Announcing the Perfect Democratic Presidential Candidate for 2020 - The Jim Jefferies Show
The Jim Jefferies Show
Jim takes a look at the many, many, many Democrats who are running for president in 2020.
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The Jim Jefferies Show is here to shake up the humdrum formula of the political late-night show. Jim tackles the news of the day with no-bulls**t candor, piercing insight and a uniquely Aussie viewpoint.
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  • jcastaneda631


  • Abdul Hannan Abdul Matheen
    Abdul Hannan Abdul Matheen


  • J J
    J J

    That old gravel was sweet

  • Shawncedes Boonz
    Shawncedes Boonz

    Where’s Andrew yang?!!

  • dick hitswater
    dick hitswater

    Luv u jim but that was the wost bernie sanders impression

  • D.C. Gold
    D.C. Gold

    This episode came straight from corporate. 🙄 ZERO SUBSTANCE.... #Bernie2020 #DemocracyNow #ThereIsNoMiddleGround #KyleKulinski #SamSeder #MikeFigueredo #MichaelBrooks

  • Jacob Elrod
    Jacob Elrod


  • Homemade Collectibles2021
    Homemade Collectibles2021

    Is jimmy also corrupt and paid by donors because there was no mention of tulsi, Bernie nor yang??

  • ChrisP INFJ
    ChrisP INFJ

    You'd be fun to drink with.

  • LarsCT

    Un loves pies. Human blood pies.

  • Aszhara

    1. Sanders 2. Gabbard . . 3. Warren . . . . . 4. Yang . . . 20 inch deep pile of shit . . . . The rest

  • Merkaba


  • Steve Owen
    Steve Owen

    This piece of shit. His drunken dad fucked a whore. This cunt was the result.

  • It is what it is
    It is what it is

    Its a soup, cracked me! But now Yang is polling at the 5th

  • chupacabra20

    Wait,someone comedian made fun of democrats?I am shocked

  • Craig Penfold
    Craig Penfold

    im telling you now. if joe biden or someone like him wins the primaries, trump is winning the general. bernies sanders has the best chance to beat trump, bernie's hardest part will be the primaries

  • dlee t
    dlee t

    3 debates of 8 candidates each gets all 24 a stage without the GOP circus of 12, although they did bring a clown. I guess it's a chicken & egg thing. Was GOP a circus before the clown or did the clown make the GOP a circus? Circuses have 3 rings and Farcical Opinionated Xenophobic News is a one ring show since Reagan killed the Fairness Doctrine and Clinton deregulated more as a good GOP POTUS should.

  • Android_Z

    Andrew Yang And Tulsi Gabbard 2020!

  • Robustus

    I don’t need to know shit about any of these fuckers until this time next year. I’m retired and bored a lot of the time and still I have no time for these shits...

  • Vasilijan Nikolovski
    Vasilijan Nikolovski

    You either die a hero, or you live long enough to see yourself become a sellout bitch and puppet to the establishment. Fuck off Jim you fucking pussy.

  • chase trowell
    chase trowell

    Hey it's that c*** who edits his interviews to lie and suit his narrative. Also delete UA-my comments. I used to like you Jim Jefferies you stupid c***

  • The Dude Abides
    The Dude Abides

    This guy is 100 times more hilarious than Bill Maher.

  • Eric Burkheimer
    Eric Burkheimer

    Sorry, I'm all in with Mayor Pete... a military veteran, Rhodes Scholar, and 7 years as mayor of South Bend, IN... and not only mayor... he turned South Bend around. It was near collapse, and he saved it. Even Republicans of South Bend appreciate what he's done. Besides, could he really be worse than the treasonous traitorous tinted twat, Trump? No.

  • Old Bull Lee
    Old Bull Lee

    Real leftists only baby.... Bernie or Warren. The rest are solely benefitting corporations.

  • Voice IT
    Voice IT

    Dear stupid Amerifats: If you don't vote Bernie next, Democracy is dead and China will take over the world. Regards, Europe.

  • Trump4prison2020


  • Zachary Prosser
    Zachary Prosser

    Biden is diet coke Obama, always has been, always well

  • Truth Serum
    Truth Serum

    Kinda sad to see him skip Andrew yang

  • Eire

    Jim Scum Fanclub member, Jim hates Muslims, would feed an baby to an Dingo

  • Kevin Morton
    Kevin Morton

    Thank god for the laugh track. Otherwise I wouldn't ne able to identify the punch line


    Anything is a 100 times better than the orrange asshead

  • Napi Coyote
    Napi Coyote

    I'm waitin' for Carlos Danger...! 😜

  • Michael Osborn
    Michael Osborn

    Every Jim jeffries jokes segment . Trump bad, white people, wanking off, I don't understand you Americans, I don't like guns relevancy from early 2000s comedy special, and beer

  • Michael Osborn
    Michael Osborn

    Avi. Said hello Jimmy boy

  • Pinkbubblegum

    I love you Jimmmmmm 💕💗💕💗💕💗💕💗💋

  • JimbobTG

    Why is this unavailable in the UK?

