Cardi B Mac Miller Grammy Controversy, Childish Gambino, Balcony Becky, Crisis in Washington & More
Philip DeFranco
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Writing/Research: Philip DeFranco, Daniela Barhanna, Maddie Crichton
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  • Philip DeFranco
    Philip DeFranco

    psssssst. hi. ;) Balcony Becky (00:06), Grammys (1:43), TIA (6:05), Michelle Carter Update (7:56), Anti-Vax Protest in Washington (8:59)

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    • D

      Phil kill yourseld

    • Dragon's Beard Gamer
      Dragon's Beard Gamer

      In a sense, I feel somewhat bad for anti-vaxxers. They genuinely believe they’re doing good and want the “best” for their children, but it’s like the old expression; “The road to hell is paved with good intentions.” But on the other hand, HOW FUCKING STUPID can you be to believe in a constantly debunked study made by 1 dude who was bought out? Who had his medical license revoked?

    • Cassie Banks
      Cassie Banks

      My personal opinion about J-Lo doing the Motown bit for the Grammys is all the white supremacists are out in the open now and so are all the parts of racism that weren't discussed in the past. It's a messy situation to navigate through so until we get it locked down we don't need people disrespecting legacy. That was just lazy BS on the Grammys part. I greatly admire J-Lo and I realize she loved Motown music. I did too growing up and I was born a decade before J-Lo so I was actually listening to Motown hits as they were being aired for the first time on radio stations. That doesn't mean on the night of a Motown tribute I should be singing the songs. I don't think J-Lo has gotten there yet in regards to how race relations are evolving. As far as the vaccines it's not very smart not to get them. Parents can do whatever they want, but my son had a reaction to one of the vaccines that required it be given three times. I told the doctor this and he stopped that one vaccine. After that we had no problems with all the others and he didn't have to endure those childhood illnesses.

    • Christian Pretorius
      Christian Pretorius

      Please check out the Shit that is going on in South Africa regarding corruption / eskom / presidents father in law supplying electricity to the country.

  • Petal NomNom
    Petal NomNom

    *PhilipDeFranco* "Balcony Becky" was identified and is now in custody awaiting a trial for reckless endangerment

  • Ocho Cinco
    Ocho Cinco

    3:06 me when Cardi B won over Mac Miller. This is my literal reaction.

  • Alex Board
    Alex Board

    I May be completely ignorant to this. I’m no doctor but wouldn’t not getting your kids vaccinated only affect that child since the other kids have the vac shouldn’t that mean they cannot contract the disease from a non vac child ? Could be a stupid question but someone enlighten me

  • Ultra Cat
    Ultra Cat

    i found my chair!

  • Timon Aikawa
    Timon Aikawa

    “I’m going to sit this one out.” 🤣🤣🤣

  • candyvanman

    Save a life, get a vaccine!

  • laexdream

    Okay.... So would you rather your kids be sick? Or die? I think it's a pretty simple answer.

  • JulieM

    Heh... "headlines" around Drake... I see whatcha did there Phil

  • Phantom Rain
    Phantom Rain

    waifu JLO can sing whatever she wants

  • Tortanus The MegaCarrier
    Tortanus The MegaCarrier

    Ariana was mad because not only did her dead ex lose the grammy, but it went to the person who killed the career of her friend and common collaborator Nicki Minaj, which just ads insult to injury.

  • Tortanus The MegaCarrier
    Tortanus The MegaCarrier

    Why does he call her “Tiny BBQ grill”

  • Dragonetta

    She’s not Balcony Becky. She’s just stupid.

  • Brian Hudson
    Brian Hudson

    People get really butthurt about the Grammys. Cardi B and J Lo and whoever else shouldn’t have to defend their awards against butthurt people bitching on twitter.

  • Spughetti Pug
    Spughetti Pug

    Just thank you. Need more people speaking out about anti vaxxers. Even though its a stupid argument even if the small amount of Mercury in the MMR vaccine actually did impact the chance of autism, I would rather have a physically healthy autistic child than a child with measles. Autism is a spectrum of how people process thoughts and emotions. They are not less than the average person.

  • Wendy Desparois
    Wendy Desparois

    I disagree, I do think anti-vaxxers are evil. They show to the world through their actions that they are completely fine being 'slow-burn' murderers, that they're okay causing death directly by their actions. If that isn't evil, what is?

