Bugatti designs me a one-off Blondie edition!
Supercar Blondie
I'm flying to Molsheim France, which is the HQ of Bugatti where I meet Frank who's designing me a one-off Blondie Chiron Sport Edition!
With Frank in Geneva - Bugatti Divo -
My Caps launching here in July 2019 -
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Music by:
Catch Me If You Can - Keith Thomas
If It's All the Same - Cy Curnin
Brake Dust - Trout Recording

  • Supercar Blondie
    Supercar Blondie

    Watch my other video with Frank on the Bugatti Divo here -

    • Yunior Collado
      Yunior Collado


    • Onyx Rogue
      Onyx Rogue

      Supercar Blondie you so much beautiful Love you 😘

    • anbu rose
      anbu rose

      Are you paying for this and how?

  • Emmanuel-John Turner
    Emmanuel-John Turner

    I hated the look of the Veyron, but this, this I *love* .

  • Mencia Medina
    Mencia Medina

    is that a Divo

  • Brandon Leigh
    Brandon Leigh

    It is similar to an R34 or R35 GTR, in that the noise it makes is similar to someone taking a big breathe of air and letting out.


    Jesus!, when I cant even afford a toy Bugatti

  • kimberly bryant
    kimberly bryant

    Next drive a mclaren p1

  • Andrew Pryor
    Andrew Pryor

    Huge fan, I love how much you love the cars. Your enthusiasm and excitement is what does it for me. Just out of curiosity how did you start this. I might try to utilize your strategy for something similar, but with motorcycles.

  • Tanish Amuthan
    Tanish Amuthan

    Soooooo lucky they get to look at a Bugatti factory and get to design their own car and personalize it Wish I will own it wen I grow up It is my dream to own a BUGATTI Even I can draw a BUGATTI IN 3D But I am only 12 Years old so there is a long way to go I but I live in Dubai so there is no BUGATTI factory here

  • md arshad
    md arshad

    Hi .ca mechanic job search

    • md arshad
      md arshad

      car mechanic job

  • shbitz

    Since you have driven the regular chiron i wish you explained to us what ride differences you noticed between the chiron and the chiron sport , that would be the sensible point of this video .

  • Zander 0__о
    Zander 0__о

    Я никогда наверное на таком не покатаюсь:(

  • Marco B510
    Marco B510

    12:14 that was the scariest part even if im not there

  • احمد السليمي
    احمد السليمي

    Oh nice

  • AirAaronGames

    He's good at drawing

  • GamezGuru

    Oh my god, it's Bugatti, not bugarrrrti

  • Suction cup Man
    Suction cup Man

    Buggatti= fancy vw bug Koenigsegg wannabe

  • Uzer Khan
    Uzer Khan

    You tell about car but you don't tell about the engine

  • slow lvmbo
    slow lvmbo

    1.6m subs and 1.6m veiws... what about 1.6m likes?

  • KINGChristopherPaul477 Hutchinson
    KINGChristopherPaul477 Hutchinson

    I’m ready for mine

  • Русская свинособака
    Русская свинособака

    If all of your subscribers donate you $2 you will be able to buy your own Bugatti. Let's get started guys 😜

  • Serxho

    Cristiano Ronaldo Bugatti :D

  • Abstract Gaming
    Abstract Gaming

    She should make a car that people could buy as merch!!


    Woah! when you ganna drive a pagani zonda r?


    Incredible. What a great experience. When I score the lottery, we'll get matching SB.

  • Jonathan Sukanto
    Jonathan Sukanto

    Your video viral in my country on facebook. I'm indonesia

  • Lovewith Koenigsegg
    Lovewith Koenigsegg

    1st round Agera r vs bugatti ss Bugatti lose 2nd round Agera rs vs bugatti chiron bugatti lose again 3rd round Koenigsegg jesko vs Nothing (Bugatti left the arena)

    • Gred001

      8 years old koenigsegg fanboys ...

  • Gabe Taylor
    Gabe Taylor


  • Sourav Das
    Sourav Das

    Mam this car is my dream. I think I have don't buy this car. I am a poor man. I have a no many. Please please mam do Samthink .

  • kasko
    kasko for you blondie!!

  • Gabe Collins
    Gabe Collins

    You should ask how they make the car go so fast

  • Hugo Wu
    Hugo Wu

    the frank's free hand painting is insane. no surprise he is Bugatti's designer!

