Alejandro Aranda Sings "Sorry" by Justin Bieber at Hollywood Week - American Idol 2019 on ABC
American Idol
Alejandro Aranda sings "Sorry" by Justin Bieber in front of Luke Bryan, Katy Perry and Lionel Richie at Hollywood Week.
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AMERICAN IDOL, the iconic series that revolutionized the television landscape by pioneering the music competition genre, returns on ABC.
Helping to determine who America will ultimately vote for to become the next singing sensation are music industry forces and superstar judges Luke Bryan, Katy Perry and Lionel Richie. Emmy® Award-winning host and producer Ryan Seacrest returns as host of the beloved series.

  • Eddie V 413
    Eddie V 413

    Fucking amazing. How that other dude won?

  • douglas white
    douglas white

    I tried to do this song and I dont even know the tuning

  • Shammy s channel Manzinares
    Shammy s channel Manzinares

    Wow amazing

  • Subie Diaries
    Subie Diaries

    man oh man where is the studio version of this, i want that solo/chorus guitar in HD

  • chrystoalave


  • LKPP

    The other contestants: "It's cool homie, you have this one we will come back next year"

  • Pratik Singh
    Pratik Singh

    He should sing full song

  • Kathleen Youngsma, Hypnotherapist
    Kathleen Youngsma, Hypnotherapist

    DREAM BOAT To the kazillionth power :)

  • jae03 Han
    jae03 Han

    why does his hands looks like typing from a keyboard. so amazing. 😍😍😍😍 He gives me goosebumps

  • April Norton
    April Norton

    It's interesting, when I first saw him I wanted him to cut his hair and only show his natural brown hair. But now when I look back at these I'm like "Aww he's cute with the blonde hair" pshhh. I'm just stupid lol

  • Ashlin Seljan
    Ashlin Seljan

    Lo L

  • Lalnunsangi Juney
    Lalnunsangi Juney

    He's so very talented and humble...👏👏

  • Mark duhaylungsod
    Mark duhaylungsod

    What? Is that supposed to be amazing? Or what?

  • chrisbones123

    Anyone know tbe song at the end - starring down the barrell of a shotgun

  • M3RCwithTh3M0UTh

    All the other auctioneers were like "well fuck he's good" 😂

  • AOT Shorts
    AOT Shorts

    when i saw the thumbnail i thought its h3h3

  • Cailee Durham
    Cailee Durham

    I've been watching his performances over the entire week because he's authentic and so talented he doesn't even need to sing he can just play a guitar or piano and I'm amazed ❤

  • Janna Leih Estipona
    Janna Leih Estipona

    The show is really about showing to people who you really are and he did it and it is enough.

  • LV_3X LV_3X
    LV_3X LV_3X

    He should be American idol

  • Kimmy dora
    Kimmy dora

    vice-no for me moira-i like ur reggae but sorry its a no james-you have the voice but you're not ready,its a no for me

  • Alan Weng
    Alan Weng

    Professional keyboard artist/producer Cori Jacobs gives him high praise as he breaks down the chord arrangements by Alejandro. Search this on UA-my to check it out "cori jacobs on alejandro aranda"

  • mark gil tayag
    mark gil tayag

    asian boy

  • TheBro7

    young pablo escobar

  • bigcountryhorn

    Absolutely the best AI has EVER seen. Enjoy Homie, you will travel the world sharing your AWESOME talent. You are SET for the rest of your life. Thanks for coming along.. you my friend, have BLESSED us with your talent.

  • Monalisa Chapeyar
    Monalisa Chapeyar

    Currently on a Alejandro marathon after the finals😍

  • ragingpower80

    Killed it

  • Teprin S
    Teprin S

    We vote TWICE tonight. At the beginning of the show the three finalists compete for top two, then the two finalists perform a SECOND time for the win. 10 votes text, 10 votes app, 10 votes online Please vote. Homie deserves this win

  • Jan Chesson
    Jan Chesson


    • Jan Chesson
      Jan Chesson

      Teprin S, If the hyphen is wrong, the text will not go through, nullifying the vote.

