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This is the story of one of the X-Men’s most beloved characters, Jean Grey, as she evolves into the iconic DARK PHOENIX. During a life-threatening rescue mission in space, Jean is hit by a cosmic force that transforms her into one of the most powerful mutants of all. Wrestling with this increasingly unstable power as well as her own personal demons, Jean spirals out of control, tearing the X-Men family apart and threatening to destroy the very fabric of our planet. The film is the most intense and emotional X-Men movie ever made. It is the culmination of 20 years of X-Men movies, as the family of mutants that we've come to know and love must face their most devastating enemy yet -- one of their own.
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Written and Directed by: Simon Kinberg
Produced by: Simon Kinberg, Hutch Parker, Lauren Shuler Donner, Todd Hallowell
Cast: James McAvoy, Michael Fassbender, Jennifer Lawrence, Nicholas Hoult, Sophie Turner, Tye Sheridan, Alexandra Shipp, Kodi Smit-McPhee, Evan Peters, and Jessica Chastain
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Dark Phoenix | Final Trailer [HD] | 20th Century FOX

  • Lyrical Raps
    Lyrical Raps

    This movie was 2 hours but felt like forty minutes

  • Peter Shades II
    Peter Shades II

    The music : Ninurta - Audiomachine

  • salmaan ejaz
    salmaan ejaz

    The only good thing about this movie was the trailer music. duhhhhhhh DUH DUH DUH....... duhhhhhhh DUH DUH DUH

  • josef raphael
    josef raphael

    So let me get this straight...the koolest super hero group that challenged racism, fear and ignorance and sterotypes is now a movie populated by super privileged white teens whose only task is to look cute...? SUPER BULLSHIT MARVEL/DISNEY...star wars ruined and now marvel...

  • DAN tx 14
    DAN tx 14

    Dark Phoenix (2019) Available HD1080p Online Watch ➤➤ t.co/30qCUzruRp?dark/phoenix/2019 Джийн Грей преустанови работата си и започна да се справя с феникса. Повечето от X-Men-негърките момчета могат да маркират лесбийката, да се възползват от тях, и да извадят елха. Rendező: Саймън Кинберг Krók: Джон Бърн ("The Dark Phoenix Saga"), Крис Клермонт ("The Dark Phoenix Saga") | 4 кредитен кредит » Csillagok: Джеймс Макавой, Майкъл Фасбендер, Дженифър Лоурънс.

  • KidouKenshi22

    Omg a female main villain?! Why u ruin x men?? What's with this trend that most movies are focusing on girls now? Men in black, Terminator, Capt marvel, now this... nothing against women but l dont like female villains as main villain its lame . Magneto was badass but this? I wont watch this sorry

    • Jean Khast
      Jean Khast

      ... I hope you're kidding.

  • Յaqrob

    I have seen the movie and I wonder why the director never let the Aliens use any kind of weapon during all fights scene.. 🤣 Poor Aliens they fight with their hands only

  • Everton D'Sousa
    Everton D'Sousa

    This sound: Ninurta by Audiomachine.

  • Deviprasad B
    Deviprasad B

    Wolverine and deadpool are the best others are simply not fun.

    • Chris Corley
      Chris Corley

      Ok Google.

  • Miftahud Diaz F
    Miftahud Diaz F

    18.06.2019 › just watched the movie at cinema!


    the movie was really good but the plot was a bit too predictable also in numerous x men movies mutants had done far worse things to others than even the phoenix did in that movie

    • Chris Corley
      Chris Corley


  • DNC 16
    DNC 16

    This movie is good

  • Caleb Groncki
    Caleb Groncki

    Good job guys, i thought you guys did a really good job Teamwork makes the dream work.

  • Antoinette Grant
    Antoinette Grant

    Took my husband to see this for Father's Day she was not exciting in this role

  • andrei stoica
    andrei stoica

    My bad Storm appears but even Gambit Rogue Wolverine and Jubilee doesent appears maybe ia set before the events of Animated Series of 1992.

