Attempting The Impossible: Racing Our Sportster for X-Games Glory
Quick recap: we bought a Harley-Davidson Sportster off of Craigslist. Built it in 72 hours. Threw our buddy Ryan Kibbe (aka Kibbetech) behind the handlebars, and gave him ONE test day on a flat track. PS, he's never raced flat track before. Anyway, after all that, we took the Banana Hammer to the event it was built for: The Born Free Stampede Hooligan race. Will Kibbe qualify? Will it even be close??
X Games Minneapolis August 1st - 4th. More Info visit!
Thanks to everyone who’s making this mission possible:
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  • Matthew Gorgoglione
    Matthew Gorgoglione

    That Harley David prerunner bike 🏁🏍️ is sick and great job, freaking awesome, do a build and get out there like that ...🤯...🐴🏆....the wheelie 🌿🤗 🧤was ilL too...1st in my book🥇👌

  • PetcoMatt


  • Fuad Radityo
    Fuad Radityo

    Unpopular focus, what's your sunglass type anyway?


    Cool insights Maybe you can take a look at my Channel

  • Spencer Isom
    Spencer Isom

    Hells yeah !! Damn good effort guys. I was so hoping you could pull off a win in that LCQ but absolutely awesome for throwing a bike together that quick and going racing. No doubt you have inspired alot of holligans to do the same Thanks for the epic content

  • Robert Robb
    Robert Robb

    What a hoot! You guys have so much fun!

  • RazerKiLLer1

    Is this the American type of Speedway that we have in Europe? Looks janky as fuck and dangerous, I love it!

  • Matheus Lima
    Matheus Lima

    I'm from Brazil, I would love to watch the videos of you with captions

  • Matheus Lima
    Matheus Lima

    Brasil alguém?

  • Barry Goodson
    Barry Goodson

    Very cool 😎 !

  • Moto-Medics

    I saw that bike fall over haha 1:17

  • Michael Peretto
    Michael Peretto

    Looks like everyone sand bagged practice lol. Good effort though.

  • Chris Trotchie
    Chris Trotchie

    Brown bunny

  • edvolcom

    I so wanna be part of it!!!! Feck being in the Uk... 😢

  • Benjamin Baird
    Benjamin Baird

    So hoonigan coming to Minnesota or not? Would love to see you guys here hell probably the only reason I would go is if they are there

  • Taylor Bye
    Taylor Bye

    (maximum moto action + coal truckle cameo) X Danger Dan = #GETTOWORKSCOTTO

  • Axle Grind
    Axle Grind

    there is content on the internet that shows a proper flat track bike. none of them have the right foot peg mounted that far up on the frame. they are mounted low and further forward for better control of center of gravity.

  • Nathan205

    Yooo, this looks super fun

  • ChrisXJones518

    Zack! Wear sunscreen!!

  • justin cahoon
    justin cahoon

    Where can i race my trike? Is there info on this? I saw atc's .... now i am pumped!

  • Rench Ranch
    Rench Ranch

    Epic!!! Great job.

  • Thomas Szalankiewicz
    Thomas Szalankiewicz

    This may be my favorite episode hooligans has produced!

  • Spiewick

    Oh man this reminds me of the old speedway races in San Bernardino with Bruce Penhall leading the way...Hey Zac and Ryan, I can see it now HOONIGAN SPEEDWAY TEAM!!!

  • Jeffery Duhon
    Jeffery Duhon

    Mann aTc life 250R's 350X's Tri-Z's poor kids these days with all there suspension and four wheels will never no what commitment is cause to actually ride one of them full out you had to commit 2 fuck it .. if not they would throw you lol

  • james ramos
    james ramos

    Where is Brad btw?

  • Damon Sharp
    Damon Sharp

    Good job keeping it up Kibbe. Flst track is a crazy sport. I race AMA District 17 on a YZ250F

  • Ethan Giachino
    Ethan Giachino

    Dodge needs to sponsor Hoonigan as official race bike transporter

  • Maika Padeken
    Maika Padeken

    Hooligan has changed so much, I barely watch anymore sorry boys

  • Danilo Neto
    Danilo Neto


  • Gurn Blanstein
    Gurn Blanstein

    None of the people can ride not just your friend...

  • Travis Hatfield
    Travis Hatfield

    s/o to Hillsack

  • Devon David
    Devon David

    Did he just say Hail Satan on the pre race "pray"

  • Jo Free
    Jo Free

    Great video. Kudos to Kibbe. As someone that's never done this.... I have to wonder if an 883 would be faster? Less torque. Less wheel spin on slick dirt. Would a less powerful bike be faster?

