All episodes Hunt for Dorian Cartoons about tanks
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The full season of "Hunt for Dorian" in one video. In this cartoon about tanks you will see all eight episodes. Here is a summary of all these parts.
Episode One: Commander KV 88 calls one of his best scouts and sends him to the monster's lair. The task of the scout is to collect as much information as possible about this mega tank.
Episode Two: the scout Brayan got inside Dorian, began to gather information, but he accidentally met captive tanks. Brayan tried to save them, but was discovered by guards of Dorian.
Episode Three: The Valiant Soldier was imprisoned by the Iron Monster, but the commander of KV 88 sent a rescue group of fighters to save the scout.
Episode Four: The Commander prepared for battle and waited until the rescue tank squad freed Brian, but unfortunately, Dorian's intelligence found the rescue team.
Episode Five: Dr. Tankenstein gathers defeated warriors from the battlefield. But the damage was very significant, so Tankenstein could not repair each tank separately. But he collected all that was possible, and made his new amazing creation - Avenger T5.
Episode Six: The monster Dorian turns a kind scout Brayan into a ruthless monster who has forgotten his friends and is ready to fulfill any order of his new master.
Episode 7: The great battle of the forces of good with the forces of evil has begun. Many tanks went on the attack. And in this episode, T5 met a renewed Brayan, who was no longer a good friend.
Episode Eight: The battle between the forces of good and the troops of Dorian continues. Good wins. Tanks celebrate victory. But the monster Dorian is not defeated, he activated his quantum mechanisms and disappeared in a parallel universe in which there is no Soviet Monster KB 88 and his brave warriors.
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