Brie Larson Answers the Web's Most Searched Questions | WIRED
Captain Marvel star Brie Larson takes the WIRED Autocomplete Interview and answers the internet's most searched questions about herself. Is Brie Larson a gamer? Where did she grow up? Did Brie go to college? Does Captain Marvel have a cat? Does she time travel?? Brie answers all these questions, and more!

CAPTAIN MARVEL is in theaters March 8!
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Brie Larson Answers the Web's Most Searched Questions | WIRED

  • Loc Vo
    Loc Vo

    Captain marvel < android 18 Android 18 < goku Goku < superman Your logic is flawed ms larson

  • Colin Grantz
    Colin Grantz

    She is probably the least likable actress I’ve ever seen

  • Aaron Zhong
    Aaron Zhong

    does brie larson sing: Duhhh Doesnt everybody sing

  • LizMex

    Can you guys stop hating on her ? What has she done to bother you guys ??

  • Svan Tadevosian
    Svan Tadevosian

    Where's "Why does Brie Larson hate white men" ?

  • xXZagrozXx

    Worst episode i've seen yet

  • Svan Tadevosian
    Svan Tadevosian

    How dare you got white walls ? Don't you know she hates them ?

  • Sarah Caramel
    Sarah Caramel

    she is so beautiful in the movie :O

  • Yumi

    Do she even google? She's taking every searches personally. Did she ever thought of why people put those questions?

  • Nirvan Anjirbag
    Nirvan Anjirbag

    Watch the Samuel L. Jackson video and then watch this. You'll see why people hate her.

  • bellajuventina

    She has dry humor. I like her

  • Esteva Casda
    Esteva Casda

    The answer to who does Brie Larson look like is Amy Poehler.

  • Joanna J
    Joanna J

    Wow I have the same name name as one of Brie larson‘s stunt doubles

  • marex

    this is why the internet should be shut down. toxic morons

  • Robert Danilo Tecson
    Robert Danilo Tecson

    Why is this hag even famous?! P.s.: The real Captain Marvel ( Shazam ) was better.

  • Teddy Golberg
    Teddy Golberg

    We love a salty super hero queen

  • halloween y
    halloween y

    Why does she think its a personal attack. Maybe her left hand is a drug dealer or something idk

  • Jimmy Bish
    Jimmy Bish

    Oh man, i cant wait for the next marvel movie. All of the personal attack memes.

  • Jethro Bro
    Jethro Bro

    Brie Larson reading comments:" Is this a personal attack??"

  • Mortarion

    I don't like her. She's the most unappealing person in Wired autocomplete so a large margin. Why is she so unlikeable? And yes, you could say this comment is a personal attack. Kind of.

  • Kirgast

    About as charismatic as a vomit stain.

  • Anonymous Duh
    Anonymous Duh

    'i can't believe u have to Google that, DUH'....TF

  • Matthias Langendorff
    Matthias Langendorff

    Is she in The Room?? I was just beginning to consider watching it for the first time... Now I dont want to...

  • Anonymous Duh
    Anonymous Duh

    Gosh she sucks at this...

  • Lorenzo Giorgini
    Lorenzo Giorgini

    For who wants to know 2:06 about personal attacks

  • Zarief Lokman
    Zarief Lokman

    "Did Brie Larson go to college? No" yeah we figured

  • Jim Tsolak
    Jim Tsolak

    2:00 the personal attack thing... You're welcome

  • captainbaekho

    💖💖💖 i love her

  • Ali Nabi
    Ali Nabi

    Google: Can captain Marvel beat Superman? Brie: Of course. Brie: Is that a personal attack?

  • ReAdRaId

    I dont get why every1 hating on brie larson frankly.

    • ReAdRaId

      makes good meme format

  • Lukas M
    Lukas M

    Everyone with Cryptonite can defeat superman even a normal human

  • F Huguenin
    F Huguenin

    Is brie larson racist?

  • Al the Alligator
    Al the Alligator

    OK I really REALLY enjoy the memes, but this doesn't deserve the dislikes or hate AT ALL. Same goes for J.K. Rowling.

  • Chrjs

    She is so conceited...

