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Bring Me The Horizon - nihilist blues ft. Grimes (Lyric Video)
Check out the official lyric video for "nihilist blues" by Bring Me The Horizon ft. Grimes
aмo - тнe вrand new alвυм
oυт now:

ғιrѕт love world тoυr
Directed by Polygon
Co-directed & Edited by Oli Sykes
DOP: Quentin Merabet
Dancers : Léna Pinon-Lang & Océane Robin
Cast : Neo Ninj, Prune Suicide & Lola Julie Renault
Special thanks to : Charles Voisin & Aurélie Renault
I’ve been climbing up the walls
To escape the sinking feeling
But I can’t hide from the nihilist at my door.
Buried in the basement floor
Didn’t know what I had planted
It blossomed with all the heart of a Cold War.
I’m a spirit in a tomb
Won’t somebody raise the roof
I’m going white, I’m going black, I’m going blue
Do you mind if I’m exhumed?
I’m the ashes in the plume
I’m a beggar in the ruin
I’m peeking out, I’m burning up, I’m shooting through
I’m lonely for the true
Paradise is in my soul
And I’m terrified I can’t get out
I’m lost in a labyrinth
We are lost in a labyrinth
Please don’t follow
You were in my dream last night
But your face was someone else’s
A twitch in my spine, a mutual disorder.
Isolation neophyte,
Too afraid to taste your conscience.
You march in the dark,
Little lamb to the slaughter.
#BringMeTheHorizon #nihilistblues #Vevo

  • Axel Vazquez
    Axel Vazquez

    Ki onda shamakos y shamakas

  • Alejandro Arango Posada
    Alejandro Arango Posada

    Can't stop listening to this banger of a track. I'm hearing a little bit of "Oakenfold - Dread rock" in the instrumental

  • Micaela Murua
    Micaela Murua

    Esta bueno para bailar o saltar.♡

  • Ivan Dario Estupiñan Solis
    Ivan Dario Estupiñan Solis

    I went to Guadalajara and see this live... this guys TTFU!

  • Henry Lehr
    Henry Lehr

    When the old school cable box picks up the fuzzy screen blocked porn channels.

  • Lee

    I felt god clutching a razor bla- Hol up wrong song

  • cristian Gutierrez
    cristian Gutierrez

    like ........ .just only reason for the GRIMES !!!! 😍🥰

  • Will Sahraoui
    Will Sahraoui

    3:15 "If therE Is no God Who DID I just 69 with" If you know, ya' know.

  • Diana Gutierrez
    Diana Gutierrez

    Es bueno saber que hay fans que los seguimos apoyando en cualquiera de sus proyectos ❤ Es increíble lo que hacen

  • Maurício Corazza
    Maurício Corazza


  • XX Creator
    XX Creator


  • Belvedere&Raspberry333

    White women can't age

  • Silver Lightning
    Silver Lightning

    Caught Psycho Mantis at 3:11

  • Matt

    I don't think anyone expected this, but DAMN it's good.

  • agostina rodriguez
    agostina rodriguez

    I loved this song ❤️


    A principio no me gustó, pero lo escuché como 10 veces y me gustó

  • Gabriel Arias
    Gabriel Arias

    Dude, play this at 1.25x speed, iyer sounds like hardcore house.

  • Matt

    love this!

  • Smug Snipez
    Smug Snipez

    True fans don’t follow because of the genre they follow because of the voice

  • Jord

    Oof absolutely one of my favourites from amo. ;P

  • Yaikhomba Mangsatabam
    Yaikhomba Mangsatabam

    First i didnt like to this song but now im addicted to this song, Now I listen 24×7. Oli n Grimes👍🔥♥

  • Dangerpole

    Normaly im listening to a song until its done for me, still once 10 times a day and im in love with it

  • Sarah Aurore
    Sarah Aurore

    Hell no. Sérieusement c'est de la merde.

  • Mehrdad Timachi
    Mehrdad Timachi

    Annisokay - nihilist blues cover is MUCH better than the original

    • Carlos Huiskens
      Carlos Huiskens

      The screams don't fit the sound even with the more metal sound so i would disagree.

