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BHAD BHABIE feat. Tory Lanez "Babyface Savage" (Official Music Video) | Danielle Bregoli
Bhad Bhabie
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  • Thais Waters
    Thais Waters

    •Seizure Warning Has Entered The Chat•

  • SLH


  • Marisol Ochoa
    Marisol Ochoa

    i love her songs

  • Tierra Tatum
    Tierra Tatum


  • Chloe Waller
    Chloe Waller

    I love this song!!!!!!!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😍😍😍😍

  • Elizabeth Lee
    Elizabeth Lee

    but like, it's good....?

  • Lilia Ornelas
    Lilia Ornelas

    She sucks. No wonder her mama slapped her around lol. Sad that someone who was proud to disrespect her mother gained so much fame. That says a lot about the society we live in. Then again Trump is president, so that explains a lot. lol

    • Golden Mwxzy
      Golden Mwxzy

      So someone here does not know the whole story,hnmmm

  • Arthur Fernandez
    Arthur Fernandez

    bitc you 16 chillll

  • Sandra Contreras
    Sandra Contreras

    This is fire 😈😈😈

  • Sandra Contreras
    Sandra Contreras



    I swear this song was only made with 1 line of lyrics Actually 2 cause tory

  • Isaiah Whaley
    Isaiah Whaley

    Man this damn song is dope

  • Aetreus

    "Coming up hard like 88" What she know about 88rising?

  • sew?

    Gurl like a cup 'oo' noodlez, hot out the microwave.....

  • Keshawn Webley
    Keshawn Webley

    The talent it takes to rap these verses even if she may or may not have a ghost writer is impeccable NEXT CASE!

  • Miasia Johnson
    Miasia Johnson

    I'm your biggest fan 😘😘😻😻😻😙💯💯💯💯

  • Perfect Queen
    Perfect Queen

    *0:53* *Ariana Grande enter the chat*

  • Yaya Montoya
    Yaya Montoya

    Well guess who's going to hell and die lonely bhad bhabie

  • Amari Bannerman
    Amari Bannerman

    she is so successful this is every teenage wish 😅😋

  • Hani Roble
    Hani Roble

    Giirrrl you sly love you fashion and this music is late I like it😜😜

  • paperclinic

    never knew she could drop so much heat holy shit

  • kitty girl
    kitty girl

    Fire gurl

  • Kaitlynn Fontaine
    Kaitlynn Fontaine

    This song is fire and dope

  • Marilinesss Babyy
    Marilinesss Babyy

    This is fyaa🥵🥵🔥

  • Jarren Wells
    Jarren Wells

    Shes making moves ... good for her make that money girl

  • Sarai Wynn
    Sarai Wynn

    She ain't nothin' like These Heaux Don't compare her to no one Her money green like a cello And her pockets all swolla🔥

  • sep169

    Damn she better than cardi.this track 🔥🔥

  • T Q
    T Q

    For some reason I can hear Chris Brown spittin on this

  • coolebannane nelson
    coolebannane nelson

    Tory is fire

  • Lailahs edits
    Lailahs edits

    Show your girlfriend or boyfriend

  • Matt D
    Matt D

    this song is for high school girls who get fresh weave every week

  • Kaylia Henry
    Kaylia Henry

    Purge 😈😈

  • penguin

    Why does she wanna show her big ass forhead

  • VideoGamerMiike

    Damn she went hard af

  • Ravina Naranjo
    Ravina Naranjo

    Tory kinda sounds like Kendrick lol but he still sound good

  • Ravina Naranjo
    Ravina Naranjo

    This song go hard

  • Alaiya Pelham
    Alaiya Pelham

    this shit is fire 🤪🔥

  • Eunice Wangui
    Eunice Wangui

    am I the only one who sees that triangle behind bhad bhabie. is she in the Illuminati??