  • TheMercsAssassin

    I died @ white Obama

  • One Of Those Guys
    One Of Those Guys


  • One Of Those Guys
    One Of Those Guys

    Bernie Sanders joke wasn't actually a joke lol. That's how it works.

  • Draum

    This was cringey. Are you capable of discussing the candidates without mentioning their race/gender every 2 seconds? Shouldn't it be about their policies, not just their race? The 'perfect candidate' part was just stupid as, imagine that different people like different elements of different candidates, how shocking.

  • DreezTheHunter

    Fuckin lol tyvm

  • Dark Star
    Dark Star

    The perfect candidate would be a dead office plant and a rock that might be very old dog shit that has turned hard.. All the humans can drop.out.

  • darthroig

    BERNIE 2020!!!

  • David Miscaviage
    David Miscaviage

    Betohelped develop back orifice like this comment if you hacked some shit with his software

  • David Miscaviage
    David Miscaviage

    Perfect candidate is trump, cause he will give the presidency to someone eho.doednt pander to the Christian right like it's the 80s


    I'm a Republican who is praying for a minority president with a transsexual vice president to replace Trump!! I'm soooooo sick of hearing all the BS!!!

  • John Smith
    John Smith

    Why does the media always make it seem so unrasonable that more than two people are trying to get the democrats nomination? Isnt that healthy in a democracy? I mean granted 90% of them are corporate cocksuckers, but somehow i doubt this gatekeeper will mention that. Also why ignore tulsi? Oh yeah forgot all media is hostile to her

  • Alan Myron
    Alan Myron

    But then it is up to us: The American citizens who love our country to fight back. Maybe this video will teach you a thing or two.

  • korte Yeo
    korte Yeo

    Doeant even mention TULSI who actually HAS the policies he describes along with steel ovaries??? Him, get back to stand up and forget politics.

    • TheShadowlord18

      @Alan Myron I feel John Oliver is still allright, and I definitely like Seth Meyers. With Noah I was a bit torn but I liked some of his more recent segments with Sanders. I agree about the rest though, and it is VERY disingeneous to mention the 'sea of white men democrats' like hecklen whatever, but not mention either Yang or Gabbard.

    • Alan Myron
      Alan Myron

      Agreed!!! He is a far cry of Jon Stewart. John Oliver, Stephen Colbert, Noah, Samatha Bee, and now Jeffries, they all have sold themselves to air propaganda. It is really sad.

  • Carmel Sileo
    Carmel Sileo

    Gra-VEL is actually just running to be in the debates, still a funny bit LOL

  • burmesebeef

    Yang gang checking in

  • IamGhede

    We need to stop letting people with imaginary friends called Jesus run the world.

  • robinjac

    How dare you not even mention Andrew Yang

    • It’s Got Electrolytes!
      It’s Got Electrolytes!

      Because of rationality

    • northman logging
      northman logging


  • Savannah


  • phishbasket


  • Ludvig Paulsson
    Ludvig Paulsson

    Jim go back to regular standup.

  • Phil Metal
    Phil Metal

    Beto is so disappointing, I thought he was going to be he's spouting Republican talking points... " Oh we will have access to healthcare". Everyone has "access" but most don't have the money to pay for that access

    • korte Yeo
      korte Yeo

      Ya...he can't suck any more if he tried. He was probably skating off to find A table to stand on so his vacuous message actually seemed like it had something worth listening to In it #TULSI2020

  • Uniquely Generic
    Uniquely Generic

    It's got to be Tulsi.

  • Rua Anonphish
    Rua Anonphish

    It's almost as if the DNC stacked the deck to dilute #SandersGabbard2020 chances

  • Scott

    What kind of relevant experience does Pete Buttigieg bring to the table? A hell of a lot more than Trump and you still elected that steaming pile of uselessness.

  • Kevin Gorzny
    Kevin Gorzny

    This was pretty uninformed Jim. Listen to nearly any interview or town hall with Mayor Pete and he will quickly convince you otherwise.


    Either Andrew Yang or Tulsi Gabbard. Can’t wait for them!

