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Dierks Bentley - Living
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Music video by Dierks Bentley performing Living. © 2019 Dierks Bentley, under exclusive license to UMG Recordings, Inc.

  • Dusty

    My brother recently went to a Dierks Bentley concert and I only got curious to check out Dierk's sound cause I typically never listen to country music. And man, do I really regret my decision. I feel like I betrayed myself.

  • Coach

    Got this dad right in the feels

  • R Abellán
    R Abellán

    lovely song!

  • Megan Slone
    Megan Slone

    This is such a cute music video!😊

  • summer breeze
    summer breeze

    This video is the sweetest thing I've seen today

  • Lonnie Ernst
    Lonnie Ernst

    Oh my Damn, I just hear that Ingrid Angres - More hearts than Mine song for the first time and I'm ballin' my eyes. Love It.

  • chapmasi

    This video ticks every box, astonishes me how some "fathers" don't want to be in their kids lives. Keep it up Mr Bentley. Seriously Keep it up

  • Amanda Gaudet
    Amanda Gaudet

    ANNNNNND I'm bawling

  • Steven Kassouf
    Steven Kassouf

    Best music video of all time!

  • SPED Ansome_can
    SPED Ansome_can

    Ppl who disliked are probably so tearful that they thought it was the like button because they couldn’t see.

  • Alex Pratt
    Alex Pratt

    754 people have phones too small: they missed the like button! Rock on, Dierks!

  • Michael Oxendine
    Michael Oxendine

    Awesome video

  • Chris Powers
    Chris Powers

    Damn straight.

  • Nichole Perreaux
    Nichole Perreaux


  • Joanna Gallant
    Joanna Gallant

    Your awesome

  • Forever Misguided
    Forever Misguided

    I love my son too!

  • Cmdr Riker
    Cmdr Riker

    Brought me to tears :)

  • Charms

    Love this song

  • Antia Marie
    Antia Marie

    This song is so true love this song

  • Jerry Does everything
    Jerry Does everything

    Makes me think back to when I was a little kid and reminds me of my dad and myself

  • Robin van Lier
    Robin van Lier

    "a bird on a branch and I watched it fly away in the wind..." "...and it hit me" I can't listen to this without picturing this tiny bird smacking right into Dierks's face, gives me a chuckle every time

    • The Music Man Country and HipHop
      The Music Man Country and HipHop

      Haha thanks my friend . I'll also picture that now

  • Mohammad Asshidiqi
    Mohammad Asshidiqi

    Envy them, wish i can be a good father too someday..

    • Red Man
      Red Man

      Aspiring to be a great dad is a good first step.

  • Smitaay

    Little man's already got game. =DDDD


    Great song..even better video..!!

  • Tommy Robertson
    Tommy Robertson

    Being a father is living!

  • Heather Dawn Day
    Heather Dawn Day

    This song is so inspiring!! This video is AMAZING!! Love it .. your son is so damn cute...

  • Caroline Bruder
    Caroline Bruder

    Is this really his little boy? He’s adorable!!!

  • Jon Berry
    Jon Berry

    Well done, sir. This song is WELL DONE.

  • John Fitzgerald
    John Fitzgerald

    This is the part that woman forget and get mad when they wake up at 9 cuz it’s too loud. And that’s okay. You can’t trade those 3 hours that he doesn’t realize is morning hahah

  • Abagail Allen
    Abagail Allen

    Wish my dad and I could of had this! Makes me sad but I love this song makes me have hope for when I have kids of my own

    • Kevin Brown
      Kevin Brown

      You will be great

  • Liz McGuire
    Liz McGuire

    Dammnn when did Dierks get so hott 🔥

  • Mitchell Dombroskie
    Mitchell Dombroskie

    good song to teach people about famliy i love it so awesome

  • Benita Brown
    Benita Brown

    This is the cutest video! I love it.

  • Susan Leone
    Susan Leone

    This song is so important the lyrics are so on spot if you've been through something traumatic in your life I think a lot of people take life and things for granted and when you get a chance to take a second look after you've been through something you get you have a different perspective on life and I think there's a Learning lesson here with these lyrics Don't Take life for granted and be blessed of what you got amen have a good day

  • Lisa Weathers
    Lisa Weathers

    this is a day in the life with dierks bentley

  • Bryan Bailey
    Bryan Bailey


  • Hontai Wangshu
    Hontai Wangshu

    Wow, Grady Smith's already a dad now. How time flies...

    • cool mas
      cool mas

      Hahaha 😂

  • Kelly Kremposky
    Kelly Kremposky

    Reminds me of a very good man.

  • dawn riel
    dawn riel

    Video of the year

  • Amanda Lynn Grinton Woods
    Amanda Lynn Grinton Woods

    Aww, great video! XOXO

    • Amanda Lynn Grinton Woods
      Amanda Lynn Grinton Woods

      Go team Brantford! 😉


    Benim çocukluğum :)

  • Gloria Jones
    Gloria Jones

    Cute video having fun

  • Deidra Wallace
    Deidra Wallace

    My heart!

  • Zachary Schiller
    Zachary Schiller

    Not gunna lie, I want to raise a kid like this someday!

  • Sorry Abandoned channel
    Sorry Abandoned channel

    Little dude got his nice charm working for him already 😂😂😂

  • michael taylor
    michael taylor

    So amazing

  • Νικος Σακελλαρίδης
    Νικος Σακελλαρίδης

    If that's country then i got you some ocean front property in Arizona to sell ya

  • Jessica Kabel
    Jessica Kabel

    I have most albums of you,Dierk Bentley, and this new album not yet... I love all the songs.... Wish your girls would also appear in your video.

