Beauty Gurus Caught Selling Poison - H3 Podcast #121
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  • Greg

    Imagine being a parent that bought the death beauty box for their child.

  • Toploaded Gaming
    Toploaded Gaming

    Reality tv is fake as fuck, scripted, I avoid people that watch shit like that like the plague. Can’t believe this dude always wants to talk about reality tv.

  • 100k No videos
    100k No videos

    She got spun like a fidget spinner

  • Simon Lawrenson
    Simon Lawrenson

    Johnson and Johnson actually had cancer causing materials in their baby products for decades

  • Sophie Persch
    Sophie Persch

    Hope the baby doesnt mind we talk about his shits

  • Jeffrey Rendulic
    Jeffrey Rendulic

    Sounds like you guys are gonna be dope parents

  • I Feel Terrible
    I Feel Terrible

    3:00 how can you laugh at this

  • Bryan Sturgeon
    Bryan Sturgeon

    This guy is a narcissistic egotistical whopper who is totally jealous of jo jo ..👹👺👹. 🙀😸😹😹.

  • Brandon Smith
    Brandon Smith

    G E T O U T

  • kaykek

    Are the beauty youtubers actually making the recipes themselves? I'd think you have to hire a professional to make the recipe.

  • TMG252

    huh. turns out you have to feed babies

  • Mystery gamer guys
    Mystery gamer guys

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  • Thelionsinwinter

    I once saw my sister watching Jojo and I heard the intro and it was like heywadisgoinonguydjtjfbxnskrjkisiwawithanothervideo

  • Thelionsinwinter

    That lance song sounds like “I still see your shadows in my room” (yes I don’t know the name of the song) but way worse, like, waaaaaay worse.

  • Sling and Stone
    Sling and Stone

    You keep from talking about politics, it'd be nice if you kept from talking about religion too. The reason people where a cross is because it's where Jesus took our sins upon Himself and saved our souls. The cross also defeated death after that. Basic children's Bible study. It'd be nice if you kept from religion as well

  • Salamander Sage
    Salamander Sage

    Thanks for being open and honest man, I'm genuinely happy for you guys

  • Julian Needs Blood
    Julian Needs Blood

    Dude reminds me of the backpack kid! Feeling bad right now so I watch h3 vids. Hope my heart doesn’t give out tonight! H3 made me feel better though.

  • Duke

    The way Lance is singing it sounds like Ethan's parody of B-44 'Get down'

  • Cheesy Poofs
    Cheesy Poofs

    He has a point about Jesus and the cross. What if Elvis came back and he was met by fans wearing a necklace with a miniature toilet dangling from it.

  • Jag5tarZ

    Man is this podcast special. When ur son turns 16 or 18 u can give him a whole folder of this footage when u talk about him. That would be a great birthday gift.

  • Frank Ezell
    Frank Ezell

    whats up with ur eye brows bro

  • egolayer13

    lol, that joke is a Bill Hicks bit. And the second part of the bit was JFK coming back to see people wearing rifle pendants.

  • looks legit87
    looks legit87

    gardeners,auto mechanics,professional unboxers!lol

  • James Weeks
    James Weeks

    that joke was bill hicks right? wtf lol

  • Bofa Deez
    Bofa Deez

    Ethan there is a small UA-my channel called OKI’s weird stories that needs your help man. He posted a few videos on this narcissistic comedian and now he’s facing losing his channel. Please please take a look into this guys.

  • DuckLord _
    DuckLord _

    Foopa cover up or a foopa flesh light for men

  • Liam Snyder
    Liam Snyder

    One of the reasons why the cross is so prevalent is because Jesus want us to remember that he did this for us (by freeing us from sin so we can ascend to heaven), that is the whole reason he sacrificed himself and was put on the cross. We do not view his death as a death, but as a gift to us. I am no priest just a 17 year old kid but just want to make it clear that wearing the cross is not to signify his death.

  • Riley Sullivan
    Riley Sullivan

    The doc-dis segment, you dont show anything wtf are you talking about? The segment is confusing and having not seen the original clip - have no idea what is going on. Please show, or explain... preferably show. Love the shot bud!

  • MegaRoo

    From what I've read asbestos is very often found alongside talc when it's minded from the earth. A great deal of care is usually taken in finding places to mine talc that doesn't have asbestos near it, but it does happen sometimes and then any product made with that talc in it is contaminated. Talc isn't just used as baby powder it's also used in all kind of powdered cosmetics, i.e. eye shadows, blush, highlighters etc. There have been some talc products that have been linked to cervical cancer, also baby powder with talc has been shown to cause breathing problems in babies. However, I found it really odd that Ethan made the jump from contaminated cosmetics to supplements just because they were both made by UA-myrs. Jojo's Claire's kids makeup being recalled doesn't mean Tatis supplements have poison in them simply because they are both on UA-my. That's such a huge stretch. No, I don't think Tati has any business making vitamins but that doesn't mean if you take the vitamins you'll be ingesting poison.

  • Kert Allik
    Kert Allik

    74 yeal old fidget spinner

  • spicysauce

    Am I the only male here?

  • not even a chance
    not even a chance

    I listen to these while making minecraft builds

  • llama girl01
    llama girl01

    Hey why be scared of lil xan having a gun he's so brainless he don't know what it is and how work a gun he call a gun a ggwhejfkfjdn

  • african mate
    african mate

    is old person dead

  • Ravioli boy
    Ravioli boy

    The jesus crucifix joke is a bill hicks joke

  • Matt Pavlic
    Matt Pavlic

    28:06 100% agree. I'm in my final unit of religious studies and still don't get why a method of execution is the symbol to represent Christianity.

