DDG vs. Deshae Frost FULL BOXING MATCH | DDG's Corner
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  • The DDG Family
    The DDG Family

    DESHAE's CORNER: ua-my.com/watchvideo/%D0%B2%D1%96%D0%B4%D0%B5%D0%BE-JhI_s_6mZRI.html

    • fat vooster
      fat vooster

      D DG ahh bitch I'll box da boi fa 10 bands

    • Reese The-Fighter
      Reese The-Fighter

      Ill Beat yo Ass anywhere anytime 😂😂

    • Felicia Winding
      Felicia Winding

      You suck

    • Felicia Winding
      Felicia Winding

      You just hatten

  • K Pugh
    K Pugh

    They cant fight to save their lives

  • Txny

    Fredo boutta beat yo ass lmaoo

  • Isacc Brinkley
    Isacc Brinkley

    Get his ass ddg

  • Perly Gates
    Perly Gates

    Yo DDG u prolly not reading this but I guarantee if u box me I'll beat u no low-key shit

  • Ambross Key
    Ambross Key

    Little man got Hart

  • Maurice Jones
    Maurice Jones

    When DDG said “ I don’t want to hurt him” I knew he could have easily won that match

  • Makel Dorn
    Makel Dorn

    DDG got the fucking W bitch

  • Bloody Wolf
    Bloody Wolf

    I would violate these niggas no cap smh 🤦🏾‍♂️ first 30 seconds b the worse seconds of they life 💥💥

  • James Lewis
    James Lewis

    LMAO couldn't nobody that fought know how to fight. DDG I swear if we boxed I would easily win and we can bet on that

    • James Lewis
      James Lewis


  • Deangelo Carter
    Deangelo Carter

    Sol vs ddg

  • PPD Wink
    PPD Wink

    Why you swinging like that 😭 what did the air do to ya lol

  • Cj Hallman
    Cj Hallman

    Neither one of y’all niggas can fight I would beat the shit outa both of y’all

  • Jesus Villa
    Jesus Villa

    I be skipping parts trying to avoid ads😂😂

  • Coldest Amz
    Coldest Amz


  • Jeff Lol
    Jeff Lol

    Why everyone think they hard when they go boxing gym lol

  • Raw

    First Fight in video I was dead😂 ,Man in red had on yeezys, man in blue wearing off white nikes

  • Reaper Playz
    Reaper Playz

    Tay-K??????? 8:35


    This might be crazy but jake paul and DDG should go at it and see how its gonna end up

  • Tyler Suro
    Tyler Suro


  • King Zay
    King Zay

    DDG bro u to dam big for that nigga😂aye quick question would u ever box yo fans?

  • Hot Boy
    Hot Boy

    If this was on the streets this would go on worldstar

  • Leah Gladney
    Leah Gladney

    Deshae can’t fight 😂

  • Brandon Lauer
    Brandon Lauer

    They just fight way too different Deshae fights aggressive and DDG fights defensive

  • Manuel Vargas
    Manuel Vargas

    You guys box on my bday 😂😂

  • Baller 4reelz
    Baller 4reelz

    Somebody tell deshae he boxin not street fighting😂

  • Malcolm Leach
    Malcolm Leach

    im fuckin deaddd😂😂😂DDG let him GAVE HIM himself in a corner....and this man hits him with the Steve Smith "ehh" lul girl throw👌aiiiteeeeee

  • Dwe Smack vs RAW
    Dwe Smack vs RAW


  • I Do The Most
    I Do The Most

    Bro don’t want no smoke with smoothgio

  • I Do The Most
    I Do The Most

    Bruh this video pisses me off he not even fucking go DDG don’t even think about fighting So u ass my guy 😂😂😂😭

  • Koko Koko
    Koko Koko

    an ad every two minutes? yikes.

  • Darnell Aniton
    Darnell Aniton

    Frado will fuck u up bitch

  • CJ Ghost
    CJ Ghost

    these niggas cant fights smh

  • undercover brother
    undercover brother

    My 3yr old daughter could fight n hit better than these niggas

  • Gchilly

    23:01 ended all that grabbing shit lol

  • Yoshua Cordoba
    Yoshua Cordoba

    Does anyone else notice that baddy w the turquoise hair in the corner aha

  • Nobady Blank
    Nobady Blank

    Maywether my ass

  • Anthony Gutierrez
    Anthony Gutierrez

    How the fuck is ddg gonna beat solluminati ass fighting like this, i thought ddg used to box. I hope ddg gets some traning cuz so will have the advantage due to reach

  • Abdi Rizzler
    Abdi Rizzler


  • OneAnOnIy

    That nigga Deshae can't fight for shit.