  • Shane Cromwell
    Shane Cromwell

    So i found out she has a writer this 27 year old black girl from compton brittany b. I aint taking away from her its still a banger and a good song is a good song. Even if that chick writes most of it bhad bhabie still has to be able to deliver it. Delivery is a lot.

  • Emily Miller
    Emily Miller


  • Zamaya Reagan
    Zamaya Reagan

    I Know Tory lanes was losing his breath when he was rapping his verse

  • Meme Meme
    Meme Meme

    You can seng fast.😎

  • John Kidtv
    John Kidtv

    She is stupid She is stupid She is stupid She is stupid She is stupid She is stupid She is stupid She is stupid She is stupid She is stupid She is stupid She is stupid She is stupid She is stupid She is stupid She is stupid She is stupid She is stupid She is stupid She is stupid She is stupid She is stupid

    • Tiffany Kor
      Tiffany Kor

      you are you are you are you are you are you are you are you are you are you are you are you are you are you are you are you are you are you are you are you areeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeEEEEE P.S. I did this to show how immature you put your comment like that. She can actually make some fire raps and she the bomb unlike you who retaliate behind a screen saying she stupid. Pfft but I'm guessing you are?? And btw I emphasized the 'Are' to really show that you are stupid, bich. (; Someone pin this 'minion pfp head ass" comment.

  • John Kidtv
    John Kidtv

    Bhad bhabie is stupid

  • Lazy Potaeto
    Lazy Potaeto

    This song makes me want to give my teacher homework 👿

  • Gingerbread Ducks
    Gingerbread Ducks

    Sis is getting better. 💖

  • Jackseptic Eye
    Jackseptic Eye

    She’s getting worse than calling the audience hoes

    • Alexis Raina Sky
      Alexis Raina Sky


  • Christian Austin
    Christian Austin

    Does she write though

    • Alexis Raina Sky
      Alexis Raina Sky

      Yeah of course

  • Shaleeta Caslin
    Shaleeta Caslin

    She went in but Tory 👀👀🔥

  • Zachary Tippel
    Zachary Tippel


  • Natalyn’s Life
    Natalyn’s Life

    I love your songs

  • Jay.bg24


  • Renata E
    Renata E

    Is it just me, or does Tory Lanez flow and voice sound like Kendrick Lamar when he starts rapping?

  • Darkness Divine
    Darkness Divine

    Oh i didnt like her before. But she's grown into her fame! Bad ass rappinnn

  • queen b
    queen b

    She cant rap.

    • Tiffany Kor
      Tiffany Kor

      +queen b theres a reason why u said that, because you can't fire back bahahahah. BITCH BYE

    • queen b
      queen b

      +Tiffany Kor girl bye

    • Tiffany Kor
      Tiffany Kor

      i dont think you can either, Miss. Stop acting all cool, you cant even. Have you practiced your delivery flow?? Mm, i dont think so. Words dont hurt but it can effect people's perspective on life so think before you say something dude. -_-

  • queen b
    queen b



    Oh damn this is fire like she getting totally better

  • abbycantu61

    That red hair and outfit is badasses

  • Mano Humilde Humilde
    Mano Humilde Humilde

    1:14 cabe no cu kkkkkkkk 😂😂😁

  • Adrian Reacts
    Adrian Reacts

    Dr. Phill: Danielle what haven’t you learned? Bhad bhabie: Yeah

  • ashley colhour
    ashley colhour

    Who is over 21 and listening to this? I just wanna know im not alone xD

  • Laetitia Patissier
    Laetitia Patissier

    Can't wait to see her fuck the world

  • Monstrosity

    She has great writers

  • John Maldonado
    John Maldonado


  • stasya sanchez
    stasya sanchez

    Who else would love to see her on tour???!

  • Lélika Sashkóva
    Lélika Sashkóva


  • aliya fatima
    aliya fatima

    Why is this song so underrated? ??

