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Chris Brown - Back To Love (Official Video)
“Back To Love” out now!
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  • Agustina Zeballos
    Agustina Zeballos

    I don’t like the video. He should stop copying Michael.

  • Lesile Thompson
    Lesile Thompson

    This is the music we need back smfh 🤦🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️

  • Muharram Ali
    Muharram Ali

    😮 The choreography is OOTW 😍🕺🏽 CB back to his best 👌🏼

  • King Gus
    King Gus

    The GOAT 🐐 🔥👑🔥

  • Louna Surpris
    Louna Surpris

    Love Chris and I love yo songs bro I watched every song and I wish I could see you and that's my dream

  • Luan Matheus
    Luan Matheus

    The Best 🇧🇷

  • Lukáš Červeňák
    Lukáš Červeňák


  • Naynay and Z Andrews
    Naynay and Z Andrews

    Why a turtle neck tho?

  • Paul Olivier Ngoie
    Paul Olivier Ngoie

    C trop cool d entendre Chris brown parler français

  • Strauss Hamilton
    Strauss Hamilton


  • Акарыс Омаров
    Акарыс Омаров

    Клип күшті💪👍

  • tanja kociper
    tanja kociper

    love it

  • Cashboat


  • Dennis Diaz
    Dennis Diaz


  • Cam Ficklin
    Cam Ficklin

    Watch chris be a reincarnated Michael jackson

  • Tyler Dusseau
    Tyler Dusseau

    I don't get how this don't got more than 14 mill views this is breezy at his best . Wtf going on 🤔

  • Rita Rodrigues
    Rita Rodrigues

    This channel is 👎👎👎

  • dale Crooke
    dale Crooke

    I love CB tru talent he make music for the soul back too love is what the word needs too do .

  • jewelyn oliver
    jewelyn oliver

    micheal jackson is that you??

  • tehya clark-kennedy
    tehya clark-kennedy

    MJ vibes! Thanku Chris

  • Ivonete Balbino
    Ivonete Balbino


  • Milani M
    Milani M

    This is a great song and all but he lookin fine damn boy😩😣❤

  • Chris Yu
    Chris Yu

    My Generation of Michael Jackson

  • Rolando Vellon
    Rolando Vellon

    Playing As Wise In The Wind 🦁🦁

  • sherill edwards
    sherill edwards

    Looking at him in this video performing and how he is dressed in that gray suit and the black suit as well you wouldn’t think that he classifies his self as a nigga and it’s sad to hear him do this in most of his music and he is too talented to even let that word come out of his mouth and it’s sad because he can’t see that enough to stop 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾 my comment so don’t come for me trust

  • Carollynn Hood Porter
    Carollynn Hood Porter

    Chris Brown you have to meet David P Porter in The State of Florida

  • Carollynn Hood Porter
    Carollynn Hood Porter

    Chris Brown you finally meet Drake

  • Carollynn Hood Porter
    Carollynn Hood Porter

    Chris Brown you are on MaKai Porter Facebook

  • Carollynn Hood Porter
    Carollynn Hood Porter

    Woods Mullen Shelter is not a real payroll income it is call Boston Public Health Commission payroll

  • Carollynn Hood Porter
    Carollynn Hood Porter

    Your Carollynn Porter got fatter around 400 l b

  • Carollynn Hood Porter
    Carollynn Hood Porter

    Carollynn Porter is still in love with you Chris Brown DOB 5/5/89

  • Alexa Beltran
    Alexa Beltran

    Tiene buena musica, pero no le puede quitar el trono a MJ, el revoluciono el genero pop con su musica, y aunque ya haya muerto, su legado vive para siempre, VIVA MJ

  • Garvian Harrison
    Garvian Harrison


  • Uprise Music
    Uprise Music

    Best R&B song with Xavier White - Love Questions 🔥🔥🔥

  • Tomeka Felder
    Tomeka Felder

    Cris Brown is such a great singer(my favorite male singer)

  • Tomeka Felder
    Tomeka Felder

    Once I saw that tilted hat all I thought about was MJ

  • Raj bubz
    Raj bubz

    Nice work chris...i love this song

  • Iriah Okaisabor
    Iriah Okaisabor

    Bruh.. That move at 3:02!! Breezy!!!

