9 Times Cristiano Ronaldo Used Magic in Juventus
📌 Cristiano Ronaldo ''CR7'' best moments in Juventus 2018/2019 (1080p/HD)
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    • Точиддин Зарипов
      Точиддин Зарипов


    • Pukar Khadka
      Pukar Khadka

      Ronaldo is back

    • Stefan Talevski
      Stefan Talevski

      ua-my.com/watchvideo/%D0%B2%D1%96%D0%B4%D0%B5%D0%BE-cuiiFbIOIZw.html subcribe ⬅️⬇️⚽️🏆💪👏

    • Tokyo Drift
      Tokyo Drift

      Для меня он самый лучший за всю историю футбола братан!

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      pan Polytron hop


  • Қазақ Алашұлы
    Қазақ Алашұлы


  • martin OG
    martin OG

    live long cr7

  • Grassroot entertainment 2
    Grassroot entertainment 2

    ℕ𝕚𝕔𝕖 𝕔𝕣7 𝕀 𝕝𝕚𝕜𝕖 𝕪𝕠𝕦

  • samyog tamang
    samyog tamang


  • aiman faris
    aiman faris

    Yeah now dybala is living under CR7's shadow... Come to Man United ma boiii

  • Pablo Garcia
    Pablo Garcia

    No hay caso. Los relatores gringos son los mas aburridos del mundo

  • Karma Lama
    Karma Lama

    That’s piatek who got nutmegged tho. Not a defender😂

  • concept k
    concept k

    So he left Madrid and set another record? What a Beast!

  • Fajar Ariyanto
    Fajar Ariyanto

    I like footbaal

  • RJ Tesio
    RJ Tesio

    Its not magic its hardwork... CR7 the real legend..

  • Israel Torrico
    Israel Torrico

    He's a machine, but that's not magic

  • yurp pury
    yurp pury

    Wherever you go... I'm always support your behind...RONALDO... IF YOUALL SUPPORT RONALDO... PLEASE LIKE...

  • chuyên mua bán gỗ trắc
    chuyên mua bán gỗ trắc


  • Adeline Mimi
    Adeline Mimi

    Cr7 la machine de guerre,

  • sim97br

    who needs ronaldo cit.

  • Nixon The god
    Nixon The god

    Don’t no why people say Messi is better

  • Enestro jan Jan please stop this is not good
    Enestro jan Jan please stop this is not good

    Haiti and he's not use majic but he's working so hard alot

  • Tokyo Drift
    Tokyo Drift

    Where is hattrick vs ateltico?

  • RYA Gaming
    RYA Gaming

    Skill not magic

  • Adii S
    Adii S

    I'm a Ronaldo fan, and he is the best for me in the world but half of these can't be called "magic" like seriously.

  • do00rito0s

    Nice ligue

  • Toni Georg
    Toni Georg

    Uses magic? First highlights was a regular cross.... Every left back in football can do that lol

  • Jasvir Pahal
    Jasvir Pahal

    # CR7


    Siapa yang suka Ronaldo lek ok

  • Manh Do
    Manh Do

    Anh ronaldo quá hay ♥️♥️

  • Freddy Nelson
    Freddy Nelson

    The Goat!!!

  • salistyan simanungkalit
    salistyan simanungkalit

    100% pure skill😀😀😀👍👍

  • higgs


  • MTA 10
    MTA 10

    Why is it that in the thumbnail,they showed the fk that he completely messed up

  • Vishnu praneeswar
    Vishnu praneeswar

    Against Atletico Madrid?

  • Clayy Clayy
    Clayy Clayy

    All is easy goal play in farmer league 😂

  • Lourdes Hernamdez
    Lourdes Hernamdez

    Its just him

  • Agus Awaludin
    Agus Awaludin

    Mantul cr7

  • Balut In Seconds! - Videos In Minutes
    Balut In Seconds! - Videos In Minutes

    Where is the magic? Just tap-ins, penalties and nonsensical tricks.

  • ghost hunter
    ghost hunter

    It’s not magic, it’s he’s hardwork... the most hardworking player 👑 #kingcristiano

  • giuliano mamane
    giuliano mamane

    keep saying quagliarella deserve poty of serie A come on🤣🤣🤣🤣 ronaldo is the goat

  • Andrea Bellotto
    Andrea Bellotto

    Beautiful goal against Sassuolo?

  • The Top Stuff
    The Top Stuff

    And that is the whole season for RONALDO in just 6 minutes

  • The Top Stuff
    The Top Stuff

    Taping the ball in open net is magic for penaldians. Marketing of fake GOAT at its best.

  • Deadly gaming
    Deadly gaming

    Its not magic bro its his excellency and hardships he had face.

  • Taha Games
    Taha Games

    What a man

  • Basil Basil
    Basil Basil

    If you call these magic then what would you call Messi and Hazard? 🙄


    He looks so bad compared to messi rna

  • Megha C S
    Megha C S

    Those are fake

  • Majeed Kavungal
    Majeed Kavungal


  • We Love Gaming
    We Love Gaming

    Against bologna,Ronaldo wanted the ball to go in but it didn’t and luckily the ball went in,that wasn’t some super skill,That was luck

  • あぐすあり

    Ronaldo is much better bro hahaha :V he can play in any league and he plays better for his club/national team :V #JustMyOpinion No Offence :V

    • doni Dodo
      doni Dodo

      Better in heading and diving...

