BOAT LIFE: Our First Overnight Sail, with a Baby!
Sailing La Vagabonde
Today we set off for our first overnight sail with a baby... wish us luck.
Song Credits:
00:00 Lagoon by J.A.K. (Into the Blue)
00:57 We're All Waiting Lowland hum -
04:28 Ridges - Sense -
08:58 Travellin’ - Jordan Merrick -
14:27 Black Balloon - James Forest and the East Road
Videos made by Elayna, starring Riley!!
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  • Sailing La Vagabonde
    Sailing La Vagabonde

    Join Our Crew!

    • kh2002

      People! You got balls to do that with a baby aboard! We love you!!

    • Tiffany Mason
      Tiffany Mason

      I absolutely love being a part of your Patron crew! 🥰🙏🥰

    • Emmet Wright
      Emmet Wright

      Never mind you just got one, right next to us!

    • King Smith
      King Smith

      Love you guys ;-p

  • Jude Frazier
    Jude Frazier

    I’m watching again, lol, gotta get my daily dose of SLV and ❤️Lenny❤️

  • Iris Llorens
    Iris Llorens

    Love Lenni !

  • Mark Sierra
    Mark Sierra

    Lenny's cool anyone that don't think so is nuts..... Mark Philadelphia

  • Claire Hartney
    Claire Hartney

    Showing too much of Lenny? Are you kidding! Lenny could have his own channel!! So amazing how you have adapted to having your baby and still sailing and filming, editing etc.. I only found your channel a few weeks ago but I'm already hooked.

  • Beerded

    I think everybody loves Lenny , can't get enough of his smile !


    Lenny is Fantastic.

  • patricia Decicco
    patricia Decicco

    feel so much of exactly what life should be.. I have never seen such beautiful, courageous two individuals in my life... now Lenny.... when he smiles at the sound of ur voices or ur faces is pure joy.. the music, your accent, your bravery.. so much to say.. i am lifted at this time in my life by your videos.. recently lost my husband and I can remember when my husband and I were adventurous when we were young... I am sad but happy when I see ur vlogs.

  • John Woods
    John Woods


  • super souler
    super souler

    Lenny's so adorable ! I love how he sleeps with his arm up over his head . Awake, ls like he's very aware of everything going on. 💕

  • Stafford

    Perfect Lenny content! He’s an angel baby!

  • Natalia Gajzler
    Natalia Gajzler

    hey guys, do you have it figured out how will you provide socialization for Lenny? I mean are you going to arrange some kind of meetings with other kids if he will not go to kindergarten? love ya

  • Tom Due
    Tom Due

    Did you really throw the diaper out to the sea? (The hole goes to the sea as far as I remember). Wouldn't expect this from you guys, since you love the sea... Or did I just not get it all?

  • Henk Schoeman
    Henk Schoeman

    Never enough lenny!!!

    • Henk Schoeman
      Henk Schoeman


  • Marty Vanderhelm
    Marty Vanderhelm

    Hell no, more Lenny!

  • Veneil

    "I take this thing anywhere...." Won't they just love you at Outremer. They couldn't hope for a better endorsement!

  • wjha NN
    wjha NN

    More Lenny - but dress him like he is - as a commander 😂

  • Nathan F
    Nathan F

    This show is yours we are just along for the ride. Keep Sailing You guys are awesome.

  • Gary LeLacheur
    Gary LeLacheur

    Stop stressing about what's in the videos, they are brilliantly lovely. (What???) You know what I mean.

  • N.G.H. Calmarena
    N.G.H. Calmarena

    Dear parents! I'm a 82 year old man and I'm finding myself looking two or up to three times on your videos now, and that's because of you have on board this new crew member Lenny, who has the most infectious smile I've ever seen! Don't be afraid to frighten off tough sailors with baby talk, we are all soft and have a hart when we see you tree, your happiness and the contact you have with Lenny is absolutely wonderful!

  • Frigate Chaser Fishing
    Frigate Chaser Fishing

    Lenny is the star of the show 👍🏻👍🏻

  • Lydia's edits
    Lydia's edits

    1:18 whats a mask?

  • Dejay Rezme
    Dejay Rezme

    Wait a second, are those bio-degradeable nappies / diapers? I'd make sure they can actually compost in the ocean.

