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00:03 Spider-Man Far From Home
02:03 Hellboy
04:29 Avengers 4 Endgame
06:52 Captain Marvel
08:22 Dark Phoenix
10:24 Shazam
13:18 Joker
13:45 Glass
15:41 Brightburn
18:06 New Mutants

  • FilmSelect Trailer
    FilmSelect Trailer

    00:03 Spider-Man Far From Home 02:03 Hellboy 04:29 Avengers 4 Endgame 06:52 Captain Marvel 08:22 Dark Phoenix 10:24 Shazam 13:18 Joker 13:45 Glass 15:41 Brightburn 18:06 New Mutants

    • Trevor Olson
      Trevor Olson


    • muhamad hafizudin
      muhamad hafizudin

      Shazam seems like comedy


      i didnt know that the Joker was a hero, nor did i know that Glass, Brightburn and New Mutants are superhero movies. HMM

    • Alex kirri
      Alex kirri

      Hin the great lol take it easy ching, she’s been in the comics for many years it’s not a new created hero, she’s been around since before 1980

    • The E
      The E

      FilmSelect Trailer dark Phoenix

  • Ranic Khaan
    Ranic Khaan

    DC lookin’ like it’s finally going to start kicking some ass.

  • Watergirl Blue
    Watergirl Blue

    Marvel going a little more dark this year. I like it.


    One question, why is the so many enemies

  • Ryan Rodgers
    Ryan Rodgers

    Joker not a super hero not even an anti hero


    I fuckin love this joker trailer


    what's up loser

  • Trista Fir
    Trista Fir

    3:09 wait is that attack on titan

  • Kênh giải trí
    Kênh giải trí

    Wish everyone a good day and register for help channel

  • Staff7

    Bright burn looks stupid

  • Michael Castillo
    Michael Castillo

    Honestly like the old actor for Hellboy

  • Phoenix Films
    Phoenix Films

    for brightburn it was the actor that played roy is trying to be like john krasinski who played roys enemy jim halpert

  • Juggernaut 01
    Juggernaut 01

    I dont get the premise of hellboy its like superman but hes the devil. Hellboy helps save humanity, but he turns evil if his horns grow. Hellboi is cgi as hell.

  • Cathy Clitheroe
    Cathy Clitheroe

    I'm really excited for Marvel to release Mysterio as the cast in Spiderman far from home

  • FireSkyShrimp

    I honestly thought that bright Burn was bizzaro

  • abbas mzade
    abbas mzade

    the last two , horror not superhero

  • EpicNess3:60

    Endgame oh no Thanos DIE boi DIE! You ugly purple monster

  • yujiro hanma
    yujiro hanma

    How his spider senses didn't notice Nick fury

    • Amelia Wess
      Amelia Wess

      Captain Marvel (2019) Available ➝

  • Postnm QPMR
    Postnm QPMR

    People thought new mutants was stranger things 3

  • secluder

    Sad that the hulk won't be in the end game....just so captain marvel can have the spot light ..

  • Wumbo Lord
    Wumbo Lord

    OMG I just thougth that the Glass Universe characters were going to be included in the Joker movie :0

    • Amelia Wess
      Amelia Wess

      Captain Marvel (2019) Available ➝


    Lol sansa stark is jean

  • Lolenny Carreras
    Lolenny Carreras

    Roses are red voilets are blue if you don't say SHAZAM I WILL eletracTe ya

  • StellarForce

    Why did they change the part when he says dick was in spider Man ?

  • tomy tonmoy
    tomy tonmoy

    plz like and share our song-

  • Filthyparty 101
    Filthyparty 101

    Avengers End Game : Steve was crying because at the end tony stark dies 5:38

  • never stop fighting
    never stop fighting

    Can't wait for the gay lesbian trans fat person superheroes. White men be damned

  • never stop fighting
    never stop fighting

    M. Night shitshalaam shouldn't direct traffic. His movies suck always.

  • never stop fighting
    never stop fighting

    Dark Phoenix looks like girl kicking everyone's ass, girl power. Terrible

  • never stop fighting
    never stop fighting

    My bad? Seriously? What's next? Wassup?

  • Adrian Sandoval
    Adrian Sandoval


  • Drift King of Forza 6
    Drift King of Forza 6

    Bright burn and The New Mutants looks more like a horror movie not super hero movie.

  • Drift King of Forza 6
    Drift King of Forza 6

    Bright burn looks more like a horror movie not super hero movie.