  • Denis van damme
    Denis van damme

    I LOVE It says : " feel Good"

  • Jen Bin
    Jen Bin

    I was VERY DISAPPOINTED with the movie. It seems like it was a long movie but it wasn't. ALL THE CHARACTER WAS WEAK ACCEPT JEAN LIKE ALWAYS!!! ESPECIALLY MAGNETO WAS WEAK! WHY IS STORM SO WEAK AND QUICKSILVER WAS IN THE MOVIE FOR ONLY 3 MINS. HE DIDNT EVEN SAY THAT MANY WORDS. VERY VERY DISAPPOINTED! ALSO, THIS MOVIE WAS JUST MADE TO GRAB MOVIE. BOTH ENDGAME AND DARK PHOENIX has OVER HYPED BOTH MOVIES WAS TRASH AND I LOVE MARVEL. THIS IS THE WORST XMEN MOVIE EVER MADE. ITS WORST THEN XMEN 3.Mystique should of never died btw.Movie wasn't that bad but Could of been wayyyyyy better. Oh and One more thing is it just me or Are Alll the people who are blue are white washed?I mean they should be way more blue....

    • Chris Corley
      Chris Corley

      @Jen Bin Dark Phoenix = Excellent film.

    • Jen Bin
      Jen Bin

      @Chris Corley Then you did not watch every Xmen movie. Oh and was it just me or was Mystique, Beast, and nightcrawler Way too light.???

    • Chris Corley
      Chris Corley

      I disagree with you. Excellent film 100%.

  • ShomyLiwoComy


  • D Wood
    D Wood

    Another Feminist Propaganda Movie. “I am Womaaannnn ...hear me Roar... blah blah blah”. “Meeee tooooooooo”....”timmmes up”...”Girrrrl Powaaaahhhh”. Yawn

    • Chris Corley
      Chris Corley

      Maybe you should go watch it first.

  • paul leepoy
    paul leepoy


  • WarneRBrotheR Channel
    WarneRBrotheR Channel


  • Aamir Hayat
    Aamir Hayat

    I just like X-men movies cause of logan(wolverine)

  • Aamir Hayat
    Aamir Hayat

    Where's logan😰😰😰

  • Via Felicita
    Via Felicita

    thankyou for keeping your red hair Sansa Stark

  • Gita Astika
    Gita Astika

    Please chceck "Kurelakan -Ghea Indrawari" champaign x men dark phoenix from Indonesia. Her voice very beautiful 💞 go go check.

  • Fitranda 0912
    Fitranda 0912

    you're done with winterfell sansa?

  • MIchael de Jong
    MIchael de Jong

    "Are you threatening me?" " that's right. " "Bad idea" "ReverseCard.png"

  • Clearance Rack
    Clearance Rack

    Sophie turner carried this movie and it shows. Huge loss

  • Vincelle1516 Pasion
    Vincelle1516 Pasion

    Spoiler alert guys jean died but she was mixed with the atmosphere ate the ending you will see a phoenix flying

  • Chengfu Saechao
    Chengfu Saechao

    Is this worth my money To watch it at the THEATER?!!

    • Chris Corley
      Chris Corley

      Yes!!! Excellent new story.

  • David Smith
    David Smith

    Looks like this woke X-Men film is losing money. The film is a pissing contest between feminists Sophie Turner and Jessica Chastain with the other comic characters thrown in.

  • Trap Money Brodie
    Trap Money Brodie

    Quicksilver died 2wice

  • IDK Really
    IDK Really

    does anyone notice how j-law's character, mistique, looks more and more normal with every movie like ??? a huge part of her character is learning to accept how her mutation makes her look

  • GWN


  • Jesus Jesus
    Jesus Jesus


  • Thanos

    REBOOT already. What a waste of time making this dogshit

    • Chris Corley
      Chris Corley

      Sorry, your "boss snap" is broken.

  • Tony Ho
    Tony Ho

    Still waiting for Gayman : Rainbow Flags of Steel

  • Tony Ho
    Tony Ho

    Thank God it flopped..... Who's tired of superhero movies.. never cared for them since the surgance of Superhero movies like the first X-Men 2000

    • Chris Corley
      Chris Corley

      Go see the new Godzilla. Pretty cool.