    • Helxy

      あぐすあり And this nigga thinks we are mad lmao

    • あぐすあり

      hahhahaha kids triggered my comment😂😂

    • doni Dodo
      doni Dodo

      Better than messi pele matadona right...yeah...in your dream..

    • Helxy

      ありAry lol facts don’t care about your opinion

  • nad kn
    nad kn

    Tap ins

  • Baim Laura
    Baim Laura

    Setiap jenis bola yg melibat kan Cr7 viewer nya pasti berjumbal

  • Ariel alves
    Ariel alves

    Ronaldo sou seu fã 🙂

  • Dennis Akenteng
    Dennis Akenteng

    Ones a GOAT,always a GOAT❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Ashh_97

    1:02 stopped watching when they said this was a beautiful goal

  • YOGI CR7
    YOGI CR7


  • Omar Rayyan
    Omar Rayyan

    How is scoring a shitty open goal a beautiful goal🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️

  • Syazwan Syahminan
    Syazwan Syahminan

    Hatrick comeback vs attelico madrid?

  • Emuemhonjie Osemegbe
    Emuemhonjie Osemegbe

    I'm a fan but this isn't magic

  • shahnewaz saad
    shahnewaz saad

    Juventus scored 5 goals against AthMadrid and Ajax whereas all 5 came from Cr7, they became too dependent on him

  • Skriz Slamazing
    Skriz Slamazing

    What about the atletico Madrid come back

  • medeis del sol
    medeis del sol


  • Pierre s'not mad
    Pierre s'not mad

    Never say never bruh

  • roshan chandivade
    roshan chandivade

    King of the football

  • Spaceman Sir.
    Spaceman Sir.

    Sorry, at what minute is "magic" exactly? I missed it.

  • Angel Rai
    Angel Rai

    CR7 forever💜💜💜💜💜💜

  • Abhiman


  • kristina Koko
    kristina Koko

    This Italian teams look like English league one team.

  • Eric Leyva
    Eric Leyva

    It’s funny when he said 2 beautiful goals and the first one is a tap in

  • Bruce Lee
    Bruce Lee

    Mandzukic jumping in the arms of CR7 ahahahaha is magic !!!!!!!


    Love you cr7

  • Ryan And Son
    Ryan And Son

    Ronaldo+juve kit= so hot😁

  • Yonas Abebe
    Yonas Abebe

    owe amazing

  • joepaul mathew
    joepaul mathew

    Its cr7👌👌👌👌

  • Peter Rapenda
    Peter Rapenda

    Football nowadays isn't about dribbling but the impact you make in your team while in the pitch love ronaldo

  • Abhinav Shiva
    Abhinav Shiva

    This is the rono

  • WWE W
    WWE W

    Ngô bá khá chính thức đc gia nhập juventus

  • Luki

    In my opinion, Messi is better, but I will respect your opinion as long as you respect mine. Fair?

  • sakada Football
    sakada Football

    I love Ronaldo but Real Madrid the Best

  • Shenoy Costa
    Shenoy Costa

    Next season new will b on fire

  • Wesley Moreira
    Wesley Moreira

    As always, overrated

  • Mirko Scanu
    Mirko Scanu

    Fino alla fine forza juve

  • Butool Abedi
    Butool Abedi

    Yah u r right he will never stop doing magic because he did not do magic it's just a luck

  • Lansky Dormevil
    Lansky Dormevil

    The king CR7

  • N 7
    N 7

    Ronaldo Best always

  • K12 Hos12
    K12 Hos12

    Messi is better Ronaldo the king of tap ins

  • Shashank Verma
    Shashank Verma

    Love u ronaldo

  • free fire members
    free fire members

    You like messi are ronaldo

  • Shazman Mansoor
    Shazman Mansoor


  • Osama Qudah
    Osama Qudah

    if you don't mind me asking how is the first goal against sassulo beautiful?

  • jaco

    Ronaldo is good but this video is a shit😂 The Genoa defender's is Piatek, a forward ( the one is beating him in number of goals, although this season he played for two of the worst teams of Serie A if we consider the goalscoring). And except Manchester United all the teams were the less strongers in Italy

  • Pepsy TV
    Pepsy TV

    1:01 where is the magic here ? pure luck :)

  • Maître zohounto
    Maître zohounto

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  • Beant Singh
    Beant Singh

    We Love Cristiano, Messi lovers Cristiano haters just get lost from here.Go away and comment under messi's videos, we dont bother who you are..Our Cr7 is GOAT.


      @Beant Singh that is a really good question. That was kinda my point

    • Beant Singh
      Beant Singh

      @EIN SACK ZWIEBELN we like messi as a player, he is outstanding and a master piece, but why messi lovers hate Ronaldo..Thats the question


      I dont get it. Why cant I like Messi and Ronaldo equally

  • Roman Vittucci Vilà
    Roman Vittucci Vilà

    Si si... magia...

  • Usman Ghani
    Usman Ghani

    Where his performance against athletico madrid ?

  • Angel Osegera
    Angel Osegera

    Barcelona fans of Messi go away this olny Juventus fasn hit likes olny.

  • pau escobar
    pau escobar

    Ridiculous video. Nothing magic man ahahahah

  • Vinh Tuan
    Vinh Tuan


  • orange58729


  • Bigo ML Entertainment
    Bigo ML Entertainment


  • Skiantoss

    3:05 is magic