    • Jan Chesson
      Jan Chesson

      @Teprin S My phone just says 21523; there is no hyphen. At the beginning of the show Ryan Seacrest always gives instructions on how to vote. You should have verified with someone before you posted that. It looks like attempted sabotage. Not good.

    • Teprin S
      Teprin S

      Jan Chesson You are right according to AI website, but when I texted my vote for Alejandro this is how it shows up on my phone 215-23. Please check your phone text listing and let us know if it’s the same . Does the dash/hyphen “-“ make difference when texting?

  • Teprin S
    Teprin S

    VOTING HAS CHANGED!!! Text 11 to 215-23 You get 10 votes, text 11 ten times Get Your Votes In! This season, for the first time, the winner of American Idol will be determined in a vote DURING THE LIVE 3-HOUR SEASON FINALE! Be sure to get those votes in early because one of the Top 3 will be going home during the show, based on the results up to that point. Voting will stay open throughout the 3-hour nationwide simulcast and closes during the last commercial break.

  • Bhevs - NJ
    Bhevs - NJ

    WOW 4M views!!!!!!!! #alejandrotheWinner

  • Jonathon Daniels
    Jonathon Daniels

    Hey Katy Perry! First off, I fell in love with you way back when i rode up and down the coast of Cali... (Harley boy) lol (I lived right out side of Fresno). You are the only woman that I saw and knew inside my heart without a shadow of doubt that YOU were the only person on this earth that owned my heart and it was all from the first look, and first note i heard you sing with your guitar in your little favorite spot. (you know what place i am talking about I'm sure, lol) I tried to talk to you but it was a cray cray time and night and I guess i just didn't man up enough to walk thru all the dudes that were surrounding you... would of been an odd moment. So anyway, here we go full circle. I gotta tell all three of you judges that you earned back my respect for "American Idol" this season and that all three of you are very fortunate this year with all of the really super god gifted talent that walked into your lives... Believe me when i say that i was a total hater of American Idol when 5 years ago it seem soooo scripted and unprofessional... TOTALLY dissed a good friend and super talent of mine by the name of "Kristen O'Connor"... Gawd i was pissed. LOL So anyway, "The Voice" came to my rescue and showed me some wonderful talent and now here its flipped and The Voice let the actual Voice get away from them this year...(they sent home the talent that should of won the show in other words) so now they are in the shoes American Idol was in 5 years ago...Sorry to say, but, the voice talent this year can't touch a single contestant that you guys have this year!...and that i along with you and the rest of the world that sat and watched "Alejandro Aranda " nonchalantly walk in off the street and put "AWE" and "please hit rewind, because i gotta see that again"... into each of our lives. I am telling you Luke and Mr. Richie...YOU ARE CORRECT in every single thing you have said about Alejandro. He is the American Idol, I know there is some really awesome talent there but this guy is beyond and one of God's many blessings... He is proof that God is a lover of Music. I have been a musician since I was 7 years old. I love every genre' there is and I love keys and guitars, (anything with strings on it, is my air) But this guy is freaking a freak of nature and a musical genius and phenomenon! Hell, i spent 20 years in a studio and didn't even have a one hit single. out of a hundred songs written and compose and record by your truly, Jonathon A Daniels LOL (you can find me on UA-my and SoundCloud folks)......... Katy, I just gotta do this, because i don't want to go thru this life with out saying this to you. Probly my only chance huh? But yep, you probly guessed it... I love and adore you, Jonathon ( )

  • tyler gist
    tyler gist

    Um, YT error, so sorry

  • tyler gist
    tyler gist

    I'm posting this on all his Fave'd videos: It's too good!! Thank you Hoang Anh Levo for finding this GEM!! One of AA's best yet: @t This guy is the Shiznit!!

  • tyler gist
    tyler gist

    I'm posting this on all his Fave'd videos: It's too good!! Thank you Hoang Anh Levo for finding this GEM!! One of AA's best yet: @t This guy is the Shiznit!!