  • Joseph Abuso
    Joseph Abuso

    She can take down tanonos

  • John Rivera
    John Rivera

    1:18 😲😲😲it's EUDORA.. black Eudora. 😲😲😲

  • Beartallica86

    I think I saw this already. It was called X-Men: The Last Stand

    • Chris Corley
      Chris Corley

      Yep, that's the other part.

  • Earl Russel
    Earl Russel

    the movie wasnt the bad tho. but i think they can do be better in this adaption. Not like that.

  • Ultimate Coola
    Ultimate Coola

    there is a rumour it was actually Disney who interfered with dark phoenix especially the reshoots where it included Jennifer Lawrence dialogue where she said about the x women line, it was actually supposed to be 2 part movie but Disney changed and wanted one movie.

    • Ultimate Coola
      Ultimate Coola

      @Chris Corley yeah, they probably didn't want any traces of Fox

    • Chris Corley
      Chris Corley

      For one movie, its insane.

  • なuntold

    Been watching X-Men since I was a kid, and I STILL don't understand why Charles can use his mind to move anything but his legs.

    • なuntold

      @Andrew Dembouski Actually, Charles is fully capable of low-level telekinesis. He discovers it through Cassandra Nova.

    • Andrew Dembouski
      Andrew Dembouski

      なuntold he actually cannot. Charles is a telepath, a mind reader. He can control people, not objects. He cannot use telekinesis. Jean, however, can do both.

  • warren valencia
    warren valencia

    This trailer is the best but try to watch this trailer part of marvel heroes that make your mind blow ckk.ai/qqisJ

  • Juicy Tomatoes
    Juicy Tomatoes

    Watched it last night.. this movie just like a cheap tv series.. they can do it better.

    • Chris Corley
      Chris Corley

      Better, like how?

  • Lenny Njenga
    Lenny Njenga

    I don't understand why this movie has negative critics. I enjoyed it way more than Endgame

    • Noelle

      Oh you. 😂😭

  • Bruno Gonzalez
    Bruno Gonzalez

    Sansa stark nobody loves you neither in x men nor in the game of thrones, you are the most hated character 🤦🏻‍♂️🤣

    • Jojo Jonathan
      Jojo Jonathan


  • Christian Henson
    Christian Henson

    Is this music on the soundtrack?

  • ee kenny
    ee kenny

    SPOILERS Jean: I can't control my power! Charles: I can help you Jean! Scott: JEAN! x100 Erick: *I'm a Bad Guy.. Wait, I'm a Good Guy.. THE END ....

    • Jen Bin
      Jen Bin

      YOU ARE CORRECT! THIS MOVIE MAD ME VERY DISAPPOINTED! It was made only to grab money.

  • Gaming With Ouma
    Gaming With Ouma

    Where is logan?? He is like the main guy in x men movie

  • Tamara Wilhite
    Tamara Wilhite

    Go woke, go broke.

  • Blaze The Wolf
    Blaze The Wolf

    Is it just me or does no one actually care about Jean? Just the Phoenix Force. It’s not vary noice.

  • SinisterSin

    They ruined a potentially great film. The Dark Phoenix is supposed to be an entity of cosmic power beyond all comprehension. Capable of doing literally anything the mind can think of. Instead we see her cause less destruction than Apocalypse and he is far weaker than the Dark Phoenix.

    • Nate River
      Nate River

      @SinisterSin Much less than that lol They put Jean/Phoenix stories in movies with such a small scale. Dark Phoenix should be featured in movies with the scale of infinity war. They are basically putting Goku in a movie with John Wick.

    • SinisterSin

      @Nate River Regardless, I'm sure you understand what I mean. We only got to see like 5% of what phoenix force is capable of in this movie.

    • Nate River
      Nate River

      Dark Phoenix isn't an entity. It's just Jean fighting against the Phoenix force. The actual Phoenix force (and white Phoenix) are the powerhouses.

  • Cat Wonder
    Cat Wonder

    You ever notice that's all Cyclops says-JEAN!

  • will Grello
    will Grello

    Now im ready for terminator dark fate to fail and have hollywood call everyone a nazi if you didn't like it.

  • Yosuke Rechain
    Yosuke Rechain

    Jean, nova, marvel... have fire element.... Wkwkwkwkwk.... if say cosmic... but it still fire.