  • Wofyy Nikole
    Wofyy Nikole

    Love you❤👏🏻

  • Hayley Webb
    Hayley Webb

    U can still hear the little kid in her voice like she does not have that adult voice yet

  • Min Yoongi
    Min Yoongi

    Am I INSANE or this is actually good??

    • Dereck Stewart
      Dereck Stewart

      It's good

  • Sunny M
    Sunny M

    Well done Tory for writing for her ✊✊✊✊✊✊

  • JGs Reptiles
    JGs Reptiles

    Anybody could have been on this beat and it would be lit. Shes still trash.

  • Jazmin Vera Portillo
    Jazmin Vera Portillo

    Cuando sos de Argentina y no sabes ni una chota lo que dicen ;)

  • Jeff Peng
    Jeff Peng

    Those masks remind me of the Purge

  • Czarina Annika
    Czarina Annika

    I love this Danielle and the song is so LIT! She's much better than that Daniel Cone girl out in the internet being a total hoe. HAHAHAHA! Okay. I'm going wild.

  • Happy Viewer
    Happy Viewer

    Say , Waylon The Swishh.T Sutherland in your next track for me! :D

  • Cynthia Nimely
    Cynthia Nimely

    Tory Lanes sounds like Kendrick Lamar

  • Karsten Campbell
    Karsten Campbell

    what are u talking about dr. phil was not in the chat

  • Chrystion Howard
    Chrystion Howard

    Tory was excellent on this

  • Pit von Wolf
    Pit von Wolf

    @Bhad Bhabie thäänks fohr ze suptitels - hello from germany

  • Rachelle Bruce
    Rachelle Bruce

    I like it thoughhhhhhh

  • DopeMania


  • James Vanwinkle
    James Vanwinkle

    What's the subject of the song?

  • James Vanwinkle
    James Vanwinkle

    Mumble rapping

  • James Vanwinkle
    James Vanwinkle

    Tony needs more ryhmes that rhyme with the word body

  • rafał hamulski
    rafał hamulski


  • Karolina Wieckowska
    Karolina Wieckowska

    I like you

  • Baker M
    Baker M

    Tony " Stay Out My Lanez" snapped on this track🔥🔥🔥

  • Zac Blade
    Zac Blade

    You should make more songs like this. This is the only one I listen to and I swear to god my favourite song... for now. ;)))

  • Sam Russell
    Sam Russell

    Eyes closed that was a Kendrick Lamar vibe right there when Tory spit...just for a sec🤔


    IDK who writing CASHMEOUTSIDE's rhymes, but this is kinda hard.

  • Angie Gonzales
    Angie Gonzales

    Well....we can see the captions not like Danielle Cohn :lll

  • gacha girl
    gacha girl


  • Beef Supreme
    Beef Supreme

    "Drop a lil check" It definitely is little after you pay your producer and lyricist

  • Norraine

    I’m tryna figure out what Tory Lanez is typing .

  • Christopher Borza
    Christopher Borza


  • Stories With Jazzie
    Stories With Jazzie

    I have this on my running playlist for my marathon. Gets me pumped! 💪

  • KWGaming

    I’ve been here day one and by far this is one of my favorite bops like this song is fuckin amazing

  • keith collier
    keith collier

    She's repeating the same phrase over and over--IT'S MUMBLE RAP AND THE WORST KIND. But she's young so.....Oh, she doesn't write her own stuff so she really is not a rapper.

    • Shadow of a Ghost
      Shadow of a Ghost

      keith collier that’s what rap is today mumble rap. It’s not like rap music back in the day when real rappers were around like Biggie Smalls, 2Pac, Eminem, Bone Thugs. Those are real rappers. But I still like her music and the beats are good. Also, many rappers have ghost writers. Not many artists write their own lyrics so it’s no exception that she doesn’t. But Eminem does as well as those rappers from the 90s did like pac.

  • Rowan Blackwell
    Rowan Blackwell

    Bro I have listened to this song so many times like you don’t understand🤪 THIS SONG SLAPS🤯