  • Dejay Rezme
    Dejay Rezme

    Drill some holes in your anchor to clean the mud! Apparently it helps a ton when you change direction so the anchor will dig again. Some info here, not sure where I saw this, but basically it allows the mud to flow out easily.

  • Rick Skalberg
    Rick Skalberg

    More of captain Lenny pleas

  • Michael Miller
    Michael Miller

    Somehow he is all of ours and I love that little biscuit.

  • Michael Miller
    Michael Miller

    Never, never, never too much of your little Lenny. I want to follow his adventures and both of your journeys. He will be the great mariner of the oceans.

  • Trevor Biggs
    Trevor Biggs

    Ace couple, fantastic baby, love you all. Stay safe.

  • Jeannie Greutert
    Jeannie Greutert

    More Lenny!!!!!!!

  • Eloy Antonio roa sanchez
    Eloy Antonio roa sanchez

    Elena, "after a year of asking Riley, he finally let me have a living plant in our boat" I didn't know that women in the country of Australia were that submissive to their men. In the USA home is equal to a woman's castle. When comes to decoration, management of the home and anything else home related and family related , the women are fully in charge. We guys in the USA just don't interfere with that. Hence, your man Riley is an awesome outstanding guy. Antonio, the 18 wheeler

  • Antoine St-Amour
    Antoine St-Amour

    We want to know all the little things you've done on the boat that you mentioned. Also, we definitely appreciate Lenny but we need more dad jokes

  • scott anderson
    scott anderson

    There can't be too much of Lenny. He is the central focus of your life and a great addition to your show and the world in general. My wife and I have 7 kids and love every minute of it. You guys are great parents and a beautiful family. Lenny Rocks!!

  • Jemima Higgins
    Jemima Higgins

    Never enough Lenny the cuttest baby I know

  • Rick Rothstein
    Rick Rothstein

    Love seeing the little stow-away.. you balance the feel of the show we've all come to love and know with the new changes in you lives quite well... Cheers

  • David Haylock
    David Haylock

    Not sure if anyone else has mentioned it, but if your top batten won't pop through, often you can tighten the Cunningham/downhaul a lot, it will pop through, then release the Cunningham. Also it's not much of an issue leaving it back winding like that. It will pop once it gets enough pressure on it.

  • David Nordstrom
    David Nordstrom

    Capt Riley is a very GOOD Sailor!

  • David Nordstrom
    David Nordstrom

    Lenny is awesome! Love your vids!!!

  • Odesius

    what are they going to do for schooling Lenny? Home schooling?

  • Syauqi Kahar
    Syauqi Kahar

    Watching you guys makes me feel human

  • tracy brennan
    tracy brennan

    Lenny is such a gorgeous child ...that smile 😍

  • Alex Bond
    Alex Bond

    yo I usually hate babies but Lenny is ok in my book

  • El Kabong
    El Kabong

    Nice to see you all at sea again!

  • Andrew White
    Andrew White

    Riley, @2:14 your overwhelming exuberance shows. Its moments like this, that make the sleepless nights of a newborn just melt away from our memories. Thank you for giving us a glimpse into your life week after week. And Congrats to both of you on the new baby!

  • John P. Wishart
    John P. Wishart

    Seeing Lenny is fine. Hearing a crying baby is too much

  • ny

    So many moments in this episode that brought a big smile to my face. Memories of when mine were bubs plus some laughs. Great post guys!

  • Carly S
    Carly S

    There could never be too much Lenny 😍😍😍

  • zuri hill
    zuri hill

    More Lenny, too cute and part of the crew........

  • Música Demian
    Música Demian

    We love babies... we just had ours. :)

  • Jaji el Men
    Jaji el Men

    "necesito" best line

  • 9to5Huawei

    I give Riley’s AirPods a few weeks before they fall into the drink 😂

  • Cre8sumthing

    Favorite episode, so far. (I think...might have to rewattch a few) You guys are the best. Sorry my comments are always late. Life is full. :)

  • Ken Dorsey
    Ken Dorsey

    Why is being intercepted accompanied by dolphin just so beautiful. Fair winds.