  • Chesh The Cat
    Chesh The Cat

    I want this on Beatsaber!

  • Giovanni Masis
    Giovanni Masis

    wtf is this shit ... smh

  • Christopher Long
    Christopher Long

    Really surprised with this. As someone who loves bmth and edm, this is almost the best of both worlds. Really happy to see Oli able to express himself

  • Kingsley Ryan
    Kingsley Ryan

    Twilight battle scene vibes

  • Gamecock John
    Gamecock John

    There are several such occasions that I won't mention of flashes of pictures but:At roughly 3:12 there is a picture that flashes of a video game guy with a gas mask on. At roughly 3:22, a picture flashes of a vehicle accident. Does anybody know if there (or fucking "their", I don't know) is any significance to this and/or any back stories to the images?

    • Carlos Huiskens
      Carlos Huiskens

      There are multiple pictures in the video but the significance of most of them is unknown. The one at 3:12 is the character Psycho Mantis from the PS1 game MGS ( Metal Gear Solid ). The band maybe enjoys the franchise considering one of their songs is also called Shadow Moses which is a location in the game. I don't know what the picture of the car crash is suppose to represent. Another picture in the video is a painting of Adam and Eve. Specifically when Eve gives Adam the forbidden fruit which was considered as the First Sin. Another picture shows a logo the band currently uses. The same logo is present in the video for Mother Tongue. There's also a picture of a tropical painting with the face of a pale women with white hair in the foreground. Also the significance of this is unknown. And at 0:07 there's a picture of the sea with a ray of sun reflected including tree leaves in the foreground and again the significance of this is unknown at least to me it is.


    Theres hidden pictures no joke

  • Guan Peralba
    Guan Peralba

    Awesome guitar job...

  • Gray Pumpking
    Gray Pumpking

    It sounds like an Evanescence song from synthesis

  • SorryN

    Actually the vibe from 0:30 it s from Evanescence - Don't look back.Clever..

    • Valentina Vio
      Valentina Vio

      Really obvious, I don't think this is correc :/ credits to Ev

  • Allan Reford
    Allan Reford

    Their creativity on this album is causing some really amazing songs.

  • Ai Mia
    Ai Mia

    I'd like to put it this out here, I went and saw Bring Me the Horizon live 2 nights ago and they have definitely not changed. I think they're just exploring/trying something new. Not only did he scream so much even in nillhist Blues but he screamed through like 3/4 of the whole night. Definitely do not feel like they've lost who they are, because they definitely haven't! I don't think I can even count on one body and how many times I heard Oli scream, and curse, and say that we're all braindead haha. Was an amazing night!!! Uploading some footage as we speak

  • EmptyPlays

    this is not bmth.

    • EmptyPlays

      +Carlos Huiskens bmth stayed fine until ☔, and even then it was not being bring me the horizon.

    • Carlos Huiskens
      Carlos Huiskens

      +EmptyPlays Then you should rephrase your statement. By saying ''This is not BMTH'' you make it seem like your opinion is the only one that matters. And also BMTH has been changing long before amo came out.

    • EmptyPlays

      +Carlos Huiskens I do not say I'm trying to say what they should do or something like that, only this is not the bmth we've been listening to for years.

    • Carlos Huiskens
      Carlos Huiskens

      Says who? Only BMTH can define what BMTH should or can sound like.

  • Paulo Augusto
    Paulo Augusto

    Então vocês adicionaram algumas frases em português ao álbum de vocês? Adiciona essa, *Lixo.*

  • Zet Naj
    Zet Naj

    Alguien sabe como hacer ese tipo de letra que a estado usando en yutube las fotos de Brig me the horizon?!?!

    • Zet Naj
      Zet Naj

      Que alguien me diga

  • clément bregeon
    clément bregeon

    What the fuck is this shit?! I wasn't a bmth fan at all, but I admit that i was a huge fan of count your blessings, and... KDKZBDKSLSBjwkaBkdkqjBkkdl !! I mean, how can they do shitty songs like that, with a poor beat, overused vocals and effects, when they where doing deathcore at the beginning? I think i've missed something...

