Boyfriend Makeup Battle
Ryland Adams
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  • myahouston20

    Go to Shane for advice ! I remember when Shane didn’t know much, it’s soo pleasant to be able to see all you guys grow

  • Kermit

    James Charles is quaking

  • 연 영한
    연 영한

    Shane's so good its scaring me

  • Abby n Jesus
    Abby n Jesus

    10:26: OO

  • Marisa Rolle
    Marisa Rolle

    Morgan looked really good with the lightning and her eyes open. 😁

  • Pihu Aadya Singh
    Pihu Aadya Singh

    Ryland is literally team sister sooo hard

  • AK’S World
    AK’S World

    no one: Ryland: I’m going in with Jaclyn X Morphe Hill palette

  • SugarNSpice46

    Ryland you look SNATCHED! (you did a really good job) and Morgan looks like a super model

  • don't care
    don't care

    Im weak "better"

  • Demiana Bebawy
    Demiana Bebawy


  • mia novin
    mia novin

    Watching ryland put on lip gloss is so funny I’m dead 😂

  • JustALittlePotato

    Shane is like a kid who owns a lot of toys and enjoys showing them off😂💕

  • Joshua Ramirez
    Joshua Ramirez

    10:01 - 10:04 okay me when a guy hits on me and I don’t know what to say back

  • Isabella Rodriguez
    Isabella Rodriguez

    Do you mean feonsè

  • lizz Singbird
    lizz Singbird


  • Mack Rose Thompson
    Mack Rose Thompson

    yall morgan looks FIERCE

  • Adams Lamberts
    Adams Lamberts

    Where is Shane's mom?

  • Wendy Lusk
    Wendy Lusk

    You all looked stunning!!

  • Hay Bay
    Hay Bay

    Morgan won

  • Hailey Heckman
    Hailey Heckman

    Morgan is the best but all of them actually turned out really good

  • Adrien Zack
    Adrien Zack

    No one Literally no one Ryland: *shows off ring*

  • Kris T
    Kris T

    Morgan! She's always beautiful but i think she did an amazing job! Her eyes!! 😍

  • Temi Cunningham
    Temi Cunningham

    I need a tutorial of Shane's look like tuh-day.

  • Keyshla Hernandez
    Keyshla Hernandez

    You are both hilarious xD

  • Dork Queen
    Dork Queen

    Ryland yall look so pretty its weird that Ive watched shane since he did shanaynay i never thought he be doing makeup lol

  • Kiana Santana
    Kiana Santana

    Omg all of u guys are so good at makeup do a makeup tutorial love you Shane 🥰🥰🥰🥰

  • thedmblu

    These looked so good! I'm personally not a fan of the real wet lip look but I loved the rest of it

  • Cheyra Dick
    Cheyra Dick

    Morgan’s look though

  • Qamar Mood
    Qamar Mood


  • Charcoal Alien
    Charcoal Alien

    y'all look so good

  • Nina yetey
    Nina yetey

    morgan is so stunningly beautiful:(

  • kitten Carpenter
    kitten Carpenter

    Ryland no hate I'm about to drag you put on too much liquid lipstick and it looks like liquid Peach liquid all over your mouth is it Bloch your lips after putting it on love you 😘😘

  • Kim Catalan
    Kim Catalan

    Omg they are so cute together I’m obsessed with their videos 😭😭😍😍😍

  • Kaelie Holstine
    Kaelie Holstine

    Ryland doing his concealer is still better than any of my makeup looks EVER

  • luz

    morgan is gorgeous

  • lena michelle mendoza
    lena michelle mendoza

    morgan did pretty good

  • Nathaniel Taberner Smith
    Nathaniel Taberner Smith

    omg ryland pretending he knows what he's doing is so cringy woww. also saying sickening 3 times in every sentence is not a good look

  • Jomo DH
    Jomo DH

    Shane is da best

  • Jazmine Lopez
    Jazmine Lopez

    I loved Shane's makeup look the most and Ryland as to keep on working on the makeup looks do he's getting it and he looks good Shane you are rocking it

  • Gary Dow
    Gary Dow

    Ryland you makeup wins

  • Dani San Martin
    Dani San Martin

    i’d expect ryland to be better at makeup bc if his personality but..

