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Amaranthe - Dream
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Video by Jens De Vos -
10.01.19 Toulouse (France) - Bikini
11.01.19 Bordeaux (France) - Le Rocher De Palmer
12.01.19 Barcelona (Spain) - Razzmatazz 1
13.01.19 Madrid (Spain) - La Riviera
15.01.19 Lille (France) - L’Aeronef
16.01.19 Nantes (France) - Le Stereolux
17.01.19 Rouen (France) - Le 106
19.01.19 Manchester (UK) - Academy 2
20.01.19 Glasgow (UK) - SWG 3
21.01.19 Bristol (UK) - SWX
22.01.19 Birmingham (UK) - Digbeth Mill
24.01.19 Reims (France) - La Cartonnerie
25.01.19 Düsseldorf (Germany) - Mitsubishi Electric Hall
26.01.19 Nancy (France) - L’Autre Canal
27.01.19 Marseille (France) - Espace Julien
28.01.19 Lyon (France) - Transbordeur
29.01.19 Strasbourg (France) - La Laiterie
31.01.19 Nijmegen (Netherlands) - Doornroosje
01.02.19 Antwerp (Belgium) - Trix
02.02.19 Pratteln (Switzerland) - Z7
03.02.19 Luxembourg (Luxembourg) - Den Atelier
04.02.19 Hamburg (Germany) - Grünspan
06.02.19 Malmö (Sweden) - KB
07.02.19 Gothenburg (Sweden) - Pustervik
08.02.19 Helsingborg (Sweden) - Tivoli
09.02.19 Örebro (Sweden) - Frimis
11.02.19 Copenhagen (Denmark) - Pumpehuset
12.02.19 Uppsala (Sweden) - Katalin
13.02.19 Stockholm (Sweden) - Klubben
15.02.19 Oulu (Finland) - Energia Areena
16.02.19 Helsinki (Finland) - Ice Hall
13.06.19 Nickelsdorf (Austria) - Novarock
27.06.19 Oslo (Norway) - Tons Of Rock
28.06.19 Trondheim (Norway) - Trondheim Rocks
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  • Adrian Davis
    Adrian Davis

    I accidentally stumbled across this song while I was at work, with earphones on, and my phone in my pocket. It started to play and during the first 30 or so secs of this song I was like, "what in the world is this? I dunno this group." But then I let the song played and when the female vocals kicked in, my attention of actually listening to the song started. After that, I probably listened to this song 10 to 15 times that day and from there on. This song is AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Magic2729

    Now I'm kinda jealous of this "Nils" guy, like Mr. Power Metal Voice before him he gets to duet with Elize Ryd. Screamer doesn't count, he doesn't synchronize.

  • Riku Vastamäki
    Riku Vastamäki

    Amazing song! Giving powers to fulfill my dreams and driving forward what I truly want! Thanks for this 🤘🏻

  • richard toro
    richard toro

    que bella es elize

  • Satana el
    Satana el

    Love For Elize

  • DeviDeluxe

    From 3:10 until the end goose bumps of my life! Such a beautiful song!

  • Rene Moini
    Rene Moini

    very nice! chapeau to all!

  • Amelia Kołodziej
    Amelia Kołodziej

    I love you🤘🤘

  • Rita V.S
    Rita V.S


  • Mike Kollin's - Crack The Female Code
    Mike Kollin's - Crack The Female Code

    They Blended this Contrast so well.... Pure! 💕

  • CP

    I thought that was Avril Lavigne for a second haha

    • Johnathin Miller
      Johnathin Miller

      Haha true xD but these guys really made a new original welcoming to metal and captivated me 6 months back when I first listened to them. First few songs, this one then amaranthine and trinity *-* perfect group here with a dieing industry of lacking originals and having meaning not emptyness.

  • FordPower5288

    I keep hearing how women dont have a chance in the world right now, thanks to SJWs. However, I fucking love female singers in Metal. Their voices are such a perfect contrast to the heavy music. As long as the band has an competence in music. We get pure glory! Tell me SJWs, wheres the sexism here? Or really anywhere...

  • IGGY

    2:56 masterpiece!

  • DerSchwede

    very cool from Russia!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Livia Seriados
    Livia Seriados


  • Hunter Ritter 12
    Hunter Ritter 12

    She’s the hottest girl ever hands down put your fucking hands down

  • Michael Silk
    Michael Silk

    Everything about this video is fucking beautiful

  • yucanda Maldonado
    yucanda Maldonado

    OMFG listen that beautiful voice.... that woman... my heart did fall in love, i love it...

  • Casta'z Zone
    Casta'z Zone

    Amaranthe & Diamante would be a perfect combination for a song

  • be yoursoulheart
    be yoursoulheart

    Love 😍

  • Rafaela pro
    Rafaela pro

    Melhor musica do mundo

  • haris irmawan
    haris irmawan

    2:30 I love the way she shakes

  • Backtobassics500

    3:31 There's a really photogenic woman to the left in the crowd.

  • Seipher _
    Seipher _

    Elize you have the most angelic voice I have ever heard! Sing it girl!!

  • Isa Sykes
    Isa Sykes

    A voz dessa filha da puta e d++

  • Moon Lilac
    Moon Lilac

    Uou, que música demais!

  • Stef King
    Stef King

    Such a good song!

  • Psqln Flo
    Psqln Flo

    Un francophone pour discuter ?

    • Stef King
      Stef King

      Discuter de quoi d ' Amaranthe?


    Súper metal , felicidades amigos !!!!!!!!!🇧🇴🏠📗⛰📻

  • Thomas A. Anderson
    Thomas A. Anderson

    I never thought I would say this, but: there is a band worse than Nickelback...

    • Justin Hemmah
      Justin Hemmah

      Thomas A. Anderson nickleback isn’t even bad people just hop on the bandwagon and it’s sad.

  • Nancy cnudde
    Nancy cnudde

  • Martin Sant
    Martin Sant

    Freaking Awesome.

  • Николай Жирнов
    Николай Жирнов

    2:30 ohhh

  • AlexyGio Meyn Quzayn
    AlexyGio Meyn Quzayn

    MODERN METAL BALLAD🤘🏽☺️🤘🏽🏹🔰🇲🇾 ❤️

  • Alexander Ev
    Alexander Ev


  • Erin Deeds
    Erin Deeds

    Come to the states plz ive loved you guys

  • TheSquall19

    Kiev 09.03.19. You are the best

  • Matemática Descomplicada
    Matemática Descomplicada

    Tomei até um susto agora. Abri o vídeo e apareceu o Bruno Sutter cantando, daí percebi que era apenas publicidade....kkkk

  • Jacob Nicholson
    Jacob Nicholson

    I was a big fan of Jake's vocals on the previous records and I still love those. But this new guy has a great energy to his vocals as well on this album. I'm just glad they didn't write another "Ohhh that song" song lol

  • muggele1978

    Wow. Thank you Amaranthe 4 this Song. The year 2018 end bad 4 me and 2019 beginn bad. Until the moment i heard this song. That gave me strength. U have a new fan. Love this song ❤💪

  • Tasty Not tasty
    Tasty Not tasty

    Hi. (sorry for my bad English)

  • Leonator19

    Einfach nur Geil, beide Daumen Hoch ! Greetings from Germany !

  • Nova Cantus
    Nova Cantus

    Amaranthe is not the same without Jake E. Nils is great, but Jake's Voice is the one and only.

  • Metro Metro
    Metro Metro

    Dude who screams reminds me of J-Mann from Mushroomhead.

  • Сантьяга Навь
    Сантьяга Навь

    Девка огонь. Рвет вокалом напрочь. Жесть. Обожаю такие вещи. Класс

  • adrian Laurinn
    adrian Laurinn

    Elize is the most beautiful woman in the planet

    • Juraj Holub
      Juraj Holub

      My words

  • Alessandro

    I love this piece

  • Justin Ridley
    Justin Ridley

    Hey yall need to come to america. I love yalls music and the message behind it

  • Marlyn Polem
    Marlyn Polem

  • angela borges
    angela borges

    Omg 😮 i love this song 🙏🖤

  • Fern Solent
    Fern Solent

    рид ты охуенна!

  • meemo

    Vittu mikä piisi

  • Jonne Virta
    Jonne Virta


  • Setiawan Aris
    Setiawan Aris


  • Dead Light
    Dead Light

    Something about dreams for ramen

  • Solar Flame
    Solar Flame

    модерн метал у нас в Киеве! совсем скоро да!) хоть я слу арч энеми и амонов) Элис Рид мне тожк импонирует :р

    • Az Esm
      Az Esm

      +Solar Flame Ну Wacken это одно. Крупнейшие фесты собирают огромное количество людей! 🤘 Но если брать реальную популярность, то тут всё по-другому. Например клип Arch Enemy "The eagle flies alone" собрал 42 млн. просмотров. Последние клипы Amaranthe не собрали в сумме и 10млн., а рекорд за 1 клип - 23млн. за 6 лет. Не особо выдающиеся показатели, как для их музыки. Я не могу понять, почему Amaranthe не выходят на популярность в массы. Музыки, подобной им, очень мало. Она весьма хитовая и запросто понравится широкому кругу слушателей.

    • Solar Flame
      Solar Flame

      +Az Esm может не пользуется у нас, а в ЕУ оч даже. я находил Вейкен с их высуплением фул концерт)

    • Az Esm
      Az Esm

      Тут самый прикол в том, что Amaranthe в широких массах популярностью не пользуется, да и жанр в целом не особо-то популярен, хоть и имеет шансы на развитие. Зато какие-то труЪ, добравшись до группы, начинают гнобить её за наличие чистого женского вокала, поп мотивов и т. п. Для таких и Arch Enemy попса...🤦‍♂️

    • Solar Flame
      Solar Flame

      +Лиза Пушкар так я их слушаю) не бузи

    • Лиза Пушкар
      Лиза Пушкар

      Кто сказал, что Amaranthe, ето попса??!! Модерн - метал, ето тонкой же подвид метала, как и все остальные. Ето творчество и оно имеет право на жызнь.

  • Kristy _official
    Kristy _official

    Вышка ❤️

  • Сергей Пархоменко
    Сергей Пархоменко

    Лучшее из того что слышал у них!!! Браво!!!

  • андрей савидов
    андрей савидов

    рок с женским вокалом это просто нечто

    • Лиза Пушкар
      Лиза Пушкар

      Ето, метал. (модерн - метал). Ето, творчество и оно имеет право на жизнь.

  • Janderson Sant
    Janderson Sant

    Cadê os BR?

  • darin brooks
    darin brooks

    One of my favorite songs. Absolutely love it.

  • JR
    JR really ignorant chip one...sounds more like Meshugahh or something lol

  • Rodrigo Garcia
    Rodrigo Garcia

    Carajo!!!! Vaya si no han evolucionado!!!

  • Amelia Kołodziej
    Amelia Kołodziej

    I love you i was in your concert in Warsaw and Elize touched me

  • The Gator
    The Gator

    Amaranthe = ... pop metal? WHAT SORCERY IS THIS?!

  • Yahweh Az
    Yahweh Az

    kewlawesome name.... i like the song too

  • Alexander Uljanov
    Alexander Uljanov

    Супер, как всегда ! :-)

  • 14T Lyrics
    14T Lyrics


  • Kenny Hylleberg Snebøl
    Kenny Hylleberg Snebøl

    im so annoyed that i missed the show in copenhagen, because i was sick :/.... well hopefully they come back again soon (hoping for copenhell)

  • Петр Сидоров
    Петр Сидоров

    11th of march welcome to Moscow

  • Elton

    Quem produziu essa musica é muito bom, mudou um pouco o estilo da banda, para muito melhor!!!

  • The Raven
    The Raven

    That guy trying to do rap rock your an idiot. i cant believe people call this music

  • J T
    J T

    Aivan loistava biisi !!!

  • Therion ΤρολλpelDanger
    Therion ΤρολλpelDanger

    Google Search Amaranthe Porn Parody

  • theyayo


  • Katherine Araque
    Katherine Araque

    when in Colombia guys?

  • Kornisek

    I fell in love with that girl xD

  • Luke Murray
    Luke Murray

    I really like the contrast of a pop vocal over the metal, but the first dude's vocal.... no thanks...

  • Alek V
    Alek V

    Female voice is a pop voice...pop metal...

  • андрей шадрин
    андрей шадрин

    соска растолстела ...

  • Samsul Hood
    Samsul Hood

    Apa cuma aku yg nonton video ini dari indonesia..??

  • Aleksandar


  • Tod Amy
    Tod Amy

    Amaranthe is such a powerful live band! This video reminds me why I love this band so much!!

  • Michael Knisely
    Michael Knisely

    Why do they always sound like popmusic

  • Flamebroiledwhopper

    This is so good.

  • Ken Stranger
    Ken Stranger

    what the hell is that? hope not Metal

  • Ивелина Велева
    Ивелина Велева

    ВЕЛИКА !

  • Stephanie Cureno
    Stephanie Cureno


  • renato leite
    renato leite

    Rock na veia 🤘🤘🤘🤘


    bon titre

  • Geirius Walius
    Geirius Walius

    Fantastisk musikk fra våre gode naboer

  • ax trifonov
    ax trifonov

    RnB metal?

  • Honza Petřík
    Honza Petřík

    666 coment 😈

  • Zeyad Salem
    Zeyad Salem

    let's just call it a day, Amaranthe , cuz you's confused ... can't decide which genre to do

    • wilborn kimmayong
      wilborn kimmayong

      who care's about genre as long as they sound great!!! that what matters most

  • Casey Cooke
    Casey Cooke

    I wish that solo was longer

  • Артём Жуковский
    Артём Жуковский

    Заебача песня!

  • Vinny12345hoi

    Best song i heard in ages, deserves more views

  • David Olsson
    David Olsson

    I like her shes shiny like a diamond and she cuts glas with that voice aswell

  • Renata Silva
    Renata Silva

    Clicking this mv was the best thing I did this year so far

  • Ashe Main
    Ashe Main

    \m/ ❤