Buying A New Car In 1970 - What Was It Like?
What was it like to buy a new car in 1970? What where the buying choices back in 1970? Was it easier or more difficult than purchasing a new car today? For the answer to these questions and other questions related to car buying in 1970 watch this video.


    must be nice to have the money then and now to pick and choose the way you want your car 😥

  • the wishmaster
    the wishmaster

    What year is the guy talking about i missed it i guess ??????

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    Panda Thug


  • Michael Long
    Michael Long

    The cost of the car as a percentage of the median family income is even scarier now when you consider most wives work now and I would guess way less than half of wives worked in 1970.

  • Aric Snyder
    Aric Snyder

    My grandfather bought a new Buick every 3 year's his last was a grand national i wish I had it

  • Aric Snyder
    Aric Snyder

    Dunno that's the year I was born

  • HH James
    HH James

    I had a cousin who was a small town Chevy-Olds dealer. He delivered his Mother In Law a 1965 Caprice. Burgundy with a black vinyl roof, AC and power windows and seats. Power windows on a Chevy??? THEY'VE LOST THEIR MINDS! No one will ever pay for power windows on a Chevrolet. How wrong we were.

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  • JohnnyRebKy

    My first “ car” was a 1970 Chevy C10 pickup truck. I dropped a new 350 V8 in it and had it repainted pearl white. That thing had a soul to it that my cars today simply don’t have. Somebody ran into it one day and totaled it, and it was like somebody had died watching it be hauled away

    • HH James
      HH James

      Mine was a 54 Chevy Bel Aire Sport Coupe in 1964. I drove it a year and the reverse went out on the automatic trans. My Father traded it for a Kirby vacuum cleaner. I'm still looking for that 54.


    Back then most Americans could afford new car.

  • Tom Davis
    Tom Davis

    Many people also paid cash back then. You saved up then you bought it. So not only were cars relatively cheaper, they also weren’t (as often) debt pits. Young people cannot fathom how much the internet has changed car buying.

  • Bezzle Bedeviled
    Bezzle Bedeviled

    1970, the grand hurrah of capitalism in the American auto industry, before it was billyclubbed upside the head. (For the sort of micro-specialization this video documents, today you'd have to buy something in the Philippines auto market, where hundreds of specialty shops clamor for your business building the tinkertoy creation of your heart's desire. Oh, and it'll be stainless steel and never rust.

  • From the Futon
    From the Futon

    OK man time to hit us with the Ford EXP and Mercury LN7!

  • Jesus is KING
    Jesus is KING

    Today $1 cant even buy you a bus ride! Times changed and dramatically

  • Firehawk 94
    Firehawk 94

    Dealerships are not how they used to be. It's always about making money now. Not customer service. I wish I grew up in those times.

  • Jessica Greene
    Jessica Greene

    Families in the 1970s mostly lived in modest homes, one maybe two televisions and a car that fit their budget. Today it's my pick up truck is bigger than yours, my flat screen is the biggest on the block and I live in a McMansion. I prefer the 1970s. Yes today's technology is better as people like to brag, just as 1970s technology beat the 1920s, but society hasn't improved, it has gotten worse.

  • Mark Pratt
    Mark Pratt

    I told my aunt the other day that I couldn't get used to her driving a Ford. My late uncle was definitely a Pontiac guy. He would be sad to know that Pontiac is gone now and the GM is offering nothing like the Catalinas and Bonnevilles he liked so much than.

  • badeldorado

    Freedom of choice you have no choice

  • Joe Gardner
    Joe Gardner

    How many of you still have a car that has an American logo, brand, I have never owned a car made in Europe or asia, only mexic9, I'dk if that's a good thing, but I have rented cars like toyota v w, m benz, etc. They are made of plastic n they almost all look alike, n you need to baby them. Idk why they don't start making t h e m again, but I like them now over the gas guzzlers of yesterday. Even though they cost much more.