  • Lesile Thompson
    Lesile Thompson

    Your know breezy had a fun time creating this beautiful song 😍

  • A D
    A D

    It’s sad that this guy is so talented and could have been up there with Michael Jackson . I still rooting for him . I hope he continues success

  • Wanjosa

    Chris Jackson!

  • Cathrine Betelezi
    Cathrine Betelezi

    Love you Chris Brown

  • Dedrea Pearson
    Dedrea Pearson

    Micheal is in your blood i love this man god got your back

  • iPaddy Twinamatsiko
    iPaddy Twinamatsiko

    Where Mr Brown? Take me to river

  • Johnson Mutibagirana
    Johnson Mutibagirana

    African dance crue !! Respect

  • Bakulya Dinas
    Bakulya Dinas


  • Pedro Henrique
    Pedro Henrique


  • Derrick Ellis
    Derrick Ellis

    That French he speak this video amazzzing and the souuunnd phenomenon this should be on album #TeaanmmmmmBrreeeezzzzzzzzzzzyyyyyyyyyyy #ChrirrrrrrrrriiiiiiiisBrrrrrrrrrrooooooowwwwwwnnnnn

  • hassan B'reezy
    hassan B'reezy


  • Wilson Malilixi
    Wilson Malilixi

    the best voice

  • Lin Carroth
    Lin Carroth

    Love this❤

  • Caroline njiraini
    Caroline njiraini

    I live for those clips of african kids dancing here..yesssss

  • asmaa drwish
    asmaa drwish

    back to love

  • danzdewd

    Let keep the Michael Jackson movement going thanks Chris brown

  • dj11 ky
    dj11 ky

    Merci l univers tu as compris retour vers l Amour Oui avec un grand A l élévation spirituelle ces génial continu de danser chanté est de enfin vivre sa cette Amour divin cosmic que nul scientifique ne peu niée il n y a rien de mal a part le faite qu on ce conscientise et quelque chose d inexplicable ce produit en nous chacun de nous si nous le souhaitons Chris que en toi brille ce divin positive Amour c la lumière divine et sincère cultive cette Amour est brille tel 1 soleil que l Amour de la création te protège et que ton staff te protégé est soit protéger Afin que tu puisse être pleinement qui tu es ce pourquoi tu es la ici nous sommes tous si nous le voulons avoir cette Amour en nous et ton message est claire back to love thk u Maintenant que tu as compris afin que cet Amour perdu qui souffre chaque jour d avantage a travers des êtres puisse retrouve en elle en eux Amour véritable le liens du cœur tes chansons pourrons les aidez a surmonter ou comprendre que seul l amour peu pardonner le Pardon qu on peu ce faire a sois mm sont souvent la clef parce que tous ce qu on Vies souvent et un enseignement une formation donc remercions remercions nos épreuves mm nos ennemis ils nous rendre plus fort grâce a cet Amour qui ce multiplie en chacun de nous Merci infiniment Mr Brown DJ luxe and roost enterprises

  • flaviani trolagem pereira de Paula
    flaviani trolagem pereira de Paula

    Eu amor demais vc

    • flaviani trolagem pereira de Paula
      flaviani trolagem pereira de Paula

      Meu sonho e beija tua boca gosto muito de vc

  • ridi pagliaccio
    ridi pagliaccio

    wacho ql violento, igual bailas de pana

  • H A Z I Q
    H A Z I Q

    New Micheal Jackson maybe

  • youtube youtube
    youtube youtube

    Come back

  • Shaquala Calvin
    Shaquala Calvin

    I love love this video

  • Alana Frazer
    Alana Frazer


  • Minnie Lett
    Minnie Lett

    Go Chris brown ouuu

  • DracoDragonKing XX
    DracoDragonKing XX

    Welp. The only legend still alive but then again. He don't die. #JoynerLucasAndCrisBrown

