Billie Eilish - you should see me in a crown (Official Video By Takashi Murakami)
Listen to “you should see me in a crown" from the debut album "WHEN WE ALL FALL ASLEEP, WHERE DO WE GO?", out now:
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Music video by Billie Eilish performing you should see me in a crown (Official Video By Takashi Murakami). © 2019 Darkroom/Interscope Records

  • C-had Scrad
    C-had Scrad

    I didn't like it.

  • PoisonIvy_Gaming

    *When I was young I had a FEAR of SPIDERS...*

  • Hermione Lovegood
    Hermione Lovegood

    *Ron Weasley has left the chat*

  • 2Y L
    2Y L

    I like how this mv doesn't have spiders 5 sec later...

  • AstroEmy

    I’m having nightmares for the rest of my life

  • M E L L K A
    M E L L K A

    (Да, я тот самый русский комментарий, который ты искал 🌚) Не, клип классный конечно и я уверена, что на него потратили не мало времени, но это прям мерзко 💢🌚🔫

  • ВūНūШķО ТяH
    ВūНūШķО ТяH


  • Cilorma Zemona
    Cilorma Zemona

    Monster IDIAL!!

  • Candy land 2509
    Candy land 2509

    Hi Billie elish I from indonesia and.. I think.. I like your song 😉

  • 『 Vēnûš - çhån ;3』
    『 Vēnûš - çhån ;3』

    *Fuck, is so creepy.... I love it*

  • Mr_Boi [R]
    Mr_Boi [R]

    Nice model of spider jk, lol

  • Roselyn Torres
    Roselyn Torres


  • иван никитин
    иван никитин


  • Nitro

    How to make your voice weird Say watermelon Blink Blink again Say cheeto Don't breath until you post this until you post this on something else Say i love food It's high pitched.

  • настюша рулит
    настюша рулит


  • Khaled Ismail
    Khaled Ismail

    everone: good job billie keep it up quirky girls: everyone thinks it's scary and creepy but i think it's beautiful and funny, I'm so not like other girls

  • Mario Antonio Ozan
    Mario Antonio Ozan

    Billie eilish so cute OMG

  • Машуня Грищенко
    Машуня Грищенко

    Creepy, but cool👌

  • Top Gun
    Top Gun

    Bruh this shit is fire af Good job Takashi Murakami Congrats Billie This shit is really lit af bruh 🔥🔥🔥🔥🤙🤘🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Alyss Pineda
    Alyss Pineda

    This gave me nightmares

  • Ky Ortiz
    Ky Ortiz

    wow now i cant sleep... wow


    the style reminds me of jojo's knsakhdk

  • Eliana Revelo
    Eliana Revelo

    Spider Billie kind of reminds me of Coraline's other mom

  • Kira Epic Warrior Gatcha gamer
    Kira Epic Warrior Gatcha gamer

    Are you a tomboy?!?!?

  • K Gonzalez
    K Gonzalez

    She's awesome love her music 🎶

  • Everything Infrequent
    Everything Infrequent

    There should be a 2020 horror movie with the Billie Eilish spider and also live action.

  • hydra dbz
    hydra dbz

    no flowers were injured in the making of this video

  • Øcëan Brëëze
    Øcëan Brëëze

    Me at not ending: I’m not afraid Ending:omg I’m so so so afraid 😱

  • Mugmello GL
    Mugmello GL

    Me:anime Billie is soooo cute Also me:*sees her turn into huge spider*AHH*throws my iPad a cross my room*

  • salomon garcia
    salomon garcia

    I’m just gonna say it I came here from fifa 19

  • ·Flaxy XD·
    ·Flaxy XD·

    А мне понравилось :')

  • anthonyd7925 Video
    anthonyd7925 Video


  • María Del Rosario Rivas Barrios
    María Del Rosario Rivas Barrios

    I love Billie

  • Chazeyaa Joseph
    Chazeyaa Joseph

    I am shocked

  • Bianca Figueroa
    Bianca Figueroa

    +Wow! That animated Billie is SO Cut- Billie: Hold my avocados

  • aisulu usupbaeva
    aisulu usupbaeva

    So cute😂🕷

  • Geana Kim
    Geana Kim

    Me at the beginning oh Billy looks so cute and Anime she’s only like real life me at the end WTF

    • Geana Kim
      Geana Kim

      What just happened? I am so scared

  • GLaDOS The Gacha Maker
    GLaDOS The Gacha Maker

    Here's a species from the spider category called Billeus Eilishius, It has the ability to wilt flowers and turn people into 6 armed red spiders.