  • Shamil Abiyev
    Shamil Abiyev

    I don't like ... < 2000 cars because they are boxy. If you want 70s car then go to japan and watch taxi's (or 1940s taxi's in London...)

  • planner812

    In 1970 after a short time the seat seams would split The cars would break down more There were no safty features When you bought a new car there were no packages You had to buy extras like a radio or you got none You pay alot more but you get ten times the car If you got 70 thousand miles you did great Today we expect 200 thousand you want twice the car you pay twice as much When you went on a trip it wasn't unusual to see four or five people stuck Things are much better now

  • gary gerard
    gary gerard

    All the cool cars have already been made - same with the great art Nowadays there are medical breakthroughs and communication advancements but no more cool cars and great art well, that's just the way thing go society is dying, it's seen a pretty good run - it will get more exciting quickly but it is dying

  • captmack007

    Really good vid

  • Joey P
    Joey P

    My dad bought a Volvo station wagon in 1970. 450k later, in 1980 he bought another Volvo sedan. Kept it until 1994 with over 400k on it. Other than normal wear and tear, NEVER had any issues. The one he bought in 1994 he still drives.

  • Billy Nowhere
    Billy Nowhere

    My Grandfather owned a dealership, as you stated dealerships were usually the only one owned, that was actually a rule. My grandfather opened another dealership in another state & was made to shut one down. I wasn't born yet so this is 2nd hand info from my mother. My grandfather died when I was 1 so I never got to know him but to this day people still talk about how great of a guy he was. I have pics of when I was born & on the body shop bay doors they had "It's a Boy...Wheelbase *** etc.". Nice video!!

  • Daniel Philcox
    Daniel Philcox

    "Oh back in the day you had to go from dealer to dealer to find what you wanted" Oh yeah, cause phones hadn't been invented in 1970 right? Get real

    • YungPhat

      Daniel Philcox shut up daniel

  • HeavyJ318

    New cars suck!

  • Andrew Evans
    Andrew Evans

    customization died with the global supply chain. unpredictable and costly

  • AirborneSoldier America
    AirborneSoldier America

    The days to afford a brand new car that the average person makes a year, those days are long gone. My guess is that it would be living in their needs and being conservative. Around 95% of all the people I personally know now days will only buy a car 2 or 3 years old the newest. And most of the rest of the people I know, if they do drive a brand new car, they are probably leasing it. I can only think of 3 or 4 people I know, they still will buy a brand new car every 2 to 4 years like they did back in the 1970's, cause these are the very few people I do know that actually can afford to buy a brand new car ever 2 to 4 years if not every year. Its outrageous on how much money it cost for a brand new car or truck now days.

  • comiskey2005

    Great stuff. My parents never bought a new car, so I never got to experience going to a new car dealership...just those sketchy used car lots. Other than CarMax, although the buyer has an advantage these days, negotiating can still be a hassle, depending on the dealer’s sales tactics philosophies.

  • Royce Steward
    Royce Steward

    Boy I miss the 70s.

  • mark kosmoski
    mark kosmoski

    Wow not now we had a wide vi-rarity not now and the cost

  • Genard Lozano
    Genard Lozano


  • Billy G
    Billy G

    Sounds like Tom Selleck.

  • Jamie Woods
    Jamie Woods

    Fortunately today's cars are much better built, designed and built to last much longer, get much better fuel economy, and are considerably safer than 1970 models. A car, even a 4-cylinder compact, going 200,000 miles is not uncommon today. I learned to drive in 1979 on 1968 Chevy Bel Air with manual steering and plain hydraulic brakes.

  • Jamie Woods
    Jamie Woods

    Actually some families did use pickup trucks to take vacations in 1970. The difference was there was a slide-in camper in the bed of the truck. GM even made a special longer bed box called the Longhorn just for this purpose. Most travel trailers were pulled by full-cars/station wagons in 1970.

