Animorphs: How Those Weird Covers Were Made Using Elastic Reality
Even if you never read an Animorphs book or watched the Nickelodeon TV show, chances are you've seen at least one of the trippy book covers. And using Elastic Reality software from 1994, we can make our own!
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  • okamichan16

    I'm really interested in trying do some of this myself! What is the closest spiritual successor to this program nowadays?

  • White Trash
    White Trash

    please make the clint->pc morph your intro forever and ever

  • PunkHippie

    Always wanted to be the sea cucumber. I don’t think they have a book for that

  • Hardlydan

    Animorphs are new to me but that could be because I was indulging in underage drinking back in 1996. I know, I'm old.

  • Jedidiah Kelley
    Jedidiah Kelley

    995 USD back then, I’d be terrified putting any software like that on a floppy as a company

  • Marty Moose
    Marty Moose

    Hot damn this software was almost $1000! How much can you buy it for today?



  • RockstarBruski

    Meow! That's morphalicious! Fun video. Thanks!

  • coffee pot
    coffee pot

    $1000 dollars? In 90s money? I'm glad open source is a thing now.

  • Sub To Luis
    Sub To Luis

    Those covers always used to scare me. What are those shits even about?

  • Yoshi92

    good episode man

  • Andrew Peer
    Andrew Peer

    Great video dude! You're so good at making things informative and hilarious. - Loved it

  • Soper Frazzy
    Soper Frazzy

    03:47 I did not fucking expect those faces on the right. That shit was fucking hilarious

  • Maxine Amelia
    Maxine Amelia

    Bueller? Bueller?

  • Getsuu Fuma
    Getsuu Fuma

    your parents tax money went into paying for elastic reality lol

  • Sweece!

    The Android has the best cover fite me

  • Monica Vega
    Monica Vega

    I want you to know I put your videos on when I go to sleep because your voice is so soothing, and relaxing....

  • Imurderragdolls

    Seeing that Carmaggedon 2 desktop icon made my day.

  • Xeperu

    AVID takes everything....

  • HSC 209th
    HSC 209th

    What about those early Snoop Dogg videos yeah?

  • Mark Tzvi Koegel
    Mark Tzvi Koegel

    You can actually do this very easily at , I was just using it for a project.

  • David Urdahl
    David Urdahl

    And to think our phones can make us cats automagiclly now a days.

  • Travis Newton
    Travis Newton

    "It cost $995..." "Property of the US Federal Government at one point"... it didn't cost $995... it cost about $1995! lol

  • Nova Belladonna
    Nova Belladonna

    I always wondered why some of the books had different styles on the front, thanks!

  • Николай Новицкий
    Николай Новицкий

    Ninety-eight new Animorphs disapprove. :D

  • Deep Notes
    Deep Notes

    The face morphs reminds me of early x files episodes when humans morph into an alien or whatever lol.

  • Adam Eason
    Adam Eason

    I've been able to see this sort of effect by using the "blend" thing in Adobe illustrator

  • Sylas Krohmer
    Sylas Krohmer

    I’ve still have the whole collection!

  • Ali Bridges
    Ali Bridges

    Clint you UA-my god, this video is fantastic and exactly what I needed. I love the pacing and fact density in your videos, better than any telly by far also Animorphs. Nice one mate :)

  • BOYD1981

    I bought Softkey's 'Morph Studio' probably 20 years ago from a bargain bin and messed about doing moprhs but it's nowhere near as in depth as this. Jasc's 'Animation Shop' also has a very basic morphing effect that can be fun for a few minutes.

  • David Godfrey
    David Godfrey

    I thought it was cool but very creepy.

  • Pith Helmet
    Pith Helmet

    7:26 I'm a computer! Stop all the downloading!

  • ICanDoThatToo2

    6:39 After seeing the Suzuki video, you should have made every transition in this video into a bad morph.

