CHILD'S PLAY Official Trailer #2 - (2019)
Orion Pictures
Time to play. The full trailer for Child’s Play is finally here. From the producers of IT comes a modern reimagining of the horror classic. Child’s Play hits theaters June 21. 🔪 #ChildsPlayMovie

  • Rosalee Drysdale
    Rosalee Drysdale

    I just don't get it,if you guys don't like the trailer at least give the movie a chance and stop slamming it or hears an idea don't like it don't comment! 😤😐

  • Brianne is da Führer
    Brianne is da Führer

    Actually everyone is making the good classics in awful trash. Why? Andy looks like a dude that play Fornite all day and Chucky looks like a business lil man using overalls.

  • O'lorcain

    Oh look another crappy remake of a movie that didn't need a remake.

  • Jam Glam
    Jam Glam

    Chucky got plastic surgery and a hair transplant 😂😂😂 this doll looks stupid af

  • Robert H
    Robert H

    I love that Orion pictures is back

  • Brennan Shea
    Brennan Shea


  • EnchantedGalaxy Wolfs
    EnchantedGalaxy Wolfs

    Oh I guess I’m not gonna bring up the fact when Chucky (AKA HIS NANE IN THIS ONE ,IS BUDDI)sounded like spongebob when he said good night Andy

  • H G
    H G

    Chucky's been practicing his contouring. I'm waiting for him to post his makeup tutorial. 💄💋

  • maedele lawhorn
    maedele lawhorn

    Damn I ain't seen the orien film logo in forever

  • TWD2112

    “She was gonna make a pot for me.” (Who?? Fawn Liebowitz, circa 1978)

  • 80s pineapple
    80s pineapple

    Not everything needs a remake...

  • Inebriatd


  • watcher of videos
    watcher of videos

    if they just called the movie buddy, i still probably wouldn't enjoy this

  • tirsah Ingalls
    tirsah Ingalls

    Looks so dumb!

  • Ben Mohn
    Ben Mohn

    Holy crap

  • gameing doge
    gameing doge

    All you need a mingun and Chucky to make it not scary

  • Kingkyle1400

    This movie looks like it's going to be trash

  • bonito chua
    bonito chua

    Chucky is supposed to be a possessed doll, not a malfunction robot. Not this time Hollywood.

  • Anime Lover15
    Anime Lover15

    Who likes the original Chucky instead of this James Charles wannabe?

  • Josh Bertram
    Josh Bertram

    Only seeing this because of Mark

  • Blake mcfarland
    Blake mcfarland

    Change his damn face back to normal

  • Real One
    Real One

    Why the fuck does Chucky look completely different and he still did not die 🤔🙄

  • tash tash
    tash tash

    Why why why ain't nothing like the original..

  • Pinky The Inkling
    Pinky The Inkling

    Chucky’s face is uglier then mine now

  • Rage ALOT
    Rage ALOT

    This movie is going to be horrible

  • Bryan Thunders
    Bryan Thunders

    You know modern society has no imagination anymore when they start "remastering" classic movies. Well, at least supposedly

  • Lizbeth Albarran
    Lizbeth Albarran

    I remember watching the first childs play when I was probably 6 yrs old and my brother was 4 yrs old we were scared as hell!! I'm still going to go watch this movie I feel like I have to support chuckys movies I would hate for them to go away. In a weird way chucky is part of our childhood lol.

  • The Jeneral J.U.-ICE
    The Jeneral J.U.-ICE

    😐Standing by that book shelf @0:36. 🙄Bitch I'm throwing you out the window Good Guy/My Buddy box and all. 😑

  • Fknrage913

    Another rehashed piece of 🐕 💩. Fuck clownywood.

  • Natsu Dragnell
    Natsu Dragnell

    Chucky's back everybody

  • no I am not Wolffish
    no I am not Wolffish

    Um No-

  • Madi Lizxo
    Madi Lizxo

    This is already underwhelming... :(

  • paul duran
    paul duran

    April ludgate would make chuckie her BITCH!!

  • Chris P. Bacon
    Chris P. Bacon

    Was that a knockoff SNES and PS1? 👁️‍🗨️

  • Chiari :3
    Chiari :3

    This movie gave me nightmares as a kid

  • John Rampton
    John Rampton

    Well, at least he doesn't look like a methed up cabbage patch doll

  • DesMendes292

    Why chucky be looking like that weird red head kid from shrek tho? Where’s baseball face chucky? Bring him back.

  • Wifi Music911
    Wifi Music911

    Chucc is back!!! The 88 version is a classicc!! But I will still go see it!! 😎 The new look of chucc looks fake!!

  • K kaur 1
    K kaur 1

    Old one looks better

  • Child's Play
    Child's Play

    ay they made a movie about me

  • JabbaJaw84


  • tim

    I think you should stop repeating movies over and over that are ready done.. get this off my this ads

  • leslie has no life
    leslie has no life

    Yall really trying to relive an already dead sequel

  • Nemesis STARS!
    Nemesis STARS!

    Introduce your gay best friend chunky

  • invaderjay

    Hmmm... so basically he now magically controls stuff via Bluetooth rather than Voodoo. K....

  • Agent Johnson
    Agent Johnson

    Yaaay another shitty remake of a good movie

  • Sophia Zarcone
    Sophia Zarcone

    Now we know what chucky and James Charles have been doing! James gave him makeup lessons and chuckys been practicing! Like if you agree

  • Dora’s Pets
    Dora’s Pets

    I hope they haven’t ruined this film I love the child’s plays and I know remakes can sometimes go wrong

  • Opsec Music
    Opsec Music

    I am Chucky wanna Play. Please bring back Bride of chucky.