  • Bernard Beckett
    Bernard Beckett

    WOW!!!!! That's all that needs to be said about this song :)

  • James

    Best music video

  • Lacie Walta
    Lacie Walta

    I love him

  • Juzboo Oceana
    Juzboo Oceana

    ❤️loved the song but u hit it Gold with the video.😘🙏🏼🎶

  • apple54345

    "..A bird on a branch and I watched it fly away in the wind... and it hit me!" That must have hurt!

    • Paul H
      Paul H


  • Carolinablue Bear
    Carolinablue Bear

    This is a perfect video for LIVING 🙌💫💯💕 love it!


    so touching and cute video

  • Southerncountryboy1981

    We spend so much time being over protective of our children that we hardly spend the quality time with them like we should. We need to ease up some and take in life as it comes to us. We should be outdoors more with our kids doing what our fathers use to do with us back in the 70's and 80's. What has happen to us lately. The entire time i did not break a tear but when his son pulled away from his father and he gave that little girl that big ass teddy bear i lost it. wow what a moment.

  • Juan Varona
    Juan Varona

    New song being raved about.

  • Hampton Bay Clarkson Ceiling Fans 357
    Hampton Bay Clarkson Ceiling Fans 357

    Dierk's Bentley I really like that song. I really like Country Music.

  • chapmasi

    I love this video

  • Matthew Miller
    Matthew Miller

    How can someone dislike a video this connected to life

  • James Armstrong
    James Armstrong

    The video is far better than the song.

  • Jonathan Sidie
    Jonathan Sidie

    With all thats wrong in the world this makes life worth living!

  • Lee Calhoun
    Lee Calhoun

    I love this video

  • NZ Shares
    NZ Shares

    Cuntry people write a song about a Ha i gva shit lol

  • Stephanie Minjares
    Stephanie Minjares

    1:27 Dosent she look like Savannah from the labrant fam

  • Texas Treasure
    Texas Treasure

    1:36 wow

  • Nich Morris
    Nich Morris

    As a single dad this is awesome i love this

  • michael rogers
    michael rogers

    What type of sunglasses are those

  • Makayla Vargason
    Makayla Vargason


  • LT Punisher
    LT Punisher

    Most underrated country artist I’ve known

    • Carolinablue Bear
      Carolinablue Bear

      LT Punisher truth !

  • B3RK4N Y1LD1Z
    B3RK4N Y1LD1Z

    I love your song man

  • Adilson Domingues de Souza
    Adilson Domingues de Souza

    Beatifull song, I loved !!!!

  • Christine Roscoe
    Christine Roscoe

    Absolutely adorable video!

  • Joshua Greko
    Joshua Greko

    Amazing song and video. Thank you thank you!

  • Destiny Cowell
    Destiny Cowell

    This video is so sweet

  • Man With A Million Names
    Man With A Million Names

    Thank you for this ... I'm already dead but u let me live a little

  • myra zantinga
    myra zantinga

    like father like son. great video awesome song.

  • MoniMa


  • Jason Sims
    Jason Sims


  • shawna patro
    shawna patro

    U 0 mmm

  • Blind Ethical
    Blind Ethical

    I watched this and it reminds me of my father when was still around and would take me and my little brother places and have fun with us he died like a year or two ago and I’m currently 14 so when he died it was hard but I think this is what I needed and I’m sure he’s looking down at me telling how good I’ve done.

  • Salah Eddine Ghamri
    Salah Eddine Ghamri

    Canadian music ?!

  • Kenneth Mckenzie
    Kenneth Mckenzie

    great Song Awesome Video

    • Holli Burns
      Holli Burns


    • Holli Burns
      Holli Burns


  • Ada P
    Ada P

    What a funny little person. 😍😍

  • Madalyn Crawford
    Madalyn Crawford

    So damn sweet. 💜

  • GamingWithHybrid

    I would raise my kids like this

  • Shawn Warn
    Shawn Warn

    THthe dudes stuck out the window fixated on a tree...something constant to center himself hahahah

  • Shawn Warn
    Shawn Warn


  • Brianna Moynihan
    Brianna Moynihan

    this is one of the best music video i have ever seen, open your eyes and see whats right in front of you! amazing!

  • Jordan Clark
    Jordan Clark

    Pretty good

  • cowboy Toby
    cowboy Toby

    Reminds me of me and my dad

  • Christopher Thomas
    Christopher Thomas


  • Sharon Noll
    Sharon Noll

    So sweet! Love it😊

  • Emily Hicks
    Emily Hicks

    Love this!!!

  • Liz Bro
    Liz Bro

    I should have waited to do my makeup😢

  • Kevin McDonald
    Kevin McDonald

    That was a awesome song and video. Thnks for putting me in check with myself I needed to see that video of dad and son hanging out with each other. It's been a hard 5 years since I've seen my little buddy. I'm going to drive 900 miles too make sure he knows I care and love him. Appreciate it Dirkes. 😎😁😇

    • Texan 07
      Texan 07

      Let us know how it goes

  • Stephanie Risher
    Stephanie Risher

    I truly love this whole album. Love this song even more now! Cutest!!!

  • Tracie Truman
    Tracie Truman

    *Keith I need you here with me

  • Joyce H
    Joyce H

    God bless it. This is beautiful.

  • Happy the blue cat
    Happy the blue cat

    I know we’re that go kart place is