Cant Say No To Siah For A Day! He Asked To Drive The Bentley!!
Cant Say No To Siah For A Day! He Asked To Drive The Bentley!!
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  • Sharla Simpson
    Sharla Simpson

    What's up

  • Cora Smith
    Cora Smith

    Y'all the best family ever😍😍😍😍😍💖💖💖💖

  • collins assabil
    collins assabil

    HdbsnxbxFjsuznkjhjjjjjhhhhhhhhsnxn Mamz

  • Ka'myia Tarver
    Ka'myia Tarver

    Damn he can really drive Im astonished 😱

  • Kenneth Anthony
    Kenneth Anthony

    Does super siah have roblox

  • Julian Eacobar
    Julian Eacobar

    External DVD half a turned control you guys

  • Green Bean
    Green Bean

    She got a baby wow wasn’t on this channel in a long time

  • gnhh vghh
    gnhh vghh

    the first comment was funny

  • Blackunicorn Denton
    Blackunicorn Denton

    I love driving I am addicted to driving me and super siah are twins

  • Blackunicorn Denton
    Blackunicorn Denton

    I love blueface

  • Te'Andre Jackson
    Te'Andre Jackson

    Siah know how to drive

  • Jaybizz Hayden
    Jaybizz Hayden

    He said my leg hurts Eva said so can we get food 😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄

  • Michael Lucatero
    Michael Lucatero

    You go to hit 1 million 😉😉😉😉😉😉😉

  • alisermath

    That was my birthday

  • Ben Jackson
    Ben Jackson

    You know I think that you have the

  • Zenea Henderson
    Zenea Henderson

    Omg im so happy😜😃😀😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😛😝😝😝😛😝😛😜👌👍☺

    • Zenea Henderson
      Zenea Henderson

      Omg im so happy😜😜😜😜😜

    • Zenea Henderson
      Zenea Henderson

      OMG I am so happy😙😗😊😊😚😜😜😙😗😙😙😗😜😝😝😛😛😛😙😝😛😜😝😜😙😜😙😙😗😙😙😗😚😗😙😚😘😙😜😉😍😍

  • Halle Scott
    Halle Scott

    She is so annoying

  • Halle Scott
    Halle Scott

    Eva is so Extra.She really do to much.

  • Merkeresseria Coleman
    Merkeresseria Coleman

    She parnt


    Y'all think y'all slick....y'all doing a day just for him before baby girl come😂🤣🤣🤣😂😂 I did the same thing with mines...😜

  • AShton Oliver
    AShton Oliver

    Get just dance

  • Sharon Sabbs
    Sharon Sabbs

    Change the intro when the baby gets here

  • Sharon Sabbs
    Sharon Sabbs

    Dang he did good at driving

  • Andrea Jolley
    Andrea Jolley


  • Evelyn Donkor
    Evelyn Donkor

    😲 he’s actually driving

  • Nicholai Ashman
    Nicholai Ashman

    cool moves

  • Rod Pinkins
    Rod Pinkins

    why did he say he won't to drive the car!!!!$$$$$$$$$

  • Rod Pinkins
    Rod Pinkins

    why did he say he won't to drive the car!!!!$$$$$$$$$

  • Romell Vantrease
    Romell Vantrease

    Get Batman Telltale Series on Nintendo Switch and or unless you have Fortnite

  • Lil DJ Harris
    Lil DJ Harris

    Super siah you can not drive

  • Patricia Stigler
    Patricia Stigler

    ga ha

  • Layla Butler
    Layla Butler

    Bust down

  • Ayo Des
    Ayo Des

    Y'all my favorite youtube parents 😍❤❤ & Siah driving is A1.

  • zérahiah pariis !
    zérahiah pariis !

    All That Chocolate😍😩.

  • Altagracia Wilwin
    Altagracia Wilwin

    This is so nice for him to have a day of fun & with you guys before baby Melanie gets here

  • Altagracia Wilwin
    Altagracia Wilwin

    Billy: “are you seeriousss”

  • Lamont Grissett
    Lamont Grissett

    Can you please following me I shaniyagrissett1

  • Yaretzi Soriano
    Yaretzi Soriano

    Super siah is soooo cute

  • Yaretzi Soriano
    Yaretzi Soriano

    I drived befor when I was 8

  • Marie Joseph
    Marie Joseph

    I’m a boy and I like to be rich

  • Alex Xxx
    Alex Xxx

    I love roblox

  • Ninja Nick
    Ninja Nick

    He got gougzila

  • M.D carr
    M.D carr


  • M.D carr
    M.D carr

    firend me

  • Bosskings Muzik
    Bosskings Muzik

    Hi beam Squad I wash shoes shoes of you

  • Rainbow Cakes
    Rainbow Cakes

    Super siah know how to drive

  • Kidd Reef
    Kidd Reef


  • Ivionah Foote
    Ivionah Foote

    didnt she have the baby already

  • Annie Baybie
    Annie Baybie

    Eva you are so beautiful I love you so much I subscribed to your Channel

  • Kenny Sims
    Kenny Sims


  • QueenT3A Productions
    QueenT3A Productions

    Aww siah so cute driving lol.