  • Braining Doppy
    Braining Doppy

    *me supervillian*

  • Drift King of Forza 6
    Drift King of Forza 6

    Bright burn looks more like a horror movie not super hero movie.

  • Zach Zahn
    Zach Zahn

    I bet 50$ the X-men will crash into the building and save the kids in the fucked up mutant hospital who’s with me??

  • Mike Diligent
    Mike Diligent

    That hellboy is terrible

  • Lunar Revel
    Lunar Revel

    10 superheroe movies and half of them are Marvel :0

  • Blue Knuckles
    Blue Knuckles

    We are actually getting 2 Captain Marvel movies

  • movie SB
    movie SB

    Sucking humanity it's all fairy tale, idiot gang is sad

  • Joseph seed
    Joseph seed

    The new joker trailer looks really good!

  • LOLO Stanley
    LOLO Stanley

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  • The FreaK Official
    The FreaK Official

    That aint Charles Xavier, its Patricia

  • kk

    the last two do have superhero aspects but they are mainly horror


    Brightburn is just anti-superman

  • Yaseen sheik
    Yaseen sheik

    Who the fuck is bright burn

  • Distractor Gaming
    Distractor Gaming

    Wait is this gonna take place in the spiderverse? Since theres spider noir MCU pls give me spiderman 2099 and miles morales

  • Craig Luchetta
    Craig Luchetta

    They should make a nick fury movie

    • Yaseen sheik
      Yaseen sheik

      Oh, but yeh know they will never

  • johnny sunshine
    johnny sunshine

    Why DC Justice League or the 'new' Hell-boy cannot compete..'Hellboy preview; I'm making you the best version' Sounds familiar ('Captain Marvel Jude Law talking to Bree Larson )OK.. NOW.. MARVEL X-MEN universe.. That's already the DARK SIDE of Marvel, so DC is just white noise...or trash.. I am not a super.. I'm the subhuman.. And my name is BAGBOY. godspeed to all. Polish my teeth.

  • hammer tits
    hammer tits

    @filmselect i need a massive favour can you send me the uk release date for triple threat with iko uwais tony jaa tiger chen michael jai white and scott adkins ive only ever had to films to either make me cry cause im so into them which were unbroken and warrior but ive never wanted to watch anything more than triple threat can you help me out mate

  • muchris rosyta
    muchris rosyta

    At the End of the day . It ain’t reality We all as humans be heroes of ourself . Think normal back 🧐 If those All heroes with superpowers are existent Like can fly or strong can holding buildings on his one fingers . I think all war in real life like Palestine & Israel Or 9/11 that happened at least gonna slove and find the final point for better life. But sadly All of this it just a drama sooo Enjoy . I’m Enjoy guyssss😉

  • Monster Box
    Monster Box

    a good quality movie.. hmm! i like it. but ron perlman is still my hell boy

  • Kaylen Chavannes
    Kaylen Chavannes


  • Tammi Lesher
    Tammi Lesher

    iron man is probably one of the best marvel films thus far.


  • Miracle Lofath
    Miracle Lofath

    I thought Spiderman is dead isn’t he ?

  • El Bigotes De La Tienda
    El Bigotes De La Tienda

    Hellboy looks like cosplay and Shazam like a "Not Another Superhero Movie" parody... WTF were they thinking???

  • Wasswa Gerald
    Wasswa Gerald


  • Иван Иванов
    Иван Иванов

    снимите еще 50 римейков тупой и еще тупее.

  • Иван Иванов
    Иван Иванов

    какая гадость, эта ваша заливная рыба....

  • Sebi Super
    Sebi Super

    The Trooper Cover

  • Maruyama Aya
    Maruyama Aya

    I thought Scott died when Thanos killed half of the team? Did he travel back in time? Because I think he did since he can go in the quantum world. Its starting to make sense to me

    • PokéBlox Gaming
      PokéBlox Gaming

      At the end of Ant-Man and the Wasp he got stuck in the Quantum Realm and Hope, Hank Pym, and Hope's mother got dusted in the end credits scene, leaving Scott stuck there. How he will get out remains to be seen in Endgame.

  • maxerexam

    woo hooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  • Snow-chan

    The moment i see the video i already know marvel hero has the most popularity. #stanleethebest

  • Chad Lawhorn
    Chad Lawhorn

    Anyone els not like the actress or personality of this MJ????


    Nick Fury assaulted a child.

