• Jesse Romero
    Jesse Romero

    Wow they gave kay a rat

  • arwjay11

    faze clan: video /w faze clan 😂😂😂

  • Legendguy

    FaZe Kay reaction thou 😂🤦‍♂️

  • Legendguy

    5:05 😂

  • Face-to-Face

    Watch out for that poore animals tho

  • Jhorden Empleo
    Jhorden Empleo

    2019 anyone lol

  • Marla Miller
    Marla Miller

    Like to make rice stop smoking pot

  • Haptyc

    The way the lizard turned his head lol hahaha 5:39

  • Dritan Ponik
    Dritan Ponik

    Is real snake

  • Drifty Gamer
    Drifty Gamer

    5:06 dying with laughter lol

  • ThoughCash3631

    Ricegum was like it has fur the whole room was like WHAT

  • Milan Happo
    Milan Happo

    9:01 nice trick shot

  • Sheamar Butler
    Sheamar Butler

    Did anybody else notice the hand print a 8:25

  • Xpired

    I would love to do this... But I can’t even afford the box🤯

  • Adrian Castro
    Adrian Castro

    Why is Faze Adapt so over dramatic😂😂

  • curtis ames
    curtis ames

    I’m fucking crying 1/5 Matta matta turtle I own one they aren’t close to 1/5 in the world views clickbait bs

  • Spacey

    Why is this now popping up on faze clan Snapchat

  • ted

    apex dropped the geko what a dick

  • Gavin davis
    Gavin davis

    I have a bearded dragon named fossil

  • percivex

    Blaze is so daring tho

  • Rahik -
    Rahik -

    5:07 i cant stop laughing LMAO

  • JinBox Gaming
    JinBox Gaming

    Adapt acting like he's touching fire xd

  • BFAM 1st
    BFAM 1st

    That’s just tight

  • APBC_CurtAngler

    Y in the hell is ricegum in faze he freaking fakes vida bro

  • Marko Wallace
    Marko Wallace

    9:02 he landed it

  • ref sp
    ref sp


  • LOST Nevio
    LOST Nevio

    Do you have 2 Faze House

  • shadow_ mind
    shadow_ mind

    Stop being a pussy alex

  • The Fortnite Bee
    The Fortnite Bee

    I wana join faze clan

  • Noah ya boi
    Noah ya boi

    Since when is ricegum in FaZe

  • D4rk_W0lf

    I love you apex

  • Marius Von Games
    Marius Von Games

    1 like 1 hope for the first animal Apex dropped

  • Ayman Kadri
    Ayman Kadri

    Yo at 14:24 faze blaze is litteraly a psycho and nearly lost his face😀

  • SkeeJ

    im dead when he said beans have hair 😂😂😂

  • Anantharamaiah K.M.
    Anantharamaiah K.M.

    4::38 i almost pooped my pants

  • XxskittelsXx 420
    XxskittelsXx 420

    9:02 Adapt with that water bottle trick shot

  • Paola Bucci
    Paola Bucci

    If you don't put your hand 8n the box apex your small

  • Carlitos Linares
    Carlitos Linares

    Alex pussyyyyyyyt

  • Nathan Sansom
    Nathan Sansom

    No one likes rice gum

  • Rodrigo Galvan
    Rodrigo Galvan

    faze apex is short lol

  • Kiwi Da King
    Kiwi Da King

    5:10 priceless 😂 Had me dead 😂 🤣

  • Co Viners
    Co Viners

    They're scared of a rat XD 5:09

  • XXxAubreyxXxfluffyXxx

    How much I would do to hold that snake

    • XXxAubreyxXxfluffyXxx

      Like 10 times the size of my snake 😂

  • ELITE - Brawl Stars
    ELITE - Brawl Stars

    9:00 kicks water bottle into hole

  • tinypippy 2205
    tinypippy 2205

    Animal cruelty this was not enjoyable

  • xd matteo
    xd matteo

    14:05 hello mother fucker

  • Luis Soares
    Luis Soares

    9:02 trickshotet the bottle😱

  • Ghost Vlogs
    Ghost Vlogs

    Adapt is a hiacrit

  • MadeMobbMonster Yt
    MadeMobbMonster Yt

    Dang I wish I could bean ther

  • Dean Sadiq
    Dean Sadiq


  • Mr .Games
    Mr .Games

    is that RiceGum NANI


    5:10 im dead bruh😂😂

  • my name is yll
    my name is yll

    I was so scared for APEX wow that was so near

  • Tristan Holler
    Tristan Holler

    He said a dog with fear lol

  • Mousa Zineddine
    Mousa Zineddine


  • jonhhie west
    jonhhie west

    that snake was huge i knew it wanted to eat someone

  • Cocoa Caramel
    Cocoa Caramel

    Those snakes were hella aggressive

  • Sad catto
    Sad catto

    6:27 made me jump from my sleep laughing

  • Goldinmodz Jimenez
    Goldinmodz Jimenez

    I like when Fazekay just jumped and got scared

  • Goldinmodz Jimenez
    Goldinmodz Jimenez

    I like 5:09 to 5:51

  • ass hole
    ass hole

    oh no no no no nooooooo A F***ING RAT??!!!!

  • ACE_Waffle

    When adapt kicked the water bottle it landed in the hole at 9:00

  • fanatic.

    9:02 the water bottle goes in😂💯

  • FaZe XhaloX Bushie
    FaZe XhaloX Bushie

    Ricegum should be in faze his name will be FaZe Gum who do you guys think

  • Carin McInnes
    Carin McInnes

    Adapt is afraid of balls more than animals🤣

  • SiggZs

    when adapt kicked the bottle it landed in the pool hole

  • Aleksander Lozanovski
    Aleksander Lozanovski


  • savy xo
    savy xo

    this game be making people look like the next level pussy .

  • 2K GOD SMH
    2K GOD SMH

    U fuckin jumped when the snake tried bitting him

  • Jada 1234
    Jada 1234

    I have a Bearded Dragon as a pet and there really nice