  • Warren Peece
    Warren Peece

    "A Caprice with a 454 ci engine..." Sign me up!

  • Doug Mammaro
    Doug Mammaro

    Interesting video, enjoyed watching.

  • Doug Mammaro
    Doug Mammaro

    My parents bought a 1972 Ford LTD Country Squire station wagon which I loved the car, I picked out the color plus had the wood panel accent. Good old days.

  • Gabriel Ruvalcaba
    Gabriel Ruvalcaba

    Yes those were the days .

  • elige brown
    elige brown

    I'd still rather shop for a car in 70s any day over shopping today.

  • Michael Overs
    Michael Overs

    A 70 ford galaxy is as heavy as a 19 ford expedition those cars only had a 12 mo.12k mile warranty

  • Len Hart
    Len Hart

    My mom had a 2 door 73 impala, i was born in March 1969, i can remember- while listening to this, i can remember the plastic things on the "ceiling" that held the seat belts, if you didn't want to wear it. Mom never bought a 4 door so no kids could escape, not on the driver's side, hahaha. Sorry, i am not a writer.

  • StarXLR

    The 1950s and 1960s were even better. But this was still a great time to go car shopping even with all the great cars from the 50/60s all over the place and could be bought for practically peanuts! Plus all the great places, buildings, stores were all around still. And the best part of everything.......NO Internet!!!! Just the simple newspapers, rotary telephone and television with a few channels which was all you really needed. People were not as wasteful as they are now and people lived within their means unlike today. I wish it was still that way to this day in 2019!

  • Jeremy Whitehorn
    Jeremy Whitehorn

    FFS, who would lay such a boring, disembodied, computerized voice onto such a stirring subject?

  • w p
    w p

    I was a sophomore in high school in '69 , right before I got my license and we would walk by a Dodge dealership on the way to lunch , Daytona' s , Chargers , Challengers , GTX's , Road Runners , Darts , Dusters , 'Cuda's ! Superbees' Blues , Greens, Purples , Oranges' ! We would spend half of our lunch break gawking ! A '70 orange Hemi-Cuda' was $ 4,000.00 ! in '73 , I bought a '69 Mach 1 428 Cobra Jet , Ram -Air for $ 1200.00 It was a rocket ! I'd give BOTH of my left ones to still have it today ! For $2.00 in gas , I could RACE all night !A Big Mac was 40 cents , , concerts were $4.50 , $ 5.50 day of show , $ 1.50 to get into the Drive-in , Levi's straight legs were $ 6.50 , " Flares" were $ 7.50 "Elephant Bells " with 4 inch cuffs weren't out yet ! My Senior high school ring was $ 32.00 ! Great time to be young ! Vietnam kind of sucked on the evening news every night though ! Peace , love , and understanding ! "If it feels good , do it !" No AIDS Yet ! Free love every were !"lid" of Jamaican was $ 12.00 !


    Cars then were very comfortable and car commercials were sensible. Today cars are senior proof and car commercials are insane like the commercial for this video

  • Christine Woodruff
    Christine Woodruff

    Anyone who buys a new vehicle today, got screwed, big time.

  • Nathaniel Davislll
    Nathaniel Davislll

    Life in The 1960's And The 1970's Was A Whole Lot Better And Cheaper Then

    • Big Red
      Big Red

      Shows how much you know, inflation was high and interest rates where very high and do you remember the gas crisis ??? people waited hours to fill up their cars, it’s hilarious how many people forget history


    Pickup Trucks were originally a work vehicle, for farms and those that needed to haul things. or negotiating rough terrain. Now they have become a fashion thing, made so fancy many People wouldn't dream of putting a load of Hay, Bags of Cement and some sand in the back, for fear of getting it scratched. They are nice, but if not really needed for some purpose, just a waste of Gas, Space and Resources. If You only need to go from point A to point B, any good Car will suffice!