  • Ramuditha De Silva
    Ramuditha De Silva

    neither of u can fight

  • Q Marshall
    Q Marshall

    Pretty boy fredo will beat the fuck out u chill out

  • Shy Shy
    Shy Shy

    Height got nun to do with it 😂💯

  • tak lin
    tak lin

    The fucking addssssssss

  • mellegls 6
    mellegls 6

    Now we waiting for him to fight KSI

  • Adira Israel
    Adira Israel

    THIS SH*T MADE MY DAY!! FUNNIEST BOUT EVER....thanks for easing up on our boy🖒💪😊😊

  • Jamillah Ferguson
    Jamillah Ferguson

    Second fight got me excited i think i like boxing now😂

  • Jamillah Ferguson
    Jamillah Ferguson

    Im all like if ty and charc dont hit each other already..😒

  • Geazy

    first 30 sec into the fight. DDG can't box/fight.

  • KimboDogg07

    DDG you trash ass nga why tf this nga swear and think he can fight ?? I wanna fight this clown ass nga bad.... I would embarrass tf out you on your channel after I bust that ass in the ring... Shit ain’t going no distance..., nga I guarantee you getting knocked the fuck out. Nga respond to this and let’s set this shit up. You on here promoting you a boxer and fighter n shyt.. So why not fight a real fighter ??? I bet on everything you won’t respond to this ole scary ass nga. Let’s box weak ass nga.... You out here frunting u a fighter, come on then nga... Stop being a bitch and come on!!!!!

  • AntiSocialx

    i thought that was floyd mayweather at 16:12 😂

  • deadmau5vzla

    I’m sorry but fredo would whoop ya ass bra😂😂. He ain’t a internet talker like you he really on that

    • deadmau5vzla

      And this nigga got a whole ass kid and wife to take care of fuck you calling him out disrespecting him for you just acting like a female, guess drake was really right with that bar. “Niggas talk more than bitches these days”

  • Isreal Hernandez
    Isreal Hernandez

    Both y’all mffks can’t fight 😂 I would of been allready snuffed one of y’all good

    • CamMadeIt


  • Ya Boi
    Ya Boi

    So will end this mans career

  • Double AAJ
    Double AAJ

    29:03 wow 🤦🏾‍♂️

  • jared dugar
    jared dugar

    Aye Deshae u gotta get in that lab 😬😂

  • michael epps
    michael epps

    Those fights were so bad

  • Slime Boss Danika El Bhapo
    Slime Boss Danika El Bhapo

    Another moment if ddg trying to be cool and show off. Bruh. The average and i literally mean AVERAGE EVERYDAY ON THE BLOCK street nigga would dog you ddg. You talk like you just super had them hoes and a small part of me believed you. The lame part of me believed you. I have nothing left ti believe now

  • Arcade Ace
    Arcade Ace

    This video is full of niggas who’ve never really boxed a day in their lives 😂😂. All this shit was trash

  • Arcade Ace
    Arcade Ace

    15 whole ads 😂

  • iMDLucas

    bruh So is dropping your shit my dude you gon have to cancel that fight

  • Emotional Lesbian
    Emotional Lesbian

    Ddg hit like a bitch

  • chief__beef_

    I could easily box ddg tbh So if So actually knows how to fight that's a easy win

    • chief__beef_

      +Lando Swaggerisan nigga I'm typing on my phone And its on YT why would I care about Grammer Ik I could beat ddg and your ass

    • Lando Swaggerisan
      Lando Swaggerisan

      Yeah lie to your self again bro and learn how to type

    • BOWW!! HELLO
      BOWW!! HELLO

      chief__beef_ its all fun and games cuz they cool with each otha

  • Theo Dixon
    Theo Dixon

    I'd beat both they ass fly me out to cali

  • Uncle Earl
    Uncle Earl

    SoLLUMINATI next?? 😲 lookin ass boi 😂 nigga getting rocked by a middle schooler and really wanna fight So

  • Jr_ 1026F
    Jr_ 1026F

    DDG v Fredo

  • King Wonder
    King Wonder

    KSI and Paul fight was better than this fight lmao

  • 92reshaun

    DDG I want some smoke!!! I’m 5’9 too. I’ll make sure you get all the views you need

  • Lewis Caldwell
    Lewis Caldwell

    24:32 knocking bitch out with a hook right there

  • Joseph Peters
    Joseph Peters

    You whop dashe now you calling niggas out 😫

  • Isaiah Dolphy
    Isaiah Dolphy

    Ddg vs so soon???

  • DRIP G.O.A.T
    DRIP G.O.A.T

    DDG im your bigest fan and i was positive you were going to win WWWWWWWDDG

    • DRIP G.O.A.T
      DRIP G.O.A.T


  • Retirals

    Can't none of y'all fight. I'm 14 and I'll still work both of y'all at the same time. Like y'all don't even keep y'alls hands up. Smh and u think u could beat solluminati. Idk if solluminati can fight but I know he can probably keep his hands up

    • T.K. Kirkland #FirstToDoIt#VladTvLegend
      T.K. Kirkland #FirstToDoIt#VladTvLegend

      - dick riding ass lil nigga😂😂😂

  • Mimi A
    Mimi A

    I luvvv me some DDGGGGGG😍😘😍😘😍😘😍

  • Revolution Tv
    Revolution Tv

    They be thinking they real life professional corner men with the spraying of the water and shit🤣🤣

    • young boy
      young boy

      How u lame ass nigga

  • Jabbar Glover
    Jabbar Glover

    im 12 and i fight better then you both, still love you do ddg also who came back to this after ddg vs soilluminati

    • lunar

      damn nigga no one cares


      12 year olds don't got the hands

  • Joshua fyb
    Joshua fyb

    Ddg really struggled against this weak ass nigga

  • Angel Hearon
    Angel Hearon

    23:01 When you keep acting up in the store

  • Niyear Thomas
    Niyear Thomas


  • Stormz Bust
    Stormz Bust

    Why is deshaes reach negative 3 inches

  • Marcus Jones
    Marcus Jones


  • Marcus Jones
    Marcus Jones

    That's how real men do it

  • Marcus Jones
    Marcus Jones

    Now y'all keep respecting each other and go ahead and keep making that money

  • Marcus Jones
    Marcus Jones

    Glad to both of you still able to bring it together

  • Marcus Jones
    Marcus Jones

    Him being younger than you and you talked a lot a mess to real talk you didn't stand up do what you said you was going to do knock him out.

    • Zach House
      Zach House

      Marcus Jones wtf is that grammar

  • Marcus Jones
    Marcus Jones

    deshae was making me thinking different throughout his videos he proved himself to me that he don't mind standing up and he did DDJ deashea won.

  • Osama Trill
    Osama Trill

    Deshae has ddg feeling them hits. He grabbing him everytime Deshae hit him. Everybody knows boxing. Knows that mean what???

    • MaDisOn CuTe aww
      MaDisOn CuTe aww

      no das why you only got three likes tf . that make no sense

  • Sam Jun
    Sam Jun


  • PB& A
    PB& A

    This nigga Charc's arm look flimsy asf a 3:05

  • Kyle Ellis
    Kyle Ellis


  • iSpartan

    So gunna wash this nigga

    • El Zoeja
      El Zoeja

      iSpartan Whaa the difference between him and shae is that he ain’t 4’10 and he can actually fight😂

  • shmeat gang
    shmeat gang

    SO is really finna dog u my guy😭


    Those s creaming girls pissed me of

  • Benoh

    Bro you niggas can not fight God damn yall are just bad just stop

  • James Austin
    James Austin

    Them niggas have no work😂

  • Junior Juice
    Junior Juice

    Who tf is this cringey Diamond bitch

  • Roxie Ross
    Roxie Ross

    Ddg can’t fight my nigga look at him so gonna beat him easy and ion even wanna think about what his shooter would do to him

  • Nellybo knockdown
    Nellybo knockdown

    Shit SO we got to get to workin

  • Steve Finesse
    Steve Finesse

    DDG Should’ve punched Deshae straight in the face when he lunged at him that’s what I would’ve done quick upper cut or straight jab to the face quit with all that grabbing

  • Badmon

    Ddg cant fight for shit but this other nigga so bad it make ddg look decent 😂

    • Badmon

      Craig Smith nigga when he jab he moves his gaurd and ducks 🤦🏽‍♂️ anyone wit any real fight experience would drop thing nigga as soon as he did that, you just a dick rider 🤡

    • Craig Smith
      Craig Smith

      He didn't want to hurt him stupid