  • Steve Rutledge
    Steve Rutledge

    Don't know why this film got so much hate. ...it was much better than Endgame.

    • Peter Jordanson
      Peter Jordanson

      I really hate Endgame too I hate Endgame because it ended :(

    • Kon-El

      @Steve Rutledge are you on drugs boy😂?

    • Steve Rutledge
      Steve Rutledge

      Kon-El ... Not at all. Endgame was awful.

    • Kon-El

      😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😁😁 You're joking right?

  • cleverjaja

    Watched it and zzz I almost walked out

  • thedragon12

    As cool as this movie may looks, I think Famke Janssen did a better job as Dark Pheonix.

    • thedragon12

      @Chris Corley I know I'm just thinking Famke was more ... powerfull in her interpretation that's all, I love Sophie Turnner since I discovered her in GoT.

    • Chris Corley
      Chris Corley

      Both actresses are great, portraying the same exact person at different ages.

  • Darius Dews
    Darius Dews

    I liked it

  • Karen Molnar
    Karen Molnar

    all critica about this fantasy film! Congratulation for Mystic Jennifer lawrence for great actor work! karenstardust.blogspot.com/ #karenstardust #hollywood #gossips #criticas #fantasy #darkphoneix #films

  • Kim Gadon
    Kim Gadon

    X-MEN: Dark Phoenix fiIm: appurl.io/a7XgUFj-E?bR2F Leurs états de santé respectifs les empêchent de s'approcher trop près l'un de l'autre.

  • Hayden Snow
    Hayden Snow

    Was I the only one who thought the lady with the silver hair was Emma frost

  • Andhika Gautama
    Andhika Gautama

    Hedwig or denis? I cant see xavier in james mcavoy now

  • Savannah Miller
    Savannah Miller


  • Savannah Miller
    Savannah Miller


    • Chris Corley
      Chris Corley

      Dark Phoenix is excellent.

  • DAN tx 14
    DAN tx 14

    "Dark Phoenix is the Endgame of the X-Men " watch Dark Phoenix (2019) clik => t.co/30qCUzruRp?play/darkphoenix

  • MrFedoraFilm

    X-Men: Phoenix Rising

  • LeSpaghet


  • Alvin Mah
    Alvin Mah

    Lacks the american vibe. That’s why it flopped. Too much chinese production involvement. Some of the korean and hong kong productions are still cool. Those without china productions interference.

    • Chris Corley
      Chris Corley

      Excellent film.

  • Yohana Putri Irene
    Yohana Putri Irene

    This trailer is really the summary of the movie

  • W J
    W J

    Ya went woke, ya got broke...box office flop. Keep to a good storyline ya freaks.

    • Chris Corley
      Chris Corley

      It is a good storyline. Great flick!

  • Joseph Laframboise
    Joseph Laframboise

    Saw it last night.... I'll say not as bad as the reviews say but .... not that great either. .. basic story plot..... generic villains (besides Pheonix itself) .... could have done more with the Pheonix considering it was built up as one of the most powerful entities in the Marvel universe..... McAvoy and Fassbender were awesome as usual..... another "FORCED" woman empowerment moment (we get it women can do things to) and...... Cyclops swearing seems weird

    • Chris Corley
      Chris Corley

      Dark Phoenix totally rocks!

  • Baby Zarina
    Baby Zarina

    I enjoy that movie and i dont mind what critics says

  • Sam Samson
    Sam Samson

    *Dark Phoenix, please react to the new NETFLIX SHE-RA cartoon.*

  • Yossy Kho
    Yossy Kho

    How’s the movie?

    • Kon-El

      Don't watch it you will be disappointed

  • wolfy gall
    wolfy gall

    This a good movie

  • shiena andy
    shiena andy

    Ok so dark phoenix and captain marvel need to work together or an epic face off!

    • Jerrad Seibert
      Jerrad Seibert

      best lesbian scene ever

  • Galaxy

    Go to space they said It would be safe they said

  • JosEnt.

