Animorphs: How Those Weird Covers Were Made Using Elastic Reality
Even if you never read an Animorphs book or watched the Nickelodeon TV show, chances are you've seen at least one of the trippy book covers. And using Elastic Reality software from 1994, we can make our own!
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  • DedenneGonGetcha

    That was great. And now we know.

  • Zakaria DeFaye
    Zakaria DeFaye

    Not even born in the 90s and still love the books

  • Jacob Ervin
    Jacob Ervin

    I remember seeing these books at my local library! Such memories...

  • velazquez armouries
    velazquez armouries

    The original furries

  • Yeezet

    Oh god this shit gave me fucking nightmares in elementary.

  • Shyon Lewis
    Shyon Lewis

    those tutorial images of the big face and tiny face in the manual are fucking gold


    You know the whole thing about the author being K.A. Applegate rather than her actual name, Katherine Alice Applegate had a lot to do with publishers in the 90s not believing boys would be interested in books written by a woman. So they shortened her name to obscure her gender. Same thing happened with the Harry Potter series. Joanne Rowling doesn't have a middle name but when asked to come up with a middle initial for her book name she chose "K" in honor of her grandmother Kathleen. I really like that two of my most favorite book series were written by women. It just shows that kids don't care about that kind of nonsense, a good story is a good story.

  • PROSTO4Tabal

    time travelling in your channel

  • okankyoto

    The same techniques are used in final visual effects now to do some pretty neat and subtle things! For example, an actor can deliver their lines and then be carefully morphed into a take of a stuntman to make a seamless shot where you'd need an edit before. Or even to avoid jump cuts from being visible.

  • King Rapid
    King Rapid

    You're a real one. I've always wondered how those covers were made as well. Thanks for the video

  • corewill2003

    "Guy with a macintosh who can't contain his excitement" more like guy with a macintosh who sounds extremely dead inside


    8:28 babylon 5?

  • Juan D'Marco
    Juan D'Marco

    Pcmorphs 4:15 - Female Will Poulter?

  • Problematic Monika
    Problematic Monika

    I remember being a little girl and loving to look at the weird covers when my dad took me to the book store

  • Farticus Maximus
    Farticus Maximus

    This reminds me of Silverload lol

  • John Matthias
    John Matthias

    I remember Morph Plus. It felt like the future, and I felt like ILM.

  • Aquazier

    I remember my grandma's sister always read these books but I never read them or rather understood them.

  • RainbowInTheDark _7
    RainbowInTheDark _7

    Does anyone know what they used to do the all face morphing for Michael Jackson's Black or White music video? I always wondered.


    why am i binge watching him now

  • GunterThing

    how can I make this using regular win 10?


    Why would the Pentagon have this?

  • Nails Chrysanthemum
    Nails Chrysanthemum

    so cool! if anything his touch-ups made the morphs look more horrifying and painful

  • soamazing99

    Hmm. Interesting perhaps this is what's going on at Area 69. 51 is aliens 69 is animorph shit

  • James Greene
    James Greene

    Clint you are the man. I swear if this wasn't one of the most interesting videos that i've ever seen....

  • fellenXD

    3:50 oh look, it has a Charlie Kirk mode!

  • Nathan Forester
    Nathan Forester

    I've always been interested in the subject of transformations since a school I've worked at had a shelf with Goosebumps and Animorphs books and I became fascinated with transformations and morphs ever since discovering those, I used to use photoshop to do my own transformations as well as using programs like Winmorph or Fantamorph to do transformations into Disney characters and into all sorts of characters and my favourite celebrities. Of course I got inspired by two artists I had been a fan of for a long while now and while my work is in no way as good as theirs I've always been curious as to how Animorphs covers were made, I couldn't find any templates online but I do know there is a user on DA who has made some of their own and made tutorials.

  • Kyle Gibbons
    Kyle Gibbons

    I’ve seen these books at my local Value Village EVERY TIME I GO THERE. I kid you not.

  • UncleDeluxe

    Heh, I worked at a software company in the mid 90s that did a lot of work with Elastic Reality (the company). At the time we were looking to incorporate their technology into our production software (Avid beat us out). I messed around with this program a lot. It was surprisingly well done, but as said on the video, it took a long time to do something of any quality.

  • Quigley Jones
    Quigley Jones

    Seriously though... What was the government doing with this software?