  • Katarina Herondale
    Katarina Herondale

    wait....their song "Follow you" and then they said "Please don't follow"....anyone seein a connection here? idk if its just me

  • Katarina Herondale
    Katarina Herondale


  • Xxkiara DailyR
    Xxkiara DailyR

    *anger vibes*

  • vanessa perez
    vanessa perez

    It sounds like never go back from evanescence 🤨

  • Shadøw Wølf XIII
    Shadøw Wølf XIII

    Watch it on x 0,25 That's so fucking creepy x')

  • Lilly 00
    Lilly 00

    This sounds like it could be in Mr.Robot

  • cli260

    While mantra was a religion satire this, ironically, has for me almost religious and spiritual meaning ⚛

  • Juuzou Suzuya
    Juuzou Suzuya

    Nietzsche respect

  • Robin Mcgovern
    Robin Mcgovern

    Wow, I only just noticed the Garden of Eden painting frames at 2:35-2:36

  • Javi Alvaro
    Javi Alvaro

    mr robot synth vibe

  • paramore is my life
    paramore is my life

    speed = 1.5x mind=blown

  • Igor Pietrzak
    Igor Pietrzak


  • Igor Pietrzak
    Igor Pietrzak

    Wtf... We loved yu to Take owns this amazing deathcore. Wtf guys...

  • Michael Varney
    Michael Varney

    They need to stick to this genre with collabs, best on the album by far

  • Themooncircles -
    Themooncircles -

    i mean the song is fine but why the lesbian soft core?????


    Por un segundo crei que saldria bailando selena gomez :v

  • Michelle Cristine
    Michelle Cristine

    Reminds me 30 Seconds to Mars

  • Mariano Sandoval Cuesta
    Mariano Sandoval Cuesta

    sounds a little bit like "never go back" by evanescence xd

  • TheKayser13

    There is a mistake in the title they wrote Bring Me The Horizon


    Nobody talked about psycho mantis at 3:11 ?

  • Владислав Савенок
    Владислав Савенок


  • Rain blue fire
    Rain blue fire

    director: “Olly what do I want in the clip” Olly:”ketamine”

    • Ruth A
      Ruth A

      Rain blue fire I get more MDMA vibes from this track. 😂 I feel like this music is the embodiment of how I feel on it.

  • Eric Tirey
    Eric Tirey

    This song is platnium.. light as a feather stiff as a board sink to the floor. If you got a system and that don't give you Goosebumps after that line sink to the floor you don't like music.

  • Martin Hurtado
    Martin Hurtado

    it reminds me of never go back of evenescence regarding the melody of the beginning

  • Mario Garcia
    Mario Garcia

    I ain’t judging, I just wonder what the guitarists do during these types of songs.

    • Joey Weinberg
      Joey Weinberg

      There’s plenty of guitar in this song. It’s just layered low in the song

    • Carlos Huiskens
      Carlos Huiskens

      +lilac Watch the live version. And all questions will be answered.

    • lilac

      lee kinda just does ambient shit & the touring rhythm guitarist just stands there im pretty sure

  • Jack Mellor
    Jack Mellor

    I love the little shot of Psycho Mantis from Metal Gear Solid 😂 I swear i’d love to just play MGS with Oli one day because he really does seem to love that game!

  • Louise Selby
    Louise Selby

    Nihilist blues should have gone into the club charts.

  • Barbara Dubois
    Barbara Dubois

    Amazing work guys

  • Barbara Dubois
    Barbara Dubois

    The best song from 2019

  • Kolton McCallister
    Kolton McCallister

    It's hilarious how bad this album is. And not in a good way.

    • lilac

      weh >:( not heavy me no like

  • James Butlin
    James Butlin

    Man, the Annisokay cover is what this song should have been.

  • Skynet

    how has this not blown up more? so confused right now

  • K W
    K W

    It took 20+ listens, but I'm starting to like this album. Well, I don't go by albums (or bands) anyway-I just pick and choose and amalgamate. Glad to add another 6 BMTH songs to my rotation. I hated this song at first, and now it's one of my favorites off of Amo. I really feel bad for knocking on the album before. They really are so talented-each album is extremely thoughtful, and it's so hard to come across bands like that: they're one of two for me, Deftones being the other, although BMTH has succeeded them in my playlists. One of the reasons why I got into them to begin with was because they had the same level of experimentation/thought/quality/production as Deftones. The old songs (SS, CYB) are fun, but these songs are good, too.