  • chris vance
    chris vance

    Why is Dan dressed like Jonny Depp on Fear And Lothing In Las Vegas??🤔

  • Michael J.
    Michael J.

    Greatest opening ever. Lmfao

  • Giancarlo Escobar
    Giancarlo Escobar

    I'm so hurt I live 5 minutes from Peris

  • Mo McKinsey
    Mo McKinsey

    "Raise Hell, Praise Dale, Hail Satan" double, even triple Jeanin it, squarebodies, fbodies, and Coors, Zach is quality. 👌🏼

  • wilgarcia1

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE colab with @REVZILLA to race their Streetrod Dirt Track bike =D

  • Isaiah Chester
    Isaiah Chester

    7:52 to 7:53 what was that hominoid? lmfao

  • Alan Brattland
    Alan Brattland

    Do it for Dale brother 🇺🇸👍🏻

  • OShea Smith Trent
    OShea Smith Trent

    Did Kibbe really just get passed by a guy in a "Fucking Awesome" T? Really. Come on. No props to Kibbe really, prolly my favorite Hoonigan.

  • Lee humphrey
    Lee humphrey

    I’m sorry but that is so embarrassing when you have given so many opportunities and all you have to do is stay in front of everybody that fell off and you managed to fuck it up

  • William Nisbet
    William Nisbet

    Guys, this is great but where is brad????

  • denisesellers

    Using that prayer at thanksgiving. Lol

  • Andrico De Wet
    Andrico De Wet

    Brad truly is the biggest OFF at Hoonigan!

  • sup brae
    sup brae

    11:19 kibb’s got a Donald trump tan hahaha

  • Ride w/ Eric
    Ride w/ Eric

    its safe to assume, most of these guys are habitually micro dosing magic mushrooms

  • bergrud

    So its basically speedway. Just way slower racers.

  • Sebastian Caldera
    Sebastian Caldera

    All this people want to see Brad and Hary in a video 👇🏼

  • KC Karns
    KC Karns

    The boys are allowed to cuss in the motorcycle videos



  • Tomi hriberšek
    Tomi hriberšek

    European version of speedway is much more cooler, faster and much more interesting + the drivers basically drift the whole lap.

    • vector6977

      We have speedway racing here too. This is flat track, a different thing entirely.

    • Christopher St. Clair
      Christopher St. Clair

      Welp this is flat track not speedway

  • gonzalez jr
    gonzalez jr

    @ 8:46 is me at work all day 😅

  • Aaron Forward
    Aaron Forward

    Video doesnt do justice to how much committment it takes to stay sideways in a sportster lap after lap.

  • Rosa Fonseca
    Rosa Fonseca

    DAN THE HIPPIE MAN Who else can agree with me that Dan looks like a full on hipster in the van along with his fit

  • mrvt365

    I need the zack's prayer at 11:35 on a shirt

  • Joshua King
    Joshua King

    Where's the NasCarlo?

  • Fraser Hughes
    Fraser Hughes

    The road trip intro is by far the best

  • Nicholas Burlo
    Nicholas Burlo

    I high five you for doin tha damn thing. Kibbetech looked like he was hangin on for dear life, Style points 4 out of 10, Ballz points 8 out of 10. Props to you all and keep the content coming! And some weight on your front tire!

  • Steve Kirkey
    Steve Kirkey

    Good work gentlemen

  • Andreas Kragler
    Andreas Kragler

    I don't know if you mean the real X-Games but if so you should watch this Greetings from Europe

  • Max Sailer
    Max Sailer

    so its basically its just like the European Speedway Championship

  • hausbruer

    Love it guys! New hoonigan race team?! 😂

  • Jake Holweger
    Jake Holweger

    Isn't this where Freiburger and roadkill smashed the nascarlo?

  • Jose Garcia
    Jose Garcia

    Why did Kibbe turn hella orange at 11:00🤔

  • Jamie Riggs
    Jamie Riggs

    Did anyone notice the bike fall over in the van when the door gets closed 😬

  • Nic Erdman
    Nic Erdman

    Kibbe is now hooked on racing.

  • Shrop Shire
    Shrop Shire

    Excellent job Guys!!! First time racing. New Bike. Came home shiny. Laid down low ET Qualifiier?!?! Fantastic!!! Way to be Kibbie!

  • Beaudoin Motorsports
    Beaudoin Motorsports


  • Beaudoin Motorsports
    Beaudoin Motorsports

    Kei truck on the Lift, I see you #Hoonigan