  • Zayn Pen Entertainment
    Zayn Pen Entertainment

    New mutants? THAT’S HORROR MOVIE DUDE, It is just the clips from different movies. Don’t fool us!

  • Stick Reacted
    Stick Reacted

    I thought he died by the snap

  • Hogleader

    Misterio sounds like agent Colson am I right?

  • Avery Bui
    Avery Bui


  • XDi Lord
    XDi Lord

    whene is spiderman coming out exacly?

    • Mike Dasik
      Mike Dasik

      First week of July 2019.

  • mighty mods
    mighty mods

    Who is the magic guy in the spider man far from home

    • Mike Dasik
      Mike Dasik

      Mysterio. Master of illusions. Spidey's villain.

  • wilber jonatan almendras
    wilber jonatan almendras

    Ese fijo que es el doctor extraño

    • Mike Dasik
      Mike Dasik


  • Jazzmine

    Awesome movie

  • Dick Kuncoro
    Dick Kuncoro

    S U P. D I C K W A T

  • malek daknou
    malek daknou


  • malek daknou
    malek daknou

    Marvel Studios' Avengers: Endgame - Official Trailer

  • Alvin Gaming
    Alvin Gaming

    I sad for spiderman!

  • George Andrew
    George Andrew

    I think joker is a circus clown and kids laugh at him or adults then he became evil and crazy Harley quinn is same? Whatever

  • Dingaling Dion
    Dingaling Dion

    sam l jackson's in 4 of these films alone wtf

  • Deezup Zeohdown
    Deezup Zeohdown

    Hellboy looks like kane wtf

  • Skullabrin308

    Anyone else realise that when cap marvel says "a skrull cannot do that" she forgot the word YET?

  • ชิปเคย์เรฟฟาริฟรานย์ คาร์มิโลก้าครอสไมเออร์
    ชิปเคย์เรฟฟาริฟรานย์ คาร์มิโลก้าครอสไมเออร์

    โท่นี่ สปาร์ด

  • babajantarmantar

    Joker movie I think isn't coming just a gig.

  • lil red kid
    lil red kid

    Sub for a sub anyone?

  • Reggie Villarin
    Reggie Villarin

    jimmy fallon as Shazam Hell Nooooo!!!

  • Modack44

    Bright burn...the Superman movie that went down the horror path.

  • Brenden Selck
    Brenden Selck

    Bright isn't a hero

  • Fia Durhuus
    Fia Durhuus

    charles is probably gonna be yelling 'no erik' like 20 times in dark phoenix

    • Cubbis Hanon
      Cubbis Hanon

      *Captain Marvel (2019)* film Available : ➡

  • Upa Panobi
    Upa Panobi

    Is Joker a superhero? Or a destroyer ?

  • Max Ali
    Max Ali

    So brightburn is an ungrateful bastard.

  • M. Daniel Hari Suharto
    M. Daniel Hari Suharto

    thanks alot Mr STAN

  • FBI

    Skip 6:52 its a meh...

  • 2sl0w4u

    Getting hit by the giant reminds me of Skyrim

  • teguh pradana
    teguh pradana

    hellboy nya tua

  • HardcoreJesus100

    Not gonna lie.. new Hellboy looks like it’s gonna be awesome


    U illuminati

  • Lucienne Ciskovsky
    Lucienne Ciskovsky


  • CivilizationsGearBox

    What the hell!!!! So Spiderman's Mary Jane is now a non-white (whatever she is) girl??? Why can't Marvel just make new comics, instead of rewriting the classic ones to fit SJW narratives???

    • Mike Dasik
      Mike Dasik

      +CivilizationsGearBox No, he said MJ. She's Michelle Jones. Weird, but I'm ok with it.

    • CivilizationsGearBox

      +Fia Durhuus Oh..... I could've sworn he called her Mary Jane!

    • Fia Durhuus
      Fia Durhuus

      +CivilizationsGearBox well i think it's very nice peter has found someone he likes. and she isn't mary jane. mary jane went away with the older spiderman movies

    • CivilizationsGearBox

      +Fia Durhuus Being ironic??? I don't know what you mean, but I asked a real question! Why not just make new characters, instead of remaking old ones... All they're doing is place dice with the fanbase at this point.

    • Fia Durhuus
      Fia Durhuus

      are you being ironic?...

  • Andrew Grabowski
    Andrew Grabowski

    San Jackson must've been busy throughout 2018 since he's apart of three different superhero movies coming out in 2019 (Glass, Captain Marvel and Spider-Man Far From Home).