  • Cooper Henderson
    Cooper Henderson

    Airpods?? whoah, didn't know realize you guys were millionaires now

  • Brian Donnell
    Brian Donnell

    Say line please not rope the only rope is on a ships bell 😉

  • Knud Sandbæk Nielsen
    Knud Sandbæk Nielsen

    Hey! I actually understood the bit about the rope underneath the top baton being too tight! Excellent! I love it, when people explain something to me, and I just really get it! And I get what all those ropes are for, too! Certified educational! My dad was a teacher, and most sensible people I have met where either teachers, musicians or freeloaders... Thanks!

  • Knud Sandbæk Nielsen
    Knud Sandbæk Nielsen

    No, nothing wrong with "baby stuff". Following your adventures without "baby stuff" would be weird, given the fact that you have a child. I think the guy's gonna be awesome. You work at home, so you are never away. At least not more than a few feet, or meters as we say in Europe and the rest of the world ;) So there's that. And the way you both communicate with him is probably quite healthy, too. And while you work at home, your home is a both moving (!) and mobile adventure. So there's that... ;) You should probably have another one soon, it is said to get easier, as the kids play with eachother and teach/learn and interact - which is also probably healthy. I don't know this from personal exp., I just read a about psychology to find out about everything... And as far as I know, you are both "mirroring" the kid. And this is supposed to give children "resiliance", in psychological terms the ability to face adversity and not be harmed... In any case, and what ever you do, I wish you all good fortune, and hope to one day see you aboard your grandchildrens AI-controlled organic wing-trimaran - on my screen in an old folks home at age 105 :D :D

  • Knud Sandbæk Nielsen
    Knud Sandbæk Nielsen

    You have probably seen this, but here's the link anyway..

  • Rick Chollett
    Rick Chollett

    Yes, babies are disruptive. But the giggles, coos, smiles and snuggles make it so so worth it!

  • LadyPene

    You are an EPIC family and I can't get enough of all of you! 💖💖💖

  • Keith White
    Keith White

    There are great white's in that area. Check out the tracker

  • Courtney Mayo
    Courtney Mayo

    Lenny is a part of the crew. He's as important as the two of you. Def not being shown too much.

  • Large.xxl

    It is funny. The Sunfish ist called Mondfisch (moonfish) in german.

  • Max

    Awww you Guys are Great.......videos are getting amazingly good.......Thanks for the talk about setting sails and "tweaking" Riley...........that's the part I Love about sailing......sometimes it feels like tuning a waterborne kite.......shape of sail....telltales flying.....squeezing out another half a knot.........the sound of the hull slicing through the sail talk.....and no.....not too much of Lenny!! Good work!

  • Jesse/dana Jessica1
    Jesse/dana Jessica1

    Show as much of Lenny as you want. It will be nice to see the little stowaway grow up and earn his keep😁

  • Rick Morrow
    Rick Morrow

    I noticed your window tinting had many wrinkles in it who installed it?

  • John Dixon
    John Dixon

    Lenny is a great addition to your crew.. It is obvious y'all are very happy. Keep up the adventures.

  • Mikeztarp

    "Something's happening with the boat and we have to film, so quick! Hide the baby!" How weird would that be? Don't worry. We're not getting tired of Lenny. :D

  • Jamie Grigor
    Jamie Grigor

    Impossible to put too much of Lenny in as long is there is some sailing. My opinion maybe slightly biased though as I have also become a Dad for the first time. Daisy is just over 6 months old and my phone is full of videos and photos of everything Daisy, we are just as obsessed as you guys are with Lenny and it is lovely to watch. Send lots of love to the 3 of you ❤️

  • da' Clickster
    da' Clickster

    I’ve got a fever, and the only prescription is more Lenny!

  • Stephanie Anne White
    Stephanie Anne White

    yes... more Lenny!!

  • Blues Man
    Blues Man

    Riley gets that wild look in his eyes when the wind fills the sails ! A true sailer ! I've had both kind of boats motor boat and sail boat . But it's a feeling you get like no other when that sail boat locks into the wind this it's sails !!! Gone !!!!! Thanks for sharing mate !

  • Michelle Burke Mavroudis
    Michelle Burke Mavroudis

    Love Lenny as part of crew!

