Dani Cohn- Somebody Like You (Official Music Video) ft. Mikey Tua
Danielle Cohn
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Song Produced by: Hustle Division

Video Produced by: Joe Bland

Make-up Artist: Vanessa

  • Jocelyn gaxiola
    Jocelyn gaxiola

    Imagine the people who film this 😂

  • Chad Hunter
    Chad Hunter

    Auto tune doesn’t need Dani. Dani need auto tune. NASTY ASS

  • Chad Hunter
    Chad Hunter

    Y’all need some professional help with them things you call vocals. Or I could help you cuz child. SHUT UP 🤐

  • Daslyn Ortega
    Daslyn Ortega

    Um are we all gonna ignore the fact that a 13 year old gets married to a 17 year old in this stupid video

  • patata kawaii
    patata kawaii

    ew her nails

  • Faith Manor
    Faith Manor

    Mikeys part is better than dani

  • Rosemary Roxzy
    Rosemary Roxzy

    y y'all hating on dannie...go to hell haters buh the song is pretty good❤

  • Roksana Kręgiel
    Roksana Kręgiel

    lmao the likes to dislikes ratio is what i live for

  • Rachel Hacker
    Rachel Hacker

    manager- budget:17dollars dani- and I video- say no more

  • LhVlogs Vlogger
    LhVlogs Vlogger

    Mikey~ I’ve been searching for a long time for somebody my age

  • Ruth Gasca
    Ruth Gasca

    This needs to stop ✋ 🤦🏻‍♀️

  • audgie podge
    audgie podge

    0:08 ShOuLd I!

  • Celeste Rivera
    Celeste Rivera

    And I oop-

  • svnrxse

    Aren’t you too young for this?!?! Lord help this child

  • Anni

    Does she really think that somebody will listen to this because they enjoy their vocals?

  • TheBrokeChigga

    "nO waYyyyYyYyy" That shit hit different

  • caitlin angel
    caitlin angel

    Miss this so much 💔

  • Allie

    0:15 his hair looks like a mushroom

  • matty paige
    matty paige

    oMg shOuld iIIIIi

  • Erin Neal
    Erin Neal

    Who else is watching this after the break up and realizing every time she makes a song with a boy something goes wrong and they break up

  • sophia huhges
    sophia huhges

    So um yah I got a little confused about the wedding.There is so much freaking autone.Also as a singer the way they sounded was boring and the track seemed to have more life then them.Just my person opinion.

  • Barbara Hernandez
    Barbara Hernandez

    Danielle:sHuT UuUuUp *that voice crack tho ew*

  • Stephanie Vega
    Stephanie Vega

    wtf am i watching 😑

  • Elizabeth Gracei
    Elizabeth Gracei

    She’s OBVIOUSLY 13..

  • Sxnset Saff
    Sxnset Saff


  • Diden Hamawandy
    Diden Hamawandy

    Yea, u guys can have the wedding after Mikey is out of Jail

  • Calysta Escalona
    Calysta Escalona

    So danielle is 13 And let me guess her friend is like what 18

  • Daisy cookie
    Daisy cookie


  • AA

    My only problem with this is that he was dating Danielle when she had just turned 12....

  • Story Writings
    Story Writings

    Getting married at 13 wow

  • Paige Putthoff
    Paige Putthoff

    what the heck did i just watch

  • Ilayda -
    Ilayda -

    Alter was ist das für ein Musikvideo

  • Schnydalie Georges
    Schnydalie Georges

    why y'all so pressed leave her alone damn in her comments hating for what clout chaser looking asss

  • awesomeemma7 awesomeemma7
    awesomeemma7 awesomeemma7

    The look on his face when they god married 🤩vs. dani’s🙄

  • Aleah

    11 year olds singing about love like they even know!!! LMAO

  • Tumbling Ashley
    Tumbling Ashley

    Tbh this is the best song she’s made

  • Puppy Love
    Puppy Love

    Lmao her sister (or friend idk) and Mikey’s friend just stood there awkwardly the whole time. I feel so bad for them lol.

  • liv

    Dani how much autotune do u want? Dani: yes

  • kazoo Lemon
    kazoo Lemon

    One month later Yea we broke up😬

  • Osonadii

    He is 19 she is 13 like omfgwtf. Yes I did like my own comment cause nobody else does

  • Christina Angiorlis
    Christina Angiorlis

    oh god no

  • galistic

    i actually feel bad for the people that had to be part of that sigh

  • Adam Isaev
    Adam Isaev


  • Jacksonxcx

    Not gonna lie the beat is kinda catchy but uh please don’t sing again

  • kylen vlogs
    kylen vlogs

    Nonoffince but when he sings it has way to much autotune and he sounds like a robot

  • Maria ftw
    Maria ftw

    I'm so cringed rn

  • Trinity Cress
    Trinity Cress

    Mikey’s verse at 1:45 was spiking some Bars. The lyrics are fye but not his singing

  • Abbey Leann
    Abbey Leann

    Producer: how much autotune do you want? Dani: yes

  • Irene Haruna
    Irene Haruna

    Damn Mikey’s singing is worse than Dani’s!! 😂😂😂😬

  • Denden Koo
    Denden Koo

    After a month* Breaks up* Cause of break up: Because mikey's parents found out she's still 13. Lol, gabaan. Myra, uwags

  • Kevin Wilson
    Kevin Wilson

    The water is green!!!!

  • Anita Krapivsky
    Anita Krapivsky

    The thing is... It’s not even that bad, it’s kinda good?

  • lps. lavender
    lps. lavender

    Your 13 your sick

  • aexley Julve
    aexley Julve

    To bad danni you can’t photoshop in video

  • Bri Marquez
    Bri Marquez

    She is 13 yo and making videos like this act your age dani

  • Lital Banks
    Lital Banks

    Her at 13: kissing every guy on the planet Me even tho I'm not 13 but still: rejects a kiss from my family

  • Saga Skoog
    Saga Skoog

    Lmao this is horrible

  • Lazy Me
    Lazy Me

    Omfg the boys part 😩

  • Infinite Soul
    Infinite Soul

    Have y’all seen famous birthdays when Carson Lueders greg marks and matt sato guess the post they sang it so much better 😂😂

  • Bear y
    Bear y

    When he asked her to marry him he she literally would of cried if it was rEaL

  • Erina thomas
    Erina thomas

    The start tho...ShOuLd i? 😂😂

  • Five Smiles
    Five Smiles

    honey, YOU AINT LATINA

  • Mckayla Baker
    Mckayla Baker

    Who be watching this after the bs😂😂🤦

  • I Love Tea
    I Love Tea

    the same girl here asking Dani to go to Mikey is now advising her to move on, in a course of a month this is why kids don't deserve internet

  • Lani Yarof
    Lani Yarof

    U are so little but u act like that

  • Chan Dmx Yousra
    Chan Dmx Yousra

    Wtf is that

  • Magenta Steele
    Magenta Steele

    ssHHHUUUTTT uUuupppPp that made my ears bleed

  • kaitlyn garcia
    kaitlyn garcia

    She’s 13?💀💀

  • CubianaVlog

    Why living to many things early in life this way? Thats why we have a childhood then we grow like we learn and feed our brains through the years and become smarter; prepared for serious stuff. It shouldn’t be a game!😭

  • Marsha and Lynn be slaying ocdgirl
    Marsha and Lynn be slaying ocdgirl

    OMG WHEN HE SAID "IVE BEEN LOOK9NG FOR ONE LIKE YOU" me; So u were planning on wanting to go to jail??