  • Mr. Grey
    Mr. Grey

    How can anyone think a vaccine causes autism? This isn't even a case of faulty science, it's a #$%&ing GENETIC disorder. That's like thinking vaccines cause redheads.

  • stecky87

    You say anti-vaxxers aren't evil, but you and I must have different definitions of evil. Someone who willingly puts their children & other children in unnecessary danger is evil

  • literaturenerd

    I live in Washington state and I’m so ashamed that this story is associated with us. My dad is a doctor and my fiancé’s parents are two EMTs, you bet your sweet ass our future children are getting ALL the vaccinations.

  • JamesLinton17

    The grammies not being inclusive of POC? Correct me if I'm wrong but didn't both Michael Jackson and Quincy Jones win the biggest grammy sweeps in history.

  • klutzycutie

    Balto didn't risk his life in 1925 to get vaccines just for you to say no in 2019. During that time many kids were sick and couldn't get to the vaccines. So your telling me people chose not to? Then cry out when their kid dies and should've listened to other people. Some people should not have kids. Those vaccines are to help you immune system get stronger.

  • ulises nino
    ulises nino

    6:40 let the meme/gif making start

  • Oma Rumunna
    Oma Rumunna

    Grammys and Oscars need to evolve. DM me for ideas.

  • D MoLa
    D MoLa

    Isn’t that the lady who orders food on that Postmates ad and calls herself a “chef”?

  • Tyk

    I live in Vancouver Wa and it sucks lol everyone sick and the measles is a mess

  • hotrod69785

    I once read online that carrots can cause cancer...... I'll trust my doctor about getting my kids vaccinated

  • Kelly Garrison
    Kelly Garrison

    Vaccine injury courts have paid out BILLIONS of dollars in damages since its creation in 2006. Clearly there are risks with vaccines.

  • NoImpulse_ Ctrl
    NoImpulse_ Ctrl

    All Chidish Gambinos wins were due too Virtue Signaling on the part of the Grammys... so who cares

  • PandaLegionz

    If your kid is vaccinated why are you worried???? Seriously???? Also massive you we talking thousands???? millions???? Oh whats that just 50 cases???? ok so like 0.00000001% in the US ok....

  • CezrDaPleazr

    Lmao parents wanting their kids to die. Cool.

  • CezrDaPleazr

    I'm glad Carter is going to gym

  • CezrDaPleazr

    Cardi B sounds like Riley from Boondocks

  • Amm1107101101

    Well I understand that the people who do not get vaccinated have their own reasons but people could or should be able to choose which vaccines they could get but they are not required to get all of them but maybe should be required to get a specific number of them

  • Kevin the Fabulous
    Kevin the Fabulous

    All of the anti-vax protesters look exactly like the stereotype. Why am I not surprised?

  • joe smith
    joe smith

    If we don't share belief. Then me being misinformed must be the only possibility?

    • joe smith
      joe smith

      Journalist or opinion writer?

  • Kimberly Ramos
    Kimberly Ramos

    As someone from the actual Bronx, we hate jlo here.

  • Aspen Young
    Aspen Young

    Yeah I don’t watch the grammys or really any award show, it’s all fake. No real competition or a measurement of how things were liked or affected the art form or the work put into them.

  • Rob Clarke
    Rob Clarke

    Just gonna say it. God Damn! Cardi's B voice is ear rape!

  • Raya Sauvé
    Raya Sauvé

    I was vaccinated from birth up until the 7th grade. At that point in time, all of my vaccines had been administered by my family doctor (who's also a close family friend who happened to grow up down the street from my dad) or his office nurse. I still love those people like family and back then they were the only medical professionals I trusted. So when they introduced in-school vaccinations that year, having nurses from the health department set up in the gym, I was *not fucking down.* The first time I tried not to be a little bitch, but by the time it was my turn I broke down sobbing and refused to do it. I got away with not getting my HPV and Hepatitis vaccines for nearly 4 years. In grade 10 the principle and the VP sat me down and were like basically like; "bitch we see you have multiple piercings, you have at least one tattoo, you had all your vaccines up until a few years ago, go get your damn shots. If you're not up to date by enrollment season next year you won't be allowed to return to this or any other school within our school board." (obvious paraphrasing) I didn't feel like being expelled at that point so I got over being a pussy ass bitch and went to the health unit and got my shots asap and have been up to date since. I think the schools weren't that concerned for a while because I was up to date on the "important" vaccines (measles, polio, flu shot, etc), but once I got to highschool they were like "we already have a chlamydia problem here, we're not about to have you spreading HPV". Moral of the story; vaccinate your fucking kids. And yourselves. It's important for your health. It's important for the health of those you come into contact with. It's important for your education. Just fucking do it. EDIT: I live in Ontario, Canada and there's laws around having your children up to date on vaccinations to be able to attend public school. Not sure about similar laws elsewhere.

  • Disappointingfxck

    ariana tiny barbecue grilled grande????......

    • Disappointingfxck

      i swear did i miss hear that

  • Nobody's Saviour
    Nobody's Saviour

    "Ariana Tiny Barbaque Grill Grande" JKSJSJSJSJKSJKSJSJSJ

  • J C
    J C

    This is days late obvious, as I'm catching up on videos that I missed..but in terms of Anti-vax people and their children...Fine, you don't want to vaccinate your child and still send them to school, then don't complain when I start sending mine to school with peanutbutter sandwiches.

  • Alyssa Agee
    Alyssa Agee

    All these people up in arms about the antivax people. ALL I WANT TO KNOW IS DID THEY FIND THAT GIRL THROWING SH*T OFF THE BALCONY?!

  • Sumair Bawa
    Sumair Bawa

    "i'm sponsoring mah own daaaamn self"

  • Andrew

    Beard oil, lmao.

  • Andy C
    Andy C

    Come on people time to make laws to protect against anti vacation idiots. That includes religon your believes dont overide others right to live.

  • Lord Victor Halgaard
    Lord Victor Halgaard

    Lets not forget that Autism is not something you just "get", its something you have or don't. Not to mention Autism can be a positive, considering it can promote higher intelligence (at the cost of normal social skills of course). In other words, the discussion is not only pointless because vaccines don't cause autism, it pointless because that wasn't even an option to begin with.

  • Chris Slaughter
    Chris Slaughter

    Stupid people should film it when they are being stupid, that way they can be caught and arrested. But like Phil said, don't be stupid to begin with.

  • Alya O
    Alya O

    We declare an immigration ban on all US citizens!

  • DJ Seekee
    DJ Seekee

    i would have hired some actors, some sickly special effect make up and get them to walk among the protesters coughing on all their kids. LOL

  • danni

    the first story just makes me so mad

  • Grumar S
    Grumar S

    The girl shouldn't go to jail for "making" someone commit suicide, unless she's grima fricking wormtongue using dark magic to influence his actions she didn't do anything illegal. This stupid responsibility dodging that's going on in general in society is BS, she didn't pull the trigger, he did, by the logic of the ruling anyone how ever left a "kys" post anywhere and the person actually ends up killing themselves is responsible for their death. just cause people say certain things to you doesn't mean it's not your fault, imagine if they went light on nazi officers after WW2 just cause they were persuaded by honey words, F that.

  • Yana Pavlovskiy
    Yana Pavlovskiy

    The reason WHY people draw this correlation between autism and vaccination is the timeline. Children receive the MMR vaccine at about the same age that autism is diagnosed. However, the basic law of stats is that CORRELATION DOES NOT EQUAL CAUSATION. A lot of things happen neurologically and physically during the first few years of a child’s life that these two variables are somehow connected is absolutely ridiculous

  • adrasdea

    Words have meaning. Im bipolar with compound Ptsd and sometimes people will target me . I've been pushed to hurt myself before. Wound up in the hospital. Being homeless now it happens less but still happens.

  • alonna meza
    alonna meza

    I think it's a shame that people still think that they should propagate you anti-vaccination and anti-abortion Nation on people it's none of your business what people do with their own bodies of their own children as long as it doesn't affect you what do you care if somebody else's child dies because they didn't get vaccinated it's not your problem just like it's not your problem if somebody gets an abortion people need to learn to mind their business

  • Hannah Oran
    Hannah Oran

    I believe that people who receive government benefits such as Medicare, food stamps, etc, should be required to get vaccinated. Especially the Medicare one. You would be higher risk of contracting a disease and it would be because of non compliance. Why should the government pay your medical bills if you are walking around asking to get sick with no regard for others. I talked to an anti vaxer the other day who said it was time for people with weak immune systems to die out and that the reason everyone is getting sick is because we are helping keep them around. But they didn't ask to be vulnerable, anti vaxers did. And Health Insurance companies should look into making it part of complience as well.