  • Ron Enriquez
    Ron Enriquez

    So handsomeeeee! 😍

  • lizette gonzales
    lizette gonzales

    He is a filipino

    • JAZZYM201

      lizette gonzales He’s Mexican-American

  • Angelica Salatan
    Angelica Salatan

    Wow ...

  • Brian Schon
    Brian Schon

    stop self doubting keep playing onstage you are amazing

  • Cronex Manex
    Cronex Manex

    Very humble man

  • zamardii12

    If I was another contestant sitting there i'd just get up and leave.

  • cassy W
    cassy W

    That guitar playing gave me goosebumps

  • Sophie kinsela
    Sophie kinsela

    you are the best man

  • winkie51

    Alejandro performs May 12th in front of Fox Theater in Pomona !!!!!!

  • Bon Jude
    Bon Jude

    if i were the other contestant and were holding a guitar...when seeing this..i would quietly put down my guitar and change my song choice faster than thanos can snap his fingers

  • Carolyn Jordan
    Carolyn Jordan

    He fells out of place.


    He plays guitar like Jacob Collier it’s super dope

  • Greg Popovich
    Greg Popovich

    Lionel Richie = Danny Green 😂😂

  • Felix2011y

    This guy is from another galaxy, seriously!

  • jaymanxv

    That solo was a mistake?! He apparently forgot what he wanted to do at that point and just went with it. Waaa ... 😲

  • GeorgeN0nu

    The guy holding his guitar at 1:43 is absolutely rethinking his decision to be holding a guitar 😂😂😂

    • Marlenet777

      GeorgeN0nu 😂

  • Ernesto Jr. Acosta
    Ernesto Jr. Acosta

    I love the John Mayer vibe

    • Out of many One
      Out of many One

      Or is it the homie vibe ;D

  • Yolii iii
    Yolii iii

    Alejandro, please make a song for me😊😃❤

  • TheRex Report
    TheRex Report

    If you have not listened to his song blesser please do you will be in awe! This kid he is the real deal. A true genius and legend in the making. You will be blown away.

  • El Paso Fight Club B.Skyflower
    El Paso Fight Club B.Skyflower

    #TeamAlejandro 🎸🎶🎵🎼💗

  • imsuperblessed

    *Justin Bieber did a cover of this song.. hahaha*

  • Ali Cruz
    Ali Cruz

    He’s adorable luv him

  • Dice Mofo
    Dice Mofo

    Can we get a full length version PLZ??!!?

  • Dice Mofo
    Dice Mofo


  • rkyobo

    Alejandro is absolutely my pick for the winner!

  • McLaughin

    He is not the next idol. HE IS A PRODIGYYYYYY

  • Gracie Jones
    Gracie Jones

    Thank you American Idol for introducing me to Alejandro ...

  • Catalepsy


  • Blake Ross
    Blake Ross

    He’s too talented for American Idol. He needs to get voted off so he can release his record, and not be shackled by this show anymore.

  • itshyoboikondor

    When I saw that he was going to play a Bieber song, I was like "Oh no". He killed the shit out of this song. #Alejandro

  • khusboo basnet
    khusboo basnet

    So much love and appreciation. U deserve it all ❤️❤️

  • PahakBoiii lihunger
    PahakBoiii lihunger

    Lets go Pablo Escobar!!

  • Lonia Rikar
    Lonia Rikar

    Beautiful voice 😍

  • something creative
    something creative

    I have semester end exam tomorrow but wtf I got addicted to his singing really he must be the American idol for God sake. Please vote him am from India

  • Garret Garcia
    Garret Garcia

    The best part of the clip is the judges looking at the other contestants multiple times basically saying "you all have no shot"

  • meta1h3d

    Way better than Bieber's

  • Kuya Eddie
    Kuya Eddie

    Wow so sexy and talented!

