Dinah Jane - "Heard It All Before" (Official Video)
Dinah Jane
The official video for Dinah Jane’s Heard It All Before.
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Heard It All Before Lyrics

What you say won’t change the way I feel
Cuz I’ve fallen outta love
Wish I could take back the time I killed
Three years running up behind you
Case you forgot let me just remind you that I…
Stood beside you when you were no good
Loyalty just ain’t yo thang
The fact that I ain’t callin' got you shook
Now you blowing up my line, I decline you
No, I don’t wanna come through

Cuz I heard it all before
Can’t live without me
Yea I heard it all before
“Girl, you're all I need”
Boy I heard it all before
So, save yo energy
For the next bitch
Cuz she just ain’t me

Don’t wanna hear no more apologies (no)
Or see you standin’ in the rain (rain)
Who got you singing all this R&B?
If I was Alicia you was my boo
But you the same that you was in high school, ohhh
Nobody touch you like me
I know that here is where you wanna be
Everything happens for a reason
Can’t just do what you want to
Tell me, how does it feel when I curve you?

Cuz I heard it all before
Can’t live without me
Yea I heard it all before
“Girl, you're all I need”
Boy I heard it all before
So, save your energy
For the next bitch
Cuz she just ain’t me

Said you care for me (care for me)
But you wasn’t there for me (there for me)
Now you tryna beg for me (beg for me)
But it’s too late for sorry’s
No if’s or and’s or but’s about it
You want a second chance I doubt it
Don’t waste your breath I’m out here scouting
Yea, you the reason that I’m outie

Cuz I heard it all before
You can’t live without me
Yea I heard it all before
“Girl, you're all I need”
Boy I heard it all before
So, save your energy
For the next bitch
Cuz she just ain't me

Cuz I heard it all before
Can’t live without me
Yea I heard it all before
Girl you're all I need
Boy I heard it all before
So, save yo energy
For the next bitch
Cuz she just ain’t me.
You lil' bitch

  • Dinah Jane
    Dinah Jane

    Ladies, y’all ever get so tired of hearing the same ole lines over and over again? We’ve heard em ONE too many times. We’ve given way too many chances. I’m fed up! It’s time we hit em with that “I heard it All Before” !!! - you lil b*tch

    • jsb belen
      jsb belen

      Dinah Jane thank you

    • Patricia

      I love you

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      cheyenne trankina

      Yes ma'am you tell him, girl!!

    • Olivia Easterbrook
      Olivia Easterbrook

      True and she sounds like Ariana Grande booo

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      Brigitte Macron

      +Ester Vitória hN

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    harry C.

    Love it

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    Nice tune

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    Ericka Turner

    The early 2000s aesthetic of this song and video is everything and Dinah looks and sounds amazing Love You Queen ❤👑

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    TinaKii LuEll

    So lit 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

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    TinaKii LuEll

    Airplays everywhere 🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌

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    phe souza

    Se fosse no comeco dos anos 2000 faria muito sucesso

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    Karina Navarro

    Only 9 sus for 250,000

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    Space Husky

    When will Dinah get promo

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    retro sister !

  • Greg Marshall
    Greg Marshall

    This song was played on the radio in Atlanta and I was screaming Dinah Jane so hard woo yes!

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    WUSL-FM 98.9 is jumping on this!

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    This song must be in the top 100 billboard it's an addiction

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    This song is on POINT 💯💯💯🔥🔥🔥😎😎😎

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    Racheal X

    This is a *HIT*


    hot, dope, amazing !

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    Maalik Robinson

    Omg a Dinah Jane and Chris Brown collab

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    Adolfo Sierra

    wtf where is the promooo

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    Türkün olmadığı yer yoktur 🇹🇷🤘🇹🇷

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    Aarón Morales

    Se fue a los sonidos viejos.

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    Watching this on big screen 😍

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    It gives me a little bit of 2000's RnB vibez

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    Anonymous Singer

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    Woomy Head

    I like camila the best but this song has camila quaking

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    Vanessa Holland

    get it dinah hearing your new music makes me be myself in public it's lit!!!!!!!!!

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    Bettá Mendes

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    Bettá Mendes

    Eu amo esse clipe

  • Gabbi Dawson
    Gabbi Dawson

    This is giving me 80's and 90's vibes. Or Keyshia Cole vibes🤪🤪🤪👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

    • Greg Marshall
      Greg Marshall

      Speaking of Keyshia Cole, she sang LOVE at Terrell's Song Association. You gotta check it out ❤️❤️❤️

  • Desiree Vazquez
    Desiree Vazquez

    At 2:29 when she said I heard it all before she sounded like camila cabello to me

  • Laylahdneoie

    Someone please tell me why this only has 4.2 million views.

  • Aaron Labbay
    Aaron Labbay

    I love this ❤️

  • Cobalt lion
    Cobalt lion

    With those head movements I thought her head almost fell off.😝

    • Greg Marshall
      Greg Marshall

      It is actually called head bop from the 90s. Hehe she bringing back old school ❤️

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    blair waldorf

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    Greg Marshall

    This song need to break out. Its sooo good and nothing like the rest.

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    Papi Bryan El Duro

    She looks like my next baby mama 😴

    • Greg Marshall
      Greg Marshall

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    Teddy 004

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    Kimah Mikaele

    You need an outstanding promo team! such great music from you Dinah but lack promotions for them to reach every corner of the world.

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    Aldrin Santiago Official

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    Adolfo Sierra

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    Mili Kook

    Damn, you’re the fucking queen I really luv u 🥺 that swag, your angelical voice ahj it’s so perfect. ❤️

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    TinaKii LuEll

    QUEEN DINAH need more streams :)

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    TinaKii LuEll

    Over 1MIL on spotify :) Let's go #DINAHSTY

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    it hit 1 million listens in $p0t|fy!

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      Normani Kordei

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    Fifth harmony News

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    Cortez Johnson

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    Greg Marshall

    The visuals is so good it brings back lot of 90s early 00s vibes.

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    • Greg Marshall
      Greg Marshall

      The btch word was too much for the boy

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    Queen Bee

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    klevervin af

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    Natania joseph

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      Greg Marshall

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