillary Clinton?

  • t henderson
    t henderson

    Ride a motorcycle without a helmet? Drive a race car without a seat belt? Skydive without a parachute? At night? Have unprotected sex with a crack whore? Share heroin needles with a crack whore? Let Stevie Wonder drive you home?

  • Kat Cat
    Kat Cat

    Antivaxx Logics: I've gotten a flu shot every year. After going antivaxx, I got the flu. I got the flu and ended up in intensive care. bUt nOw Dis yEeR i tOK Te fLEw sHOoT aN eYE dIDinT gEt Te fleW. Obvious-ly de flew is spreed bye de shot.

  • Aseel A
    Aseel A


    • Matthew Hudson
      Matthew Hudson

      I was wishing the whole time he was there in the debate because I would have loved to see what Melissa says to him.

  • Fernando The Fabulous Fox
    Fernando The Fabulous Fox

    Honestly most Anti-Vaccers i have seen are so Ableist. “VACCINES CAUSE AUTISM!!” Fuck off no it doesn’t

  • Heather Draws
    Heather Draws

    The only acceptable reason to not vaccinate you or your children is that the child has a real medical reason for not vaccinating or you don't have access to vaccines

  • Indrani Das
    Indrani Das

    hahahaha, i really needed a doctor's reaction on this topic

  • James Watson
    James Watson

    At the beginning I wasn't paying enough attention and heard, "Sorry we're crazy furries". I stopped and backtracked. Lol.

  • Nela

    I got vaccinated, I broke my nail, Vaccines cause weaker nails. That's their logic.

    • Claudia Juarez
      Claudia Juarez

      Anti-vaccine lady gets a vaccine shot? You screwed that joke up, didn't you?

  • A. E. Gunn
    A. E. Gunn

    Why do none of the anti-vaxx people get the difference between "I am one of the people that can't get vaccines that the herd immunity created by vaccines is meant to protect" and "vaccines are bad don't get them."

  • Sara Speaks
    Sara Speaks

    Wow I thought Dr Mike was respectable...too bad he's probably getting paid to say what he's saying to benefit Big Pharma.

  • ShadowFoxSF

    For the lady and the daughter who had an adverse reaction... They are the people that herd immunity was meant to protect. Just because she can't safely get some vaccinations doesn't mean no one should. I wonder if her 'all vaccines are good' line was referring to them being 100% reaction free and anyone can get them or something naive like that... it's true some people's bodies won't take well to them or that due to age and other factors they shouldn't get one. That is perfectly fine. So long as people who can be vaccinated, are, there is no issue. People who are vaccinated aren't better people. They just aren't likely to be plague carriers. And those who can't get vaccinated can't spread disease at all or at least ineffectively to those who are vaccinated. It doesn't make them worse people.

  • Sluppie

    You can tell that Mike starts getting upset like 8 minutes in.

  • Sluppie

    It's not that all vaccines are "safe". It's that vaccines are "safer than certain death", which is what will happen if we all go anti-vax. You had a side effect. Sorry to hear that. Imagine what would've happened if you had the real version of the disease instead of a pre-beaten wimpy version of it?

  • Rational Thinker
    Rational Thinker

    This is Darwinian evolution at work before our very eyes. Let these dumbasses die from a disease that could have been prevented by a simple vaccination shot. The overall population I.Q. will rise as a result.

  • Paulfuss Entertainment
    Paulfuss Entertainment

    My dad doesn’t vaccinate himself because he doesn’t think he needs it. He’s obese, diabetic, and he works with asbestos! He is the perfect example of someone who needs to be vaccinated, but he still doesn’t see the point.