Do All Teens Think the Same?
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  • Daniella Diaz
    Daniella Diaz

    People say they care about current events and don’t know any of them or their details lmao

  • Rfyb Rtfgun
    Rfyb Rtfgun

    What gender is alba

  • Matthew Rodriguez
    Matthew Rodriguez

    This is the stupidest video ever

  • Helen García
    Helen García

    I find Alba so interesting and good looking tbh. I hope they get the psychological help they need and end up loving themselves because in a few minutes I get such a good vibe from them, they living in that body for the rest of their lives... Alba, you're awesome. I mean, I don't know you, but I can tell. And I'd love to get their Instagram. :(

  • Jasmine_patta 2005
    Jasmine_patta 2005

    Do all southerners think the same?

  • Robert H
    Robert H

    Do all college students think the same?

  • Laura Wind
    Laura Wind

    Those kids don’t deserve Alba’s presence

  • the Pink Kitty
    the Pink Kitty

    I relate so much to these guys. Great selection

  • Rachel Paterson
    Rachel Paterson

    You should do a video about do teens from different countries think the same?

  • my king lee byungjae
    my king lee byungjae

    i just want to mention that alba is gorgeous

  • Joby Jay
    Joby Jay

    They were all so smart. I'm encouraged.

  • Alexandra Riguerra
    Alexandra Riguerra

    alba's beautiful

  • Makayla Gacha
    Makayla Gacha

    Wait omg I just thought of this! Could you do “Do all people with eating disorders think the same?” and include anorexic people, bulimic people, people with EDNOS (Eating Disorder Not Otherwise Specified), and Bing eating disorder (BED). I struggle with anorexia and I would honestly love for the severity of every different type of ED (Eating disorder) to be shown and show their thoughts. It could be really hard due to people not wanting to open up about their EDs, but it can help spread the word and maybe get people some help.

  • Rim Bougrine
    Rim Bougrine

    Do all muslims think the same ?

  • QueenEm

    School shootings...damn...God bless Australia

  • 周穎晞

    Wow these kids think so differently to me.

  • Rocio Centeno
    Rocio Centeno

    Yoo that’s crazy I thought Alba was the best looking one, and to see they don’t like how they look was sad.

  • millie

    an english version of this is needed !!! it would be so good and different

  • HelpDesk23

    This have me a lot of hope for the future

  • Cocoa Butter
    Cocoa Butter

    Do all south Asian people think the same

  • Ally Iacolina
    Ally Iacolina

    The girl with the braids is so annoying

  • paul kitabu
    paul kitabu

    someone or all are depressed,,, teens need help🤷‍♂️

  • Rose X
    Rose X

    They’re all beautiful obviously but I’m surprised so many people went to the agree side for if they like the way they look

  • LξX

    meanwhile gamers are there with screen times of 16+ hrs

  • Art Dragon
    Art Dragon

    6 hours is mere child’s play I’m on my phone/ iPad 12 hours everyday

  • Δωνια Μαστορακη
    Δωνια Μαστορακη

    I just wanna say that Taylore i get way too anxious for my future as well and it is really heartbreaking the fact that nowadays teens get to face that reality way sooner that they are supposed to be ,therefore a great deal of anxiety, boubts oreven fear is all over us and society stays idle.. we do have to think and act and talk like actual teens because the whole awful situation will bring us to a point that disapointment and fear of failure comes over:/personally i do find unreasonable that a 16yo boy/girl denies to have some fun, hang out with friends etc just to have good grades due to they are afraid of having a fail ..they are short of like trying to be perfect when it comes to outer, inner appearance(im in that position so i can tell):/ all in all by all of the above i'm trying to pass the message of the environment we are called to live in and interact with is "shaped" in a way that teens are inexplicably "persuaded" that only success, money is the key not to jave a miserable life and that is just so wrong:(

  • Loner In Disguise
    Loner In Disguise

    I've always wanted to do something like this with my peers at school because I care about their opinions and I wish to apply their ideas to our education because at the end of the day it's our future that's gonna be affected - but I doubt they would wanna even listen to me hahaha

  • Junko Enoshima
    Junko Enoshima

    Sadly these teens are more mature than a lot of adults I have seen on UA-my, argued with online, they have called me names and such, or actually seen. Even more so than this elderly person I have argued with online, they changed the topic of discussion a lot and kept calling me names just to make me idk give up so they can "win" the arguement lol. So sad that civil discussion, no matter irl or online, is dieing.

  • Valeska Hubert
    Valeska Hubert

    I think it's so fascinating that the teens did mostly share the same ideas on all of these prompts. Really goes to show how our younger generations have been raised.

  • ceia

    alba looks like demi lowkey

  • OGprince

    Hi my name Is Teen and I approve this Message. 🤝

  • 3.14159265358979323846 26433832795028841
    3.14159265358979323846 26433832795028841

    For anyone wondering about Alba, the reason that she dislikes her appearance might not be that she necessarily thinks that she is ugly. It could very well be that she does not think her outward appearance accurately reflects who she truly is.

