AMD Radeon VII Review: Not Ready for Launch (& Pad vs. Paste Test)
Gamers Nexus
Reviewing AMD's Radeon VII video card vs. the RTX 2080 and others, featuring OpenCL tests, graphite thermal pad vs. paste tests, acoustics, gaming, & more.
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This review answers a lot of potential questions, particularly those wondering about what "Junction temperature" is on the AMD Radeon VII, or how it compares versus "GPU temperature." While walking through graphite thermal pad tests vs. thermal paste, we also talk mounting pressure, noise levels, MOSFET thermals, and performance. Cards tested include Radeon VII, Vega 56, Vega 64, GTX 1080 Ti, RTX 2080, RTX 2080 Ti, Titan RTX, and many more.
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Editorial, Testing: Steve Burke
Video: Andrew Coleman

  • Gamers Nexus
    Gamers Nexus

    Article: Learn why the Radeon VII PCB is good: Radeon VII Tear-Down:

    • Yt syrex
      Yt syrex

      does the radeon 7 run any different with an amd equivalent cpu to the intel ones standardly used in benchmarks just curious If amd would work better with amd since I assume amd would be using at least mostly amd cpus to test their graphics cards

    • Killkidra GNFlag
      Killkidra GNFlag

      @Gamers Nexus Radeon Vega 7 vs adobe RTX 2080

    • Dr. Prof. Mr. Gen. Tom
      Dr. Prof. Mr. Gen. Tom

      Are we going to get a janky water cooled Vega VII benchmarks video?

    • Nicholas Brown
      Nicholas Brown

      So where does the EVGA Maxwell TITAN X GTX Superclocked 12GB come in on this list? How come it's not even on the list? Please add it to the list! It's still selling for over $700.00 used. I have one and I don't even know if it's worth upgrading yet until maybe I see what AMD is going to throw at us this summer. It really aggravates the piss out of me that the TITAN RTX is what... $2,500 and the Maxwell TITAN X GTX SC 12GB was $1,030.00 (the box was scratched - saved like $100 or something crazy like that) Anyways - I know some of the specs on up to par compared to a lot of new stuff - cuda cores and the like - maybe I'm wrong - but I have no issues playing anything at the moment. Here's the parts list of my rig. -- constant updates and lagging if you do not update the drivers has been driving me crazy. Other than that - no other issues with it really - other than it's left out of so many lists where it should be ranked on in my opinion! Maybe I'm just not up to speed on everything new - last years whole screw up really pushed me away from upgrading to a newer GPU - the whole bitcoin mining making a cheap ass low end card cost 10x what it's worth - I believe a lot of people are in my shoes! Anyways, a reply would be awesome!

    • thor odin
      thor odin

      +Thomas P is that so? people counted amd out of the cpu market years ago. said they would never ever catch intel. and guess what? they are smoking intel right now. this year, they are releasing 7 nm cpu's that will obliterate intel. intel has 28 core cpu's just released not too long ago. intel uses a monolith cpu design that makes their cpu's extremely costly. amd uses a modular design that links many cpu's to one socket. so...they can release a 64 core cpu this year that will utterly obliterate anything intel has. my point, amd stripped engineers away from vega to put them onto working on navi. they did this several years ago. navi has been in development since vega was in development. vega is really good considering they only had a skeleton crew working on it. since navi has had extra engineers working on it since nearly day 1 of it's life, i think people like you, are counting out amd long before the game is over, just like people did with their cpu division.

  • Iwan Jirkuw
    Iwan Jirkuw

    I never bought INTEL in my life, for my own PC! There was only a small window where i considered upgrading to Intel platform! DON'T YOU want to new video review for RADEON VII with new drivers?! As it seems there must have been some issues with early drivers! Also worth noting that power consumption is relatively smaller compare to RTX 2080. Also in the light of reality that RTX 2080 are dying fast i would strongly incline to AMD again! Here is why:

  • Jay Time
    Jay Time

    I keep haveing to slow down steves voice am i going brain dead or is the playback spead up ???? so weird

  • Thomas Logan
    Thomas Logan

    Outstanding review. Thanks for the hard work!

