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  • Nova's Depression
    Nova's Depression

    Those smiling flowers were more scary than Spider Billie

  • Regina Salas
    Regina Salas

    Is a awesome song

  • Skull Face990
    Skull Face990

    Me starting the vid :wow pretty cool I’m the middle: uhh okkkk After : wuuuuuut the fffffffffffrrrrrrick AHH Fact: tbh the first time I watched it a ran out of the room and screamed down the hall

  • Morgan Wenhold
    Morgan Wenhold

    One the head is to big and the eyebrows need fixed but otherwise I LOVE IT ITS AMAZINGGG

  • Big Boy
    Big Boy

    Y'all act like you've never seen a girl turn into a giant rainbow-vomit spider before

  • GiveMe A name
    GiveMe A name

    But still the music is good af

  • Potato Lover
    Potato Lover

    Looks like a monster from the movie 9.

  • smithm8965

    😂Little girl “I’m going to try on this creepy spider sweater.” *she puts on the sweater, then turns into a ugly ass spider with huge teeth* 🕷🕷🕷🕷🕷🕷🕷🕷🕷🕷🕷🕷

  • Joselyn Flores
    Joselyn Flores

    I'm dead this thing it really disturbs me.☠️💀👻👽

  • Unicorn krew Lopez
    Unicorn krew Lopez

    Me at 0:43 COOL me at 2:00:OMG you look so um ......beautiful?

  • Smith And Cami
    Smith And Cami

    The Netflix adaptation.

  • scarlet grant
    scarlet grant

    This beat is just sick !!!

  • Me.gaaan abnce
    Me.gaaan abnce

    1:37 lol.. thought they were eggs

  • GamingWithTheGirly !
    GamingWithTheGirly !

    I love this animation 😍

  • GamingWithTheGirly !
    GamingWithTheGirly !

    SCARY 😨😱

  • Yan Mai
    Yan Mai

    This will give me nightmares ;-;

  • any_ chan
    any_ chan

    Pobres florcitas :'v

  • Alejandro Palafoz Glez
    Alejandro Palafoz Glez


  • Grila Tube
    Grila Tube

    *When estás bien agustin buscando una canción de la comunidad LGBT+ but te aparece una canción de Billie* -;; Haber, haber, ¿Qué pasó aquí? :v. -;; A veces cuando planeas una cosa, te sale otra completamente diferente :D *Inserte meme aquí*

  • Silver The lime Floof
    Silver The lime Floof

    I’m assuming this music video is one of billie’s lucid dreams recreated

  • Drakkose

    Was this made in VRChat or something?

  • Tigrezz

    Why is Billie black? This isn't the boondocks god sake.

  • Wella Diolazo
    Wella Diolazo

    Billie's dad:Billie Billie Billie:yes papa? Billie's dad:eating humans? Billie:no papa... Billie's dad:TELLING LIES? Billie:no papa Billie's dad:open your mouth Billie: *hA ha HA@-@*

  • bendy the demon 124
    bendy the demon 124

    The anime girl is ugly

  • Melanie ofc eu acho Lopes
    Melanie ofc eu acho Lopes

    Billie like👍 Melanie martinez😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • Berkeley Henderson
    Berkeley Henderson

    Director:ok Billie how people do u want to have nightmares Billie:

  • Cecilia Coutiño
    Cecilia Coutiño

    me encanta Bilie Eilish

  • Kermit The Frog
    Kermit The Frog

    *if I had this spider in my house I’ll legit move houses*

  • Romina Jimenez
    Romina Jimenez

    Like so hablas español y nos sabes ni verás que canta pero igual lo cantas >:""""D

  • Romina Jimenez
    Romina Jimenez

    Like so hablas español y nos sabes ni verás que canta pero igual lo cantas >:""""D

  • theother veggieburger
    theother veggieburger

    Listen to this with ASMR in the background

  • Murasaki Kokujin
    Murasaki Kokujin

    I think the replay button is broken....

  • J_fatty27 Esparza
    J_fatty27 Esparza

    I don’t find this scary Spiders won’t bite you unless they feel threatened

  • Gymnastics_forever

    And I have nightmares

  • MidoryiaIzuku

    billie: *turns into a deadly spider* Venom: **FALLS INLOVE** Miles: **SHOOKETH** Peter: **CHOKES ON BLEACH**

  • Gaming with Franklin Franklin
    Gaming with Franklin Franklin

    I was scared but good song

  • Gacha Michelle Ramirez
    Gacha Michelle Ramirez

    Ummm.... What did I watch

  • Logan Galusha
    Logan Galusha

    egy teen

  • Salem 16
    Salem 16

    Those flowers are me getting ready for summer break and school to be over and spider Billie is finals, depression, and need to find a job all crushing down on me

  • Pablo C.A.
    Pablo C.A.

    This fits Daenerys so much.

  • Galaxy Kitty
    Galaxy Kitty

    why does that face remind me so badly of chucky?? (don’t search up “chucky” unless you’re prepared for scary dolls”

  • monie Simone
    monie Simone

    tf is wrong with this bitch

  • Findley Barnette
    Findley Barnette


  • Scarlett Osborne
    Scarlett Osborne

    Beginning: wow this is cute End: DADDY!!! MOM!!!!! WHAT THE ACTUAL F-/ Night time: -ringing voice- “you should see me in a crown” Me: HELL NO!

  • g u n s a n d r o s e s
    g u n s a n d r o s e s

    What Did She Take In Her Free Time?