  • Dani San Martin
    Dani San Martin

    ryland is so obsessed with his ring and i’m living for it😭❤️

  • morgan l
    morgan l

    Shane desperately needs to learn how to blend

  • Abigail Jolene
    Abigail Jolene

    Morgan is GORGEOUS

  • Haven Rettie
    Haven Rettie

    Little did they know that Jaclyn is cancelled

  • Mieve Kochamp
    Mieve Kochamp


  • mia

    morgan’s makeup was my fav

  • Grace Seymour
    Grace Seymour

    Is it just me who thinks a matte lip would have looked better on them instead of glossy. No hate I love the makeup and I cant do it

  • Amelie Botha
    Amelie Botha

    Omg Shane and Ryland are so amazing love them

  • Kittyluz Tule
    Kittyluz Tule

    Morgan’s look is so good

  • ღCrystal_ Kayleeღ
    ღCrystal_ Kayleeღ

    WHY TF DOES SHANE AND RYLAND DO MAKEUP BETTER THAN ME?! I just put, moisturizer, foundation, concealer, foundation powder, contour, highlighter, eyeshadow, mascara, eyeliner, lipstick, and blush!!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!

  • Allaire Hanson
    Allaire Hanson

    You sill have a grandma? Wow!

  • I hate you Eden :3
    I hate you Eden :3

    Damn there so snatched

  • S A D B O I
    S A D B O I

    8:40 Morgan looks gorgeous

  • Camille Cohen
    Camille Cohen

    I like them all but I think I like Morgan's the best

  • Jesse’s Beautiful creatures
    Jesse’s Beautiful creatures

    Thank you for brightening my day up even just a bit much appreciated

  • maseratilover6

    Shane is KILLING IT

  • Nancy Kinney
    Nancy Kinney

    Snatched to the gods

  • Jayen Ayers
    Jayen Ayers

    Morgan’s so pretty I know she don’t need no man but when’s a man gonna snatch her 😂😂

  • Night time city lights
    Night time city lights

    Morgan is gorgeous 😍😍

  • Boo Goo
    Boo Goo


  • Maia Lin
    Maia Lin

    morgan looks better with makeup... jk??

  • Majical The Crunch Queen
    Majical The Crunch Queen

    12:05 I DIED LMFAO

  • mary_ E
    mary_ E

    Omg Morgan at 8:26 is STUNNING wow she is so pretty!!!!!

  • Summer Colledge
    Summer Colledge

    morgan won

  • Ox. Arlyn
    Ox. Arlyn

    I would love to get my makeup Ready with them ♥️🥺

  • Max Leong
    Max Leong

    i don't think this is a battle at all. but i am shook to see Shane intensely focusing unaware that his voice dropped so soft pre-reveal moment. Shane's eyes are pretty amazing. although, i wouldn't mind to see them both in makeup that tries to create artistic makeup that retain the natural glowing skin look

  • Rain Herron
    Rain Herron

    Shane you are doing amaaaaazing!!!!

  • Ava_31

    Morgan’s look is the best!!

  • Kate Littlewood-Tribe
    Kate Littlewood-Tribe

    40 secs in I thought he said my mum had a full on lung transformation 😆

  • Leslie Fisher
    Leslie Fisher

    I have been crying for the past 2 days and I just want to say thank you for helping me stop crying during ur videos . Thank you

  • Jean Marie Verdadero
    Jean Marie Verdadero

    I like ryland's look more hehe

  • Jean Marie Verdadero
    Jean Marie Verdadero

    Omg when was this uploaded.. this is fffckn everthingggggg

  • Rikki Vigil
    Rikki Vigil


  • Dazli Rosario
    Dazli Rosario

    *flashback Mary has entered the chat...