  • karehaqt

    Why do you talk so fast?

  • Nemesis_FTW

    Can we get a new video for Radeon 7 using the 19.3.3 drivers with gaming benchmarks? Please and thank you.

  • Josh - Game Dev
    Josh - Game Dev

    16:25 > Went to article to read on GTA V performance. > nothing about GTA V in article > feelsbadman

  • lazypasty

    so would you mod it by sanding down the cold plate on the copper heat sink? or would you just/also use washers to increase pressure on the back bracket?

  • Yt syrex
    Yt syrex

    it will likely take some modding but what if you used the cooling shroud from the asus liquid cooled card that showed at CES 2019

  • sparda9060

    People complain about r7 drivers when rtx launched with drivers that bricked their cards. Lol you guys got memory of a goldfish.

  • Hove 131
    Hove 131

    Fan curve still broken on the newest driver. It won't run on any fan curve I set and ramps up to it's high stock fan speeds. Fan speeds curve set on MSI Afterburner works great so I'm using that just for the fan speeds on the card for now.


    Can we see a comparison between the Radeon 7 vs the Vega frontier edition as they share similar specs

  • J DB
    J DB

    I might build a hackintosh with this radeon VII on a custom loop when parts actually become available. It's good to see it's better in openCL cuz that'll be exactly what i'm looking for, thanks Steve! Just one question, What % of fps increase do you think with lower temps and the OC fixed could one expect in this card?

  • Moshenokoji

    Would be interesting to see benchmarks with the newer drivers. It has fixed so many things.

  • Tomas Pavlik
    Tomas Pavlik

    @gamets nexus - try radeon vii hybrid mod - no power limit + water cooling for my Radeon VII provides roughly 2100Mhz on core + 1200Mhz on memory

  • - 42 -
    - 42 -

    Cool, nice to see AMD performing closer to Nvidia, granted there's currently some very bad driver issues but those can be fixed (and most likely will). As a Nvidia fanboy this still means that I've no reason to consider trying a Radeon card any time soon but it's nice to see some more competition in the graphics market, if only they'd priced it a bit more agressive.

  • KRIL89

    Well you be doing another video now that overclocking and undervolting work! Also I'd love to see a hybrid mod again!

  • Michael Scholz
    Michael Scholz

    I really struggle following your technical explanations when you talk so fast. I'd like to learn from you because you're such an authority, please think about how much info you are trying to cram into your videos so you can pace them a bit better?

  • saultube44

    Take into account there will be Adrenaline and Radeon Pro drivers, the first for gaming, the second for computing What about testing the Radeon 7 with and AMD CPU? I suggest make the OC sustainable, so it's actually helpful for most people/technicians wanting to OC and public/customers that will use those CPU/GPU OCed for everyday use, so no huge World Record OC, unless you're doing a max OC comparison, 10-15% OC IMO is good, -20% if you won the Silicon Lottery, Some Ryzen CPUs will only go up to 1-5% and in some cases 0% so that data plus the OC freq. is helpful, only writing 'OC' it's not

  • Eric Newton
    Eric Newton

    I’ve always had problems with any AMD gpu drivers. Since over ten years ago. Seemed like AMD had their drivers s$$t together last few years but now I’m seeing they might not. Ironically was looking at AMD since FreeSync is winning the sync war. However since nvidia is about to “allow FreeSync to work on their GPUs” I might jus stay with nvidia. Funny how the more things change, the more they stay the same.