  • XKookieMochi&tae X
    XKookieMochi&tae X

    courage the cowardly dog episodes are way scarier than this.

  • J C - D I A Z
    J C - D I A Z

    Why his face looks old ?

  • Kawaii Squishys
    Kawaii Squishys

    Who is going to see it?

  • Chad Plays
    Chad Plays

    The new chucky model looks awsome!

  • Chad Plays
    Chad Plays

    Ooh yes!

  • Clavicus Vile
    Clavicus Vile

    Kid is too old

  • Bilal Hernandez
    Bilal Hernandez

    Looks lame... Wouldn't waste my money, I bet it will be on sci-fi in a few months for free then it still wouldn't be worth watching.

  • Matthew Hanna
    Matthew Hanna

    You better come correct with either the og who played the voice of chucky or his daughter there is no substitute

  • Jesus None
    Jesus None


  • roberto reis
    roberto reis

    I didn’t like his new face :-(

  • Kevin n Kade LowRider Addiction
    Kevin n Kade LowRider Addiction

    Dumbest Shayt Ever...

  • Desmodontidae78

    Old Child's Play flicks don't hold up well, I kinda like part 2, but they can be okay for a little bit of cheesy fun. I love Mark Hamill, but he just doesn't sound as sadistic as Brad Dourif does. I hope they asked Dourif first before turning to Hamill.

  • lordseraphface not now.
    lordseraphface not now.

    "Something is wrong with chucky!" got a good guy named chucky. That's gunna happen.

  • Kate. C
    Kate. C

    Did anyone else hear his voice and think it was Slappy from goosebumps


    There's always that one sane kid...smh😂😐

  • Tim Del Vecchio
    Tim Del Vecchio

    Cool, another shit reboot for 2019

  • John Garcia
    John Garcia

    I use to be scared of chucky when I was a child . Now that he had gotten Botox & started going to AA classes I’m not really that scared no more . He’s just another crack head gone wild . Please stop trynna remake these movies if you just going to kill the original character.

  • Putrid Abomination
    Putrid Abomination

    These reboots have to stop. Can't Hollywood be original instead of beating franchises into the ground with shitty rehashed reboots? FML. Movies used to be good.

  • Alex DaBirb
    Alex DaBirb

    If the old model was in this movie it will probably scar the shit outta me

  • crosis99 Linthoid
    crosis99 Linthoid

    ruined chucky...

  • Kentrc11

    Chucky = Skynet = OH SHIT

  • Peegi10Der

    Paper Boi get your ass back on Atlanta ! I’m ready for a new season !!’😂😂

  • Martina Ayisobsah
    Martina Ayisobsah

    Im still afraid of chucky and i watched this when i was like 5or 6 and im 11

  • Isa ann
    Isa ann

    Well wow. I have to go see it, I love scary movies!!! And this literally looks like a summer version of Krampus! Like if you agree

  • Axion Gaming
    Axion Gaming

    Meh. All I really care about is the new TV series, as it's a continuation and Brad dourif is voicing Chucky. Don't know why they felt the need to reboot it

  • Ass Eater
    Ass Eater

    Throw the whole movie away

  • xxnike629xx

    April Ludgate?

  • David Lopez
    David Lopez

    Hey chucky,how was your visit with james charles😂 Idk y but every new movie is starting to suck for example sonic........

  • Stupid Joe
    Stupid Joe

    Welp there is 30 more nightmares

  • HarleyQuinKills

    After seeing the new look and he is no longer a good guy. I am not interested anymore.......

  • MackDreams Mack dreams
    MackDreams Mack dreams

    this shit ain’t scary y’all fokes

  • Dragawh


  • Ashley Solorzano
    Ashley Solorzano

    They made him so ugly I don't think people would see that movie

  • Isabela Nunya
    Isabela Nunya

    i love chucky

  • The Cantrell Project
    The Cantrell Project

    Some things should be left untouched. The original movie is untouchable

  • PlayBoiZizx

    Oh boy he’s back

  • The Sun
    The Sun

    are they still going to have the serial killer possession plot?

  • qaqur

    Andy’s got a new toy , sorry woody 💀

  • Joshn569

    Theres a 90% chance this remake will give you full blown aids.

  • Smg4 team And Smg4 Fans
    Smg4 team And Smg4 Fans

    Dead Meat Is Gonna Have A Wonderful Time

  • Dougie Ellis
    Dougie Ellis

    Why do the worthless jews of Hollywood insist on remaking movies and can't even make it better

  • Fat Megalodon
    Fat Megalodon

    Movie looks cool but his voice though



  • Alternative Universe Cuts
    Alternative Universe Cuts

    There once was a doll from Nantuchet, who choked people with a bag and said suck it. He would stab you with the speed of rockets, and rearrange both your eye sockets. They give us Buddi but we wanted Chucky so fuck it.

  • Dan O Qam Yasharahla
    Dan O Qam Yasharahla

    You would expect the child to be a few years younger, around the doll playing age...

  • Kiri J
    Kiri J

    Why I hate Chucky he is Soo scary why do you need to remind me about his scariness

  • Andy Kang
    Andy Kang

    Looks like leftover doll from Team America.

  • 61108jay

    Wack ass bucky instead of Chucky

  • Anti Silver
    Anti Silver

    So base on the trailer chucky is the computer that can control a town...Idk what to say about that.

  • Xyzue

    Gay ass movie, ain’t even look like chuck my

  • Draven

    If anyone could match Brad Dourif's amazing performance as the Chuckster. Its Mark Hamill.