  • Jordan Hayes
    Jordan Hayes

    Super Sian is so cute like if agree

  • Aisha yf Barjo
    Aisha yf Barjo

    Wait did y'all see how siah turning them wheels like a big man

  • Monae Smith
    Monae Smith

    ii love yall so much and evan is so pretty and i cant wait into the new baby comes

  • Girl power
    Girl power

    Siah funny

  • Kk Mckessey
    Kk Mckessey

    He could drive

  • tachelle Burrell
    tachelle Burrell

    your boy is gay go get a boy that not gay ok

  • ken w.
    ken w.

    That’s so frigging cute I love it

  • alhaji diallo
    alhaji diallo


  • tyquavion henderson
    tyquavion henderson

    Siah died last night

  • MHaudio1


  • Princess K
    Princess K


  • Dariyah Willson
    Dariyah Willson

    Y’all so cute I love y’all so much and I can’t wait to see the baby

  • lakeisha bledsoe
    lakeisha bledsoe

    I you in there i was scared to say hey i susribe to your chalnel

  • shariah white
    shariah white

    "Awww you hurt your leg thats sad anyway can we get some food" lol i love eva so much

  • shariah white
    shariah white

    The way they hesitated to get him Nintendo games got me confused he just drove a Benz at 4 and i am 11 and crash right away in need for speed 😥. Love you guys

  • Ashley Pope
    Ashley Pope

    So that you would like to me and I can send y’all some pictures of me and then I’ll send y’all some pictures of my kids and I’ll send y’all the address I’ll send y’all some food and I’ll send you the link and I get what y’all want and

    • Ashley Pope
      Ashley Pope

      Not even a little bit more than welcome home and then I’ll send y’all the address and then I’ll send y’all some money I’ll be back home to you get ya twins and then I’ll send y’all a picture I’ll send you the address and y’all some pictures I wanna was a little bit too tight I gotta have to ya I’m going home and then I’ll send y’all the

  • Tytianna Graham
    Tytianna Graham

    My name is tytianna

  • Genesis Curtis
    Genesis Curtis

    Super siah getting so big he already know how to drive!😱😧😧😰 i can take it hes getting too big 😘😘😘😘

  • Zyaire Branch
    Zyaire Branch


  • Zyaire Branch
    Zyaire Branch

    That WoW funny trying to be listen to blueface

  • Jay Williams
    Jay Williams

    Almost 100,000,000 you can do it guy love you beam squad😜✌️👍👏

  • Mattie Curtis
    Mattie Curtis

    super siah drive he big now

  • Mattie Curtis
    Mattie Curtis

    i bet you hungry with your baby cute girl

  • Marvion Jackson
    Marvion Jackson


  • Destiney Van Den Berg
    Destiney Van Den Berg

    I hope to u have a baby girl toooooooo maybe u have twins

  • Unicorn squad
    Unicorn squad

    i seen it on y'all ig libe




    Not Thotiana

  • Camille Jones
    Camille Jones

    Do the annoying prank

  • Arkeshia Sherrills
    Arkeshia Sherrills

    My mom died on the sonh blueface thotiona

  • Linda Dudley
    Linda Dudley

    I love siah

  • Linda Dudley
    Linda Dudley

    I love siah

  • Linda Dudley
    Linda Dudley

    Hi baby 🚼

  • Micah Brown
    Micah Brown

    Hi beam squad

  • Stephanie Joseph
    Stephanie Joseph

    You guys are the best youtubers

  • Ry-guy 1
    Ry-guy 1

    Messiah steering the Bentley is illegal ya’ll gonna get arrested

  • Toya Johnson
    Toya Johnson

    He 🚗 better then me and i am 8 yall got to be a good mama and daddy

  • James Addison
    James Addison

    He little and he can drive 😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • skowens09

    That video is cool

  • Serenity murray
    Serenity murray

    mommas hahhahhaaaaaa

  • Khalilah Paynebey
    Khalilah Paynebey

    What state they live in

  • Khalilah Paynebey
    Khalilah Paynebey

    Eva is so pretty she glowing🍯🍯🍯

  • Destiny Thomas
    Destiny Thomas

    So surprised 😮 I didn’t expect that !!😂🤣

  • Destiny Thomas
    Destiny Thomas

    Super Siah is actually a good driver

  • Danielle Rouse
    Danielle Rouse

    I love you so much Beam squad 😍😘💑💏💞😍💕💯😘❤😍😘😚

  • SodaMay Jones
    SodaMay Jones

    No harm

  • SodaMay Jones
    SodaMay Jones

    Aww y’all still treat him like a baby

  • Kid gamers 12 Fam
    Kid gamers 12 Fam

    I wish I was in there family they rich

  • Lambros Kastelloriziou
    Lambros Kastelloriziou