  • Nicholas Brown
    Nicholas Brown

    So where does the EVGA Maxwell TITAN X GTX Superclocked 12GB come in on this list? How come it's not even on the list? Please add it to the list! It's still selling for over $700.00 used. I have one and I don't even know if it's worth upgrading yet until maybe I see what AMD is going to throw at us this summer. It really aggravates the piss out of me that the TITAN RTX is what... $2,500 and the Maxwell TITAN X GTX SC 12GB was $1,030.00 (the box was scratched - saved like $100 or something crazy like that) Anyways - I know some of the specs on up to par compared to a lot of new stuff - cuda cores and the like - maybe I'm wrong - but I have no issues playing anything at the moment. Here's the parts list of my rig. -- constant updates and lagging if you do not update the drivers has been driving me crazy. Other than that - no other issues with it really - other than it's left out of so many lists where it should be ranked on in my opinion! Maybe I'm just not up to speed on everything new - last years whole screw up really pushed me away from upgrading to a newer GPU - the whole bitcoin mining making a cheap ass low end card cost 10x what it's worth - I believe a lot of people are in my shoes! Anyways, a reply would be awesome!

  • Sir Diealot
    Sir Diealot

    Maybe test on Linux? The driver there seems to be good.

  • Jakob

    is that uneven fan-balancing it looks highly erratic 0:54 kudos to AMD for junction temp.. that's a bold move no doubt as you could risk people not able to put it into appropriate relief.

  • Richard Magnano
    Richard Magnano

    AMD needs to hire you and your team.

  • macanh.ahmad NMH
    macanh.ahmad NMH

    Guys I need help.. I bought a new ryzen 2600x . While I was removing the cooler from the box I touched the thermal paste with my finger. So when I started building it I thought to moving the cooler on cpu to spread the thermal paste on it and I remove it to check it's looks not the bad .. So is it necessary to buy new thermal paste for ryzen 2600x's cooler

  • Taraquin83

    AMD has a way of sabotaging itself! If radeon 7 came out when 1080ti did things would have been far more interessting. Also, how can they mess up drivers on a product that is 90% Q3 2017? If I were AMD I would adopt the voltage\speed system from turing and pascal. Their binningprocess is horrible! Auto-undervolt should atleast be a default feature that runs automaticly when installing the drivers, that would have helped a bit with noise and power consumption.

  • neojack333

    I ordered one. ETA about 15 days so, good card but run hots ans noisy. since i have a full loop it's not an issue. EK is planning a waterblock, no doubt alphacool will make one, and probably I hope the drivers will get better though. thanks for the heads ups about windows corruption, i will make sure to do a full backup of my boot drive before to install the card.

  • Alisa Menna
    Alisa Menna

    Steve is much better at talking than Jay.

  • Pixeliva

    @Gamers Nexus Would you suggest to buy "XFX Radeon VII" or "XFX Vega 64 Liquid cooled edition"? I will primarily use it in GPU C4D rendering. Vega is about 460 Eur and Radeon VII is about 770 Eur here. At the moment i am using GTX 980 Ti and any of those two is a huge upgrade.

  • fatarsemonkey

    So let me get this right, the R7 is close to the same speed as a 2080 FE but it runs smoother than any of the RTX cards tested against it?

    • fatarsemonkey

      +sparda9060 Yer so its place is between a Ti and a FE.

    • sparda9060

      Overall it has very good minimum frame rates which provides a smoother gameplay. The lows on rtx is pretty large gaps and spikes. Combined r7 with freesync 2 and ryzen, it runs games perfectly smooth experience.

  • Amellia Mendel
    Amellia Mendel

    A.M.D. ==> another major disappointment

  • MrMarcost2

    So it is comparable to a 2080 most of the time with broken drivers? Now i want to see testing when the drivers get "fixed" (as much as they may get)

  • Roy Fokker
    Roy Fokker

    I have an acer predator Helios 500 with amd ryzen 7 and a radeon vega 56. I am working on a external gpu for it. I have PCIe PCI-E V8.4D EXP GDC External Laptop Video Card Dock/Laptop Docking Station. I am looking for a gpu around 700 price point what would you recommend

  • Joel Young
    Joel Young

    Fuck these graphs kill me. Can U speed that shit up

  • Hito360

    could he speak any faster or bored? understandable but really annoying.

