Avengers: Endgame Cast Answer 50 of the Most Googled Marvel Questions | WIRED
Avengers: Endgame stars Scarlett Johansson, Jeremy Renner, Danai Gurira, Don Cheadle and Chris Hemsworth answer 50 of the most Googled questions about Marvel. What language do they speak in Black Panther? Who can pick up Thor's hammer? Who is stronger than Thanos?

Avengers: Endgame is in theaters everywhere April 26!

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Avengers: Endgame Cast Answer 50 of the Most Googled Marvel Questions | WIRED

  • grey magpantay
    grey magpantay

    No one: Not a single soul: Srsly no one: Don cheadle:tHe pUrpLe Chin

  • lopk nopoj
    lopk nopoj


  • lopk nopoj
    lopk nopoj


  • BloxyCloud

    5:41 what about doctor strange 😤

  • Michael De Santa
    Michael De Santa

    Jeremy: What happens in infinity war Also Jeremy: What? I dunno lmfao 😂😂

  • Mara Brennan
    Mara Brennan

    😂😂😂😂😂Jeremy 4:43 “get a broom and start sweeping it”😂😂I DIED

  • Ultima Gamer
    Ultima Gamer

    Don cheadle can’t be asked a question about thanos without mentioning his chin

  • Amparo Narbona
    Amparo Narbona

    If Tom Hiddleston had been there, he probably would've answered everything correctly.

  • David Taivairanga
    David Taivairanga

    How can it take that long for some bunch of hero's to win against one man himself?

  • T MM
    T MM

    loki: you will never be a god people: lets google it and see if even the god of mischief's last words were also a lie................ i'm crying, in a cool way

  • N I K
    N I K

    who can pick up Thor's Hammer? after endgame: 😏😏😏😏

  • Tropical Cool Coconut
    Tropical Cool Coconut

    thor: nobody can hold mjolnr (i dunno how to pronounce it) cap: im about to end this mans whole career

  • EdgiestSpider40

    "How did Captain Marvel get her powers?" CRACK

  • Greasy Hiddleston
    Greasy Hiddleston

    I love Hemsworth.

  • Tanisha Sharma
    Tanisha Sharma

    4:48 "Nt as powerful as thor" So true just so true😍😍

  • Tanisha Sharma
    Tanisha Sharma

    4:00 Man do they even watch all the movies😂😭

  • Tanisha Sharma
    Tanisha Sharma

    1:47 Jeremy and chris- thor yeaaah!! I love these cute bunch of people 😂❤❤

  • Tanisha Sharma
    Tanisha Sharma

    0:57 Ok i love hemmie alot😭😭❤❤

  • PES Gaming
    PES Gaming

    If your a avengers fan you should already know these questions

  • XXX Tentacles
    XXX Tentacles

    “How did captain marvel get her powers?” Don: *Crack.*

  • Daisy Cuevas
    Daisy Cuevas

    2:13 this is a spoiler, straight up spoiled.

  • Metica my case is different Alechenu
    Metica my case is different Alechenu

    "What are the infinity stones" "Christmas decorations" The studio laughs "Which avenger are you" "How dare you " The studio laughs

  • nicktrimax jacktrimax
    nicktrimax jacktrimax

    5:52 what the heck is going on with Scarlet's eyes?

  • Scrub_ Lord_
    Scrub_ Lord_

    I love on how subtle Don Cheadle throws shade on Captain Marvel

  • Jj Gamer
    Jj Gamer


  • Slapped Pork
    Slapped Pork

    Scarlet Johansson is me when I was taking my exams and didn't study

  • Patrick Fraley
    Patrick Fraley

    Seven infinity the ego stone

  • Djsjaid

    4:41 YESSSSSSS

  • SaltySam 2007
    SaltySam 2007

    “When does Avengers 4 come out?” Jeremy: April,173rd, 2019

  • Carson S
    Carson S

    it came out on my bday

  • Emmy Christiansen
    Emmy Christiansen

    A light saber can cut through caps shield

  • MoreSquiddy Fun
    MoreSquiddy Fun

    How strong is the hulk Scarlet:so strong How tall is the hulk Scarlet: so tall How strong is spiderman Scarlet:so strong

  • Toschi worlds
    Toschi worlds

    “Get a broom!” God dammit, Jeremy...

