Cristiano Ronaldo Skills That Will Blow Your Mind 2019
Title: Cristiano Ronaldo Skills That Will Blow Your Mind 2019
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    • ก๊วยเจ๋ง แล้วไง
      ก๊วยเจ๋ง แล้วไง


    • Md Musthafa
      Md Musthafa

      CR7 FANS

    • The Protaganist
      The Protaganist

      The one he gave to Dybala.. Best of best.. But He wasted the opportunity

    • chao yang
      chao yang

      He always do that. My favorite player all times. What a beast. Força Ronaldo. He back !!! Cristino ronaldo 2009😱 Now I know Ronaldo is the real rescue when your team is nearing to lose

    • Jot Pandher
      Jot Pandher


  • Pedro Costa
    Pedro Costa

    CR7 power power power

  • Pedro Costa
    Pedro Costa

    Power power

  • Pedro Costa
    Pedro Costa

    CR7 God bless you power sucess

  • Rohan rob
    Rohan rob


  • copymylink

    Reminds me when he was at united

  • Prashant Tripathi
    Prashant Tripathi

    This video inspired me #prashanttripathifootball

  • Soumili Das
    Soumili Das

    Ronaldo is my ideal. He is my best footballer in fact he is the best footballer in the world. I am following him.👍👍⚽⚽💪💪

  • Zaw Oo
    Zaw Oo

    I Iike Ronaldo

  • ATOM - Skills, Tricks & Freestyle
    ATOM - Skills, Tricks & Freestyle

    This video should have a music

  • Matt Won’t break
    Matt Won’t break


  • Marsel Ndroqi
    Marsel Ndroqi

    Ornela firence

  • Jas Trans
    Jas Trans

    The caption want change to best falls of cr7

  • ông hoàng vlog
    ông hoàng vlog

  • kenh tong hop
    kenh tong hop

    nice video

  • Dara English
    Dara English

    Love you forever

  • Bj Koi
    Bj Koi

    My mind not blowing bro lol...

  • Кай - дауыл
    Кай - дауыл

    Роналдо как всегда

  • Sumi Amena
    Sumi Amena

    The last one.

  • Bill Clinton Ouma
    Bill Clinton Ouma


  • Obel Tube
    Obel Tube

    Kuch kuch hota hai

  • Le Kha Ngoc
    Le Kha Ngoc


  • Cuong Cuong
    Cuong Cuong

    Messi hay hon ronalđo

  • mr. alzadeh
    mr. alzadeh

    Kanalima abune olun💪

  • Ng D Manh
    Ng D Manh


  • Ahmad Samir
    Ahmad Samir

    Cristiano Ronaldo blows my mind without doing anything

  • ก๊วยเจ๋ง แล้วไง
    ก๊วยเจ๋ง แล้วไง

    Ronaldo ❤❤❤❤

  • Cinto Francis
    Cinto Francis

    Well guess what none of it blowed my mind... What the heck of video is this.. He's trying real hard to dribble even one player.. And LEO AND HAZARD DOES IT VERY EASY😌✌️

  • Susanta Halder
    Susanta Halder

    Iam Ronaldo

    • Susanta Halder
      Susanta Halder

      i love you Ronaldo

  • one & only
    one & only

    who say only messi can drrible🤟🤟🤟

  • Temporary Dude
    Temporary Dude

    It’s really awkward to watch this video cuz there s no cool music and there s like background noises but not commentary. It makes the Video really Dull

  • khalid CR7
    khalid CR7


  • Giovani Ramos
    Giovani Ramos

    who was paying more attention to the shoes I loved the shoes in the beginning

  • loem sros
    loem sros


  • Aykay Games And Mods
    Aykay Games And Mods

    He should've stayed with real

  • Hassan Mohammad
    Hassan Mohammad

    Wow! I am in coma 😂

  • RB Pachuau
    RB Pachuau



  • Elton Gordon
    Elton Gordon

    How does he destroy every league he goes to? It’s crazy

  • Adi Prasetyo
    Adi Prasetyo

    Ronaldo is good

  • Harrison lee
    Harrison lee

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  • Joy Paul
    Joy Paul

    He is still d best player...

  • Rijaz Binu
    Rijaz Binu

    Are you serious? Even the 2nd league players can dribble better than this.

  • Matty Brewer
    Matty Brewer

    They’re all step overs they don’t blow anyone’s mind

  • chao yang
    chao yang

    He always do that. My favorite player all times. What a beast. Força Ronaldo. He back !!! Cristino ronaldo 2009😱 I’m Messi fan but Now I know Ronaldo is the real rescue when your team is nearing to lose

  • nick TM
    nick TM

    And He is 34 years old 😅 WTF


    ♥മലയാളീസ് 👍

  • ابن العراق son of Iraq
    ابن العراق son of Iraq

    اكو عرب بلقناء😂✌️

  • saini sabh
    saini sabh

    NYC video

  • Batuhan ARDIÇ
    Batuhan ARDIÇ

    Still savage!!

