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Brooks & Dunn, Luke Combs - Brand New Man (with Luke Combs)
Get Brooks & Dunn's "Brand New Man" with Luke Combs on the new album, Reboot, featuring collaborations on iconic songs.

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  • KevinKnox Playlist
    KevinKnox Playlist

    Dude...Luke took down the live version from the ACMs . That's fckn gay

  • Jake Wright
    Jake Wright

    Yeeeeehaw Houston

  • Someyoung Guyy
    Someyoung Guyy

    Too much production....just let the man sing

  • David Kirkland
    David Kirkland

    Way to go think i just listen to it about 3 time's in a row one more won't hurt

  • Italian Girl
    Italian Girl


  • Dylan Stegall
    Dylan Stegall

    Brooks and Dunn with Luke Combs is amazing

  • Brigmann Bailey
    Brigmann Bailey

    Why in the hell does Luke have to read the lyrics??? Everyone should know this by heart!!

    • Angelina Krahn
      Angelina Krahn

      He probably just don't want to mess up

  • Paul Allen
    Paul Allen

    lol@all the auto tune, brooks and dunn has lost it partnering with this pop country faker.

  • Stitched With Love By Loretta
    Stitched With Love By Loretta

    yes buddy...

  • Amanda S-C.
    Amanda S-C.

    Brooks n Dunn are Legendary...

  • Kristen Hurley
    Kristen Hurley

    I'm slightly offended that Luke Combs looks like he's reading the lyrics off his phone!!!

  • Charles Ellis
    Charles Ellis

    Last time I saw B&D in concert was the Electric Rodeo tour in Biloxi MS. I think that was 1994! Time flies but they are still one of my favorites.

  • Alayna Harris
    Alayna Harris

    LOVEEEEEE!!!!!! I'm 32 and I have LOVED B&D from a kid! and This takes me back! Love! Honestly there is nothing like them! I miss this kind of country!!!!! I love Luke too but there is something to be said!

  • Caleb Tuohy
    Caleb Tuohy

    Luke combs will become the next Garth Brooks/ George strait of country..... like if U agree!

    • Ben H
      Ben H

      He is such a breath of fresh air!

  • tom kozic
    tom kozic

    Luke Combs killing it. Awesome

  • Phil Andrews
    Phil Andrews

    luke combs mvp of country music

  • Leo Bruneau
    Leo Bruneau

    Totally awesome

  • samhouston1979

    If there’s a live drummer, why do I also hear drum machine?

  • Brandon Reese
    Brandon Reese

    Hells yes

  • Bryan Franklin
    Bryan Franklin

    455 people must be pop country fans who know nothing about REAL country music.

  • Arizola13

    Omg I remember singing this song an playing my music guitar an mic lol damn I miss that country road

  • Andre Diaz
    Andre Diaz

    You have the actual Brooks and Dunn in the same studio as you, doing one of their hit songs and you are reading the lyrics off of your phone. Why did you even go to the studio...

  • Morgan Faubion
    Morgan Faubion

    This is one of the best team ups EVER!!!!

  • Lukas Bratcher
    Lukas Bratcher

    This is awesome!

  • Ty Orton
    Ty Orton

    Only sad part is, he doesnt have the words memorized... weakling lol

  • andrewsails1371

    Country needs more B&D and Luke and less skinny jeans bro country, I hope more of this comes out

  • fourzerotwo

    Luke combs makes everything a number 1

  • Chris Knitter
    Chris Knitter

    Didnt think this song could get any better. These harmonies are off the charts

  • Caylon Sharp
    Caylon Sharp

    I see sterling on the drums

  • Noble Skinner
    Noble Skinner

    I Love LuKe but if he has to read the lyrics from his phone even on a video of a song this epic?????

  • Seven7

    Who are the musicians ? The two guitarist are amazingly good, I wondered where or whom they played with, Love the Reboot CD thanks Brooks & Dunn for another winner.

  • David Bailey
    David Bailey

    Please turn the fuckin autotune off!!