  • Delon Zizak
    Delon Zizak

    And Groot dies

  • Delon Zizak
    Delon Zizak

    And Doktor Strange

  • Steve Rogers
    Steve Rogers

    “How did captain marvel get her powers?” *”crack”* I think I just died

  • Kawaii Pickle
    Kawaii Pickle


  • Megan OfSherwood
    Megan OfSherwood

    They are having WAY too much fun with this! XD

  • Dorian Bell
    Dorian Bell

    Uh...crack. -Don Cheedle

  • Samyuktha18

    “Again this area” 😂

  • Mr. Lonely
    Mr. Lonely

    The way chris hemsworth reacts to thor question shows me he really enjoys thor, he loves the character

  • Joey

    y’all sleeping on “how did captain marvel get her powers?” don: crack.

  • Yap Thendup
    Yap Thendup

    What is ironman????? Scarlet= man made up of iron..😂😂😂😂😂

  • 3lla

    Q: How did Captain Marvel get her powers A: Uh Crack. Hahaha

  • Why.don’t.we_16 Whydontwe
    Why.don’t.we_16 Whydontwe

    5:54 When I don’t know the answer to a question on my test

  • William Clinker
    William Clinker

    A ball sack on your neck lol

  • HannahSwim

    1:36-1:46 = my favorite part Edit: nevermind the whole thing is amazing

  • Landon Brent
    Landon Brent

    How did captain marvel get her powers, crack, I was dead

  • Pride trooper Jiren
    Pride trooper Jiren

    Who’s win in a fight Thor or captain marvel

  • Vanessa Patterson
    Vanessa Patterson

    Jeremy what’s 10 + 10?! Jeremy: 173 r u stupid!?

  • courtney Rice
    courtney Rice

    I'm smarter then them

  • SlytherinPotato :D
    SlytherinPotato :D

    Question: Can a Lightsaber cut through Captain America's? Scarlet: That question is entirly to geeky for me to answer Me: OMG THE ONLY ANSWER IS YESSSS!!! Different types of people answering questions: The one who doesn't know "SO TALL" "SO STRONG" "All of them" The one who explains, but is still funny "Carefully. And take a lot of time when drawing your war machine" *Talks about thanos's chin* "Gods don't have that" "SPOILER ALERT go watch infinity war" The friends "173 come on guys, get it right" "Really powerful....Not as powerful as Thor" "That's a Google question?"

  • samantha graham
    samantha graham

    "a cautionary tale for asthmatics" made me spit my water out in laughter

  • Gametime Pro
    Gametime Pro

    What is thanos?? A grape just chop his head off and u got ur self a grape!

  • The Other side
    The Other side

    5:53 and pause Thank me later or give a like

  • Rebecca Provost
    Rebecca Provost

    "Infinity war could be a cautionary tale for asthmatics" Don stop it right now

  • Andrew G
    Andrew G

    Q: How did Captain Marvel get her powers? Don Cheadle: C R A C K

  • Oh no baby, what is you doing
    Oh no baby, what is you doing


  • Zeen Zones
    Zeen Zones

    I just like they are like not caring abt this at all lol

  • Mamta Shakya
    Mamta Shakya

    0:59 captain america also 😋😋

  • Alex Romano
    Alex Romano

    It baffles me that there are so many captain marvel question and Brie's not even there😂😂

  • HeyJay

    did the red skull not die in Captain America the first avenger tho ? So how did he become the soul stone keeper ?

  • Contanza Barreras
    Contanza Barreras

    Whoa I think I know more about Avengers than the actual cast! 4:00 me: mew mew

  • life who
    life who

    *Don should do the google most asked*

  • Cypro Vetix
    Cypro Vetix

    whats the first scp made?