  • Nelou Gibelm
    Nelou Gibelm

    Try to watch this this is the best version i think

  • Maria_2951kingdr

    Look at the views on all of Alejandro’s AI performances!!!!!! ☺️ I find myself going back and watching all of them countless times❗️💯 And doesn’t even need his last name! He is known by his first name only now❣️

  • Marco G
    Marco G

    I listen to his version now more than the original. 100x better

  • Jason Collin
    Jason Collin

    I am now a Alejandro binge watcher

  • JerryPops

    EVERYONE ON THIS VIDEO! Set an alarm on your phone - ALEJANDRO NEEDS US TO VOTE FOR HIM. EVERY SUNDAY NIGHT you can vote up to 30 times for Alejandro! Just set an alarm for every Sunday at 10 pm and go give the HOMIE 30 votes (10 online, 10 text, & 10 on the APP). It takes tops a minute or two to do! DO IT FOR ALEJANDRO - HE DESERVES THIS!

    • JerryPops

      clytemnestra111 yes 8 pm Est or 5 pm pst! I was originally thinking voting wouldn’t open until the show ended when I posted this but then they made it during the show only!!! I will need to amend all of my comments!

    • Marlenet777

      JerryPops I thought it was 5 pm pacific time?

  • Ada Angulo
    Ada Angulo


  • jijo nair
    jijo nair

    Who saw Pablo Escobar?

  • Kathleen Chua
    Kathleen Chua

    The last American Idol I watched was David Cook vs David Archuleta. Hated the seasons after it as they were forgettable (except for some, most of them not even winners). I guess now I'll be watching again =)

  • Galerinha da brincadeira Galerinha da brincadeira
    Galerinha da brincadeira Galerinha da brincadeira

    The best

  • Mike Ethier
    Mike Ethier

    Similar playing style to John Butlers "Ocean"

  • Acoustik Rawker
    Acoustik Rawker

    This guy plays guitar like nothing I’ve ever seen.

  • C E
    C E

    Hell I would have thrown my coat at into he's amazing

  • Zaren  Malitig
    Zaren Malitig

    i think i've watched this 500 times already 😂😂

  • Austin Curtis
    Austin Curtis

    Exactly why ratings tanked. Judges hear a rasp in their voice and freak out. He’s mediocre at best.

  • Daniel Orozco
    Daniel Orozco

    "what up homie"

  • Dor Bink
    Dor Bink

    they should have a re do with out him in it... its not fair to the rest of them.

  • MadeArdiOka

    Mirip abdul anying!

  • Seeking Him
    Seeking Him

    So sad that he never had anyone to tell him to “go for it”, but he did! It’s his passion and so clear it’s as natural to him as breathing to play and sing. He is creative and his covers improve the originals! NOW he has all of America telling him to “keep going for it” and truly he has already won! The views and comments are outstanding!! Everyone is drawn to him and desiring more and more of performances! A winner! This is just a formality...a winner of the competition and a winner of all of our hearts!

  • Birdie

    Omg I effin love him and that ending ❤️

  • Mario Araujo
    Mario Araujo

    I know I will be hated, but all his songs sound the same to me. I'm not hearing the voice range that others have as well.

  • Mohammad Shafy
    Mohammad Shafy

    You got the winner.....

  • Herculean TV
    Herculean TV

    homiieee I also made chill out music for Alejandro's best songs its a 30 minute video if you would check it out that would be nice

  • Hubert Claveria
    Hubert Claveria

    Such amazing talent😊 Alejandro Aranda, I bet you're... The next American IDOL Avid follower here from the Philippines. Hubert

  • David Garcia
    David Garcia

    I can’t stop listening to this amazing human being play!!! edit : Still listening!!!

  • Allison Lane
    Allison Lane

    I love how the judges attached him with their jackets 😂💀

  • Stefanie R
    Stefanie R

    NPR desk now!

  • Yoga Fitness Dublin/Dun Laoghaire
    Yoga Fitness Dublin/Dun Laoghaire

    I love the reactions of Lionel when he watch Alejandro!

  • Beyond The PURPLE
    Beyond The PURPLE

    "I never had anybody to tell me to go for it." .... Go for it, homie!!!!! GO FOR IT.

  • Axel Iman Nugraha
    Axel Iman Nugraha

    whoaaaaa my god that was amazing!!!