  • Mr.Bananas

    *do all liberal teens

  • DemiGod 17201
    DemiGod 17201

    Alright I know this was serious but the two guys at the back at the end of the video are me 😂😂😂

  • Noire Sebba
    Noire Sebba

    Yall need to learn to relax.

  • Venice 1987
    Venice 1987

    Dont treat teems like kids if you expect them to behave and act like adults

  • [ Loi ]
    [ Loi ]

    No offense but I think us Latinos act and look way more mature at younger ages. Obviously it's not easy to analyze that from this short video but I wonder why that is the situation.

  • Karen

    *asking if all teens are the same is like trying to figure out what's the similarities of an Emo teen and a Priests child*

  • Speed Artz
    Speed Artz

    It’s a shame how all of these kids are more intelligent and reasonable than most of the religious num nuts that get featured here

  • edgy pooter
    edgy pooter

    the one who wasnt happy with the way they looked is so damn cute :(

  • RadiumGYK

    I feel bad for Alba. Hopefully he/she gets the best for himself because he seems like a good person.

  • sAhLO fOLinA ll-//
    sAhLO fOLinA ll-//

    JUST SO EVERYONE KNOWS, ALBA IS NOT A SHE, THEY ARE EITHER TRANS OR NON BINARY, I mostly think its trans but hey, and they are not ok with their body because they have gender dysphoria, maybe, I'm not sure, sorry Nobody is going to see this anyway

  • Mr paprikA
    Mr paprikA

    I don’t think this group was diverse enough

  • maya lavenu
    maya lavenu

    this video is AMAZING

  • Big man Jeff
    Big man Jeff

    I feel like being a teenager is like crossing a twisted, curvy and unpredictable bridge on one side is your childhood and on the other is your adulthood and the bridge is your teen years

  • sarah p
    sarah p

    Alba is passionate and beautiful! I hope she will grow more secure in herself and she’ll achieve great things im sure

  • Lena Müller
    Lena Müller

    I just noticed, how different American teens are from me/germans

  • L R
    L R

    This reminds me of the breakfast club in a way

  • FriedRice2009

    Who cares what teenagers think???

  • sbl b
    sbl b

    Is it really that hard to give a mic to the question guy

  • Joy Bhungane
    Joy Bhungane

    The girl w the braids is so pretty

  • liza oterblad
    liza oterblad

    do one with parents!

  • Hampy Dampy
    Hampy Dampy

    6 hours pffffff mine is only at pc 12 hours

  • Dug Express
    Dug Express

    No one gonna talk about how that poor guy was left hanging at 7:42

  • Ella van der Walde
    Ella van der Walde

    * sees video * *hell no*

  • yoshiii

    14 years old?!?!

  • Erin Is Cool
    Erin Is Cool

    Alba doesn't like how she looks, but i truly think she is the most beautiful out of all of them :D

  • yeet yoit
    yeet yoit

    well im going to be honest i don’t like alba. i find her to be the attention seeking type.

  • Trevzeee

    I somewhat disagree that teens have more of a voice then previous generations because I feel like adults overlook teens especially now due to the excuses like teens are always on their phones and such. As a teen, I want to make a difference but I am not given the opportunities to do so.

  • Unspoken Name
    Unspoken Name

    tbh at the age of 14, there shouldn't be too much stress (excluding family, and those situational stresses).. that you have restless nights. You barely started hs, what stress do u have (as a normal teen), when bills aren't for you yet, post-secondary education inst there yet either, no need to earn money yet (not illegally anyways). The stress should come when a teen changes to an adult, like around when you are almost graduation hs, and heading towards uni/college or work.

  • y/n -
    y/n -

    i love how caitlin yeeted to the ‘strongly agree’ section on the way she looks^_____^🥺

  • Bibendum

    Do all midgets think the same? 🤔🤔🤔

  • Bibendum

    I’m confused, this girl says she’s over 18 at 1:31 but this is supposed to be teens... is there another reason why they put her in?? Like does she look younger or soemfjing

  • Benito Gómez Mellado
    Benito Gómez Mellado

    I love my generation Z

  • Lumos & Nox
    Lumos & Nox

    I’m not entirely happy or comfortable with the way I look. I know what I can want to change, but I have no way to do that. I just want to see my body on a screen and change it until I’m happy.

  • Nicholas DeNinno
    Nicholas DeNinno

    I feel like on the last question, teenagers are more so being influenced BY rather than influencING. They pretty much just believe everything their teachers tell them and instead of making sure they’re right, they protest their teachers beliefs.