  • fem!percy jackson
    fem!percy jackson

    2:27 According to Thanos there isn't

  • mk fan
    mk fan

    Question:"How tall is Hulk?" Scarlett:"So tall." Me:😏

  • Sommerlyn Tan
    Sommerlyn Tan

    "Get a broom and start sweeping" I DIED

  • Renato Coco
    Renato Coco

    5:40 they missed doctor strange and guardians of the galaxy

  • Yo It's Keaton
    Yo It's Keaton

    The question about lifting Mjölnir should have Captain America but k

  • LincMoney 808
    LincMoney 808

    For avengers movies

  • LincMoney 808
    LincMoney 808

    ViaBrainiomand steel is what captain America shield is made out of

  • LincMoney 808
    LincMoney 808

    The infinity stones are elements of crystals that were made to create life at least that’s what Wong said in infinity war

  • LincMoney 808
    LincMoney 808

    He wants to wipe out half the universe because he wants to impress death because that was his only love in the comic books

  • jame jim
    jame jim

    When does Avengers 4 come out? jeremy:April 173

  • And I oop-
    And I oop-

    Scarlett: why was the red skull in infinity war?? Me: *cries in Russian*

  • 이영주

    Leaked footage of the avengers crew having fun in the year 2021 while civilians are committing suicide

  • Germel Orellano
    Germel Orellano

    Time for crack is 3:05

  • Abbie Harrison
    Abbie Harrison

    How did captain marvel get her strength? Crack XD I'm dead

  • BRO9AN

    How to draw the Avengers Me: *draws a bunch of graves*

  • Clorox Bleach
    Clorox Bleach

    “What happens after infinity war” Jeremy Renner: Get a broom and start sweeping Im dead

  • Karla Bannana
    Karla Bannana

    *what was the last symbol in infinity wars?* Scarlett: chris evan's beard? Me: 😂😂😂😂 Edit: thx foer all the good 7 people, who liked this lonely comment.

  • AlexCross117

    I love how Chris Hemsworth just answers right every question related to Thor. He's perfect for the character and he shows it. Also he knows that the real strongest is Thor not "captain personal attack"

  • dr memologist
    dr memologist

    video: SPOILERS also video: *released day before movie released*

  • Beatrix Lozach
    Beatrix Lozach

    What is Thor the god of? Hangovers. And beer guts.

  • Beatrix Lozach
    Beatrix Lozach

    Where is Robert Downey Jr? Chris Evans? Mark Ruffalo?

  • The Ginger YouTuber!
    The Ginger YouTuber!

    Best part 5:52

  • FlorisAEP

    I'm kind of disappointed about their answers

  • Christos Kougioumoutzis
    Christos Kougioumoutzis

    Chris Hemsworth dont even know that thor is god of thunder

  • Shivam Gaming
    Shivam Gaming


  • mysterious world videos
    mysterious world videos

    Hit a like for thora🙋

  • Angus Owen
    Angus Owen

    I know it wasn’t Hawkeye u were to busy trying to teach a kid like an actual kid to shoot arrows

  • Richard Warren
    Richard Warren

    The whole time Don was just roasting thanos ' s chin it was hilarious.

  • Min3gam3r156

    3:05 CRACK!!

  • HELLO, My name is DEADPOOL
    HELLO, My name is DEADPOOL

    Thor just spoiled himself cutting purple grape head

  • salt3000

    "How did Captain Marvel get her powers?" Don, without hesitation: Crack.

  • Emma Narine
    Emma Narine

    scarlett’s answers are me bullshitting my way through a test tbh

  • Daffy

    Who can lift Thor’s hammer Thor: NOBODY! Steve: Hehe... Vison: Mind stone ait! Odin: Dont forget who made it! Hela: Kids these days ey?

  • Anna Tran
    Anna Tran

    1:42 😂

  • LUCHO!

    The Hemsworth face😂