  • Hoopy Frood
    Hoopy Frood

    4:29 "Morps"

  • Sonari N. Roulette
    Sonari N. Roulette

    V A R I E T Y O F F E X

  • Yoshimi Sugai
    Yoshimi Sugai

    I could see you doing an LGR to Duke Nukem morph with this program, that would be awesome if you did pull it off. Also something of note: this video is dripping with 90s nostalgia, even though I never got into the Animorphs stuff back in the day. :P

  • Omahamaho

    could you review Weekend Warrior and Nanosaur from Pangea Software

  • Koehli _
    Koehli _

    the cat morph was cool!

  • Coda Highland
    Coda Highland

    On the PC side of things, HSC Digital Morph was roughly contemporary and I was able to get my hands on a demo version of it back in the day. It works basically the same way. The interface layout was pretty different, but defining control points and such was the same process.

  • Bobsmithgeorgette

    This is fucking crazy, great find Flint!!!

  • Nathan Tipton
    Nathan Tipton

    69th Academy Awards? Nice.

  • Sammy Sakejha
    Sammy Sakejha

    Anyone else enjoy the TV series

  • RET80

    Hey! Love the new LGR intro!

  • oåooåo ipip
    oåooåo ipip

    1:22 David B. Mattingly looks like he's about to morph into George W Bush

  • Sirstrongman

    What the hell was the US government doing with face morphing software? Were those government agents making animorph fanfiction or something?

  • Wimpy Denton
    Wimpy Denton

    Now you can make it for free with a smartphone

  • darktooth347

    I always thought it was a Russian horror story since a black man who turned into a horse got his ass rawed out by a truck, I can't blame the driver who kept driving after the fact.

  • needforsuv

    I remember seeing these at my local bookstore in the late-mid 2000's and in my school library or something OH I remember the one on the right 0:28

  • Gene Miller
    Gene Miller

    $1000 software and they couldn't adopt a simple naming convention with padded 0's.

  • stereomike111

    there was a similar, but free, program for windows in the 2000s or maybe at the very late 90s. anyone happen to remember what it was called?

  • 5Rounds Rapid
    5Rounds Rapid

    A few years later, Scholastic would publish a British book that everyone else turned down. It became a pretty big hit. It’s about some boy named Potter, I think...

  • Michael Martin
    Michael Martin

    I grew up in the 90's... reading second hand copies of The Famous Five. I missed all this stuff (except Goosebumps, but I didn't read many of them). When all these middle-class people were crying over Dinana Wynne-Jones I was just like "who?".

  • natekates

    4:24 Will the real fex guy please stand up, in the comments?

  • Cookiesliyr

    He can be a great Vulcan!

  • Mr. Sky
    Mr. Sky

    Not just people growing up in the 90's. I remember being in elementary school in the early 2000's and seeing tons of these books in the library's. Nobody ever really rented them.....we just kind of looked at them and laughed at how ridiculous they looked.

  • 5thString

    Stick some glue in the lubricity tester and see what happens.

  • plan7a


  • stonent

    I had some free pack-in software for morphing that came with a multi-media kit I bought years ago. It might have been made by Ulead, but I'm not sure. I remember the cover of the CD case was an older man in a cowboy hat morphing into a boy. I played with it for a day or two and that was about it.

  • Charles DeLiberis
    Charles DeLiberis

    i use to love that series and books

  • The Poet Of Fall
    The Poet Of Fall

    Lol, I think you have a new opening animation....

  • BradMerc

    Very cool video, Clint. Thanks!

  • Peter Hart
    Peter Hart

    Like the new intro! Oh and Like the new intro! Oh and Like the new intro! Oh and please morph into an iMac Pro!

  • Skype group disbanded
    Skype group disbanded

    That kid turning into a dolphin was in my elementary library

  • Mshojat

    Wow those new covers are _terrible!_ I didn't think the could/ould go _backwards_ in quality!

  • hobbified

    Dave Mattingly? Huh, turns out that's the same guy who did a bunch of work for Baen, including all of the Honor Harrington covers.