  • Niglett Piglett
    Niglett Piglett

    Damn Ethan, your boi has no cable to watch the bachelorette?? Help a brother out.. 😂😂 he needs that in his life haha!!

  • YoungGhost

    Ethan we celebrate jesus because he died for our sins! He was not the regala shmegala..

  • JimiJohn Films
    JimiJohn Films

    Is Ethan Christian?

  • Megan Mary
    Megan Mary

    Fancy restaurants use cloth gloves to set the table so that they don’t leave finger prints on glasses and silverware.. but.. that being said it still doesn’t explain the lipsticks because the gloves they use to avoid leaving fingerprints (same as Jaclyn as her lipstick component had a mirror finish and it’s my understanding the cloth gloves were used to avoid fingerprints like the silver/ glassware) don’t leave fibers.. they are like polyester blend that doesn’t have loose fibers that can transfer..

  • ky ky
    ky ky

    **PLEASE READ** Okay guys I need your help because im actually scared. The old house I used to live in used to have popcorn cielings in the basement, and now in wondering if it may or may not have had asbestos. When I was younger, sometimes I would pop the "corns" off of the ceilings and eat them. The home was built BEFORE ASBESTOS WAS BANNED. So, now I am terrified and can't go to sleep. I'm crying in fear and am just a kid. Please don't make fun of me and help me with what to do next. I'm so so so scared I'm going to die of cancer and there's nothing I can do. PLEASE HELP.

  • Rachel Franco
    Rachel Franco

    Part of the female audience !! 😙💕👶

  • Fares Sdiri
    Fares Sdiri

    Shouldn't Lil Xan be arrested now? there is video proof that he is pointing his gun at random innocent civilians.

  • Deacun Drader
    Deacun Drader

    1:14:32 haah real exited

  • sophia macias
    sophia macias

    "...and even though you stole thousands of dollars from me you had to rebrand your company cause you were so ass"


    I think Lance was thinking the cross was "dripped" in ice lol I swear he's out to lunch and never coming back

    • TheChickenRiceBowl

      Out to lunch?

  • Pebbles

    his singing is like a car alarm.

  • Michelle

    I'm a girl but I don't use any of that shit, so too bad for you! 😂

  • Mimi 1643678965
    Mimi 1643678965


  • The_apocalypse_is_coming

    baby sucking

  • Calum Thatcher
    Calum Thatcher

    It's understandable that Ethan doesnt know thar about Christianity but it's ignorant to assume there isnt an explanation for the crucifix as the most common symbol for Christ

  • Amy Bednarek
    Amy Bednarek

    Hi, Have you considered collaboration with children's books? Hila's art is inspirational.

  • shark with a top hat
    shark with a top hat

    i want a teddy fresh teddy bear

  • Nik Fury
    Nik Fury

    Formula saves your life and her boobs

  • zen underground
    zen underground

    A "public" restroom is technically public. That's the only incredibly very dark gray area anything in public can be filmed. But gross.

  • zen underground
    zen underground

    "Look at my *PAID FOR* Car!" 99% of California BTFO

  • zen underground
    zen underground

    Sad when a phone is pointed at somebody else, it's all too easy to side with the perspective of the lens, and not the lens being pointed at you. "Check out my career destroying phone" "Check out my gun" Idk...

  • zen underground
    zen underground

    There are many very reliable "third party" testing and verification in the private sector, and many companies doing supplements, cosmetics, etc, will use them to verify the authenticity of their products. That of course costs money, but, keep with products that submit to it, not a "trustworthy" Social Media "Face". Yikes.

  • zen underground
    zen underground

    Nobody ever really comments on the sponsors, so just wanted to mention how interesting Ring is. Have not gotten it yet, but think about it quite a lot in certain conversations. Definitely a cool sponsor and is something am still very interested in. Hope they continue to the good work.

  • Kyle B
    Kyle B

    Clothes gloves are used for hot ass pans in my factory

  • Vortex

    But Formula will cause him to refuse natural feeding! I guess you need to be patient with the baby .. he can go for 4 or 5 days without any feeding after birth.


    We use cloth gloves in band when we are handling new instruments so we don’t transfer oil and grime from our hands. Still her excuse is fucking dumb as hell.

  • Robert Michael Allen
    Robert Michael Allen

    Is that miranda Cosgrove in the lil Xan video??

  • Trul6ndy

    they claimed this one too, wow.

  • Henry Spadt
    Henry Spadt

    They use cloth gloves for historical artifacts and other such things like that

  • Yaquelin Diaz
    Yaquelin Diaz

    Lance is hurting my ears. Thank god for autotune, my god.

  • SirUncleDolan

    Ethan started talking about dr disrespect when i clocked into work and by the time he got back to it it was lunch.

  • Makoto

    45:20 TRUEEE

  • Brendan Schoen
    Brendan Schoen

    Lmao, fuck, the little xan thing. Hilarious. Edit: That drugged out motherfucker definitely shouldn't be carrying around a deadly weapon either.

  • Karen Bowler
    Karen Bowler

    Cloth gloves are for antiques. Things that you don't want oils from you hands to transfer to something.