  • mac n cheese
    mac n cheese

    older generations run the world but teens shape the world they're required to run i feel if u know what i mean by that

  • Santos Colon
    Santos Colon

    wow y’all care ab current events LMAO yea no. Ain’t nobody give af what the president doin what the states doin what happening in the news ppl act like that’s gonna change how our lives are lived when they rly aren’t as long as I dont let them

  • UMBC Herky
    UMBC Herky

    Alba pissed me off clearly liberal

  • peppermintiee

    the girl who said she didn’t like the way she looks and why made me very sad. I hope she’s doing well. ):

  • Eclipse the Brave
    Eclipse the Brave

    The school shooting one hit me hard because my school had a threat I didn’t go to school that day alone with a lot of other people

  • Prodigy I
    Prodigy I

    The front girl sounded like she had a prepared speech every time she spoke. Although she seemed like she was going to cry most times...

  • Katie Do
    Katie Do

    I’m just gonna spoil it for you They think differently

  • breahthequeen _
    breahthequeen _

    Can I be Alba’s friend like please 😩

  • Cherry Bandit
    Cherry Bandit

    As someone who is Alba's age, I can confidently say that she is beautiful. And whoever is reading this comment now, know that you are beautiful, too 💖

  • Anna Gorban
    Anna Gorban

    You guys should do “do all kids the same”

  • Inge Vem
    Inge Vem

    Alba can change the world when she is older

  • Shep TheShep
    Shep TheShep

    Hahaha hahaha, they actually thing all teens agree with each other, hahahahahahaha

  • Empressveiws Tv
    Empressveiws Tv

    We need this teen episode every week

  • Will Robertson
    Will Robertson

    with the question about how influential teens are, i feel like i would be standing on the ‘somewhat disagree’ line, i would want to stand on the agree line but although we have more power than past teen generations we are constantly getting squashed down and shrugged off by world leaders and people of power, we can make such a difference but we are told that we are just teens and our brains aren’t developed and we can’t think properly for ourselves, that we are lazy and glued to our phones, when that’s just a stereotype, it’s so aggravating!!

  • OutplayShower ;
    OutplayShower ;

    make communist vs capitalists

  • suski_dusk

    Just reminding some people that an algorithm is something that creates a so called ”bubble” when we’re online, let it be social media or google. The designed algorithms will show you things that are the most compatible to your beliefs based on the previous data-actions you have done. This means that even though all of the world’s knowledge is right under your fingertips, you must know how to look for it and be critical when reading something. This is one of the first things I was taught in my Finnish language course since entering a Finnish upper-secondary school. Not just me, it is something that taught to every upper-secondary school studen’t in Finland.

  • xxx headass
    xxx headass

    The black girl is so cuteee

  • generic username
    generic username

    i love alba lmfao

  • Michael Alamo
    Michael Alamo

    The one in the front is very mature for their age

  • Sophie Leckrone
    Sophie Leckrone

    alba be my friend please

  • Tano Capote
    Tano Capote

    Damn some of these kids had really good answers that seem like they were really thought out but they just said it on the spot I would not be able to come up with such good answers props to them

  • Joshua Mercier
    Joshua Mercier

    I wish there was a person there who disagreed when everyone agreed on something

  • Desie Dolphin
    Desie Dolphin

    *Normal People Screen Time: 3-6 hours a week* *My Screen Time: 24 Hours a DAY*

    • Brandon Santiago
      Brandon Santiago

      Desie Dolphin That’s pretty sad

  • mary k
    mary k

    alba reminds me so much of kehlani

  • Nathan West
    Nathan West

    Girl the back 😍

  • Δημητρης Δατσιος
    Δημητρης Δατσιος

    That one girl:My screen is 6 hours and i know that's bad. Gamers:hold my mouse

    • Δημητρης Δατσιος
      Δημητρης Δατσιος

      +EJ hmm nice

    • EJ

      Hold my doritos

  • Nicholas Richardson
    Nicholas Richardson

    Weak generation

  • Special Agent A
    Special Agent A

    Why does everyone have to be so deep and serious

    • Junko Enoshima
      Junko Enoshima

      They kinda have to bem with the questions asked?

  • dindins

    and these kids don't even have to do the ib

  • Give Us The Floor
    Give Us The Floor

    Check out Give Us The Floor if you're a teen looking for support or want to help your peers! Give Us The Floor is For Teens, By Teens.

  • Twixy YT
    Twixy YT

    Who think the girl in the front is that girl In school thats shy

  • Cemre

    I think teens are stressed because they mostly feel like the world revolves around them. And the most of them don’t acknowledge the other kids who don’t have any body or died before their “sweet 16” and have no dreams for the future because they don’t even have tomorrow.

  • ̇ ̊ʚ magnolia ;;
    ̇ ̊ʚ magnolia ;;

    give alba a hug 😩

  • Leah Dada
    Leah Dada

    I just feel messed up. My screen time can reach up to 9 hours.