  • Clover Gacha
    Clover Gacha

    Is it just me or is this creepy?

  • Caitlin Rivera
    Caitlin Rivera

    This is terrifying yet awesome at the same time

  • Bobsnitch Plays
    Bobsnitch Plays

    Wasn’t that creepy


    Is there a reason.

  • 6ix9ine :
    6ix9ine :


  • Franziene


  • regina davila
    regina davila

    no megusta

  • Star_Struck

    What the fuck

  • Boo Fales
    Boo Fales


  • itallo Gabriel
    itallo Gabriel

    MaS QuE bosta...

  • Brittany Logan
    Brittany Logan

  • ・Natty loves kitty’s・ :3
    ・Natty loves kitty’s・ :3

    Oh god I guess this song is horror

  • larienoferyndor

    1:04 is my favorite part

  • sherry mcphedran
    sherry mcphedran

    Oh crap !

  • Plecca Bot
    Plecca Bot


  • Glitchy Biscuit
    Glitchy Biscuit

    *nigthmare fuel*

  • Curly Cutie
    Curly Cutie

    The flowers are me low key👌

  • Luna Z kay
    Luna Z kay

    Sentí un poco de incomodidad con el monstruo :(

  • Anime-ations

    “ *crown* “

  • Suzy Kim
    Suzy Kim

    Ля, жутко, но мне нравки

  • Angelina B
    Angelina B

    I didnt know she was so into spiders lol😂❤️

  • Awesomeness075

    0:04 when scoliosis strikes

  • RegalKarma68

    omg I love it but at the same time gives me nightmares and is creepy but I just love billie

  • LaXeRoN SWAG
    LaXeRoN SWAG


  • Woolfie McPoshinson
    Woolfie McPoshinson

    I want the real Billie *Watches original video of song* I said the real Billie *sees anime version* I said the real Billie *sees giant spider* Perfection

  • ' ' WhisperingPictures ' '
    ' ' WhisperingPictures ' '

    Why she look like if billie was in dragon ball super or just an anime character xD

  • Chris Nelessen
    Chris Nelessen

    Just here for all the cliche, overused internet comments...

  • León Martt
    León Martt

    1:53 Vive sin drogas 2:16 No hizo caso 2:23 Ya valió verga 2:33 No me quiero ir, Sr. Stark 2:46 Ayosh

  • Owendyck Randomplayz
    Owendyck Randomplayz

    alsO this lOw key scares me. D:

  • Owendyck Randomplayz
    Owendyck Randomplayz

    why dO yOu lOOk sO mad?

  • Addie Smith
    Addie Smith

    Therapist: Spider Billie isn’t real, she can’t hurt you This video: *exists*

  • XIIUltraMarineCamIIX

    So depressing

  • 林春花

    I like the video

  • Lillianna Castro
    Lillianna Castro

    13: Woah so understandable 19: wth

  • marian peres hernadez
    marian peres hernadez

    he wants to kill us Billie eilosh

  • hi I like bts
    hi I like bts

    At first I was like, “Oh this is cool” but then I was like “*_OKAY WHAT THE FLAPJACK IS HAPPENING_*”

  • Taylyn Langan
    Taylyn Langan

    1:53 aww 2:47 erm

  • aby lopez
    aby lopez

    Te amoooo ❤

  • unicorn world Dimitra
    unicorn world Dimitra

    Im scared spiders but this video make me scared even more spiders 😓😓😓❤❤❤🕷🕷

  • Żabka

    I love u billie

  • Vincent Hamzaoui
    Vincent Hamzaoui

    The guy who made this is really quirky, haha

  • jojo lulu
    jojo lulu

    I want more!!!!Thats is so fantastic!!!!❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  • mia tina
    mia tina

    I'm not american but i'm going to pretend to be! *TRADUÇÃO* Eu não sou americana mas vou fingir ser Se vc estava procurando um comentário brasileiro,parabéns,vc achou! *TRANSLATION* If you were looking for a Branzilian comment,congratulations,you found it! Eu só tenho 2 palavras para lhe dizer: PARA BÉNS!!!

  • Hivory já vi
    Hivory já vi

    Bom dia billie, tenho a dizer que o videoclip está muito bem feito e que representa exactamente o medo das pessoas, inclusive o meu. E que agradeço todas as música que fizeste pq todas elas eram necessárias. Que fiquei dislumbrada com a maneira como expuseste as coisas e que sei que sabes que na realidade não é assim e que também não vai ser. Que o mundo conspira para ser melhor e não o contrário. P.s- detesto filmes de terror exactamente pq costumam ser um exagero do caralho

  • radiation pops
    radiation pops

    the only reason I listen to billie is cause she makes low key great music

  • radiation pops
    radiation pops

    If this scares you ur a puss

  • Javex Gamer
    Javex Gamer

    Me at the start: dang you cute in animation Me in 2:00: hell nah😵

  • Saravana Priya
    Saravana Priya

    Spiders left the chat 😂

  • Alice The demonic angel
    Alice The demonic angel

    She has herself been as a spider its kinda scary but i like it

  • Barley

    Cool animation, song is trash, but it’s hard to avoid that

  • Paul Crowley
    Paul Crowley

    Fifa 19 been out for ages

  • Xynoly

    FIFA 19

  • Cactoplant ;-;
    Cactoplant ;-;

    that video is enough to give spiderman arachnophobia I swear.

  • Sir Dave
    Sir Dave

    My deranged chemically altered brain approves of this video.

  • Mavon

    What the is that