  • dem0liti0n l0ver
    dem0liti0n l0ver

    0:28 idk why but i expected something heavy :,)

  • knivves0ut

    Love these Trent reznor vibes

  • Jorge Delgado
    Jorge Delgado

    Zombieadictos #kamy #kami #kamiy #kamyi #asw

  • FelixFTW

    When you're a metalhead and complaining about BMTH not being heavy anymore *believe it or not, there are other bands that exist besides bmth! who knew?*

  • Ultraviolent Mafia
    Ultraviolent Mafia

    "EU NÃO GOSTO DO BOLSONARO! VOCÊ GOSTA!?" - Oli Sykes on Brazil. It's like you walk into a guy's house, fuck his wife, hit his face and say: You suck BRO!

  • Jeremy S.
    Jeremy S.

    Parts of this sounds like a rip iff of Evanescence's Never Going Back. Rip off or just coincidence?

  • Jhonny Florez
    Jhonny Florez

    Nice pop song

  • Grace Gurbutt
    Grace Gurbutt

    Oli's vocals sound a little bit Rob Swire-esque in this. Really dig it.

  • Louise Selby
    Louise Selby

    I was into house and trance going around the clubs in the 90’s before I got into rock music. This is one of the best trance songs I’ve heard it’s dark and addictive.

  • tfyjhhgjnj, ghhjgjmyhm
    tfyjhhgjnj, ghhjgjmyhm

    This song is really fucking nice live

  • Vid Gaming
    Vid Gaming

    This video is confusing and makes the song kinda creepy lmao

  • bloojinx

    03:15 "If therE is no God Who DID I just 69 with" LOL

  • Lesbian tomboy en ki
    Lesbian tomboy en ki


  • Israel Jardim
    Israel Jardim

    Arrasaram hoje no Lollapalooza 2019 com essa música. 👏

  • Mohamed Ragab
    Mohamed Ragab

    This is Art

  • Øli Macabre
    Øli Macabre

    So it's just Oli has the horizon now?

  • t ,
    t ,

    This one's never going to get old

  • willard delapus
    willard delapus

    Now Bring me the horizon lost in something, please don't follow.

  • Michael Liquori
    Michael Liquori

    You guys have not made one bad album.

  • Fabio Santos
    Fabio Santos

    Oliver in thats the Spirit "i would follow you". Oliver in amo "please dont follow"

  • Silvano Zuñiga
    Silvano Zuñiga


  • ZoppeHD

    Rick Grimes is here😂❤️

  • Denis Dobynda
    Denis Dobynda

    Please bring Grimes to Ukraine this summer 🙏

  • J.D Matthews
    J.D Matthews

    I don’t care what anyone says Amo is a fucking brilliant album!!! I’ve been a fan since the metalcore/deathcore days and have loved the way this band has evolved! Since Sempinternal I just believe they have really found their groove! I loved the old sound but Sempinternal, That’s the Spirit, and Amo are by far their best albums! They show such a versatility, a willingness to experiment and a creativity second to none! I still will rock out to their early stuff but their newer stuff speaks to me on a deeper level! I am a fan of bands who evolve and don’t allow themselves to be restricted or labeled as a single genre! Every album has a different yet unmistakable sound that is BMTH! I’ve enjoyed witnesses their evolution and hope they continue to create one of a kind music! Can’t wait to see them live for a second time this year because their live shows right now are completely insane and are a perfect mix of new songs and classic BMTH songs that just creates an atmosphere with an energy that’s indescribable!

  • LiL Bill /
    LiL Bill /

    Esto es opuesto

  • dereck santiago
    dereck santiago

    I'm liking the transaction in music they have made

  • Firefight626

    The verses sound like Never Go Back by Evanescence

  • Alan Medrano
    Alan Medrano

    Out of the genre buffet that was amo. Nihilist Blues, In the Dark and Mantra stand out the most and are just some of the best songs they've ever made... IMO