  • Matt Shaw
    Matt Shaw

    AMD has a major problem with keeping its thermals at an adequate level for its clock speeds. They need better cooling and they tried hard this time but still not enough. I know for a fact that an AMD stock air cooled Vega 64 is quite a bit better performance wise than a 2070 and the reason why it loses usually is because it reaches its thermal threshold before it can hit its max clock, hence why people undervolt. When you undervolt you lower the temp with less voltage and are able to sustain the max clock speeds without a thermal throttle to a lower clock. The only thing NVIDIA is better at is engineering an adequate cooling solution, in reality AMD has faster cards for the price. I just feel bad when they cannot portray this to the average consumer who doesnt care or even know a thing about overclocking, thermals, and undervolting, all they know is biased ass reviews on UA-my that dont even factor in these aspects. I have tested undervolting, seen thermals and ran benchmarks myself with a Vega 64 vs a 2070, and I could care less about the company name, but what I do care about is a companies good business practices and good will towards its consumers. AMD step your game up and stop making stupid ass mistakes.

  • AgentQ

    ouch... this hurts

  • Talic TDF
    Talic TDF

    so... it has the advantage of a 7nm process but still runs hotter/louder and pulls more power, story of AMD's life ^_^

  • Telecasterland

    Looks like 3rd party solutions will devastate the reference design.

  • YDB Gaming
    YDB Gaming

    After new drivers this card still can not run as good as a rtx2080 plus you can buy a rtx2080 for $699.99 right now so this is why I do not buy anything amd.

  • Sunako Kirishiki
    Sunako Kirishiki

    11:23 Those frametimes are so good. Actual gameplay and fluidity seems better with VII. If drivers improve and undervolting improves stability like it always does, this card looks like the one to get as far as actual perceptive experience goes. Now the drivers just have to improve and then also allow undervolting and overclocking. Give me that stability over a higher stuttery framerate any day. And those 1% and 0.1% lows too, wow. Except in the one RTX game where VII loses to Vega 56 at 1080p somehow. Nice one, Nvidia. Thank you for the in-depth video! I love this channel.


    Awesome review :)

  • Romain Landemaine
    Romain Landemaine

    I start to think you would get better thermal performance by cutting the shroud, removing the Radeon logo and all the aluminum blocking the fins on the logo side... What's the point in having 3 fans if the air can't go anywhere ? They should make the shroud as open as possible on this side and put the Radeon logo on the backplate. Opening it on the mobo side probably little to no effect...

    • sparda9060

      Logo is on top blocking the air flow because when put into a case, only the top part of the GPU can be seen. Lol I would rather them have a smaller logo n give more open space for cooling or just remove the damn logo period and put the fine air flow direction pointing in a different direction.

  • brakjart

    I just got the notification for this video on my phone... 3 days after release... UA-my wtf

  • kakaraka

    believe in AMD

  • awdrifter3

    This is just a die shrinked and clocked up Vega 64.

  • Jere Kettunen
    Jere Kettunen

    So watercooling this fucker sounds like a drag... Guess I'll wait for Navi with my 1080 Ti :/ Wanted to swap to AMD just to get rid of Ngreedia

  • TB Inc.
    TB Inc.

    Radeon 7 : Expectation: Nvidia has overpriced their 20 series line up so time for AMD to come out with their 7nm process and give Nvidia a run for their money. Reality: Similar price and similar performance to a RTX 2080 but lacks rtx and dlss. I know there is currently only BFV for DXR but something is better than nothing. Radeon 7 actually makes rtx 2080 look like a good recommendation for gaming. So rtx 2080 is the better card for gaming at present (as a gamer, I am speaking for myself here and I don't do any production work) Final hope is that fixing drivers will give Radeon 7 a great performance boost (not likely) OR AMD releases a card without HBM (or less than 16 gb HBM) at a much cheaper price for similar performance as Radeon 7.

