Can STICKY TACK Hold a Person?
The King of Random
Today we're testing out the properties of sticky tack- how strong is it, does it burn, and what happens when it freezes?
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  • The King of Random
    The King of Random

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    • skyler Twilley
      skyler Twilley

      Can you bake metl

    • nellana cook
      nellana cook

      Blue goo tests

    • six stix
      six stix

      Can we rip a car door off with stickey tack?

    • Sebastian Ramadan
      Sebastian Ramadan

      I don't know, but I can imagine some entertainment potential might come from sticking all of your furniture to the roof...

  • Aiden Fenwick
    Aiden Fenwick

    Can sticky tack hold a child Or a dog

  • G Niemczyk
    G Niemczyk

    Hanging from sticky tac

  • Chubbza5

    I think you missed the mark on this one. I think the sticky tack is made to have a really high shear resistance, not a linear pull resistance. I bet you could hang from the wall with half the number of mounts. Please try this on a vertical wall rather than a horizontal ceiling!

  • ItsJust Jay
    ItsJust Jay

    I think you should change the name from king of random because it a women working with you to

  • Jsweizston

    WIth that helmet on you look like the frenchman that John Cleese plays in Monty Python's and The Holy Grail haha.

  • GiZMo

    At 8:15 there a sticker

  • Delta Frontier
    Delta Frontier

    They say it's non toxic... I say it gave me constipation :/

  • CorruptSteam

    Hi hi

  • Bella Yokers
    Bella Yokers

    This is Chester🐱 Every like he gets a treat. Help him get 1,000 treats!

  • Ultra Noob Instinct
    Ultra Noob Instinct

    1000 Degrees Sticky Tack VS 1000 Degrees Knife

  • scullus hail
    scullus hail

    If you accidentally have a kid hahaha I broke

  • Cyber penguin 3030
    Cyber penguin 3030

    Pour molten aluminum in paint✌🏻👑

  • Emerist

    Grant's house is scarred from a failed experiment

  • khader shariff
    khader shariff

    In each and every episode Nate is always tasting something 😂

  • Klin Davis
    Klin Davis

    Make worlds largest LEGO

  • Young Fwego
    Young Fwego


  • Sambowvolgs

    Not to be rasict or anything but Asian people 9:15

  • Plainjupiter724

    Why couldn't you use the original blu tak instead of "sticky wall mounting putty"

  • im kid anonymous the saveg 2121
    im kid anonymous the saveg 2121

    how miny pound cn it hold

  • Moses Chong
    Moses Chong

    I used to buy these stuff and I would make humanoid figures with it and play around with said tac man great times

  • Yeetical

    why is this possible like if u agree

  • Misha Marx
    Misha Marx

    I have a ball of stick tac (blue, cause that’s the best kind) like 3 times that size from college. I covered my dorm walls and ceiling in glow-in-the-dark stars and hundreds of AOL cds. 🤣

  • Jay- Gavvala
    Jay- Gavvala

    Make a phone

  • xXAdrian nerdXx
    xXAdrian nerdXx

    Can ramen noodles hold a 140 pounds

  • Lucas Whitson
    Lucas Whitson

    -20 years later- so we have 1000 robotic children *lets test them*

  • moises montiel
    moises montiel

    calli: how much did you buy nate: (drops a little bit) nate:a little bit

  • Stephanie Bui
    Stephanie Bui

    Try to make a house with blue tack

  • Zahli Woolnough
    Zahli Woolnough

    Roses are red Violets are blue The part you came for is 8:32

  • Shane George
    Shane George

    8:15 was the king of random logo


    When my kids were younger we called that stuff boogers. Because you had to roll it between your fingers to work it.

  • Launa Draughon
    Launa Draughon

    *burns sticky tack with blowtorch* I think that’s warm enough

  • Nolan Moghadam
    Nolan Moghadam

    You guys should do a video on how much air can a soccer balll hold and other things that take air

  • RÊD々 Gaurang
    RÊD々 Gaurang

    8:14 who else saw that logo for 0.001 sec

  • Kenny Vo
    Kenny Vo

    8:15 anyone find this?

    • Sambowvolgs

      The tkor sign?

  • cute cat BOOM
    cute cat BOOM

    Can u also try to soak a big batch to water and maybe its gonna be slime

  • Wall Breaker
    Wall Breaker

    “If you accidentally have like a kid” 1:35

  • Hello There My Friend
    Hello There My Friend

    What happened to the OG king of random people

  • Jeffrey Lam
    Jeffrey Lam

    What if you put a vacuum chamber in a vacuum chamber?

  • My World
    My World

    This wouldn't resist with me

  • murda blood
    murda blood

    Can ya make lemon head cotton

  • Robert Paulson
    Robert Paulson


  • Masked gaming
    Masked gaming

    Try to make a gummy or a gummy bear with a dry ice if it can can you eat the gummy bear?