  • Linksde ondergang
    Linksde ondergang

    Hoe komt deze domme muts aan zoveel volgers, wat een aanfluiting dit

  • John Clowes
    John Clowes

    Please point out where the R is in Bugatti. I can't find it anywhere. Maybe it's a silent R in which case please stop using it. It's a BugAtti

    • John Clowes
      John Clowes

      @Keegan McGlynn What as in Arse. Mind you that's how the yuppy set in London speak. Ok Yar. Have you ever seen the Harry Enfield Sketch where he owns a shop called "I Saw You Coming" If you haven't. Take a look it cracks me up.

    • Keegan McGlynn
      Keegan McGlynn

      She is clearly not saying it with an r. She has an Australian accent and that is how Australians pronounce A's.

  • partyplardy

    Frank the Tank!

  • Allan Helbling
    Allan Helbling

    I live just a few kilometers from Molsheim, and I have to admit : you pronounce it better than 99% of french people


    I cant think of a more overpainted selfabsorbed, overpriviledged ego WHORE than you...simple cunts like you makes me wanna puke! i probably got more money than you, but i dont go around whoring for it and brag yerning for attention...and i use the moeny wisely and on less priviledged people, you are lowlife! a venomous snake...

  • Dillan Mistry
    Dillan Mistry

    Well my lego car has 3599 pieces

  • Dillan Mistry
    Dillan Mistry

    The thing is I built one, a lego one

  • Lakshmi Venkateswara Bonthu
    Lakshmi Venkateswara Bonthu

    You rock sis

  • Robert Nicholls
    Robert Nicholls

    The sad part, most of the workers can't afford one.

  • eggimal

    Great video of a great car by a great presenter.

  • Alan Garcia
    Alan Garcia

    Random people around the Bugatti compound must be like “ just another day and another Bugatti “

  • Da Life Of Jonny
    Da Life Of Jonny

    Clickbait. Boring. Awkward. I expected better from you, Blondie.

  • Alan Garcia
    Alan Garcia

    3:01 “ usually I would yeah “ , oh man I’m here in Brazil and I felt that all the way from France 🇫🇷

  • Гена Иванов
    Гена Иванов

    штанишки какие одела, попка еще сочнее стала, прям вау) кыся

  • Phil Carswell
    Phil Carswell

    He works for Bugatti, yet spelt it wrong

  • Daisy Alexa
    Daisy Alexa

    I hope one day we get to see you ordering that car

  • Jeff S.
    Jeff S.

    click bait.. never watching again

  • Aziz HACHIMI
    Aziz HACHIMI

    Super talented designer!

  • Aziz HACHIMI
    Aziz HACHIMI

    Gifted guy

  • B99 B
    B99 B

    .........come back.

    • B99 B
      B99 B

      Time Was Came. True.

  • Matt Dicus
    Matt Dicus

    Bugatti Blondie...That actually sounds pretty good...Hope you get that Bugatti some day.

  • car and cars
    car and cars

    One day I will create World's fastest car, would you review for it. if yes ,please give heart to me

  • Sharad Harne
    Sharad Harne


  • Pear Jam Gaming
    Pear Jam Gaming

    I have only seen a Lamborghini’s Gallardo and a Ferrari something and she gets a Bugatti 0_0

  • Maxwell Shore
    Maxwell Shore

    Those cheapskates Bugatti schmucks , his face changed with fear when you asked for a Champagne , what a dweeb head of design , they should kiss your feet gorgeous blondie at 3:00

    • Aziz HACHIMI
      Aziz HACHIMI

      Maxwell Shore They are cheap as f...those lazy shits!

  • WeNeedSomeMilk.

    Can someone pls tell me the intro music ?

  • trap lord
    trap lord

    Bitte mach einen deutschen Untertitel

  • Risad Hossain
    Risad Hossain

    Nice car


    nan yavaga tagoladu e car na

  • Lucky One
    Lucky One that your bugatti because you said “my own bugatti”

  • Pratik Pandey
    Pratik Pandey

    Hii mam i am from india and want to work with you

  • Mike  Flock
    Mike Flock

    I want a Bugatti

  • Rahul Kumar
    Rahul Kumar

    You looking so beautiful in your videos😍😍😍😍❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Abdus Samad Misuk
    Abdus Samad Misuk

    Can you hug me

  • Bibek. singh
    Bibek. singh


  • Pradip Prajapati
    Pradip Prajapati

    How old are you...??? You looks like grandma...

  • sad asd
    sad asd

    You are so arrogant... Awful



  • Dávid Soltész
    Dávid Soltész

    Wow bugatti chiron gt