  • Vanessa Vestal
    Vanessa Vestal

    Cool fex

  • C

    We have an Animorphs fan Discord server! Come join:

  • Chris Tophat
    Chris Tophat

    Who first told the joke: “ I haven’t read An- Y Animorph book well , that’s a lie I did flip through several Mogamigawa “ ~cmt~ Cuz if it’s me I’m stealing it for my memoirs

  • macsnafu

    Mattingly was a matte painter. Seems appropriate somehow.

  • Bruno Santos
    Bruno Santos

    In the outro you got almost as enthusiastic as the VHS guy for a second. Almost.

  • exodous02

    I remember seeing the Animorphs books and the art did not interest me enough to read them. I'm surprised they still put them out, I guess kids will read anything(or nothing which is usually the case).

  • CataclysmicStar

    My husband and I met in an Animorphs chat room on IRC in the late 90s. We both still have our entire collections of all of the books. Somehow, this is a serious dose of nostalgia.

  • Mongoose556

    Khajit "What does it want?"

  • shinobody

    "or watched the Nickelodeon TV show" THERE WAS A TV SHOW????

  • Osystem

    Never heard about animorphs where i live. But 90's TV was full of morphing faces, nearly every commercial or show had a morphing animation so I ended up hating them.

  • Artms125

    Hey LGR, longtime viewer here! I’m a PhD student researching the use of royalty-free music in videos, and I noticed you use music from Epidemic Sound. Would you be interested to answer some questions about that in a quick email interview? If you’re up for it, please tell me what would be the best way to contact you! Thank you so much for your time :)

  • Mobile Phone
    Mobile Phone

    You forgot Michael Jackson Black or White video. That was the first time I ever saw morphing.

  • Tomayonaise

    I’ve been rereading this series this week and had this suggested to me...I feel like something fishy is going on.

  • Fistbumpbros

    Basically Deepfake software 0.1

  • busyak

    David taught (still teaches? no clue) matte painting at SVA’s VFX department where I was studying a few years ago. I knew he was an accomplished matte painter with some big Hollywood credits, but not much else. He’s quite the celebrity apparently. I had no idea.

  • Jamie V Mssuv35c
    Jamie V Mssuv35c

    There was a ps1 game animorphs shattered realitiy

  • Bluecore

    I can only imagine why the US Government would want a program which could morph two images together.

  • Nekra Krithei
    Nekra Krithei

    I gotta get a hold of that VHS tape.

  • Skull Kid
    Skull Kid

    But why would the government even need of copy of this software for?

  • Σcκz

    I had, and still have, every book in the series and specials.

  • Curtis Kleimeyer
    Curtis Kleimeyer

    Hey y’all can get all the animorphs books here

  • star boy
    star boy

    hey remember the book where the kid gets skinned alive

  • Lucky Smithjohansen
    Lucky Smithjohansen

    3:50 is just woll smoth before woll smoth was woll smoth

  • EpicDestroyer 667
    EpicDestroyer 667

    sicc fex bro!

  • Magno_86351

    I downloaded the program and it rocks!? I would like to get in touch with you about old tech such as the IBM 5150 if you want to

  • Sarah Yokum
    Sarah Yokum

    Wow, the new Animorphs covers look stupid.

  • compaq deskpro
    compaq deskpro

    You made a Samurai turn into a camera, that is funniest thing I've ever seen.

  • Arch Dark!
    Arch Dark!

    ed boon used this to create shang tsung morphs for the MK2 and 3

  • arcadesdudeTV

    OMG a documentary on LGR -відео-K3VKN3FaI1Q.html

  • 道

    I wanna see more of that tutorial video guy! Such passion! 😆

  • Luna Hernandez
    Luna Hernandez

    Wait a second... A special effect program owned by the Federal Government... ...Yep, totally not used to cover up UFO's.

  • Jim Giant
    Jim Giant

    Any recommendations for free software which does this? PC or Ipad would be good.

  • Ethan Matz
    Ethan Matz

    Holy crap I just got hit with nostalgia. I totally forgot about these until I saw that thumbnail.

  • Gewel ✔
    Gewel ✔

    3:49 lmao those pictures

  • Blah

    The next National Treasure movie is Nick Cage breaking into the pentagon for a copy of Elastic Reality