  • Erin O'Herlihy
    Erin O'Herlihy

    “Can’t year you babe I’m listening to Rage!” 🤙😝

  • John Hodge
    John Hodge

    Never enough show your baby boy!

  • Christopher Bannister
    Christopher Bannister

    Hi, Great balance of sailing and Lenny. As it is Easter here and we currently have a full moon, have you ever sailed overnight with a full moon, and does it make a difference?

  • Piper Grant
    Piper Grant

    Is there even such thing as too much Lenny 😂. I love watching Lenny because because it shows u being real and not hiding him

  • Max Mustermann
    Max Mustermann

    I could bet my anything that Riley had a tear of joy rolling after he said „with my family“ Really felt that ‚vibe of wholesomeness’ right there bud ;)

  • Jack FnTwist
    Jack FnTwist

    Never too much of Lenny. He's adorable, and a huge part of your life. We love you guys. Nice episode. Hard to leave these parts, once you've fallen in love with them :)

  • john wlson
    john wlson

    Love the family you are all so honest King Neptune is looking over you

  • Peter Kirchner
    Peter Kirchner

    More Lenny! He’s become such a huge part of your life now. We love seeing you all evolve as a family!! Love it!

  • Lt H
    Lt H

    I'd never describe myself as a baby or kid person. However, even I think Lenny is cool. Deffinetly not too much of him. The little guy is great . I can't wait to see Riley teach him sailing 😂 .

  • Shauna Reay
    Shauna Reay

    Love watching Lenny!!!

  • Mohsin Ala
    Mohsin Ala

    more lenny

  • Joel Howley
    Joel Howley

    You are crushing it with the vids. I like seeing Lenny.

  • tony vittadello
    tony vittadello

    what about a kite the only thing is pushing out the front away from every thing

  • Quinn Smart
    Quinn Smart

    Love seeing all of the Lenny content, he is such a fun little addition to your family. One of the main reasons I adore your videos is the way they make us viewers feel like we're right there with you - they're so genuine and raw. As Lenny is such a huge portion of your life now, it only makes sense that he would be a new focal point! Been loving the videos, you guys are really giving us quality content

  • David Granath
    David Granath

    Love the lennster ... My mon and dad used to do the same thing with me as a kid, I was a boat kid, I had a boat before I ever had a bike ...My mon had two Bay Labs who's job was to - retrieve me - my PDF had a custom made Dog Retrieval Loop so they could fish me out the water and pull me up their boarding slide...

  • Cryptobradley200

    Lenny Lenny Lenny!!!!

  • adsholly1

    Personally Im not into kid content but will say Ive enjoyed the new Vids with Lenny. The Vids are about sailing with 2 people, that happen to now have a 3rd person. Lenny content in my view is on par with all other content but if the Vid become ALL about Lenny I probs would go to the next Vid

  • Malibu’s Most Wanted
    Malibu’s Most Wanted

    Are the windows dirty or is the tint peeling off from the salt and the sun?

  • Michael DeRanger
    Michael DeRanger

    Thank Goodness Lenny looks like his mom, pretty baby..

  • Michael DeRanger
    Michael DeRanger

    Shame on anybody who doesn't want to see more of Mr. Lenny, Rename show, Sailing La Vagabonde with Lenny

  • Patrick Patterson
    Patrick Patterson

    This is your story not ours. We are all watching your story so if its non-stop Lenny then that's great. Thanks!

  • Teh TastyTroll
    Teh TastyTroll

    Remember the channel is about you guys, as long as it's you guys on your journey, anything goes.

  • Barry Thompson
    Barry Thompson

    That baby doesn’t take his eyes off you when you talk. He fits right in. I was fortunate to be able to stay home with my two children after they were born. You both are very fortunate, thanks for sharing

  • freedomrider30

    Awesome, the little one!!! Thanks for sharing this first few days!!!💗💗💗

  • Court F
    Court F

    Love the new videos including Lenny!! He will never be to much. Your both doing an excellent job multi-tasking!! 💕

  • Mitch Clark
    Mitch Clark

    Did y’all make a cookbook?

  • Bella 101
    Bella 101

    Love ❤️

  • Charissa Mae Quiao
    Charissa Mae Quiao

    You guys are already married?