  • Nasmera Nasmera
    Nasmera Nasmera

    I know this Gpu will disappoint me because when they said Vega architecture and I already know this Gpu will sucks

  • esperCELL

    *AMD drivers on Vega 56 is still fucked*

  • esperCELL

    *Radeon VII is the very definition of a overpriced garbage*

    • basshead

      Very true.

  • esperCELL

    *AMD trying to gimp overclock*

    • neojack333

      tbh honest it's already factory overclocked. I would be more interrested in downclocking i wonder if I push the wattman slidder to the left (eco mode), would it work ? i mean goind from 4k 60fps to 4k 55 fps is not bad if it cuts the heat and noise

  • franzb69

    check out igor's lab. he talks about the secret about the thermal pad that amd uses for the radeon 7. he says it's actually a phase change material and not a pad. it becomes a "liquid" at 51c and above. it can expand up to 20% he says to conform to the uneven surface.

  • Sean Crees
    Sean Crees

    Steve, you know what this means. You need to lap that GPU die flat. If anyone is hardcore enough to lap a GPU die, it's you Steve. JUST DO IT!

    • sparda9060

      Lol after all the shit he had to put with and do for all the custom water cooling video, I dont think he would give a shit about doing that unless someone can do it for him.

  • lolcup

    I will never watch another steve video at normal speed again

  • laurie gallant
    laurie gallant

    imagine if this was all a ploy by amd. what they do is make a promise of this super great and super affordable product during nvidias rtx launch .like 50 percent of people avoid buying a card to save there money assuming the grass is greener on the other side and then nvidias stock drops due to lack of purchases and partners pull out. then people get tired of waiting so they release radeon 7 and almost lose money just to reinforce there promise that radeon 7 is just a taste of 7 nm when really they just packed 16 gb of the most expensive ram on the card to powerhouse there way up the benchmark charts when it really just shows that without that hbm they wouldn't even beat there own top end card .i have a feeling they are going to just keep delaying there release until they can figure something out. if they would have had something new < we would have seen it in radeon 7 . it would have had 11 gigs of ddr6 ram and beat the pants of a rtx 2070 for 70 percent the price. then i would have had faith in the future.

    • sparda9060

      If they keep delaying releases, they will 2 or 3 gens behind nvidia. Hell nvidia always seem to be releasing shit right before and launches their cards stealing customers. No one would buy amd if they already own the newest nvidia card. They just can't win with the way nvidia stealing their thunder and every consumer shitting on. them whether they release too early or too late, you guys would still bitch and moan.

  • Cinnabuns2009

    For VR though this is kind of a fail isn't it? I thought 11ms was top end for presence in VR? 6-10 is where we're used to with NV cards... that's a bummer cause I wanted this card. Also, RAW FPS testing it has definitely playably high framerates with the 1% and .1% lows usually higher than than the 2080ti? That means less dips and less worse dips doesn't it? So although the raw fps isn't as high, the lows aren't as low and its the lows that suck the most 'ballz' really so this is still a really really good offering for at least non-VR gaming which is good to see. If you're running VM's this is quite a card to have that will also game which is maybe a change of pace but gives those diehard geeks a route to also game... kinda fantastic too. This is really a gem for a niche audience. For the general public though its pretty lack luster. YMMV Still better than a 2080gtx at probably $100 less if not more depending on market which seems erratic.

  • doomxed

    well against the new quattro rtx series, nvidia has to be in some sort of panic mode rigth now. The AMD VII haves faster FLOPS peformance. In theory.

  • marinko tinko
    marinko tinko

    1080ti is beter and lot cheaper

  • Wei Li
    Wei Li

    Be Aware, If you buy Radeon Vii directly on, It only have one year warranty!!!while asrock,asus,msi and Gigabyte provide 3 years warranty on their Radeon Vii. This is especally worth when you compare to Nvidia, they provide 3 year warranty for founder edition card. Unbelievable for AMD decision to their fans.

  • Potencijus Klizmantas
    Potencijus Klizmantas

    will be any water cooled benches soon?

  • Michał Starzyński
    Michał Starzyński

    Sorry guys but Jay having issues is not representative :) please don't quote that. Thanks for in depth review. My take based on your info is a beast card thats needs a lot of polishing on drivers side.

  • chris zarganis
    chris zarganis

    best reviewer simply put. please comment on smoothness cause i see a big difference .. and also video and colour on a big tv cause radeons are a lot better

  • Anthony Therrien-Bernard
    Anthony Therrien-Bernard

    This is an impressive sustained rate of speech... holly crap my french brain was on fire. That aside great content as usual

  • Finesse PC
    Finesse PC

    Der8auers Vid led me here..

  • HTElectrical

    You need to SLOW DOWN, your not an auctioneer!!!

  • 0zfer

    Something is odd. Look at the raw specs. This thing is on par with 2080 TI or superior spec-wise. More memory that is 2x as fast. Same texture fill rate. Superior pixel fill rate. Similar Mhz * core count. I just don't think they pushed out good drivers for it yet.

  • JoshKeatonFan

    This is my Radeon 7 review tour wrap up on UA-my! I started with JayzTwoCents, then to Bitwit, then Paul's Hardware, then HardwareCanucks, then LinusTechTips, and NOW Tech Jesus himself, Steve from Gamers Nexus!!!!!! Yay

  • Darknothing

    1.25x speed and I stayed awake this time.

  • Edward D'Esposito
    Edward D'Esposito

    No oveclocking because missing api calls is because this silicon was not originally for gaming.

  • Andy T
    Andy T

    Why didn’t they lap the silicon before releasing-or sand down whatever. Maybe you can’t - but why not at least design the chip heights to be the same. I am sure the stacked chips are hard to match, but it’s a known height so you could engineer for it.

  • Damo Jackson
    Damo Jackson

    He tells you he doesn't care about RTX. Watch him have a video on this channel solely about the RTX features in Metro Exodus and every other game that releases moving forward featuring RTX.

  • adamsrealm

    Liquid cooling test?

  • SuperNinjaJuice

    You talk way to fast dude. I had a hard time keeping up with video

  • icthulu

    I am curious why when doing tests on CPUs you use these same game benchmarks, Sniper, etc., instead of using Stellaris, HOI IV, Cities Skylines, They are Billions, etc. which are CPU dependent games.

  • prep0wer

    Gaming situations a deal on AMD? AMD at least finishes the frames.

  • Elliot Bridgewater
    Elliot Bridgewater

    In the UK, the RTX 2080 launched at £750 (no free games). The Radeon VII is launching at £650 (with Resident Evil 2, Devil May Cry 5 and The Division 2 included for free). You can now get two free games with any RTX 2060, 2070, 2080 or 2080 Ti (Battlefield 5 and Anthem). As the RTX 2080 has been out for almost six months now, they start at £640. I think things are currently very competitive.

  • Moe I
    Moe I

    Meh I'll wait a month or 2 until they fix the drivers and then buy. Tired of Nvidias crap and decided to switch. Plus it will match my rig better - Ryzen 2600x

  • Nemerok Cid
    Nemerok Cid

    Bottom line in 2019, go get a 1080ti still.

  • Nathaniel Clark
    Nathaniel Clark

    The Linux drivers are stable, I want to see you benchmark Luxmark and other in it.

  • Freedom Watson
    Freedom Watson

    Got my GTX 1080 New for 429.99$ on Newegg. Flashed the BIOS with a modded BIOS, added new TIM, overclocked to 2.1, memory at 11000.. perform some extra tweaks in Nvidia inspector, made some regedit changes and I outperform some of my friends Gtx 1080tis.. then again they don’t understand proper driver handling, machine optimization or overclocking... the money some people will spend just to waste the overhead.. Radeon 7 needs work, needs good drivers and needs to lose some of that price tag. Until we get more GTX cards with DLSS I won’t be leaving the 10 series.

  • Jason Tate
    Jason Tate

    Makes me wiah i didnt have a gsync monitor

  • mrsudz


  • eukatech

    Hey Jesus.. blalblablabla.. ease it down buddy..

  • BigHeadClan

    Hmm given current state of Radeon VII drivers I'm curious if we will see any uplift in performance with the first few patches, I'm kind of thinking it will simply be a lot of bug fixes given and less of a focus on optimizations. The shoddy drivers does lend some credence to AdoredTV's theory that they pulled Navi and pushed out Radeon VII for the announcement.

  • Andrew Dunn
    Andrew Dunn

    This makes me really happy for my 1080ti. radeon 7 does seem like a solid card, solid, not good, not great, not exciting, solid and one that makes sense that amd would release it if they can even break even on it. This being because having more market share is valuable, or losing less. Plus we finally have a reply for the 1080ti from amd.

  • Alex K
    Alex K

    The true reasons for what happened with Radeon VII launch are easy to explain. AMD had to release something that would be at least 50% faster than NVIDIA RTX lineup at $700 to crush NVIDIA which was not something AMD can possibly do even with the 7nm today, so the AMD had to make a deal with NVIDIA not to exceed certain performance levels at certain price otherwise NVIDIA would have dived the prices on their RTX line up by 20 - 25%, which they can afford to do and AMD would have had hard time dealing with it with its HBM2 expensive memory. Its not an accident the Radeon VII is priced exactly the same as RTX 2080 and performs about the same and CANT OVERCLOCK otherwise AGAIN it would have stepped on NVIDIA's toes potentially getting too close to the consumer flagship RTX 2080 TI and that is certainly what NVIDIA doesnt allow. NVIDIA has inflated the prices for what a decent GPU must be selling for in 2018-2019 and they have a good comfort gap even if prices drop while AMD does not. It was best for AMD to agree and not exceed the RTX2080 and still be underdog for not having Ray tracing for the same price, it was a win win situation for both.

  • jaggafeen

    been playing games at 5k ultrawide 5120x2160 with radeon 7 i get well over 60 fps on all latest games including bfv at ultra settings and the card is quiet and undervolted to 940mv

  • Brave Hunter
    Brave Hunter

    Steve opened a new speedrun category: review speedrun! 😁

  • Gaius Trollius
    Gaius Trollius

    First the dying vram on rtx cards, now this. Moral of the story: just get gtx 1080tis/1080s.

  • MaxxTheEnder

    Hmm, F1 2017 could have a issue with the benchmark at that particular time. It may not even show up in actual gameplay. Also it could have messed with the rendering math for those NVIDIA cards. It’d be interesting to see what you think of it.

  • Ben Baer
    Ben Baer

    radeon vii hybrid mod next, amirite?

  • Mr Mudcatslim
    Mr Mudcatslim

    Why would you want to release it then? AMD does not care about perception?

  • Kithuni

    Cut your hair, hippie..

  • marc esser
    marc esser

    But we care about DLSS :)

  • aardvaark

    @2:20, Steve's talking about not being able to see how much vram the app is actually using. I'm pretty sure DXVK (translates dx11 to vulkan API calls) can show this, it's got memory requested and used as 2 separate displays as part of its fps overlay. It might show higher than actual numbers since translation to vulkan increases mem usage, but it's gunna be more reliable than looking at requested memory. DXVK is a linux oriented library but I'm pretty sure it works in windows 10.

  • VRdude

    22:10 when AMD failed beyond failed...

  • crion88

    What about using the Raijintek Morpheus II Core Edition 360 watt TDP cooler with conductonaut and two 120mm fans? Can you configure the card for watercooling? link 360W GPU heatsink:

  • VisualArticulation

    How is the Radeon vii vs Vega frontier in those productivity open cl loads? Trying to fig the value proposition vs 400 used Vega Frontier

  • audionut

    rtx is a factor it looks amazing once you go rtx you don't go back