  • Sera Barlow
    Sera Barlow

    Me: Very disturbing Izuku Midoriya: I'm going to have nightmares. (hugs me)

  • A N.
    A N.

    O that's SiCK

  • Sera Barlow
    Sera Barlow

    2:22-2:31-2:46 lol

  • Ayushi Kataria
    Ayushi Kataria

    *warning the most dangerous spider in Australia is Billie Eilish*

  • Дарья Салтыкова
    Дарья Салтыкова

    Очень похоже на Евангелион. Как будто в неё вселился ангел, потом он себя показал и начал всё крушить и спустились другие ангелы

  • Cat Bells
    Cat Bells


  • Popstar Fam
    Popstar Fam

    I wish I was Billie all the way, I wouldn’t change a thing about her. I wish I was her so bad, it’s just I love her for the way she is. I love the way her Tourettes affect her, I love the way she sings, she’s so funny. She’s so successful, while I’m just an emotional kid with autism and a bunch of other fucking disorders, who tries to kill herself every year. But gives in and lives because she only has 2 friends who’ll always be by her side, and love her for who she is, and while I’m probably depressed.

  • Eli International
    Eli International

    when your mum takes you juul

  • Dino _Sama
    Dino _Sama


  • flyRAGGY BP
    flyRAGGY BP

    Aaaaaaaaaaaand that's why I stopped listening to billie eilish 😑

    • Prazloro

      Aaaaaaaaand that's why i started listenig to Billie Eilish

  • Marisa Mei
    Marisa Mei

    i liked the flower AND SHE KILLED THEN ughhhhh

  • death3051g

    this is the scariest rabbit hole ive ever fallen down. i have never felt this way about any artist well maybe eminem as a kid and some metal bands but jesus christ i love everything about her and her art/music

  • Bryana Montiel
    Bryana Montiel

    Me gustó pero no cuando mato a las. Flores . 😭😭😖🤕😱😱🤕🤕🤕

  • Martha Agudelo
    Martha Agudelo

    perdón me traume al final :'(

  • Hesap Kapandı :D
    Hesap Kapandı :D

    Why.... this Oc?

  • Devon Parsons
    Devon Parsons

    Very Caliborn-esque

  • Animalawesomness 32 aj
    Animalawesomness 32 aj

    Omigawd the flowers?! Rip.

  • Mary Elizabeth Conner
    Mary Elizabeth Conner

    Hi you

  • gavin rudman
    gavin rudman

    No way did i see dis vid so scery😯😯😯

  • Lyric Time
    Lyric Time

    I’ve got nightmares but no cheese ☻☻😂😂

  • Juan carlos Gallo
    Juan carlos Gallo


  • Pj Terven
    Pj Terven

    Billie wants to be part of the spider verse SPIDERMAN BILLIE IS COMING FOR YA

  • ッVih


  • Krazy4God1

    Ooooooooo my Josh

  • beast boy 2017
    beast boy 2017

    At first ( hey this video is cool ) Later ( what the fuc is thoat holy shi aaaaaaaaa get the fuc away from me DEMON

  • bts army
    bts army

    İ am scary 😦😦

  • im a duck
    im a duck

    Me at the beginning: she looks like a nice person😃. Me at the end: WTF is that thing!?!? 😱😱😱😱😱😱😱

  • Âлисã Çaŧ
    Âлисã Çaŧ

    Не очень симпатично

  • evelyn andrea poblete sanhueza
    evelyn andrea poblete sanhueza


  • Tabitha Watson
    Tabitha Watson

    I liked it I am not scared of spiders I think they are cute and cool and Billie eilish look nice and cool and I love her clothes

  • The Ksusha
    The Ksusha

    Billie Spider 🤔So Scary

  • Tech Tchno
    Tech Tchno

    okay that was unexpected, i love this XD