    • TACIII

      Mexi Chillin that’s fine. Regardless they both do have a chance 😊

    • Mexi Chillin
      Mexi Chillin

      Not a chance

  • Tom maguire
    Tom maguire

    christ i rememeber when jim jeffries was funny

  • A

    Avi Yemini

  • delfin7461

    Aside from the little bit of gay, I think you might have described Tammy Ducksworth!!! She's actually who I'd love to see as president, she's a veteran who lost both legs in war, she's half-Thai, she's a mom and she's very down to earth.

  • Ashford Marrero
    Ashford Marrero

    Tulsi/Bernie 2020

  • B A
    B A

    Fuck Jim Jefferies.

  • Learned Hand
    Learned Hand

    *Notice that he didn't show Tulsi Gabbard. He showed almost every candidate except Tulsi. Shame on you Jim.* Mike Gravel (pronounced gru- vell) is actually an awesome candidate. Gravel was the Senator who released the Pentagon Papers and made them public documents. He officially denounces our wars stating that they are based on lies, which is a fact btw. He ran for president in 2008, you should watch his debates with Obama and Hillary. Him choosing "Joe" is ironic because Joe Biden would be a monster candidate, who would easily lose to Trump. He can't even fall back on his record, he was basically the architect to the US mass incarceration system, and gets a lot of money from private prisons. There wasn't a war that he didn't support. Publicly offered to "prostitute" himself to the lobbyists, his words not mine. He's perfectly happy with the healthcare system, and can you guess where else he gets his money? The list is long... Jim Jefferies could make some great comedy with Gravel, but it wouldn't have to be like this half cocked propaganda piece, it could have been honest.

    • Alan Myron
      Alan Myron

      Where is Jon Stewart when we need him? The late night comedy shows used to be the only source of “real news”. Now: They have folded and become propaganda machines.

  • Suvir Sinha
    Suvir Sinha

    2:56 Seth Moulton is there twice.

  • bookashkin

    There already is a perfect Democratic candidate with a real chance to beat Trump. Her name is Tulsi Gabbard and she is a veteran. If her name were Joe and you weren't a functional alcoholic, I am sure you'd have mentioned her.

  • Joy Dejesus
    Joy Dejesus

    If anyone other than Tulsi makes the cut I’m switching sides...she’s the only sane one amongst all these psychos. Vote Tulsi 2020.....everyone else are just playing games.....she is serious

  • Teflon Don
    Teflon Don

    Do u even have a research team? Hickenlooper is the one that watched porn with his mom, that's the opposite of asexual!

  • Paul Patterson
    Paul Patterson

    Jim the rapist, trying to do comedy-lite... the bloke is literally slime.

  • 2xkiller

    So... Ummm... Did anyone else notice that he "almost" described Sen. Tammy Duckworth? Now she's Not a white man who's also a black lady, nor is she a black lady who thinks like a white man, but... She is a Thai-American woman who "kinda" thinks like a white man. Duckworth served as a U.S. Army helicopter pilot and suffered severe combat wounds losing both of her legs. So she's got the Veteran and Amputee. She's got a decent smile, not Joe's but not Drumpfs either. Seriously, he could be sending us some subconscious subliminal messages here. ;-)

  • Aaron Uribe
    Aaron Uribe

    Lol Jim I know your gonna vote for Trump. You don’t have to lie.

  • underweightHater

    If the wooden goblin is for universal health care and takes only small donations I think I'm on board. I like his straight to the point message.

  • Blue Clouds
    Blue Clouds

    America is a *freak show.* Said George Carlin. So a freak show must have a freak for its president too.

    • Kinsey Madeline
      Kinsey Madeline

      Fine, fine I'll do it.

  • an eye for an eye
    an eye for an eye

    This piece of 💩 keeps on the pokerface. UA-my is not the only platform you got exposed on for being a racist two faced snake.😡👎

  • Doc Holiday
    Doc Holiday

  • Dustin Jones
    Dustin Jones

    Tulsi 2020!

  • Bradrick Myers
    Bradrick Myers

    Please mention Andrew Yang

    • Logan Leatherman
      Logan Leatherman

      The fact that he didn't mention Andrew Yang is a good thing. His whole bit was going after the long-shot fucks who don't stand a chance of being President.