    • thetrib1

      so are you

  • Doctor Medkit
    Doctor Medkit

    Why can I only dislike one time, I want to dislike again after every question

    • thetrib1

      thems the rules

  • Doctor Medkit
    Doctor Medkit

    Brie Larson acts like a freshman who just took a month of gender studies and wants to argue with everyone

    • thetrib1

      your right

  • Rishabh Kannan
    Rishabh Kannan

    Thor : I like this one Brie larson : Is that a question. Is that a personal attack or something ?

  • Doctor Medkit
    Doctor Medkit

    Brie Larson seems constantly hung over. "DON'T TALK TO ME RIGHT NOW OKAY????"

  • full stop
    full stop

    she's a terrible excuse for a Canadian she expects others to be sorry for her mistakes

    • thetrib1

      that's tough

  • DeWayne Mason
    DeWayne Mason

    2:01 best part 10/10

  • Milo Mariano
    Milo Mariano

    she is meeeh

    • thetrib1

      she is me as well

  • Z28Gaming

    7:14 "But, I also thinking it's just weird that you google me in the first place." Lol, what? I'm offended that you're offended people offended you, but they didn't.

  • Tugau 666
    Tugau 666

    Lol 103K dislike 🤩 Bravo bravo

    • thetrib1

      I know!... it shows how much people really care

  • Rizky Alif
    Rizky Alif

    So... She is allergic to cat. Is goose not a cat? Technically flerkenn is a cat.... right?

    • thetrib1

      yeah she is... carol danvers isn't

  • Ninja Seal
    Ninja Seal

    **People ask stupid questions on the internet** Brie Larson: *”is that a personal attack or something!!?”* Me: “...Ookay I’m gonna stop here”

    • thetrib1

      +Ninja Seal she isn't being condescending... have you ever heard of sarcasm?

    • Ninja Seal
      Ninja Seal

      thetrib1 wtf do u mean she acting all condescending and taking every single stupid question people ask on the Internet is that the joke ??

    • thetrib1

      it was a joke... guess it flew over your head... that is a personal attack

  • Durgesh S Srivastava
    Durgesh S Srivastava

    You are looking too good in captain Marvel

  • Kidz Quiz
    Kidz Quiz

    Is that a personal attack? Don't attack me with likes.

  • Guljar Bhatti
    Guljar Bhatti

    I died of laughing

  • Michael Not from Vsauce
    Michael Not from Vsauce

    This is a personal attack

  • Cardiac Caniac
    Cardiac Caniac

    I've never had a harder time deciding whether someone was eccentric or insane.

  • TF ReviewsBR
    TF ReviewsBR

    Barely watchable... Just like the movie.

  • Cole Calderone
    Cole Calderone

    I don't understand why this video got sooooooo many dislikes and so many hate comments I thought it was a great video and I think captain marvel is awesome

  • Giovana Gabriela Zupiroli
    Giovana Gabriela Zupiroli

    Oh my, she's allergic to cats but Cap. Marvel have a cat. Imagine how hard was to film.

  • WR RU
    WR RU

    fck people in the comments. i almost clicked away. she seems fun!

  • Chris W
    Chris W

    i need to put my Smith & Wesson .45 ACP between your eyes and pull the trigger

  • Cho Koon
    Cho Koon

    "how brie larson pass her audition"

  • Big Chungus
    Big Chungus

    Bet *WIRED* didnt actually put the top searches cuz bet its full of cancer questions like is Brie Larson feminist?

  • Mria Gz
    Mria Gz

    If you don’t like her why watch this? Lol You go Brie

  • KittyPlier Rowen
    KittyPlier Rowen

    The amount of people who missed her humor is sad tbh. Get a sense of humor people jfc

  • Saranius Senpai
    Saranius Senpai

    idk if u take everything what is on the internet 100% serious than the internet might be not a good place for you

  • Mikaila Gomez
    Mikaila Gomez

    I’m legitimately surprised at how she can’t even answer a question without being condescending or rude, I thought it was all a joke at first but seeing this really makes me sad that she’s gonna be in End Game

  • Alfred Wang
    Alfred Wang

    It’s not too bad. Yet it certainly pales comparing to anyone else.

  • Hobart Schulz
    Hobart Schulz

    wow she sure seems unpleasant to be around haha

  • Mark Miedema
    Mark Miedema

    i cannot describe how bad this is. And yes it is a Personally attacked because you have the worst Personality

  • CheezUS

    Guinness World Record Holder in the category "Most Unpersonable Celebrity". The corpse of Hitler distant second.