  • Blue Tube
    Blue Tube

    Put liquid nitrogen in a microwave

  • It's Mr Baguette
    It's Mr Baguette

    Man i love how all of these videos are categorized as educational

  • Supreme. bre
    Supreme. bre

    "If you like accidentally have a kid... and you've left it out"😂

  • ɞє һѧƿƿʏ
    ɞє һѧƿƿʏ

    how does a vacuum chamber even work and can you use it in more videos because its one of my favorite things you guys use

  • Tara Briannah
    Tara Briannah

    can anyone tell me what Fntk! stand for (i found these letters popping up in the video)

  • James Gardener
    James Gardener

    Its bluetack


    Hidden TKOR logo at 8:15

  • Matthew Ramsdell
    Matthew Ramsdell

    What about freeze drying the aluminum sponge stuff from the aluminum \gallium experiment would it even hold its own weight and if it does could it be considered a metallic arogel?

  • Jessica Lee
    Jessica Lee

    me: *weighs 435* them: “can it hold your weight? ABSOLUTELY” me: “ABSOLUTELY not”

  • XxBlade DeathSlayerxX
    XxBlade DeathSlayerxX

    Is it me going crazy or do y'all see a sign at 8:14 to 8:15 just pop up and disappear immediately?

    • Jacob Tramell
      Jacob Tramell

      I see it

  • Preshus Wilkins
    Preshus Wilkins

    What's up with the letters that show up?


    What was with the three letters in the vid

  • Katakalysmic

    nate and calli are dating right?

  • Gryffindork

    Callie your really pretty

  • Yoi_Trashplayer


  • tittitwist3r

    "If you accidently have like a kid" 1:33

  • xxlazarbeam fanxx
    xxlazarbeam fanxx

    I saw your logo at 8:15 if you didnt know.😁👍🏼

    • jerry sharp
      jerry sharp


  • Raina Datta
    Raina Datta

    Nate: Tastes everything Cali: Burns everything

  • Pat Landriault
    Pat Landriault


  • B Sarangi
    B Sarangi

    You: sticky tack Me, a genius: forbidden gum

  • Raeneja White
    Raeneja White

    Just a question was science yalls favorite subject in school?

  • mrafati rafati
    mrafati rafati

    Do something with different color fire and see if it burns different than each other and other things.

  • Codename: Xelda
    Codename: Xelda

    That's one way to make kevo proud

  • Smart Fedora
    Smart Fedora

    I caught the flashy thing 8: 15

  • Colkycop

    you guys are 90% of each-others impulse control It's adorable

  • LiaThePrincess

    I used to think that stuff was gum that teachers used to hang things on the bulletin board

  • Frank Durazzo
    Frank Durazzo

    The tape looks like slime

  • Sierra Delmark
    Sierra Delmark

    We tried yet another weird thing!!

  • Tootsie Roll
    Tootsie Roll

    Hmm... Why is my spaghetti stuck on the ceiling? 8:18

  • Jetninja 123
    Jetninja 123

    King of ramdom logo 8:13 or 8:15

  • Tabeeb Hossain
    Tabeeb Hossain

    Why does it remind me of gum

  • Epicgamer42

    Calli: looks at Nate Nate: looks at calli Both:looks at calli holding blue tape over blowtorch Also both: *¯\_(ツ)_/¯*

  • Chase Bethune
    Chase Bethune

    Nate always makes the videos where’s the real king of random?

  • Rachel Collins
    Rachel Collins

    if u accidentally have a kid and u left it out !! and it eat the tak lol haha

  • Outdoor Adventurur
    Outdoor Adventurur

    do tests with aerogel fire freeze durablitity etc.

  • Bbyx Autumn
    Bbyx Autumn

    Can you do weird things to hair dye like: Microwave Dye fruit Freeze it Vacuum chamber Boil it

    • Epicgamer42

      Calli: I cAn BuRn It

  • Special Remix
    Special Remix

    Anything: *exists* Cathy: CaN I BuRn IT

  • Lorynda Benson
    Lorynda Benson

    Lol. If you accidentally have a kid

  • CrewRanger Gaming
    CrewRanger Gaming

    Always here for Calli 😍

  • The uk Killer
    The uk Killer

    It is literally blue tack

  • Natalie bilbrey
    Natalie bilbrey

    When a kid gets chocolate 9:57

  • Soviet Scientist
    Soviet Scientist

    “I just want to see if it has a flavor” -Nate right before dying of poisoning-

  • Stacey Reeves
    Stacey Reeves

    I think it would hold me because im about 120 pounds idk I'm fat that's all i know

  • Pikamaster 27
    Pikamaster 27

    Spider man

  • Noah Holland
    Noah Holland

    microwave a syrup bottle

  • Rex Mortiferum
    Rex Mortiferum

    In theory, you can do this. Just like Socialism. In practice, you lied to yourself, and now your life has been destroyed.

  • MM2 Masters
    MM2 Masters

    Did u see it at 8:15 lol

  • RaytjeKn

    Try to generate electric energy using the leidenfrost effect.

  • •Malibou Blu•
    •Malibou Blu•

    “Accidentally have a kid” R.I.P.

  • bella Sunshine
    bella Sunshine


  • Surge Surge
    Surge Surge

    "If you accidentally have a kid" ?

  • Training and Development
    Training and Development

    Put the clay in the liquid nitrogen

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  • AlliWorks

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