  • The blessed 1
    The blessed 1

    BERNIE 2020!!! 🤗 🤗 🤗

  • Erin Bruce
    Erin Bruce

    Tulsi Gabbard has the best policies, and that is what you should base your vote on. This is a link to Tulsi's policies ...But if we are going to play "Identity Politics" Tulsi Gabbard is: 1) a Woman of Color (but her mom is white) 2) a Hindu (but her dad is Catholic, so that's a sprinkling of 2 religions) 3) American Samoan (still an American territory) 4) a Major in the Army National Guard (highest rank of anyone currently running) 5) 2 time combat veteran (medical unit, saw first hand the cost of war)

  • jack Flash
    jack Flash

    You didn’t mention Tulsi Gabbard. She is the most outspoken against needless wars and has sound domestic policy. How are you gonna mention clowns like hickenlooper and bullock and not mention Tulsi Gabbard? Also, gravel is better than at least 21 of the other candidates, regardless of his age. #Tulsi2020 🤙

    • Alan Myron
      Alan Myron

      @Vikrant: So True!!

    • Tracymmo

      @Vikrant Pulipati LOL!

    • Vikrant Pulipati
      Vikrant Pulipati

      Because Tulsi represents a threat to the economic status quo that keeps Jim Jeffries rich.

  • Tristan Möller
    Tristan Möller

    Gravel is a g for agreeing to do that

  • TioteProdsTV


    • robert 0
      robert 0

      Universal income is a bad idea though Americans are too lazy.

    • robert 0
      robert 0

      Hell no a universal income would just let these lazy fat trailer park people stay at home

  • TioteProdsTV


  • gringochucha

    He does a pretty good Bernie.

  • Thomas Mortensen
    Thomas Mortensen

    What a strange coincidence, Jim. I'm off for a wank, too.

  • Greg

    Meh... not his best work in my opinion. Some of it was kinda funny to me but the whole last part with making the perfect candidate was not up to his par imo

  • Maximilian

    yes, split thr democrats up, instead of all supporting one major candidate with s great chance of winning just give em 24. Divide and conquer ...

    • korte Yeo
      korte Yeo

      The DNC is doing this purposely to split the delegates so the convention goes to a second ballot and superdelegates are allowed to vote. The DNC will choose the candidate they want and all of the corporate candidates, which is all of them but 2, really, maybe more if you count yang, williamson, gravel and warren but she is basically playing ball with the DNC, And the others won't likely have Many or possibly any delegates DEblasio is a joke, but may get 15% of the vote in New York and he can give those to anybody he wants. The goal is to prevent progressive's like Bernie or tulsi from getting a majority of candidates. It's actually right in step with the MSM that he doesn't even mention tulsi. They are terrified of her. Check her out... She actually is pretty much the perfect candidate Active Major, 2 tours in middle east during Iraq war Anti-war, anri- regime change Pro environment Pro LGBT & women's rights Medicare for all 6 years armed forces committee 6 years International Intelligence PRO whistleblower and transparency Proposed "securing elections act" Proposed "stop arming terrorists" act (did ya knowingly the US supplied arms to "moderate" terrorists groups affikiated with Al-Qaida in Syria? Amazing thia iant being covered

  • GodKingOsiris

    Editing the Perfect Democratic Presidential Candidate for 2020 - The Jim Jefferies Show

  • Alan Myron
    Alan Myron

    leaving out Yang and Tulsi who both have qualified as the other major candidates, it’s strange. Google more and drink less perhaps?

  • Alan Myron
    Alan Myron

    Here is the perfect candidate: Tulsi Gabbard. Veteran, surfer, minority, cross over appeal, young, and by the way, she has qualified for the debates by number of donors AND polls.

  • Richard Belarde
    Richard Belarde

    Mike Gravel is a great candidate. He's not planning on winning, he just wants to get to the debates and drive the overton window back to the left.

    • Mexi Chillin
      Mexi Chillin

      He wont

  • Bailey Bartley
    Bailey Bartley

    smh, can’t wait for media to mention Tulsi or Yang...

  • Doc Holiday
    Doc Holiday

    Jim Jeffries can't even address Avi

    • Regis Glass
      Regis Glass

      @Doc Holiday apologies but that is an incomplete video edit: and does not show what I asked. Could you please provide the full video?

    • Doc Holiday
      Doc Holiday

      @Regis Glass

    • Regis Glass
      Regis Glass

      @Doc Holiday what did he change? I saw Jim's interview and avi said that anything African tribal and everything Islamic immigration must be cut, unless it was white south African. What was changed there?

    • Doc Holiday
      Doc Holiday

      @Regis Glass he did an interview with Avi Yemeni and edited to to make him look like a bigot. Avi secretly recorded the interview with his phone and posted it

    • Regis Glass
      Regis Glass

      Address what?

  • Mobashshir Fz
    Mobashshir Fz

    The anticlimax! Smh

  • Kimberly Griffin
    Kimberly Griffin

    Trump will win 2020.👍

  • Now Trending
    Now Trending

    But Bernie would be a wiser choice