  • Cheeto Finger
    Cheeto Finger

    AMC at 0:54 LOL! Loved the Gremlin. What a beast. What was the other. The pacer?

  • Lou Caruso
    Lou Caruso

    70 Was Absolute Best Year For Cars & As We Call Musle Cars Were Gourgous !!!!

  • Abcdedghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz

    Bring back the 70s again

  • Daniel Coppola
    Daniel Coppola

    Back in 1982, I purchased a 73 Plymouth Duster for 600 bucks. I forget how many miles were on it. Ran great until the distributor caught fire while I was stopped at a red light.

  • alhumaidy alenzi
    alhumaidy alenzi

    today's cars very ugly

  • tp10488

    The good thing about cars back then was that you could do your own repairs.

    • Upper Left Coast Chelsea Fan
      Upper Left Coast Chelsea Fan

      Gap your 'points' with a matchbook cover. Yeah, that's close enough, hope I can borrow my mechanic neighbors timing light now. Man I miss the stock 327 with a four barrel in the old 62 Impala SS that was my first car (in 77'). Who else remembers 'auto shop'?

    • Alphonso Carioti
      Alphonso Carioti

      Yep. Your own repairs and modifications were easy. No computers, sensors or software. Plenty of room in the engine compartment!


      Cars have become to much electronics and not just mechanical. I've had some you couldn't even change the oil unless you put the car up on a jack or on a lift. That makes it easy for those oil change companies to change (or not change) your Oil (the.scam ones) I had a Dodge that in order to remove the battery you had to take off one of the tires to reach it You might think some of the Engineers that design those Cars had escaped from a nuthouse!

    • onlythewise1

      was made of real good parts of glass now plastic stuff goes bad in one year

  • Cool breeze joe
    Cool breeze joe

    When came back from Vietnam got out service November 1970 I put 3000 in cash got 1971 GTO wish still had that car now worth aloooooooooot ! Plus it was fast car !

    • Big Red
      Big Red

      yah your pricing is off buddy as in the 1960s it was $4,500 which adjusted for inflation would be $37,000 in 1965🤔🤣

  • Gabriel Vieira
    Gabriel Vieira

    I tought totally different.. i tought the opposite of what the video says

  • Gabriel Vieira
    Gabriel Vieira

    The 2nd video i've watched of this channel and i've subbed, nice channel

  • Jack McKenna
    Jack McKenna

    Ahhhh... that's the world I was born into, feel at home at, and miss so much. 21st century blows!

  • Leonardo Lopez
    Leonardo Lopez

    I love those two doors Classic Caprice when they were made .

  • jakestree1

    And now a car payment is as much as someones mortgage!

    • Daniel Coppola
      Daniel Coppola

      If you got suckered into a bad deal...yes. Buy used and be prepared to avoid that issue of overpaying.

  • Cameron

    We are living in some rough times.

    • Jamal Ginsburg
      Jamal Ginsburg

      Yea if you are a moron who doesn't play their cards right.

  • Tien Trinh
    Tien Trinh

    Maybe you can call first?

  • M Stephens
    M Stephens

    A bit monotone but the information is accurate. Good job.

  • Cityoftrees1911

    Get a Fleetwod Brougham in your life. It will get you laid.

  • Bill Bright
    Bill Bright

    New pickup trucks can now cost over 100,000 dollars. They do however Scotch Guard the seats 💺 included.

    • Daniel Coppola
      Daniel Coppola

      Does that include "undercoating"? Remember that BS option?

  • MrDateRapist

    God-bless what you’re doing with this channel. You do a magnificent job of encapsulating of what it was like to be a buyer of a vehicle in this era. People forget what the dollar was worth back then.

  • don autry
    don autry

    If this guy says 1970 again I think I’ll scream.

  • Russ Hartman
    Russ Hartman

    Another neat thing, you could buy the exact same car Richard Petty won Daytona with on Sunday at your local dealership on Monday!