  • Marchizie catz
    Marchizie catz

    I remember these books 😂😂😂 I always wanted to read it but it was too damn expensive for an 11 year old me

  • HighFlyer

    Never read one. Never seen one. Never heard of them. I do remember the morphing software effects fad though.

  • giftofgab247

    Nice! Loved Animorphs. I've recently gone back and started re-reading my collection. Visser Three 4 Life!

  • Natan Bagley
    Natan Bagley

    “And the uses for Elastic reality didn’t stop there, either.” “Hi, I’m Sara Kelly and I’m a hair stylist.” Ah, UA-my advertisement placement.

  • Pant

    This is someone's fetish.


    It looks like that guy is going to collapse onto his keyboard.

  • Matta's Account
    Matta's Account

    the lgr pc

  • looker999997

    What movies are those clips from?

  • Espurresso

    why would the government need Elastic Reality

  • sapface1212

    3:51 the face on the right

  • TigirlakaLaserwolf6

    I read exactly one animorphs book. I accidentally stole it, and it was the only one I had. The teaser for the next book had the blue alien guys flipping out over how good cinnamon rolls are and honestly it was the the most relatable moment I have ever read.

  • Lily Nguyen
    Lily Nguyen

    hot take: the government has the elastic reality machine so the lizard men can see what they look like when they transform

  • Starman the Blaziken
    Starman the Blaziken

    That is weird, dunno why an intro to video tape of a program needs to have a copyright doodad when it is like... Old... No longer probably used especially video tapes when the VHS players are obsolete.

  • weckar

    Hands up if you watched the tape.

  • Triston Jones
    Triston Jones

    Have you seen the Vietnamese covers, they're fucking amazing

  • JNS Studios
    JNS Studios

    Omg I read these books a ton as a kid

  • Lyrikek

    Animorphs gave me a fetish I don't want

  • MemeBrick64

    i’ve never seen those new covers until just now, that’s disappointing

  • your dad
    your dad

    oh god your face scares me

  • Michael Waruingi
    Michael Waruingi

    wtf is up with the new covers


    To be honest I saw it in 2011 even.

  • thomas eastwood
    thomas eastwood

    I forgot these books existed

  • JuicedUp215

    Why would the government use morphing software? lol

  • David Mattingly
    David Mattingly

    Hey Clint--Brian Frey, the director of operations at School of Visual Arts, turned me on to your superb video. It brought back lots of memories of sweating over the Elastic Reality program after I got the Animorphs assignment. I quickly figured out there was no way to avoid stretching and tearing in the images as they came out of the program, so I painted a lot of the images, just as you mentioned in your video. But it was a great program--I was sorry to see it discontinued. When I do morphing now, I use Re:Flex in After Effects. It is a much easier to use program, with less tearing. Thanks so much! Your video made my day.

    • Someone Else
      Someone Else

      Did you ever use it to make stupid jokes or something? Like, did you hate one guy and decide to make his head morph into a penis or something?

  • BAM

    But why were the books successful? Their covers are *SO* disturbing. Edit:If you choose any half-way morph and post it somewhere, I wonder if people might think it's a cursed image...

  • vipertact

    I feel like the 90s used the word Morph a lot more. Like the Power Rangers "It's morphing time"

  • Jacob Wieloch
    Jacob Wieloch

    I read the books and I was born in 2008

  • Yonael

    Fuck was the government using Elastic Reality for? 🤔

  • Virtual Connor
    Virtual Connor

    8:42 nice

  • Alex Cohen
    Alex Cohen

    If y'all liked Animorphs, check out @wtfanimorphs on Tumblr. It's a woman reading through the series for the first time and writing short, very entertaining, recaps of the books chapter by chapter. It's super great

  • jman ofbriant
    jman ofbriant

    these were my favorite books when I was a kid, I had all of them!

  • Ilham Ramadan
    Ilham Ramadan

    gladly this still can be done on Adobe After Effects

  • StackOfPixels

    I never read the books, but spent a bunch of time just staring at the covers in the school library trying to figure out what was so fascinating about the morphing faces.

  • oh yeah yeah oh yeah yeah
    oh yeah yeah oh yeah yeah

    That book is in my library

  • Riasat Salmin  Sami
    Riasat Salmin Sami

    Omg that's a VHS video yet 60 FPS! And movies nowadays on UHD Blue Rays still run at ugly 24 FPS, not even 30 fps..

  • beez1717

    I still have all the original books. They're awesome!!!