  • นรินทร์ ตัวแสบ
    นรินทร์ ตัวแสบ


  • DipTwit

    Best dribbler in the world, no doubt.

  • zubairu yusuf
    zubairu yusuf

    I am seriously not impressed

  • Mohd Hafizul
    Mohd Hafizul

    the king Ronaldo is still alive

  • c7M10 Njr
    c7M10 Njr

    Rono is the best player ever. He has the brilliance..., 😎😎

    • FlaME


  • James Coco
    James Coco

    Are you really impressed by this???

  • Max Fury 007
    Max Fury 007

    England got amazing teams, Spain got skilled players, now Italy got unbelievable keepers. But everywhere Cr7

  • Krishna Rongpi
    Krishna Rongpi

    The king of football and King of the world...

  • Pao Ann
    Pao Ann

    godpromise it doesnt blow my mind

  • amar alomar
    amar alomar

    أفضل لاعب في كل المجرة

  • Erick Ferreira
    Erick Ferreira

    The God CR7 🤫

  • Rei do mcpe
    Rei do mcpe

    So eu vim pelo full


    King du foot

  • Stephen Guei
    Stephen Guei

    the king ! of football

  • Robi Sk
    Robi Sk


  • Ajitkumar Murmu
    Ajitkumar Murmu


  • 알 파치노
    알 파치노

    I loge this youtuber because there is no music, can enjoy supporter yelling

  • ronald kasanga
    ronald kasanga

    My head already blown😂😂

  • Grazie tv
    Grazie tv

    At the age of 37 you are still the best...CR7

  • Shahrukh Khan
    Shahrukh Khan

    Wah skills cr7 best

  • Venkat

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  • It’s Monnix
    It’s Monnix

    Ronaldo dribbles 2 players: people be like wow: Messi dribbles 3-5 players every week: people be like that’s nothing cause he’s messi

  • m.mustafa ay
    m.mustafa ay

    En iyisi Lionel Messi

  • juniorbuckler


  • Joseph Saldaña
    Joseph Saldaña

    CP7 IUU IUU like retards

  • jiren cr-7
    jiren cr-7

    Cr7 is the best of the world

  • Sayeeda Akter
    Sayeeda Akter

    What a skill??? Mist of the time he falls down....

  • Tal Sarusi
    Tal Sarusi

    רואנלדו מלך

  • Fadeyibi Mcsean
    Fadeyibi Mcsean

    Chelsea vs bacerl

  • M.muchtar Chikal
    M.muchtar Chikal

    C.Ronaldo Gua vans berat mu

  • Zaf Jones
    Zaf Jones

    I’m just here to laugh at the comments

  • Rainal Saju
    Rainal Saju

    Ronaldo is my life

  • Vo De
    Vo De


  • Brynden KR
    Brynden KR

    If you like soccer edits come too my channel I make 1-min too 30-sec videos!!

  • One Way
    One Way

    Wtf.. He fails 90℅ in those attempts

  • Saad Sharief
    Saad Sharief

    Wa that dribble against Roma ? First match not the second


    cristiano ronaldo is a world star

  • Zoss Dal Jam
    Zoss Dal Jam

    you are the best

  • Minh Le Duy
    Minh Le Duy

    good is not enough

  • Marie Etshumba
    Marie Etshumba

    Le king cr7

  • Radu

    Ha superato skriniar e stava per superare koulibaly da interista fenomeno

  • Raplangsingson syiemlieh
    Raplangsingson syiemlieh

    Legend always

  • prikol. STAR
    prikol. STAR

    Дажеи т акие моменты быаают

  • Hamdi fauzan
    Hamdi fauzan

    cr is the best

  • Daniyal Ghauri
    Daniyal Ghauri

    I'm loving him in Italy 😍

  • Adinan Sulley
    Adinan Sulley

    This ain't skills

  • J. CAMI❶❶
    J. CAMI❶❶


  • Minnu Johnson
    Minnu Johnson


  • Gustavs Strazdins
    Gustavs Strazdins

    Ronaldo really sucks lol. Stiff as bamboo. And the last guys finishing was complete disaster hahaha

  • Wizard X
    Wizard X

    You re saying this is a video about cr7 skills. But you r showing that he can't dribble now! He was good dribbler in mu. Real madrid failed without cr7 and juventus failed with cr7.... Real madrid+cr7 was very powerful