  • Omar Martinez
    Omar Martinez

    Lmao never thought my state/county would be in the Philip Defranco Show.

  • BookishLish

    As a person who grew up in a religion that is included under this religious exemption, anti-vaxxers are trash. They rely on bogus science to prove their point and discredit people who legitimately use the religious or medical exemption. I personally have my vaccines, but some children in my religion will never go to a doctor. Their safety is entirely dependent on herd immunity. The community of my religion is small enough that they are not the ones causing problems. It’s people with an irrational fear of vaccines that are hurting everybody.

  • _ MickAndRorty _
    _ MickAndRorty _

    Drake, is a king, we praise him love you Philly

  • _ MickAndRorty _
    _ MickAndRorty _

    Didn't show up, and some people think it's because Donald is sick of white ppl... Opposite of such, childish is a genius and knows how weird the whole established awards shows are, STOP RACE BAITING THIS MO TOWN STUFF, J LOW IS SO CORRECT, leave race back in the last century y'all, I don't see color... Why must they?

  • Alex Totherocket
    Alex Totherocket

    the cousin fucking in us history is catching up

  • Laura Some Number
    Laura Some Number

    The state serum Institut of Denmark follows all vaccinations and the state alsp nows how many children develop autism. THERE IS NO DEFERENCE IN THE RATE OF AUTISM IN CHILDREN WHO ARE VACCINATED AND CHILDREN WHO ARE NOT! Of course there can be side affects but they are rare and DO NOT include autism. One problem is that even if 0.01 of people suffer a side affect from a drug or vaccine or the like that is still a lot of people and you are likely connected to many of them on Facebook.

  • Sara Zarate
    Sara Zarate

    Vaccinate the kids, it will save their lives.

  • leahsodyssey123

    Isn’t Ronnie Spector hispanic? She’s motown.

  • Anna Grimstad
    Anna Grimstad

    Anti-vaxxers are freaking disgusting. Not only are they putting their kids in danger of dying, but theyre putting other kids in danger. every kid is in danger, and especially kids and people with terminal or life threatening illnesses, it puts everyone around at risk.

  • Shayla Truong
    Shayla Truong

    ethically!! sourced!! yaaAAAYY!!

  • jefries Sanchez
    jefries Sanchez

    The government cracking down on anti-vaxxers? Well, that is something good to hear. I'm glad my parents were smart enough to know what would have been good for me to continue living.

  • The D00d
    The D00d

    Queen of Dragons be throwin chairs off buildings lmao

  • Galfor

    No one asked for Aladdin.

  • Christy Paten
    Christy Paten

    I almost lost my 2 month old baby to a preventable disease. I find it horribly hard to not see anti vaxxers as evil. 🤷‍♀️

  • Molly Marie
    Molly Marie

    Thank you for always just jumping into it! 😆

  • Hannah M
    Hannah M

    ONLY 15 MONTHS?!? That IS a tragedy

  • T

    cardi b alway gets these alternative facts and actually uses them to defend herself. like when she got in a fight with Nicki, she brought up some fake source about how Nicki was talking about her kid, which still haven't seen any facts. now she's claiming that she Mac millers family was rooting for her if Mac Miller didn't win, which her source for that was an US weekly GOSSIP magazine that left the source unnamed, which means its not viable, and most likely made up. shes overhyped, hope the media stops shoving her down our throats soon.

  • Joel Birch
    Joel Birch

    Yes Philly we also haven’t forgotten about you and the Better Help Scandal. You didn’t take the fault even when it was yours lol

  • DudeManBro

    mac should have won best album PERIOD

  • Gabby Bieber
    Gabby Bieber

    please please look into the berkely heights elementary school abuse to special needs students. it came out over a week ago and i feel like no one is talking about it and it is so disgusting and needs to be talked about. PLEASE !!!!!!!