    • Alex Cohen
      Alex Cohen

      I have nearly all of them. I think I'm only missing about 11 or so of them

  • San the Man
    San the Man

    Those books sucked so bad.

  • Mr. Thunderbolt
    Mr. Thunderbolt


  • Scott H
    Scott H

    animorphs, hell ya, childhood

  • Xtopher D
    Xtopher D

    Wait why would the government need image editing software unless they were editing images. Someone contact WikiLeaks.


    I might have seen this software used in an anime called Saber Marionette J (although not the original series,) in were some monster was transforming into something else, but I noticed that its morphing wasn't uniform, it was in 'stages.' I'm guessing it was done that way to try over come the softwares limitations you spoke about.

  • Nocturnal

    is that the roblox cursor lol

  • Gurt McDirt
    Gurt McDirt

    That was a fictional creature transforming into a kid!

  • Android Blues
    Android Blues

    I remember seeing the some of the covers and I was so confused

  • Olivia Lambert
    Olivia Lambert

    Those book covers will give me nightmares for weeks.

  • Rick Roll Rizal
    Rick Roll Rizal

    This would be a good app if there isn't one yet.

  • Red5rainbow

    I want this program now

  • Joe

    9:32 Why is everything 90's remake always lazy/botched/boring? Are people just lazy and always trying to make a quick buck these days?

  • Ora nge
    Ora nge

    3:48 i lost it xd

  • Z M
    Z M

    I read every single book. All 54 of them.

  • Aaron Graham
    Aaron Graham

    I can't believe I'm watching this at Midnight on a Friday. But it's so entertaining :)

  • Iamjenjen 101
    Iamjenjen 101

    "Once owned my the government" Guess the government needed to study warewolfs?

  • Dana Harrison
    Dana Harrison

    dtf (down to fex?)

  • T Bone
    T Bone

    OMG that sound when loading and playing a VHS tape. Memories...

  • Nuklearcellphoneg

    My name is Jake. You can't know my last name. All you're allowed to know is that me and my friends are the last bastion of resistance against aliens enslaving our race. You might be thinking that you haven't noticed anything like that happening, but they're doing it covertly. The aliens, called Yeerks, are slug like creatures that crawl into your skull through your ear canal and wrap around your brain, sinking into every crevice, taking complete control of you. That's why we call them Controllers. My brother Tom is one of them. I was one of them for a short time myself...

  • Luis Mercado
    Luis Mercado

    Hey Clint. Would be possible for you to upload a digital copy of that vhs for archival?

    • LGR

      Check the video description

  • Kék Dragnal
    Kék Dragnal

    next time break into area 51

  • TVperson1

    I had a program in 2002 that could do this, called Morpheus .

  • buggsyspam

    The question no one is asking: why did the government have this software?

  • Lloyd Share
    Lloyd Share

    I don't remember the books, but i wanted the software

  • annoythedonkey

    “I didn’t break into the pentagon” Nudge wink nudge wink

  • Joj Cena
    Joj Cena

    All i have gathered from this video is that elastic reality is just a overly complicated fading transition effect.

  • Spider Genius
    Spider Genius

    Is this Photoshop

  • Felipe Pubillones
    Felipe Pubillones

    The Verge just made an article sharing your video. Considering their current reputation with UA-myrs...... Might not want your name/channel associated with them.

  • Fuzzy Skinner
    Fuzzy Skinner

    Video tutorials for expensive Macintosh programs are the best! I still can't help but chuckle at the tutorial for Pro Tools that I watched back in high school. And you're right about how awful the reprint covers look. DX

  • McQueenRLZ

    When this was released, it was so scary for 4 year-old me, that even watching the box was too scary.

  • Keranu

    LGR you are such a nerd, and I mean a compulsive one. At 0:18 you havethe Anidorks books stacked up with missing volumes between books and yet you STILL organized them numerically. Or am I the compulsive one for noticing that?

    • Keranu

      +LGR OK this is the second comment I've left on this video a week after the first and you responded within a couple minutes again. This is OCD. Very appreciated, thanks.

    • LGR

      It would bother me _to no end_ if they were out of order.

  • Nash Chikanda
    Nash Chikanda

    Nice. You were featured in The Verge Article:

  • ray taylor
    ray taylor

    i think daddy jim81jim did a video about ppl that use something like this,

  • SierraGilleyAnimation

    Did satan get hired to make those new anamorph books? Lmao

  • icedragon2000

    Congrats on getting picked up for a Verge article: