David Dobrik Guesses How 1,016 Fans Responded to a Survey About Him | Teen Vogue
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UA-myr and all-around nice guy David Dobrik guesses how 1,016 of his fans responded to a 17 question survey about him. From his first kiss to his favorite body wash scent, David attempts to guess the responses of the majority of his fans and lets us know how spot on they really were.

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David Dobrik Guesses How 1,016 Fans Responded to a Survey About Him | Teen Vogue

  • Soha Aurangzed
    Soha Aurangzed

    Youngest 11 lam also 11

  • Trish Tran
    Trish Tran

    “What trait does David look for in a partner” Me:Liza?

  • Aidan haddock
    Aidan haddock

    Wait a second if david is 22 here and his mum is 37....

  • josephine.mp4 _
    josephine.mp4 _

    i need a shane x david series pls🥺🥺

  • q w q
    q w q

    how do i take these surveys

  • Random Person
    Random Person

    9:10 69 people said his lips.

  • I'll tell my name if ur subscribed do it now
    I'll tell my name if ur subscribed do it now

    When he said he doesnt date ppl who r taller than him makes me think of why he liked dated lizzy

  • Alex Cendral
    Alex Cendral

    Question: what trait does David look for most in a partner? David: *literally describes Liza*

  • zack


  • ItsSamReid

    1:34 the demogorgon

  • Le na
    Le na

    No one: David: *i feel like you don’t wanna see the trick don’t you*

  • Antonia D
    Antonia D

    Escape is a good word actually

  • Irish Potato
    Irish Potato

    David: goes to a party with all of his idols Also David: *starts to leave* Idol: why are you leaving David: there’s no borrito 🤣🤣

  • jackielynne76 Exaxtly
    jackielynne76 Exaxtly

    No no no you resemble Paul Rudd...seriously....you really do and that is by no means an insult...so cute

  • Kelsey R
    Kelsey R

    “Its the safest on my skin.”🥺🥺🥺🥺why is he the cutest thing on the entire planet earth

  • Jaedyn Hollingsworth
    Jaedyn Hollingsworth

    sense of humor cough cough liza :((((

  • Janelle Greene
    Janelle Greene

    if you had to compare david to a food, animal, or plant, which one would he be? *he’d be a chipotle burrito*

  • Janelle Greene
    Janelle Greene

    i met david and i thought he was shorter than what he said lol

  • Stan GOT7
    Stan GOT7

    What I love his crazy messy hair!! He’s like a mad scientist ....

  • natalycristina

    I didn't mean to send the eyes 😆 lol

  • Andria Stull
    Andria Stull

    I'm literally a 14 yo girl who is only 2 or 3 inches shorter than david😂😂😂

  • Caroline Cohen
    Caroline Cohen

    “the oldest person to take it was 37” david- “oh that was probably my mom” lol if his mom was 37 she would have had him at age 15

  • Tired

    Mom bathe you when you were eleven..?????

  • Mxnlight_ Bae
    Mxnlight_ Bae

    12:18 couldn’t AGREE MORE!!👏❤️

  • The_Real Jess
    The_Real Jess

    where do take this surveyyy

  • Heavyn Voiers
    Heavyn Voiers

    David describing himself as a burrito is such a mood 😂

  • Natalie Patlan
    Natalie Patlan

    8:24 Liza..... I mean I’m jut sayin’

  • RainY Wolf
    RainY Wolf


  • fab madeleine
    fab madeleine

    i use suave. for kids. because it’s good for my sensitive skin.

  • f duff
    f duff

    He proteccc He attacc But most importantly.. He shoves those papers to his thicc asscc

  • Dan Mays
    Dan Mays

    Did anybody see Jonah in the dollar shave club ad?

  • garrett stevens
    garrett stevens

    genuinely am eating brekfast

  • Icarly

    David isn’t a teen he’s like 30

  • Karlie Heriman
    Karlie Heriman

    “You sound like you don’t want to see the trick” 💀😂😂😂

  • desyree becerra
    desyree becerra

    10:23 are u okay david ?🥴

  • APZX

    What kind of soap does david use *shows a stapler*

  • Suga’s Sweg
    Suga’s Sweg

    No one: David: I have this dream where I take out my eyeball and put it in the cup holder of my car.

  • MrHard2Find 04
    MrHard2Find 04

    I’m 14 and I’m taller

  • Emily Briseno
    Emily Briseno

    Tbh shocked no one Said soccer

  • RaeLyn McLain
    RaeLyn McLain

    David: he had two different colored eyes? Me: pff he’s so silly Also me: *looks up pictures of David Bowie because I didn’t know he had two different colored eyes either*

  • Tracy Darius
    Tracy Darius

    David: Sense of humor Anyone and everyone: He'S TaLKinG AbOut LiZa

  • Sage Martin
    Sage Martin

    Does anyone else notice those moments when David looks like some version of Benedict Cumberbatch?

  • Lizzie Shepard
    Lizzie Shepard

    Jim and David’s noses are the same and I can’t believe I didn’t realize that before

  • внαвιε

    omfg when i tell you i adore him-

  • Freareva Sassy
    Freareva Sassy

    He gives me jazza vibes

  • Torin _S
    Torin _S

    So that means David’s mom had him when she was 15😳

  • ashlin scott
    ashlin scott

    all that paper they wasted

  • Tyona S
    Tyona S

    Comparing himself to a burrito... what an analogy

  • alicia martinez
    alicia martinez

    David you mean so much

  • alicia martinez
    alicia martinez

    The fact that David doesn't know how much everyone loves his hair is crazy

  • alicia martinez
    alicia martinez

    Smh I'm 22 and I watch you

  • Bradley Stagakis
    Bradley Stagakis

    9:47 wtf does he say lol

  • Arnav Vaidyanathan
    Arnav Vaidyanathan

    David: 8:22 Me: ahem ahem Liza ahem ahem

  • Katherine Hendrix
    Katherine Hendrix

    This video is putting me to sleep.

  • Vision 4547
    Vision 4547

    His mom is 37? So she gave birth to him when she was 14????


    “A lot of people say Brad Pitt” I really hope that’s sarcasm

  • Melanie Cox
    Melanie Cox

    "This one I get all the time" .... 4 people

  • Suhaylah Harris-Dupree
    Suhaylah Harris-Dupree

    Wow David I am eating breakfast

  • Ella Bryant
    Ella Bryant

    Now that they’ve said he looks like John Kransinski in the office I can’t I see it omg 😂😂

  • TINO Tv
    TINO Tv

    10:25 that’s actually deep

  • Megha Pratapwar
    Megha Pratapwar

    does he give anyone else curling vibes for olympic sport

  • What they Say K
    What they Say K

    He sounds like lord farquaad yelling I agree with the lord farquaad one

  • Bella G
    Bella G

    *what do you look for in a partner* I answer for him *LIZA*

  • jihooOooOon esh bui tee
    jihooOooOon esh bui tee

    9:04 frick you:< you're so cute:


    Same eye shape as Justin Bieber except he can’t keep a straight face

  • Ruby Williams
    Ruby Williams

    Sorry, but why do people NOT like David’s hair. ITS FREAKIN CUTE.

  • Val O
    Val O

    David has the most calming incredible satisfying voice😂

  • Nancy Guerrero
    Nancy Guerrero

    I think because of this video I’ll start to watch his videos

  • Ethan Kleiner
    Ethan Kleiner

    Who tf said he look like justin bieber 😂😂

  • Amanda Longo
    Amanda Longo

    I’m taller then David :( he’s scared of me