    Wow! She really is unlikable as a person.

  • lachrome

    She is not being serious with the personal attack. It's an obvious attempt at a joke, if it didn't land with you thats fine but she didn't mean it seriously. Alot of you are taking this like children.

    • sky walker
      sky walker


  • VI Legend
    VI Legend

    Everybody : "Girl u so aggresive and u have no chill" Brie with 1000 IQ : *"iS tHAt a pERsoNaL cOmpLImEnt oR sOmEtHiNg?"*

  • Just TR Stuffs
    Just TR Stuffs

    Why is she so arrogant?

  • Andrew Mile
    Andrew Mile

    am I the only one that thinks she was being sarcastic?

  • Kadeisawesome

    5:09 *BANG* Sorry, that was my attemptive suicide

  • Kadeisawesome

    Me: yo you were really bad in captain marvel Brie: thank you

  • mia solala
    mia solala

    i just watched captain marvel... best thing in it was the cat. brie larson plays her character so super-annoying and unlikeable...she's the worst marvel-character ever! until this movie i was convinced that natalie portmans jane foster is the worst but brie larson is worse. not surprised that she behaves like this in this interview... duh!

  • Pro hac Vice
    Pro hac Vice

    She isn't being serious.... she's trying to be funny... now is she succeeding at being funny? No. But why are so many hating so hard? Just chill.

  • Sai Teja
    Sai Teja

    Humour level = CRINGE

  • Mattoshie

    2:05 is the moment everybody is here so just click that so you dont have to sit through this crappy video

  • Miles Blaq
    Miles Blaq

    this is so uncomfortable

  • Frog Menstein
    Frog Menstein

    i'm finding it hard to find one good comment

  • Koh

    She seems like such an uptight and annoying person. If she was a teacher she’d be that really condescending teacher nobody likes.

  • Daniel Prather
    Daniel Prather

    She is just so unlikeable as a human being how did anybody think hiring her was a good idea?

  • Buzz wolf
    Buzz wolf

    Sorry for this but WHAT A B!tch

  • Samden Robinson-Lama
    Samden Robinson-Lama

    Everyone : Brie : Is ThAt A pErSoNaL aTtAcK

  • cori nna
    cori nna

    the hate and amount of dislike shows that y'all just don't understand sarcasm. sad

  • cori nna
    cori nna

    100k people don't understand her humor

  • DGraySon77

    Despite all the hate, I like her, I can't wait to see Captain Marvel

  • Master Blek
    Master Blek

    Nobody checked for Brie Larson's nude photos? Seriously she is HOT!

  • Daniel Barry
    Daniel Barry

    she lied about her height she is 5,5 not 5,8

  • Vandenberg forprez
    Vandenberg forprez

    I dont think I've ever seen one of these videos and hated it so much I felt compelled to come down here...shes such a negative person man wtf

  • Tiger- chan
    Tiger- chan

    These comments are rude and annoying. Just leave her alone man

  • Little Cacti Quirk
    Little Cacti Quirk

    Wow she's a perfect angel who can do know wrong

  • Yolonation Gaming
    Yolonation Gaming

    99% is that an attack or something 1% I think she’s an unlikeable person

  • Raj Vardhan
    Raj Vardhan

    I actually never liked captain marvel.... Reason maybe coz... She was like MCU's superman... Having ultimate powers.... Standing next to god(a bit).... But Brie's acting made me like her..... She is a wonderful actor

  • PrimoBasilisk

    Would still smash

  • BOBY _271
    BOBY _271

    Is Brie Larson sexist Yup.

  • brandon valle
    brandon valle

    Is brie larson a feminist?? :U

  • Mark G
    Mark G

    How many Jewcocks did Brie Larson suck to get this part?

  • Predator The gamer
    Predator The gamer

    What’s Brie Larsons favorite food Brie Larson: aRe yOU bOdY sHAmiNg mE

  • Tia Aaron
    Tia Aaron

    Her character in Room was 24. She was abducted in 17 and the movie starts 7 years after that. This one was obvious.

  • Tia Aaron
    Tia Aaron

    She had five stunt doubles not two: Joanna Bennett, Renae Moneymaker, Heather Bonomo, Shauna Galligan and Ingrid Kleinig.

  • Tia Aaron
    Tia Aaron

    Ehhh,I guess I'll go back to the one with Natalie Portman and Jude Law.