  • Levendir

    This is the first time I started laughing when hearing the sponsor of a video! Damn, this is such an intelligently marketed product, I want to get one and I am not even a guy lol

  • LovinaVargas1076

    That 4% of kids who are exempt from the vaccines because they literally physically cannot receive them? Anti-vaxxers don't care if those kids die.

  • Ketogenic Knowledge
    Ketogenic Knowledge

    If you won't vaccinate your child, they shouldn't be allowed to go to a public school.

  • C S
    C S

    does anyone else cringe everytime they hear cardi bs fake ass accent?

  • Ruby

    Not vaccinating your children is child abuse. No one can change my mind about that.

  • Brandon

    I know I watched this video late...but what about Vinnie Paul being left out of the In Memoriam in the Grammys? This was huge news in the rock and metal world, and I would hate for them to be ignored by you too


    Plot twist: vaccines cause AIDS.

  • Alygator

    while i in no way disagree that this michelle carter case was a sad tragic evil story and she very much deserves to be guilty. I also feel for her deeply. the view of this story being given with 3 or 4 screenshots of the dialogue between them, gives a very short, one sided view. this was a relationship that went on for years! the full reading of all the eveidence from the court hearings contained many points where this girl was helpful and supported him with his mental health battle. she too was dealing with depression and confusing emotions at a very vulnerable age. I am sure this will comment will cause outrage and dissagreance but the sentence she was given confirms it all. she was facing 20 YEARS and got 1/10th of that because the honorable judge had the entire story. this is a young girl who made a serious mistake and the sentence is adequite to send the message that she went wrong. But i pray she is strong enough when she gets out, too not let all the bullying around her name bring her down to the dark place where the young boy was at the time of his passing. murderer or not this is still a human being. Rip Conrad roy III. i pray for your soul and thoghts and prayers go out to your family.

  • lewis griffin
    lewis griffin

    Cardi B is trash and a skank I'm not so convinced Mac Miller should have won but she definitely should not have one the fact that Tupac and Biggie has ever won rap album of the year at the Grammys should tell you how flawed the Grammys are winning a Grammy don't even mean anything anymore and hasn't in a long time Nickelodeon reward would mean more at this point

  • AA Sharp
    AA Sharp

    Mac Miller's album was a million times better than Cardi B's trash album.

  • ThePagan

    I once got vaccinated and then started having bad nightmares. One night I woke up, heated a sharp knife, found and pulled the evil chip away.

  • Red Tee
    Red Tee

    You know what strikes me as crazy, even if they think vaccines cause autism, these people would rather there children die from a preventable disease than to have a child with autism. That, to me, is very sad and absolutely disgusting.

  • ANONYMOUS GhostSector
    ANONYMOUS GhostSector

    4:05__message to all Puerto Ricans... ...we love seeing J-Lo do Motown ...FYi: those are probably not actual black people (fake accounts) ...will always love you J-Lo __❤ from Philadelphia

  • perry stites
    perry stites

    Cardi b is trash

  • Kt67 Kt
    Kt67 Kt

    This was dealt with by police days ago.

  • Alex G
    Alex G

    A certain percentage of kids do die from vaccines, my friends grandson being one of them.

  • Alex G
    Alex G

    They didn't honor XXXTentacion in the "in memoriam" section

  • iamsatanjr

    Vaccines cause autism. Also, the water they use to make vaccines turns the friggin frogs gay.

  • Crystal Rain
    Crystal Rain

    I would like to double like this video maybe give it a little Heart

  • enya karki
    enya karki

    if you're anti vax you're narrow minded, ignorant, naive and should not reproduce k thnx bye

  • benjashawn

    11:10 try and find someone not white lol.

  • benjashawn

    7:01 "If you do not feel heat, you are not..doing it..hard..enough..AH MAN. This is a family friendly video" Lololol

  • Angel Rose
    Angel Rose

    Oh, and with those religious exemptions? Did you know there's an alternative shot for every vaccine in case someone's allergic to eggs. It's perfect for vegans or religious reasons to not ingest animals or their byproducts.

  • Angel Rose
    Angel Rose

    I live in Washington state. I sincerely hope they pass this vaccine law to make it harder to opt out of vaccines because of personal exemption.