  • Thiago Faustino
    Thiago Faustino

    Algum Br?🇧🇷

  • Kiosk Founder
    Kiosk Founder

    Nice love it

  • wilfred agbenkey
    wilfred agbenkey

    Chris Brown is the power artist of this generation! He will forever remain in our hearts! 😘

  • Chantel Rall
    Chantel Rall

    Excellent choreography! Beautiful Song! Chris is incredibly talented😍

  • Aziza B
    Aziza B

    This reminds me of turn up the music😭❤

  • bang steven
    bang steven


  • muneca225

    Alot wouldn't be possible without this Papi Chulo... Wtf !!! He does this shit..... Right Papi

  • Abdulaziz Alruzihan
    Abdulaziz Alruzihan

    I love u Chris

  • TaN viR
    TaN viR

    14 million only ?? R u fukin kiddin me ??!!!😑😑deserves more than "Dickpacito!"

  • Nadia Southière
    Nadia Southière

    that Man is so Good! He has the beat, he sings well, he moves incredibly well, I love his music!

  • Sp-Who-Me? si-DAB-you
    Sp-Who-Me? si-DAB-you

    That young gwara gwara 2:03😜!!! I see you!👀

  • Barath Kumar
    Barath Kumar


  • Mirian Santos
    Mirian Santos


  • Everyday YouTuber world
    Everyday YouTuber world


  • Francis Centeno
    Francis Centeno

    Namiss ko yung ganitong Chris Brown :c

  • Maiyo

    The opening gave me so many flashbacks I felt a tear

  • John Polman
    John Polman

    See Chris brown in title. I go to school the very next day. You guys here this new hit with Chris brow

  • NebulaBreeze

    I forgive you Chris Brown this is the real you and you are still a passionate entertainer. nobody's perfect but we keep going. Thank you for remembering what you enjoy.

  • Ankur Pathak
    Ankur Pathak

    He's so good ❤❤🔥🔥

  • Salvador Jose
    Salvador Jose

    Canta e dança muito!:D🎧🎧🎶 Segui no Instagram @Salvadorfut

  • Koutar Mimi
    Koutar Mimi

    Oooh les français ou ils sont

  • Juliana Mejia
    Juliana Mejia

    His nephew goes to my school

  • carlton matlock
    carlton matlock

    Chris Brown Is Back In 2019

  • Tennille Ball
    Tennille Ball

    And do y’all hear the lil splashes of Working day n night by MJ in this song, Breezy is brilliant for this shit!!!! Yea take ur bow n go get what the bag sayers said u couldn’t do 😜😜😜😜😜😜🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼✊🏼✊🏼✊🏼✊🏼💕

  • Michelle Lozano
    Michelle Lozano

    I love you Chris Brown. You're a True Legend 🥰❤️❤️

  • Shade On A Cool Day
    Shade On A Cool Day

    I'm surprised this wasn't a hit.

  • TBT KingE
    TBT KingE

    Yo when Chris Brown put his hand up the star glowed at the same time. 3:02 100%

  • Kevin Melo
    Kevin Melo

    Quem acha o brezzy parecido com Michael curti❤️🔥🔥🇧🇷

  • Zaza Genge
    Zaza Genge

    Daammm this video,just clean

  • Yasmin Eduarda
    Yasmin Eduarda

    Chis brau eu sou sua fã número 1

  • Dakota Maple
    Dakota Maple


  • Dennys Queiroz
    Dennys Queiroz

    Michael Jackson?! Lol

  • Keray Washington
    Keray Washington

    Chris the coldest nigga in the game

  • oniz1000

    ....."Can we get back to [ALLAAH]" 3:58 Hehehe 👏🏽😁🙏🏽

  • Jenn Arroyo
    Jenn Arroyo

    miss this imperfect beautiful human 💛

  • Bradley Mobley
    Bradley Mobley

    This beat was so fucking 🔥🔥🔥