  • Gabino Ramirez
    Gabino Ramirez

    I'm getting a "The Wanderer" vibe from the lyrics

  • Kolby Ham
    Kolby Ham

    Better then the original. Luke combs kills it like always

    • vacations 4you
      vacations 4you


  • Kayla McPhail
    Kayla McPhail


  • Lara Scott
    Lara Scott

    God hes so cute.

  • Khat Thit
    Khat Thit

    @co.ko Mam:)

  • Fabio Cancelinha
    Fabio Cancelinha

    Luke combs is by far the best country singer

  • Julia Paulsen
    Julia Paulsen


  • Not Bill Gates
    Not Bill Gates

    Do some George Jones and Conway Twitty songs man! That’d be AMAZINGGGGGG

  • Not Bill Gates
    Not Bill Gates

    I need more of this in my Life 🍻😃🌞

  • jessie blue
    jessie blue

    I hope I ain’t the only one that knows this is the best song in their reboot album.

  • Caleb Brown
    Caleb Brown

    Thanks. Great rendition of a classic!

  • Shelly Rawlings
    Shelly Rawlings

    This song gives me chills. 🔥🔥

  • JustCallMeLoathesome

    To those 27 and younger, that sound you're hearing is called a steel guitar. It once defined country music. Today it's all but extinct. Please immediately refer to country music between 1985 and 2002 to learn more.

    • Lownslow84

      Freaking hilarious and so freaking true

    • Steven Foulger
      Steven Foulger

      Great comment. Can't even listen to "country" radio any more.

    • Brad wetzel's country channel
      Brad wetzel's country channel

      Thats awesome...great comment

  • CPerez0920

    Go check out George Strait singing boot scoot and boogie

  • Donald Burkett
    Donald Burkett

    Luke’s voice is so good it’s legit the perfect sound for A new age REAL country boy. Listen to can I get an outlaw by upchurch, he does the chorus and MAKES the song

  • Josh Williams
    Josh Williams

    Such an amazing singer, needed Luke to bring country back again

  • David Russell
    David Russell

    My mind is officially blown💥.... Luke was awesome I just can't get over how great they all was together in this song.. Magnificent!!

  • Schnot

    Legends. 👍🏾

  • K B
    K B

    Why is he looking at his phone?? Please don't tell me he doesn't know this song? Maybe keys??

  • rehv april
    rehv april

    Great duo👏👏👏

  • Allie May
    Allie May

    You know you’re legends when you make an entire album of you redoing your own songs lol

  • lizardhart

    Why does Luke have his phone out while singing? Lyrics?

    • Austin Brown
      Austin Brown

      Probably lyrics bro

  • free thinker
    free thinker

    Thumbs up

  • Justin Baker
    Justin Baker

    Love this song, I’d like it better if the auto tune wasn’t so heavy.

  • Andrew Morris
    Andrew Morris

    I thought luke was an app state fan. He's about as bad as luke bryan.

  • tooez90

    Sounds phenomenal ...I think Ronnie Dunns' "COWBOY" tattoo is awesome ; )

  • Leigh loves Simon
    Leigh loves Simon

    Loved this song before, love it now. I like how he brought it back without damaging the original awesomeness 🤗

  • Tiffany Galyean
    Tiffany Galyean

    This is a great rendetion!

  • Mo Has A YouTube Channel
    Mo Has A YouTube Channel

    1:27 Holy cow there’s like so many buttons. How do they know which ones to press? Must be years of experience. Really impressive.

  • Glad Daily
    Glad Daily


  • Keem Peh
    Keem Peh


  • John Hunt
    John Hunt

    Out of all the songs on reboot this is definately my favorite. Excellent job luke.

  • Socko Mocko
    Socko Mocko

    Feeling that,” Gods country” vibes from this:)

  • Mike Fiorini
    Mike Fiorini

    The Reboot album is amazing front to back

    • KevinKnox Playlist
      KevinKnox Playlist

      What other artist featured?

  • Alex Mclean
    Alex Mclean

    Gives me chills but something you crank up in the field with your lady

  • Buddy Jordan
    Buddy Jordan

    Is it me or do they sort of sound the same?

    • TZuqI Keul
      TZuqI Keul

      Buddy Jordan they do

  • Peyton King
    Peyton King


  • Matt C
    Matt C

    For some reason Ronnie reminds me of a country Paul McCartney.