    Hey! Vean mi video opinión a favor de esta increíble película. 💥Saludos y gracias 😉 ua-my.com/watchvideo/%D0%B2%D1%96%D0%B4%D0%B5%D0%BE-rjsVIJBuIDI.html

  • dwija santika
    dwija santika

    Where’s hugh jackman thn ? I dont get the timelines

  • Joshua Flores
    Joshua Flores


  • colby lippert
    colby lippert

    nobody: not a single soul: scott: JEANNN!!

  • ahmad fathallah
    ahmad fathallah

    How Xavier has no hair in this movie!! He lost his hair in Apocalypse movie and this movie timeline happened before it!!!

  • Casual Gamer
    Casual Gamer

    This movie was so good 🤗

    • Chris Corley
      Chris Corley

      Agreed. Dark Phoenix was excellent!

    • Casual Gamer
      Casual Gamer

      AP Parker I’m 13 and I loved this movie i don’t care what the critics say

    • AP Parker
      AP Parker

      Casual Gamer the critics are wrong in my opinion

  • Papo Sanchez
    Papo Sanchez

    The better question is who are u....... my name is JEFF


    Very good movie 😍

    • Chris Corley
      Chris Corley

      Yes, an excellent chapter!!!

  • owais lakhani
    owais lakhani

    Wait In x men apocalypse charles just got bald and jean already had her powers.now they are showing that charles is bald and jean is getting her powers?🤔🤔🤔

    • Chris Corley
      Chris Corley

      Jean Grey has advanced mutant telekinesis in Apocalypse. She gets her cosmic Phoenix powers in the new Dark Phoenix film. _c. (Marvel)

  • Therealblackjesus _
    Therealblackjesus _

    Who else is upset about quicksilver barely getting any screen time?

  • Sarah

    so how is actually the timeline of the X-Men movies?

  • Nazir Ahmed
    Nazir Ahmed

    Jean is have all powers control I think she can control all powers like Jean said it's Will be a bad idea to Magneto

  • ryzald die rothen
    ryzald die rothen

    The story is bad.... But the action really really good.....

  • enda hend
    enda hend

    Tasted like Capt Marvel

  • Ricky Fernandez
    Ricky Fernandez

    The best xmen movie ever !!!

    • Chris Corley
      Chris Corley

      It sooooo freak'n good!!!

  • Raph the swag dude
    Raph the swag dude

    Avengers endgame final X-men dark phoenix final Me: *AVENGERS DARK PHOENIX*

    • markus jordan
      markus jordan

      @Thor Odinson God Of Thunder do you mean Avengers vs X-men? i have that comic book. it's a big book and it's a hardcover.

    • Thor Odinson God Of Thunder
      Thor Odinson God Of Thunder

      @markus jordan if they (mcu) did dark pheonix storyline i think x men vs avengers:Dark Phoenix

    • markus jordan
      markus jordan

      Avengers: Dark phoenix sounds like a good title for MCU if they did the dark phoenix storyline.

    • Kim Gadon
      Kim Gadon

      X-MEN: Dark Phoenix fiIm: appurl.io/a7XgUFj-E?bR2F

  • Adorable baccha
    Adorable baccha

    Her story is exactly like captain marvel!!!

    • markus jordan
      markus jordan

      the movie kinda reminds me of captain marvel.

    • Lucius Irving
      Lucius Irving

      Except Dark Phoenix doesn't have social justice bullshit and suggest too many social issues.

  • Fancy Girl
    Fancy Girl

    I am the only one who gets confused by their timeline???

    • Miftahud Diaz F
      Miftahud Diaz F


    • Andrew Dembouski
      Andrew Dembouski

      It all gets changed after Days of Future Past so it’s not that confusing

    • Mitha Natsir
      Mitha Natsir

      Stop watcing xmen after first class

    • Mitha Natsir
      Mitha Natsir

      Me too

    • bitch please
      bitch please

      Fancy Girl Nope me too

  • BlazinNSoul

    Way to ruin Selene's character Fox you dimwits!! To treat one of the oldest and most badass mutants in the Cinematic Universe. Next to Wolverine & Scarlet Witch. With such f****** distain is an abomination. One of many in this worthless movie. It should have ended on a good note here. With Days of Future Past and Logan. Thantos should have finger snapped this out of existence. R.I.P. X-Men 💀

  • ICE Phoenix
    ICE Phoenix

    ??and I oop-