  • kaynat ahmed
    kaynat ahmed

    I genuinely loved rylands look

  • Florida Allure
    Florida Allure

    Morgan's look was SICKENING 😉

  • Arthur Wadstrøm
    Arthur Wadstrøm

    Shane should make a makeup Chanel. He is so good at makeup

  • Kim Loma
    Kim Loma

    Pennywise has left the chat

  • Claudia Heslop
    Claudia Heslop


  • meaganfern

    Rylands mom “let me see what you look like.... beautiful.” Best mom ever!!!!!

  • Ashley Boza
    Ashley Boza

    Jacklyn x morphe hill palette 😂💀

  • Felix Gong
    Felix Gong

    “Jaclyn X Morphe Hill palette...” LMAOO love you Rylandd

  • Radical Mary
    Radical Mary

    I loved Morgan's the most, then Shane's, sorry Ryland.

  • Rion Noir
    Rion Noir

    Ryland's look was a cute moment, Morgan's was stunning and slayed to the gods but Shane's was the creative glam look i saw and therefore I loved his the most

  • Sydney Ignasiak
    Sydney Ignasiak

    Morgan and Shane’s were the best!!! No offense Ryland.

  • Jaden Creations
    Jaden Creations

    sickening!!! * ryland says it 700 times

  • Tiffany Brewer
    Tiffany Brewer

    Can we talk about how Shane turns into a completely different person when he has makeup on? 🤣

  • Tiffany Brewer
    Tiffany Brewer

    You've been hanging out with Jeffree too much. 😂 Every other thing is "hi", "hi, how are you?", "sickening".

  • Jacquie Boudreaux
    Jacquie Boudreaux

    Watching Ryland doing makeup makes me want to start dabbling in makeup. Obsessed.

  • April Fekete
    April Fekete

    I liked all 3 looks! You guys did great!

  • Kimberly Elam
    Kimberly Elam

    Hi Ryland. I love your videos. I actually found them after stumbling onto Jeffree Star's closet video. You, Shane, Morgan, and Garrett crack me the hell up. The laughs are desperately needed, as I have 7 autoimmune diseases, fibromyalgia, a host of other illnesses, and am pretty much bed bound. I got sick while in the army and forced to take vaccines. So here I sit, medically retired army, bedbound, and I'll be 55 next month and am miserable, but ya'll bring so much joy and laughter to my life. Thank you so very much. Tons of love from NE Indiana.

  • maria x
    maria x

    fiance makeup battle*

  • Breana King
    Breana King

    Rylan that was pretty good for your first time!! Loved the glitter!! Shane...girl I bet Jeffree is so proud of you and your skills!! You fucking killed it!!! Morgan needs to fucking realize she's a fucking queen!!! Omg she is drop dead gorgeous ALWAYS.

  • Maysyn Nevares
    Maysyn Nevares

    Omfg Morgannnn😍😍😍😍 I'd pay Shane to do my make up tbh. Ryland I love the glitter on you and that lip color boio 😍😍

  • Jessica Dyer
    Jessica Dyer

    Shane's eyes are so pretty :* In general but also the makeup haha :P xx

  • Aishwarya Sreedhar
    Aishwarya Sreedhar

    After makeup morgan looks like khole it just me

  • Evee Thompson
    Evee Thompson

    lol yall shane and ryland r like "ooooh i think its coming on well!" like no lie bro RYLAND U LOOK AMAZING!!! but legit morgan is like in the back but like HERS IS STUNNING SHE BEUTIFULLLLLLL love ya all!!!!

  • Carsen Castro
    Carsen Castro

    Ryland be looking like flashback Mary

  • RIP_ IronMan
    RIP_ IronMan

    If I am being honest I absolutely love Morgan’s look and if I could do that I would probably were it every day❤️. Sorry Shane and Ryland love all of you☺️😊