  • jerkovich

    Big Luke Combs fan, but does he honestly need his iPhone to know lyrics for this song??

    • Gabez82

      He’s on Insta, takin selfies as he sings. Lol

    • seamonsterdinosaur

      jerkovich he's always doing that. Drives me nuts.

  • Entitled Human beings
    Entitled Human beings

    Love the song, can’t enough of it 🇺🇸

  • Jessica C
    Jessica C


  • diane millican
    diane millican

    Now he's good country😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊⭐⭐⭐👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

  • Amy Page
    Amy Page

    no matter who does it there will never be one as good as the original. stop reaching..

  • tapsghostlover

    Back in the day country + present day country = pure perfection!

  • Summer Nicole
    Summer Nicole

    I’m in love!! 😍😍 I already love both, Brooks & Dunn and Luke Combs🔥

  • Samantha Lieberg
    Samantha Lieberg

    Luke combs is the last hope when it comes to country

    • vacations 4you
      vacations 4you

      @Nathan Thompson no... the are considered pop music they are shit compared to luke and luke is probably the closest thing to country

    • Nathan Thompson
      Nathan Thompson

      Samantha Lieberg Florida Georgia lone, Dan & shay?

    • Kevin Knox
      Kevin Knox

      Luke has 3#1 hits that over way over produced into pop songs. Hurricane, She Got The Best of Me and one number away

    • Antonio Allen
      Antonio Allen

      If he is the last hope then country is saved.

  • railtruckdriver853

    this rocked! GO DAWGS! Thanks for representing!

  • Ashton Boulanger
    Ashton Boulanger

    What a song

  • Greg Huntley
    Greg Huntley

    Sounds great. Wish Brooks and Dunn would get back together. I grew up listening to them and still do 20 years later. You guys have made great music through the years.

  • Jeffrey Adams
    Jeffrey Adams

    These dudes can flat out sing! Goodness Gracious!!!

  • Lizzy

    TBH there was too much auto tune on the voices throughout the song but it is still amazing

    • Dale Jackson
      Dale Jackson

      More so on Luke's verse. Oh and the clap, clap playback when Luke sang. Wasnt on Ronnie's. Hmmmmmm.

  • Spitfirethedragon

    Luke almost sounds like Ronnie on this song.

    • Edgar Olivares
      Edgar Olivares

      With that much Autotune on the track it sure does.

  • Rodents and Reptiles
    Rodents and Reptiles

    A great song by two men who changed an era. And a man that didn’t touch a guitar till he was 20. He has the same soul as brooks and Dunn years ago when this song came out. I think I speak for us all when I say I want to hear more with the three of them.

  • Ryan Williams
    Ryan Williams

    Anyone think the guitar and drums sound like a bonjovi song?

    • Ryan Williams
      Ryan Williams

      At some times

  • Katie Bearden
    Katie Bearden

    I don’t like remakes but u nailed it!

  • Kory Mickelson
    Kory Mickelson

    Holy Gold!!!

  • Muhammad Rahmam
    Muhammad Rahmam

    The 245morons that don't like this song are straight up stuip

  • Ash 1994
    Ash 1994

    Love it!!

  • rubber duky
    rubber duky

    WOW, GREAT WORK. Luke nails it so well.

  • flynn malin
    flynn malin

    The harmonies with Kix, Ronnie, and Luke singing. Awesome!

  • Nik

    Oh wow. Ok. I need more of this guy. This is the country we need!!!

    • Bobby Wells
      Bobby Wells

      Nik this is country revival in real time

  • Troy Cox
    Troy Cox


  • Hriat Puia
    Hriat Puia

    Love the drummer, aron sterling...

  • Jeddo/Don

    Ryan UpChurch could do it better than Luke....

  • Trent Bighetty
    Trent Bighetty

    Beer never broke my heart tour!!!! I'll be seeing you in Winnipeg. Like if ur going to see him on tour

  • daniel Guerrero
    daniel Guerrero


  • Edgar Olivares
    Edgar Olivares

    Too much Autotune on Luke in the first verse.

  • rehv april
    rehv april

    Absolutely love it how great real country music🎸🎸🎸🎸